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Wolf Hunt 2 By Jeff Strand,

  • Title: Wolf Hunt 2
  • Author: Jeff Strand
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Paperback
  • George and Lou used to be thugs for hire Now they re living in a shack in Costa Rica, hiding from the crime lord who wants them dead Their last job, to deliver him a werewolf in a cage, wentdly But they can t hide out forever, and when they re finally captured, it seems as if George and Lou s ultimate fate will involve being doused in gasoline and set aflame InsteGeorge and Lou used to be thugs for hire Now they re living in a shack in Costa Rica, hiding from the crime lord who wants them dead Their last job, to deliver him a werewolf in a cage, wentdly But they can t hide out forever, and when they re finally captured, it seems as if George and Lou s ultimate fate will involve being doused in gasoline and set aflame Instead, they re given a second chance There s another werewolf out there This time, it s Ally, a fourteen year old girl Kidnapping a teenaged girl is a major conflict with George and Lou s moral code, but they also aren t fans of being brutally executed, so they agree to the job After all, the crime lord doesn t want to kill Ally he just wants her to bite him They ll snatch her, deliver her as promised, and then do everything they can to return her home safely She doesn t even know she s a werewolf it s not as if she ll create any complications by transforming Of course, this is George and Lou, so there are many, many complications The worst of which is that they ve now enraged three other extremely nasty werewolves
    Wolf Hunt George and Lou used to be thugs for hire Now they re living in a shack in Costa Rica hiding from the crime lord who wants them dead Their last job to deliver him a werewolf in a cage wentdly But th

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    1. When someone finds the rock George and Lou have been hiding under since the original Wolf Hunt, they re back in action under extreme duress Their target another werewolf, this one a teenage girl.Once again, Jeff Strand sends his lovable thugs George and Lou through the meat grinder of werewolf capture As with the last adventure, it s a hilarious gorefest from start to finish.George and Lou are the same guys we all know and love from the first adventure Plenty of new characters are thrown into th [...]

    2. 4.5 stars, rounded up.The original WOLF HUNT is one of my favorite books by Jeff Strand The outrageous humor and memorable characters combined with a bloodfest of gore, murder, and mutilations, made for a story impossible to forget In WOLF HUNT 2, we immediately catch up with our heroes thugs for hire , George and Lou, who have gone into hiding following the devastating results of their last job They are found by another crime lord who makes them an offer they while being morally opposed to are [...]

    3. It s pretty much a given at this point that I m going to like just about anything Jeff Strand publishes If the man can produce a romantic comedy and not make me choke on my own vomit in response, then anything that bares his signature fusing of horror and comedy is a sure thing Some things, however, are sure than others.Wolf Hunt 2 picks up right where the original left off George and Lou, that lovable pair of mafia enforcers who both carry the burden of a conscience, are in hiding after not de [...]

    4. Delightful Yes there was gore, kidnapping, ripping and tearing of body parts, car chases, sewing and stapling of body parts, chains and torture, shootings, a beat down with a baseball bat and wolfie sex Absolutely delightful There wasn t a paragraph that didn t make me at least chuckle a little Read Wolf Hunt and you ll immediately want to read Wolf Hunt 2 Jeff Strand is seriously the master of this genre mash up Humor Horror Along the vein of Christopher Moore, but horror, humanity Many of St [...]

    5. Worthwhile sequel to Wolf Hunt finds our anti heroes George and Lou on another mission to find yet another werewolf, this time in the form of a fourteen year old girl Of course, chaos ensues and they find themselves running from human and werewolf baddies at every turn Once again, Strand successfully mixes humor and horror to tell a wacky and gory tale that will definitely delight fans of the original Highly recommended.

    6. Wolf Hunt 2 by Jeff StrandDecember 30, 2014 to January 2, 2015Second book in the Wolf Hunt seriesRecommended by internet friendsMy first review for 2015 Wolf Hunt 2 is the second book with our heroes, George and Lou Once again they have been hired drafted to deliver a possible were wolf to some big shot that they do not care for If you don t already know this then here is a factr Lou and George, things just don t always go as planned.This book starts out with a bang Lots of humorous one liners a [...]

    7. Well, this wasn t quite as good as the first go round This sequel was a bit darker and gory in the grand horror tradition I still had several laugh out loud moments and didn t ever want to put this book down I would definitely pick up the next book in this series if there were to be one.

    8. Let s cut to the wolf chase I was really happy to begin reading Jeff Strand s Wolf Hunt 2, the sequel toyou guessed it The main reason is because I got to spend time with George and Lou George and Lou are the main characters in Wolf Hunt and Wolf Hunt 2 They are thugs for hire who admit to being not exactly good role models but they have scruples They are perfectly happy breaking knuckles but draw the line at indiscriminate killing and especially harming children Yeah I know You ve seen this cl [...]

    9. Wolf Hunt 2 is a worthy follow up to the first I enjoyed it very much and strongly recommend it to anyone loves werewolves and or Wolf Hunt the first Jeff Strand does it again

    10. Pretty much just like the first, but with a little less comedy slapstick and a little carnage Lots of fun, basically a modern day pulp novel that never gets dull.

