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Playing by the Greek's Rules By Sarah Morgan,

  • Title: Playing by the Greek's Rules
  • Author: Sarah Morgan
  • ISBN: 9781472098375
  • Page: 240
  • Format: ebook
  • It s time to throw away the rule book Idealistic archaeologist Lily Rose craves a fairytale love, but in her experience it always ends in heartbreak So now Lily s trying a different approach a fling with her boss, infamous Greek playboy Nik Zervakis Anti love and anti family, Nik lives by his own set of rules There s no one better to teach Lily how to separate sizzIt s time to throw away the rule book Idealistic archaeologist Lily Rose craves a fairytale love, but in her experience it always ends in heartbreak So now Lily s trying a different approach a fling with her boss, infamous Greek playboy Nik Zervakis Anti love and anti family, Nik lives by his own set of rules There s no one better to teach Lily how to separate sizzling sex from deep emotions But, whilst Nik has the world at his feet, he also has dark shadows in his heart It starts as a sensual game, but can Lily stick to Nik s rules And, what s , can he Discover at millsandboon sarahmorgan
    Playing by the Greek s Rules It s time to throw away the rule book Idealistic archaeologist Lily Rose craves a fairytale love but in her experience it always ends in heartbreak So now Lily s trying a different approach a fling w

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    1. What a fabulous story Lily Rose adore her name believes in love and HEA s Despite being an unwanted orphan and being let down and betrayed, she has not let it change her mind Nik Zervakis, is an enigmatic, gorgeous, sexy and very very rich Greek billionaire ooh, I love Greek heroes.ey are my absolute favorite of course, it could have something to do with the fact that my late husband love of my life was a Greek hero Now, Nik does not believe in love, in marriage and only does sex So, what we hav [...]

    2. Lily Rose is an archaeologist working in Greece She has a master s in archaeology but she s temporarily working for a cleaning company to pay off some debts The owner of the cleaning company she works for calls her and she s assigned to clean wealthy Nik Zervakis s home Unfortunately, the other members of the cleaning team were in an accident so that just leaves Lily to do the job alone While cleaning his home she goes in the large shower, is confused over the buttons, hits a wrong one, and ends [...]

    3. Wow, this was so adorable Sarah Morgan is definitely going to get a second look if she can produce characters like these.Lily Rose, the nutcase heroine, is a sweetheart, a cocked eyed optimist You can practically hear the South Pacific song as she rattles on at times She s devastated that she found out that the man she was seeing was married, and knows she needs to change how she looks at love I don t know if they had a physical relationship or not, but she s horrified at what a louse he was to [...]

    4. 5 Words Romance, family, relationships, love, forgiveness.This book is pure indulgence Sarah Morgan has done it again.It s fair to say that this book is fun and flirty, and honestly Quite fluffy But sometimes that what you need, and this book is a perfect mood booster for a rainy day, something to brighten up a dull day and something to laze around with on a summers day.This book is easy to dip in and out of, but I found that I didn t want to put it down.It s crazy and passionate and gives you s [...]

    5. Fluff Thistledown light and airy Sunshine and rainbows That s our heroine an archaeologist who moonlights cleaning the villas around the dig on the Greek island of Crete She meets the hero in her underwear after she inadvertently soaks herself trying the clean the complicated shower The hero s date is miffed and walks out on him The hero is intrigued and asks her to accompany him that night to an opening of a museum wing that he sponsored The heroine wants commitment because she was a foster chi [...]

    6. Not a fan of non virginal heroines when I read a Harlequin Presents Plus the fact that heroine had an affair with a married family man with kids is disgusting as far as I m concerned I don t care if she didn t know, it still makes me want to throw up a little bit in my mouth

    7. 4.5 stars Another fantastic read from Sarah Morgan Lilly Rose is a young, optimistic archeologist who is moonlighting as an assistant to Nik Zervakis to pay off her student loans while on an archeological dig in Crete She just got out of a relationship after she found out he was married and vowed to change her ideas about relationship a bit Nik is a handsome cynical billionaire who doesn t believe in love after witnessing his mother walk out on him and his father After a hilarious first meeting, [...]

    8. Sarah Morgan activates a favourite meet cute in this book, which is somehow, the hero meets the heroine when she is naked Or in this case, mostly naked, but let s not quibble over a bit of underwear, because anyway it s wet.Lily Rose is refreshingly cheerful for a romance heroine Sure, she s just found out that the man she thought she was falling in love with is married with children, but this is an opportunity She can stop being all mushy and romantic and start doing relationships like a boss E [...]

