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On the Floor By J. Lacroix,

  • Title: On the Floor
  • Author: J. Lacroix
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 288
  • Format: None
  • Who knew that working together and living on the same floor with the guy of her dreams would be so hard Well, everyone.When Juilliard hopeful, Rachel Harris, loses her mother in her senior year of high school, everything changes Taking care of her family becomes her top priority, her own happiness falling to the wayside The way she knows it has to be Jake Price has hadWho knew that working together and living on the same floor with the guy of her dreams would be so hard Well, everyone.When Juilliard hopeful, Rachel Harris, loses her mother in her senior year of high school, everything changes Taking care of her family becomes her top priority, her own happiness falling to the wayside The way she knows it has to be Jake Price has had family issues of his own, leaving him incapable of having anything than a physical relationship When Rachel meets Jake on the dance floor, sparks fly, and fires burn, but he walks away with no than a simple thank you The way he knows it has to be But fate can twist the best of intentions.When Jake shows up the next day as Rachel s new co worker, they reluctantly decide to put aside their attraction for each other so they can work as friends Just friends right Will Rachel and Jake be able to figure out how to work together, be together, and open up to each other Or will the past destroy everything they have built together This is the first book in the Second Story series.Some of the material in On the Floor may be considered inappropriate for readers under 17.
    On the Floor Who knew that working together and living on the same floor with the guy of her dreams would be so hard Well everyone When Juilliard hopeful Rachel Harris loses her mother in her senior year of hig

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    1. I m drawn to music, so when it s a part of a romance, it immediately goes on my MUST READ list And that definitely applied to this book I knew from the description that Rachel and Jake were going to be working together and I liked that It added a little layer to their relationship And because of their job, they were forced to try and get to know each other before they started dating There was so much chemistry between them that it was explosive Even when they were just friends , you could feel t [...]

    2. 3 OTT Drama but Hot Sex Stars So you can read the blurb yourselves I m just gonna give you my thoughts This was a very sizzling between the sheets read but had too much drama in it for me I guess this is why I stay away from NA romance but the book was free so no loss and I did enjoy the story overall I just could have used a little less drama like they were in high school and a little substance to the characters Well I read about the other characters when their books come outybe.

    3. On the Floor generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review On the Floor is the first book in the Second Story series that provides an entertaining, light, flirty, fun story There was no a lot of angst or depth to the main characters While their sad pasts led them to where they are now, I didn t feel so connected to these characters It s a New Adult read taking place in the college era of Jake and Rachel, told from mainly Rachel s POV The two main characters start work togeth [...]

    4. Rachel became an RA so she can afford to study at the San Diego College of Arts and Music She likes her job, it s just that her MA, Ty, is not much of a mentor He s drunk or high most of the time and basically the man is not fit for the job.After yet another run in Rachel decides she has had enough, she stands up for herself, calls him on his behavior and reports him Soon Ty is replaced by Jake, who is no stranger to Rachel He is the first guy to really notice her and the first guy who made her [...]

    5. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review What can I sayis book gave me butterflies It truly left me sitting here reading with a grin from ear to ear I connected with Rachel and Jake s chemistry so much that it brought back memoriescreasing my grin On The Floor is written in Rachel s POV and takes you through her life as an RA, her sexy meeting of Jake, their tension filled friendship and the relationship that followsups and downs included It isn t a very deep book bu [...]

    6. I love, love, loved this book It totally captivated me and left me wanting On the Floor is a great romance story that draws you in and makes you feel like you are there experiencing the ups and downs with the characters I enjoyed reading this book so much and I can t wait for the next installment in the series It was greatly written and I couldn t put it down Thank you Jennifer for an amazing read where I was able to get lost in the book

    7. 4 Star Review by Jennifer HagenRachel and Jake are both resident assistants on the same dormitory floor They need to be able to work with each other and keep an amicable relationship between themselves and the students on their floor It s hard to do when one minute you want to rip the clothes off of him and the next minute rip his head off Jake is hot, but his bedside manner has a lot to be desired You would want than a f ck from me and I don t want anything than that from you Okaayyy I guess [...]

