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Green Card By Elizabeth Adams,

  • Title: Green Card
  • Author: Elizabeth Adams
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • William Harper has it all looks, money, power There s just one tiny problem he s about to be deported Harper needs a green card Fast An American wife is the easiest way to get one But where will he find a woman to marry him on such short notice Katherine Bishop is a full time student, part time dog walker, and weekend tutor With a roommate who just ran out on herWilliam Harper has it all looks, money, power There s just one tiny problem he s about to be deported Harper needs a green card Fast An American wife is the easiest way to get one But where will he find a woman to marry him on such short notice Katherine Bishop is a full time student, part time dog walker, and weekend tutor With a roommate who just ran out on her and neck deep in tuition payments, she needs money Now Harper just might make her an offer she can t refuse He thinks he s worked out the perfect deal, but he didn t bargain for the collective quirks, brains, and sass of Katherine Bishop Can they go from strangers to friends How will they live together without killing each other Can they keep this enormous secret from all their friends and family
    Green Card William Harper has it all looks money power There s just one tiny problem he s about to be deported Harper needs a green card Fast An American wife is the easiest way to get one But where will he fi

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    1. Dear Reader,Once in a while a book quietly sidles up to you,nestles its way into your heart,happily resides there until it has told you its story and lingers,refreshing your memory with some delightful flashbacks of adorable incidents centred around a simply adorable couple This was an utterly addictive read,one couched in beautifully descriptive language, relating a story of love with undeniably questionable origins but one that thankfully developed as a slow burn romance,sprinkled with the req [...]

    2. William Harper is an English business man He is handsome, rich and very popular The only thing he does not have and desperately wants, is a green card in order to keep working and living in the US According to his lawyer and friend Andrew, the easiest way to get one is to marry an American girl, and he happens to know just the right one Katherine Bishop She needs money to finish her studies and might be willing to help William Green Card was a thoroughly fun and entertaining book that I really e [...]

    3. I m a sucker for stories about people getting married and then falling in love I just think it s a great, fun situation This book uses it beautifully and I had a great time reading it I particularly liked Kate s characters she was upbeat and fun and just the kind of person William needed to loosen up It had a bit of Pride and Prejudice inspiration, but didn t really follow the plot You could see how the characters were inspired by PP though Overall a fun, sweet, romantic read

    4. Re read 1 9 18 reprinted with additions Read 03 1515This book is loosely based on Pride and Prejudice Moderation adaptation with a twist I rate this book as a 4.5 starsPremise William Harper is a high power business man from England with looks and money He s working on a major deal and can t risk his work visa expiring due to some issues His quickest solution is to get a green card and by doing so he needs to marry fast and to an American.Katherine Bishop is a full time student, part time dog wa [...]

    5. Playful banter, snappy dialogue, witty comebacks conflict, romance, ideals, humor this is the PERFECT romance novel those of us who appreciate well written dialogue It looks daunting, but it reads like a fast paced screenplay A delightful vacation read light, easy, fun with the perfect level of suspense I found myself laughing out loud along the way, recognizing characters from both my New Jersey roots and my rural Kentucky upbringing A couple of scenes even made me tear up If you re in the mood [...]

    6. A very enjoyable romance.This is a fun and very lovely book to read It tells the story of Will and Lizzy, who marry for expeditious reasons, and then slowly fall in love It left me with a very warm and happy feeling at the end If you are looking for a pick me up when feeling down, this is the book to read.

    7. 4.5 stars I loved this story Green Card is a fun romance that captured my attention so much so that I didn t want to put it down It s a low angst story Yes, there are small disagreements, but not the gut wrenching moment that sometimes I can t bear to go through before the happily ever after Instead, it seems to come smoothly to the HEA and finishes up with an excellent epilogue William Harper is in a bit of a bind He is working on a huge merger and due to a problem with his visa may have to lea [...]

    8. Harper needs a green card and his only way of getting it is an American wife His friend and lawyer recommends Lizzy, her girlfriend s sister.They have a deal and they need to be together a bit of two years In the meantime they have to live as a couple and have dates and attend events.Harper is very serious, duty bond Lizzy is intelligent, spirited, determined ad lively.Harper is a young CEO Lizzy is getting her MA but she has several jobs to pay her bills.Modern variation of Pride and Prejudice [...]