    9. I found the dialogue in this story hilarious at times and at other times I cried, so my emotions were definitely involved Lily is an eternal optimist despite her background Nic is a hardened businessman and the result of his parents failed marriage They come together for sex only or so they think but of course it develops into something I must say I struggled a little with the concept of rebound sex but the story kept me engaged and I really liked both heroine and hero and the dialogue was grea [...]

    10. Three words I LOVE IT Sarah morgan has done her magic again No wonder she is one of my favorite writer This book was simply adorable Their banter was so funny and entertaining I enjoyed thoroughly Usually when protagonists meet ,hero changes heroine s life In this case Lily totally changed Nik s.I adored our funny, optimistic, feisty heroine Her past made her a better person which was what exactly Nik needed I loved the story style and pace The greek setting was perfect And it definitely didn t [...]

    11. PLAYING BY THE GREEK S RULES by author Sarah Morgan is a Harlequin Presents series release for February 2015.By an accident Nic Zervakis comes home and finds a naked Lily Rose in his shower But alas he was not alone, he had a date with him And this said date got all affronted when she saw Lily in Nic s shower, and walked off.Now without a date, Nic takes Lily to the event he had to go Lily is an archaeologist so Nik knew he would need her expertise at the event But the chemistry between them roc [...]

    12. Lily Rose is the type of woman who believes in love, and in making sure the man she falls in love with ticks all the boxes on her perfect man list But then she makes an error in judgement and instead get s her heart broken.Her best friend suggests she take life a little less seriously and instead go with just red hot sex and not all the mussy gooey love stuff Lily being a very in touch with her feelings gal at first says no to the entire idea, but then she ends up sopping wet in the shower of no [...]

    13. 4 4.5 I haven t read a good HP in a while They tend to be my guilty pleasure reads because they always have a formula I can expect With this new offering from Sarah Morgan, the familiar trope of the Greek millionaire is still there with a heroine who is not his usual type But this read like a contemporary romance than old style Harlequin.What happens when a hard boiled cynic meets the eternal optimist Sparks fly and let the witty banter begin Your cynicism is deeply depressing Your optimism is [...]

    14. 2.5 starsI think I need to stick with Morgan s full length series instead of her series romance ones I thought the opposite of Lily s shiny attitude vs Nik s surly one and the whole Lily wants family, family is important, versus Nik thinks marriage is cr p were a bit too blatant for my taste I like my things subtle than that Also Nik changes his stance to true love way too fast, I got whiplash There WERE some cute moments, I smiled sometimes reading the diatribe of words that came out of Lily s [...]

    15. Probably 3.5One thing I really love about Sarah Morgan s Presents is they stick with me after reading them Maybe not forever or even a long time, but, after I finish the book, I m still in that world for a while.And this one was a really nice way to introduce her new trilogy a little.I did think the hero s transformation to believing in truuuuuuue love wasn t too well done It wasn t really that it was too fast though it was , but that it seemed too easy and practically off screen One conversatio [...]

    16. Favorite Quote As a matter of interest, what is your goal in relationships Orgasm He gave her a slow smile and she felt herself turn scarlet.I m very excited for the start of Sarah Morgan s new Puffin Island series book one, First Time in Forever will release next week We get a tiny peek at a future heroine in this book as she is a side character The main couple however are Lily and Nik Lily has three criteria for a guy He has to be affectionate, he has to be honest, and he has to have strong fa [...]

    17. Playing by the Greek s Rules is yet another stunning Presents from Sarah Morgan and is loosely linked to her upcoming Puffin Island series contemporary romance.Lily was so cute that I had the urge to go hug her at times She says whats on her mind and her dialogues are super adorable and she had me in splits with some of the things she said The best part was that she was an archaeologist because I can never resist a heroine who knows mythology and history at the back of her hand Nik was just the [...]

    18. I love it when I find a book that so unexpectedly turns out to be freaking awesome I swear it makes me giddy I really don t know how Ms Morgan does it, but she s yet to seriously disappoint me I loved it from the beginning until the last stinking word Perfectly funny Perfectly smutty Perfectly developed Just perfect.Without too much drama that make you wanna pull your hair out It s such a simple story too This was just the book I needed As a matter of interest, what is your goal in relationship [...]