    8. You can see this full review and at Book Briefs bookbriefs On the Floor is the first book in the new adult series, Second Story Initially I thought Secondary Story series referred to the 2nd floor of a college dorm, but it wasn t that at all On the Floor takes place at a music and arts college, and the main guy and girl character are RA s of a freshman dorm The guy is also in a band called Second Story, so I think the series will focus on each of the band members The first book, On the Floor is [...]

    9. 3 out of 5 Stars ARC received in exchange for an honest review Rachel is a skilled music student and RA at San Diego College of Arts, and she is seriously tired of her assigned MA s antics, who never shows up or does his work That is until he gets fired and replaced by Jake, a handsome student and player in local band Second Story , and none other than the guy she shared an insanely hot dance with at a nightclub the week before And now he lives right across the hallway on her floor.Jake had felt [...]

    10. This is the first book in a series about members of the band Second Story.Rachel is a student at the San Diego College of Arts Music, due to money issues she is a Resident Advisor RA which solves her accommodation costs There is another person helping her as her the Academic Mentor AM but he is completely unreliable and a douche It s not long until he no longer works with her and they start looking for a replacement.Rachel and her bestie Jenna decide to have a girls night out dancing That night [...]

    11. I received an ecopy of On The Floor in exchange for an honest review Rachel s mom passed away a few years ago and since then, she s been just living her life day by day, spending time with her BFF Jenna She spends most of her time putting the needs of others before her own her father, brother and sister and the college kids that live on her dorm floor where she s a Resident Advisor The last thing that she s looking for is love But then one night, out at a club with Jenna and a few other friends, [...]

    12. provided a copy for an honest review.Rachel has been pretty closed off since her mother passed away She worries and takes care of her family always putting herself last After going to community college for three years she decided to go away to school live in the dorms and becomes an RA on her floor She decides to go out and have a much needed night of fun That s where she meets Mike Jake.Jake has his own family problems being raised by his grandparents and not finding love and affection from his [...]

    13. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review Rachel goes off to college believing this is a good way to move on from her past A past she just can t let go Her new job as the dorm floor RA is going great and she really enjoys it But then there s her AM He s always drunk or high, or both and never shows for up for the floor meetings or fields trips If he does, he arrives at the very end Rachel s had enough.Jake meets a girl one night at a bar It s the hottest nig [...]

    14. On The Floor follows the story of Rachel Rachel is shy and closed off She has experienced a lot of heartache and loss Those issues have made it hard for her to trust people and letting them in She always is putting others before herself One night she decides to just let go and have fun for a change She meets Jake and her world changes For once she s feeling something, but then just as quickly as he came into her life, he walks awayAs luck or fate would have it, Jake is once again brought into Ra [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this book, but I have to be honest and say that in the beginning I was a little worried that I wasn t going to enjoy it and for me there s nothing worse than starting a book and not enjoying it But I have to say that On The Floor was a pleasant surprise Because Rachel and Jake are college students, I was worried that the story would be over the top and the drama would be too dramatic, but I have to admit that Ms LaCross effectively told her story and gained a new fan NO SPOILERS [...]

    16. I first came across this book on kindle and I downloaded the sample it was only first few chapters and it didn t appeal to me so u moved on.When I saw it on read to review I thought I d give it another chance and boy am I glad I did.The books a bit slow in the beginning but once you really get past the first few chapters the book comes alive First glance at Rachel and she comes across as very innocent and very cringe worthy but she s nothing like it if anything she s a very strong, caring person [...]

    17. I give this book 4.5 stars I loved the story between Jake and Rachel and their journey to find their HEA Both of these characters have heart breaking backgrounds and the author did a fantastic job of giving us Rachel s background story and the loss she experienced before beginning her college career Although this book is written from Rachel s POV, I would have liked a little of Jacobs story I did not feel that his background with his parents was fully developed However, I did appreciate the add [...]