    9. So good This is not a retelling of PP, but there are nods throughout the story This is a completely new story, and I loved it Ms Adams does a great job of taking us through the story and watching these characters fall in love They re dialogue with each other is well written Definitely worth it Ms Adams does it again

    10. Bright and Sparkling, and I Couldn t Put it DownGreen Card by Elizabeth Adams4.5 stars out of 5I was smiling while reading this book It was, indeed, bright and sparkling like champagne, and I couldn t put it down Why Is it perfect Well, no it was, however, entertaining and well written, and I feel like I was watching a talented person master her craft before my eyes I am excited by the author s potential and I can t wait to see what she is able to do If you ve read enough romance, you will recog [...]

    11. Blog Facebook Twitter 3.5 AustenUna historia con mucha frescura muy en el estilo de una comedia rom ntica, de all lo entretenido que son muchos de sus cap tulos No es lo mismo casarse por amor que por conveniencia Dos personas que entran en un proceso de entendimiento mutuo por un contrato comercial que beneficia a ambos, puede resultar inesperado Hay una descripci n al detalle de esa evoluci n con una constante por mantener la dosis de realismo en el conjunto de la historia.Entre las cosas que [...]

    12. This book was between a four and a five I think I would have given it a four, but because it held me so captivated for 36 hours, I felt it deserved a five.I also almost did not put this on my Pride and Prejudice shelf It s not REALLY a variation But it is This book is about a cute adorable British man who is some huge CEO in America, William Harper, who needs to get married really fast for a green card He ends up marrying the heroine, Katie, who needs money for tuition and rent, and as the Briti [...]

    13. Absolutely one of my favourite modern PP variations, and perhaps one of my favourite books While the storyline doesn t necessarily stick to that which is traditionally PP, the themes are very much still ones of love, struggle and uncertainty in a way that isn t dissimilar to the motifs in Jane Austen s PP A really novel take, and throughly engaging, I highly HIGHLY recommend.

    14. A good novel will give you a good storyline and is well written A great novel is not only well written but puts you into the story and the characters themselves You can relate to the characters and events while sensing everything they do and what is happeng at the time I think this is a great novel.The story is about 2 people from different cultures and walks of life They both have different needs and goals They team up to accomplish those needs with a very airtight contract They cover all the w [...]

    15. A Different TakeThere is enough in common with P P, but it s not overwhelming and it doesn t paralyze the plot of Green Card It is very different from other modern versions and this makes the book refreshing I very much enjoyed how Adams focused the story on family dynamics and healing The two main characters, Harper and Katie, are believable and well updated There is a good balance of pragmatism and romance in the development of their relationship The cast of supporting characters is also well [...]

    16. A popular concept well written A marriage between strangers to ensure one spouse doesn t have to leave the country.Elizabeth Adams main characters are funny, authentic and complex Kate and William nice choice of names btw each have their set of issues to overcome But by the relatively slow pace of their romance though there is a connection from the beginning leads to friendship, partnership and love William seems a bit stoic in the beginning but ones you see past the facade you cannot help but l [...]

    17. I was disappointed in this bookI bought it because it was advertised as a modern version of Pride Prejudice I didn t care for the use of the f word and the sex scene details The distracted from the story The story was also too drawn out Not enough content for the story line It would have been okay if it was a free book, but it was not worth 5.

    18. Greencard is quite a bit different from other books I have read I did thoroughly enjoy it It was fun, romantic, somewhat a modern day Pride and Prejudice story Even though, because they were 500 pages, it still didn t take me long to get through it Too good to walk away from Five stars

    19. Unputdownable What an absolutely fabulous read It s the kind of book that you don t want to end I slow read on purpose to make it last longer It is a substantial read at over 500 pages which gives many hours of entertainment Not a dull moment from start to finish, I absolutely loved it I thought it was warm, thoughtful, exceedingly funny, emotional, romantic, passionate and thrilling.This contemporary romance is not quite a PP variation but I recognised several of the characters although the nam [...]

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