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The Great Brownie Taste-Off By Lisa Maliga,

  • Title: The Great Brownie Taste-Off
  • Author: Lisa Maliga
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Yolanda Carter comes from a family of artisans and lives in her deceased grandparent s cottage in Sherman Oaks, California She works at a small cat shelter but dreams of owning a bakery Her friend from high school, Teagan Mishkin, knows that Yolanda needs money and suggests better paying work as a cocktail waitress The interview takes an unexpected turn and she stumblesYolanda Carter comes from a family of artisans and lives in her deceased grandparent s cottage in Sherman Oaks, California She works at a small cat shelter but dreams of owning a bakery Her friend from high school, Teagan Mishkin, knows that Yolanda needs money and suggests better paying work as a cocktail waitress The interview takes an unexpected turn and she stumbles across a scheme to close down the cat shelter.The plan Yolanda concocts may be the only way to save the shelter Helped by her parents, coworkers and friends, a rising young blogger also takes an interest in her plight Will she bake the best brownies of her life BONUS Includes the winning brownie recipe
    The Great Brownie Taste Off Yolanda Carter comes from a family of artisans and lives in her deceased grandparent s cottage in Sherman Oaks California She works at a small cat shelter but dreams of owning a bakery Her friend fro

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    1. E book gifted by author for reviewYolanda Carter has a passion, that passion is baking From an early age, she has always loved to create food that delights the senses and whets the appetite She dreams of opening her own shop and it is her dream that helps her stumble on a plot to shut down a cattery where she works to help look after and find homes for her furry feline friends A friend of Yolanda s suggests that she applies for a job in a bar to help realise her dream When she goes to apply for [...]

    2. How did I feel about this book Well, I think this gif sums it up nicely for me.Where to start The characters lacked depth and were just unimaginative The dialogue was boring and the descriptions of the main character s actions were wordy I think half the book was about details of how she baked, a step by step walk through on her feeding cats or how she walked down the street last part was sarcasm, though The 10 month relationship between her and her boyfriend was also lacking and poorly conveyed [...]

    3. Yolanda Carter loves to show her creative side with her delicious pastries That and her cat friendly treats home made, of course Yolanda dreams of one day opening Yolanda Yummery s For now, Yolanda s clients are the cats at the cat shelter Yolanda learns that the cat shelter might be going soon Yolanda knows she has to do something to save the shelter She decides to have a brownie taste off Yum, who doesn t love a fresh, warm, home made brownie I know I do This book was a sweet, quick, read I li [...]

    4. I had a problem getting drawn into this story Ms Maliga spent way too much time describing scenes, apparel, and what street or route Yolanda took to work, her friend s house, or back home again None of this moved the story forward and seemed to be added for word count value alone Yolanda s boyfriend Zac was an egotistical slump who cared about himself than anyone else He holds himself in high regard being the golf pro at Green Palms Mini Golf Course Yep, you got it He is the pro at a putt putt [...]

    5. Yolanda dreams of owning a Yummery What is a Yummery, you ask A Yummery is a bakery caf where no matter what you eat, it is yummy Only problem is, she doesn t have the money to open her own business and will never have enough working for 9 hr at a cat shelter Yolanda s friend Teagan offers her a solution work with her as a cocktail waitress at Wicked Fun Gentlemans Club When Yolanda goes for an interview she finds out the job involves stripping and she won t do that While there, she discovers th [...]

    6. A magical cat, sweet treats, the makings of a very imaginative story but as far as being entertained I was sadly not I have no doubt that the author is indeed creative and very passionate about writing and I hope she continues along that path I will begin with the parts I really enjoyed in the story, I thought the dream scenarios were highly entertaining and that the story was going to pick up, until it came to light that they were just thatdreams I m glad Yolanda realized that her boyfriend was [...]

    7. I was intending on giving this book two stars based completely on the fact that I adore cats, but I just couldn t do it and consider myself honest about how I feel about the book The descriptions were long, I didn t need to know every tiny detail about how she was baking, what she baked, and what she was wearing when it had no impact on the story The dialogue between Zac and Yolanda was not what I would have expected from two people who have been in a relationship together for almost a year Ten [...]

    8. Yolanda dreams of owning her own Yummery note dumb word, for reals where she sells all her baked goods She, of course, works a minimum wage job at a cat shelter and can t afford anything But then she finds out that a big investor wants to build over the shelter and volunteers to hold a brownie contest to save the cats.There are a lot of reviews complaining about the characters, and there is merit to them Yolanda complains a lot about her job at the shelter but seems to adore the cats Her long te [...]

    9. The Great Brownie Taste off The Yolanda s Yummery Series Book 1 Yolanda works at an animal shelter but she really wants her own bakery Just reading about some of the ways she decorates her cupcakes make me very hungry but I think also they would look tooo pretty to eat.Her friend gets her an interview at a gentleman s club where she ends up typing a letter for the takeover of the cat shelter She goes back the next day and makes a deal with the boss, her brownies vs the freeze and bake co and if [...]