    18. Fun, light and super sexy story of a Rachael and Jake They shared a sexy dance together one night and Rachael was sure that Jake was the man of her dreams Soon after they meet again, when Jake shows up as the other RA in Rachael s dorm Because they live across the hall from each other in the dorms and share RA responsibilities, they decide to be friends That lasts a few weeks until one drunken night Jake declares his feelings for Rachael Mayhem ensues miscommunications and misunderstandings keep [...]

    19. Loved this book It is the first book in a series that I now want to read Jake and Rachel live across the hall in the dorms from each other They try to be friends, but they really want to be Both are musically talented Both have had some not so happy things occur in their lives One of the reasons that I want to continue this series is I think that I really will like the stories that will unfold from their friends The support that Jake and Rachel have from their friends is heartwarming I love Rac [...]

    20. I loved this book, yep it had me hook, line and sinker I loved all the characters, Rachel was shy, easily embarressed but also fiesty at the same time, Jake was just omg to fine to put into words, he had his moments when he acted like a dick but what male doesnt Jenna was absolutely hilarious, some of the things she came out with had me in stitches, I also think that yeah she is a sex addict lol Loved, loved, loved Grams and Gramps, they was to sweet for words There were moments when tears sprun [...]

    21. I absolutly loved this book.This book had me feeling so much I was in tears before the first chapter I conectected to Rachel instantly and felt for the loss she went through.Rachel has a lot of insecurities but she has had to go through alot at such a young age Mike or is it Jake lol I loved his character and I fell in love with him right with Rachel I always go for the bad boy with a hidden heart Then you throw in him being in a band, playing the guitar and singing to her Well yeah, that did it [...]

    22. I related to this book on so many levels Before I began, I had read the reviews, and now I dont remember any of them I must be really mushy with memories of college, as this is exactly how I remember feeling some things situations from back then The swearing to be only friends was a funny flashback, as well I laughed through a lot and cried a few times, too of this book and found myself completely absorbed The familial relationships in this story were very touching I loved this love story

    23. I totally loved it Rachel and Jake were perfect The relationship built slowly even though the underlying passion was strong and the desire was there for I was relieved when they finally give in even though someone gets cast to the side great twist BTW I loved the turmoil and seeing someone leave a certain room makes for some incredible heart wrenching angst and for the record, the sex was hot.It was a well written story with great characters, distinct personalities, and history all wrapped up i [...]

    24. On the FloorBy Jennifer LaCross Copy providers by author for an honest review I absolutely adored this story and loved the steamy sex scenes Rachel, who has given up a lot for her family is trying to learn how to do things for herself again Jake is just the man to help her with that They try to be just friends at first since they work together, but there is NO denying the attraction between these two I loved them together and thought they fit perfectly I also really loved the other characters in [...]

    25. I was given the opportunity to read this book and give a honest review This the first I have read by Jennifer LaCross and absolutely loved it I couldn t put it down and have already added it to my list of favorites I f I could rate this book higher than 5 I would I will be telling my girlfriends about this book and telling them it s a must read I m looking forward to the second book Thank you Jennifer for the captivating story

    26. Amazing bookjust that and really,i loved every single page tje chemistry between rachel and jake.e story of both broked my heart i had laugh and tearsi just hate like really heat jake fathers spoiler but i hate them.anks Jennifer for this amazing book, i can t wait for in my bed this book had love,laugh,sadness happines and a lot of music but the story was everything a new author that i can t wait to read about her books

    27. I received this book in exchange for an honest review.This was a cute read from beginning to end the characters were likeable and although there was some drama it wasn t so unbelievable that it seemed too out there in some instances I wished there was a little drama to it just to give it power behind the storyline but overall I enjoyed it it was an easy,fast, and cute read with some steamy sex scenes to boot

    28. I received this book from the author for a honest review I liked this book but unfortunately didn t love it I just felt like I wanted a little character development Which I know sounds totally lame Anyways, other than that this was a cute book The characters are likeable and realistic which is refreshing I am interested in finding out about Jenna in the next book She seems like she has a lot going on and a interesting story.

    29. Rachel has gone thru a lot but she is kind of immature Jake has his own issues but seems to have a plan in life This was a pretty good read set in college at an arts school music is the theme in the story which I always enjoy bands and music.

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