    19. This was completely and totally a five star read I absolutely loved it It was playful and sweet, with just the right amount of chemistry There are really no words that need to be said Rating 5 5Recommend YesAudience AdultStatus MChemistry Intensity YesConflict Drama YesHEA YesA complimentary copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest critique.

    20. I missed Sarah Morgan writing Presents This is not my favorite she s ever done, but I really do like her in this format I m curious to see how the characters from this one end up tying into her new full length series beyond the obvious And the artist has to be involved somehow, right

    21. It was good to read a Sarah Morgan book again, it feels like forever since I have, which is a shame because I really like her as an author and her voice that she brings to the Harlequin Presents line She has veered off of this line as of late, but I was so glad that she came back to it with this entertaining read that I finished from cover to cover in one sitting, being completely immersed in the world of Nik and Lily and their love story I hope that Sarah Morgan comes back to the Presents line [...]

    22. Ever since my teens, I had a soft spot for Greek millionaires and Australian ranch owners, who filled the pages of Harlequin novels Now the wealthy Greek is a billionaire Inflation, you know While the plot is familiar, the writer infused the story with humor There are some laugh out fun scenes I will be reading the rest of the series.

    23. Firstly thank you to Mills and Boon for approving me for a review copy of this title via NetGalley.I became a fan of Sarah s last year after reading her Snow Crystal series I have been fortunate enough to receive an ARC of First Time In Forever which is out later this year and is part of Sarah s Puffin Island series Playing By The Greek s Rules is Puffin Island 0.5 and is about archaeologist Lily Rose and her boss Nik Zervakis It also introduces one of the other characters from the series.Lily l [...]

    24. Absolutely FABULOUS, this is a DEFINITE MUST READ, PRE ORDER ONE CLICK IT NOW, if you can not tell by the start to my review I adored this book.Lily Rose is an archaeologist that seems to have a run of bad luck with her romances, so one day she decides she is just going to have fun with no strings attached romance rebound sex.Nik Zervakis is a millionaire playboy with the world at his feet, he does not believe in love, he is anti family and sex is sex to him And the story begins.Lily has to supp [...]

    25. FOR MORE REVIEWS AND GIVEAWAYS, DO CHECK OUT MY BLOG Playing by the Greek s RulesPLOT 5CHARACTERS 4COVER 3OVERALL RATING 5Playing by the Greek s Rules reminded me the reason why I loved Harlequin Harlequin has been one of my favorite publisher for a very long time but since I have been trying to read from other publishers I forgot the reason why I ever did like to read Harlequin With the very crappy cover and too revealing titles, I forgot about Harlequin and only remembered why I loved reading [...]

    26. Lily wanted it all Love, commitment and happily ever after But her past relationship is all but that She is a young archaeologist who is doing a part time job for Nik She is just freshly out of a relationship where she found out he was married She decided there and then that she should not focus on love and commitment but to enjoyed what a relationship can be offer to her She met Nik and decided to embark on a commitment free relationship which is all that Nik can offer because he doesn t believ [...]

    27. Playing by the Greek s Rules by Sarah Morgan is such a great classic romance It s a fast read, as things flow well in the story, and it is one of those books that you want to keep reading just to find out what happens.Lily Rose was orphaned at birth Having medical issues it was hard for her to be placed in Foster homes She has had very few relationships and is looking for a wild fling to take the sting off of her last relationship Seems that the man she was dating was already married.Nik Zervaki [...]

    28. THIS WAS SO GOOD This year I have read a Harlequin Blaze, a Harlequin Desire, and now a Harlequin Presents and I have to say that this one was my favorite by far Forget what you have heard about Presents and pick this one up Niklaus Zervakis is a stone cold business man He doesn t deal with emotion in his professional life or his personal life If he enjoys the company of a woman it is physical and nothing Lily is an hopeless romantic waiting for her fairy tale to come true, all she needs is the [...]

    29. Great read I loved this book It was completely hilarious to me Lily Rose is an archaeologist with terrible taste in men, who falls in love at the drop of a dime She tries to change her ways and become of a player and Nik has agreed to help her with this endeavor Lily is truly a funny character The things that come out of her mouth made me wonder if Sarah Morgan s other books are as funny Towards the end things get serious but the byplay between these two just kept me laughing and enjoying the [...]

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