    10. 3.5 You know, I read Joy s one star review and thought Yolanda would be commenting and about being gluten free but she only mentions it like maybe twice And the author and her characters did not push the idea that gluten free healthy and the secret to maintaining healthy weight I was expecting a terrible story and what I got was an interesting story with good characters I will be honest here, as I always am with my reviews, I didn t love this story nor did I hate this story It s not quite as f [...]

    11. I felt the characters lack depth.The story itself was everywhere.I was extremely put off by how the black characters were portrayed in this There were only two and they made small appearances They were just side characters, but I don t get why they were both angry The woman that passed Yolanda glared at her for no reason It wasn t even explained And this black guy got a brownie from her He tells her how he was angry all week and this brownie makes him feel better It s cool to have black characte [...]

    12. The first chapter of this book held a lot of promise and potential, but I thought a lot of information was unnecessary, such as describing Yolanda s house and the highway drive she took from point A to point B I mean, really who cares Her boyfriend Zac was an absolute sswipe, and her friend Teagan wasn t much better Additionally, this story was in dire need of some editing, and because of that at times it was hard to read In the end, I found a lot of this story to be cheesy and unrealistic, and [...]

    13. Yolanda works with cats, owns cat, wants to own a bakery Her boyfriend Zac is non committal This started out simple enough A young woman with a goal As a reader, I have my conflict early and I like that The scene where she applies for a job with Teegan s employer is when the story really goes into effect The story of the contest is well done We have some suspense and we have a villian to root against The contest is over with 25% of the book to go The end wraps things up, but I waited for a big s [...]

    14. Yum I love a good brownie almost as much as I love a good book When that book is offered FREE on as the first book in a serieswell, thats even better than free samples in a bakery I really enjoy bakery fiction, cupcake tales, chocolate romance lol Okay, okay, my metaphors are falling flatbut this book inspired me to try to be a little creative with my review I really enjoyed this first installment of Yolanda s Yummery, and I ll be starting the next book immediately.

    15. SweetI m not sure who the target audience is, perhaps teenagers It was too light for my taste While the description of working in a cat shelter is fairly accurate, I don t get the impression that the author particularly likes cats and I wonder why she chose that type of non profit In places the grammar and sentence structure was stilted This jolted me out of the story when I had to go back and re read to get the author s meaning.

    16. I tried and tried and tried then I read other books, came back to this one and tried some I tried so hard, so many times to get into this book and then I realized that it shouldn t be so much work Reading should be enjoyed not forced And so, I gave up This book has a VERY slow start and is very predictable Also, I found it boring I found it to be fairly well written with well developed characters just not for me.

    17. This book is a bloodbath of grievously mediocre writing In fact it s worse littered with dangling modifiers, sentence fragments and ohm the ghastly, monotonous, obsessive, pointless description of absolutely everything, it reads like the composition of a primary school child.The actual story, if you can stand the poor writing, is engaging, and is nicely rounded off at the end right up to the dishonest, unprofessional cliffhanger ending.

    18. A bit of a different read with a lot going in Yolanda Carter loves to bake and she also takes care of cats Her ultimate dream is to have her own bakery Although she has a bake off contest the money raised is used to help the cats and Yolanda still has to find a way to get her bakery going What she uses is an interesting surprise This book is an okay read, although I do like the writer s style and am looking forward to reading some of her numerous works.

    19. It was a cute idea and the book wasn t really bad but it wasn t good either The plot was too smooth, nothing ever went wrong and every one got their happy ending in the end Except for the jerky boyfriend of course the writing style was nice but the author spent way too much time describing mundane actions such as feeding cats or driving somewhere overall a nice read if you want something quick and easy.

    20. Yolanda works at a cat shelter and dreams of opening her own yummery her term for the yummy goodness she will bake for her customers Through several twists and turns and some prophetic dreams, Yolanda strives to make her dream a reality.I had higher hopes for the story than were actually delivered I think there is a lot of potential for the series Hopefully the next book will be better realized.

    21. This book was based off of a true story, and just as importantly, a true recipe The book inspires people to go after their dreams, sympathizes with them over the waiting that needs to happen before the dream come true, and celebrates justice by making the good people get rewarded while the liars and cheaters are taken down It s a quick read and anyone would enjoy the brownies at the end.

    22. I read a review that the author put too much unnecessary description, this may have influenced my enjoyment because I tended to agree.It was an okay read, not sure if I will read the whole series.Though I do feel like eating a brownie now

    23. I was disappointed with the abrupt ending to the book I realize it was an attempt to move the reader to the second book, but it was, for me, just annoying other than that, the book was an enjoyable read.

    24. The book left me hanging I guess they thought it would entice you to buy the next book in the series, but it turned me off and I doubt I ll read any of them.

    25. Okay I tried and just couldn t get into it Lots of pointless descriptions and chatter Maybe I will try again just not today.

    26. Seemed forced in some areas This was an easy read though I did get the second one, hoping it will be a bit better.

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