    11. This was a great sequel to Wolf Hunt I loved getting to see George and Lou again, and I really adored Ally I want to know what happens to Ally next This is the 4th consecutive Strand book I ve read and I just want

    12. This review is for the audiobook edition of Wolf Hunt 2 by Jeff Strand, narrated by Scott Thomas.Let s get right to the nitty gritty If you are into werewolf stories, Wolf Hunt 2 is one of the best werewolf novels out there If you are into well narrated audiobooks, Wolf Hunt and Wolf Hunt 2 are among the best narration performances available.Wolf Hunt 2 is the sequel to surprise Wolf Hunt That lovable duo, George and Lou, are back and in trouble than ever Not going to give any spoilers but the [...]

    13. Being a fan of Jeff Strand, I hopped onto the chance to review this audiobook in exchange for a free copy I bought Wolf Hunt 2 the day it came out, but I just haven t had time to read it This book starts out with our unemployed protagonists, George and Lou, who happen to be two thugs with questionable morals , getting a job offer Well, like a Do this job or you will die order, really They are in the dog house after seriously botching their last job, that being the original Wolf Hunt In the hope [...]

    14. Strand at his bestWolf Hunt 2 surpasses the 1st Wolf Hunt in every way and that s saying a lot because I loved the 1st one Bring on 3

    15. Quite entertaining, just like part one There are three things though, that make me give this one star less than the first one If there will be a Wolf Hunt 3 that repairs this damage, I might upgrade this rating to .1 Old Reith claims to himself and the reader that you cannot be infected with lycanthropy, but have to inherit it If I remember correctly, in the first part somebody did get infected by a bite 2 Lou is dead If it turns out in WH3 that Reith was wrong see above and that Lou is alive, b [...]

    16. Here s what I will say about Jeff Strand s books, he is funny All his characters start out as innocent, then later you just never know what they are going get pushed to Although George and Lou didn t start out innocent I have noticed common themes too, like there is usually always a team and even though some of the scenes are pretty gruesome, there is never a shortage of dialogue Jeff s always been one of my favorites, I can read his books all day and grin while someone is being slashed.

    17. Great book Enjoyed this one just as much as the original despite the nameally Wolf Hunt 2 At least add a subtitle Wolf Hunt 2 Electric Boogaloo The ending left open the possibility for books, that wouldn t hurt my feelings one bit.What s with that lame cover Couldn t get the guy that made the first one 20 points for the The Princess Bride reference.Great narration.

    18. the story continues Team George and Lou and werewolves Funny, Gory, totally unputdownable To quote the book cover No author working today comes close to Jeff Strand s perfect mixture of comedy and terror.

    19. Great, fun, macabre read Laughed through much of the series George and Lou were the perfect friends The werwolves were projected into great adversaries I really enjoyed both books in the series Maybe a third

    20. Available really good sequel I enjoyed the first Wolf hunt novel and was very happy to find this sequel.It balances the line just right between horror and comedy, can t recommend it enough but I would say read Wolf hunt 1 first

    21. More murder and mayhem Much the same as the first book, although there is less humor in the second half of the book If you enjoyed Wolf Hunt, you ll like tge sequel.

    22. Loved It Even better than the first one Didn t expect a couple things but I totally loved the ending Great read

    23. Having loved book 1, I couldn t wait to dive back into this world And boy was I in for a rip roaring, heart breaking and utterly compelling ride George and Lou are back When they are found and forced to take another job, they are naturally reluctant after the event of the last time It s worse this time though, their target is a teenager who is a suspected werewolf Even without the fact that another werewolf is involved, the boys don t like the fact that they have to abduct a girl But, it s that [...]

    24. Hard too put downBoth Wolf Hunt books were great Gory and funny Jeff Strand has become one of my favorite writers Always entertaining

    25. I loved the dialog and the buddy goon dynamic of the last one, not to mention the unusual take on werewolf powers, but this one didn t really hit the right notes view spoiler Lou s death hide spoiler put a hell of a damper on the book I will always knock off stars for something like that, especially since view spoiler the banter between George and Lou hide spoiler was one of the great strengths of the book.The cast grew a bit out of control, too The last book s tension and pacing benefited from [...]

    26. i received this book for free l my opinions are all my own lately when I listen to a book I have been watching the time trickle by not really interested in the book that all changed with this series I have finished both book 1 and 2 in under a week with 3 small kids at home that is no easy feat I couldn t wait to listen to this it actually made me excited to do the dishes to get some alone time to listen with my headphones lolokay now let s talk about the actual book.I am devastated by thisd if [...]

    27. George and Lou are clearly happily married, to each other But I m glad to see that they both survived Ivan, even if missing a few parts However even in their secret hideaway with endless cruddy TV and cocktails they are soon found by a certain gangster intent on kidnapping another werewolf only this one is a 14yr old girl who has no idea she has wolfie lineage.She also has a rather miffed off father that has anger issues and a weirdo friend and girlfriend.Shane is a rather revolting specimen all [...]

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