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Speak, Commentary By Jeff Alexander Tom Bissell,

  • Title: Speak, Commentary
  • Author: Jeff Alexander Tom Bissell
  • ISBN: 9781932416077
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Paperback
  • The big little book of fake DVD commentaries, wherein well known pundits make impassioned remarks about classic science fiction films It s a gas
    Speak Commentary The big little book of fake DVD commentaries wherein well known pundits make impassioned remarks about classic science fiction films It s a gas

    One thought on “Speak, Commentary”

    1. This is a great idea famous political figures doing commentaries on fantasy SF movies and Bissell and Alexander do a great job with it The caricatures of the politicos involved really shine Ann Coulter and Dinesh D Souza on Aliens produces the classic line If this Corporation s board makes some ghastly mistake that brings back a rabid alien that s going to destroy the world, well, then a new board will be appointed that won t make the same mistake But the best thing about the book are the little [...]

    2. This was hilarious It s a little McSweeney book dedicated to Charlton Heston and Ricardo Montalban It consists of transcripts of five lost movie commentaries The Fellowship of the Ring by Noam Chomsky Howard Zinn Aliens dissected by Ann Coulter Dinesh D Souza Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace William Bennett Dick Cheney , Planet of the Apes Jerry Falwell Pat Robertson and Star Trek II THe Wrath of Khan by what are presumably two fictional Trekkers.I loved watching Falwell Robertson try to s [...]

    3. Good idea for a silly book, but too mean spirited for my taste The authors depict their reviewers as pathetically idiotic, when there should be enough to caricature about them without resorting to that.

    4. A truly astonishing achievement, this is one of those books that stays with you long after you ve put it down Just last night, I had a nightmare about it.

    5. This is a work of pure genius, and it s hilarious to boot The Chomsky Zinn one is my favorite, but the others are pretty great.

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