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Dal Big Bang ai buchi neri. Breve storia del tempo By Stephen Hawking Libero Sosio Ron Miller,

  • Title: Dal Big Bang ai buchi neri. Breve storia del tempo
  • Author: Stephen Hawking Libero Sosio Ron Miller
  • ISBN: 9788817079754
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Paperback
  • Che cosa sappiamo sull universo, e come lo sappiamo Da dove venuto, e dove sta andando L universo ebbe un inizio e, in tal caso cosa c era prima Il tempo avr mai una fine Con questi quesiti Stephen Hawking ci introduce in una straordinaria avventura un emozionante cavalcata nel tempo L espansione dell universo, il principio di indeterminazione, le particelle ele Che cosa sappiamo sull universo, e come lo sappiamo Da dove venuto, e dove sta andando L universo ebbe un inizio e, in tal caso cosa c era prima Il tempo avr mai una fine Con questi quesiti Stephen Hawking ci introduce in una straordinaria avventura un emozionante cavalcata nel tempo L espansione dell universo, il principio di indeterminazione, le particelle elementari e le forze della natura, l origine e la sorte dell universo, l unificazione della fisica sono le grandi tappe di questo viaggio indimenticabile Ma oltre a riassumere le conoscenze tradizionali Hawking illustra le ultime teorie sulla fisica dei buchi neri, il principio antropico, la teoria dell universo inflazionario, l universo contenuto in una bolla Introduzione di Carl Sagan.
    Dal Big Bang ai buchi neri Breve storia del tempo Che cosa sappiamo sull universo e come lo sappiamo Da dove venuto e dove sta andando L universo ebbe un inizio e in tal caso cosa c era prima Il tempo avr mai una fine Con questi quesiti Stephen Ha

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    1. This book puts me in mind of the story about how a Harvard number theorist, through some malfunction of the scheduling computer, got assigned to teach an introductory course in pre calculus Being one of those individuals to whom math came so easily that they couldn t grasp how difficult others found it, the professor had no idea what to cover in such a course So, he went to the chair of the department, who told him You ll want to start with the real number line and then progress to inequalities [...]

    2. _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ ALS 1974 image error youtube watch v 4OmSoZ 4 _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ 1929 13 a computer generated explosion representing the Big Bang _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ 3 [...]

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    4. It is not clear to me who is in the target audience for this book At times it tries to explain basic concepts of modern physics in simple language, and at other times it assumes a familiarity with the same subject For the first time I think I understand why absolute time is not consistent with relativity theory or that space time curvature supplants the notion of gravity, and for that I thank the author There are a few other things I believe I have a glimpse of having finally slogged through the [...]

    5. If I had a slightly evolved brain or were as brilliantly smart as, say, Stephen Hawking, I might give this book 4 or 5 stars I m pretty certain it deserves 4 or 5 stars But my brain is only I like to think a bit above average And so, yes, I admit it much of this especially when delving into his own theories was over my head And while I found what I did understand absolutely fascinating, I can t really give it than 3 stars because doing so would imply I really got it I actually love quantum phy [...]

    6. Things I learnt from Stephen Hawking11 October 2014 Ever since I took up physics in year 11 I have had a love affair with the subject, which is odd since I went on to study an arts law degree but that probably had something to do with the fact that I would not have had the staying power to pour all of my energy into helping human knowledge advance towards establishing a unified theory I still wonder where I ended up getting this book, and it had been sitting on my shelf for quite a while probabl [...]

    7. Isn t it amazing that a person can read a book like A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking and come away feeling both smarter and dumber than before he started What a universe we live in It s quite short and generally a quick read Not every page is filled with mind numbing theories and brain busting equations Some of it is just history, say on Newton and such However, there were a few pages worth of passages where my wee brain felt like it was getting sucked into a black holeinly during the [...]

    8. A Brief History of Time From the Big Bang to Black HolesWhat is it that our eyes do that could possibly affect things Stephen HawkingA Brief History of Time From the Big Bang to Black Holes is a popular science book on cosmology the study of the universe by British physicist Stephen Hawking It was first published in 1988 Hawking wrote the book for nonspecialist readers with no prior knowledge of scientific theories 1996 1369 231 1369 1375 1378 1380 964573519 1993

    9. The universe doesn t allow perfection Stephen Hawking, A Brief History of TimeI know I know I both loved and hated this book I definitely should never have read this book, cut the pages, opened the box, etc Somehow Stephen Hawking has written a book that gently fluffs the tail on Schr dinger s cat or perhaps Schr dinger s cat is fluffing Dr Hawking Look, no doubt the guy is a genius and has a fantastic story ALS, computer voice, nurses, Black Holes, strippers, movies, etc My problem is the wussi [...]

    10. Hawking is a brilliant physicist and a true expert in explaining highly complex aspects of our physical universe in terms that can be understood by most lay people.Where Hawking fails, in my opinion, is his hubris He proceeds in to the realm of metaphysics and religion in several portions of this book For instance, in his chapter on the arrow of time , he states that, essentially, the universe can only move in one direction of time It cannot go backwards He also states that this limits the power [...]

    11. Apparently this book tops the world list of bought but not read , which may explain why it s so universally acclaimed as a work of genius If you know anything much about relativity or cosmology, it comes across as a potboiler, admittedly a well written one with a great final sentence I wasn t impressed.But without it, we would never have had MC Hawking If you haven t come across him, start with the lyrics to E MC Hawking Then buy A Brief History of Rhyme.

    12. The main idea to take away from this book is that time has a clear direction Entropy is the idea that the universe moves from highly ordered states to less ordered states If you take the lid off a bottle of perfume, and leave it off for a few days the perfume will go from being highly ordered all in the bottle to highly disordered all over the room Hawking uses this idea to explain why travelling back in time is impossible It requires very little energy to knock a glass over and smash it but thi [...]

    13. Manny says this book is in the bought but not read category for most people Well, I m proud to say that I bought and read it, that too in nearly one sitting back in my geeky days, when I used to get a sexual high just from solving a hard maths puzzle.Unfortunately, I don t remember much of it time for a re read but I remember taking away the idea that time is a sphere Being Indian, I loved this because we are strong champions of cyclical time Also, if time and space are both curved, it creates t [...]

    14. Without a doubt a masterpiece It s just incredible how Hawking explains to us the complex and mindboggling secrets and concepts of physics and our universe, with amazing wit , clarity, and simplicity.The questions that we all used to ask to ourselves and to our parents, about god, about time, life and it s meaning, the sky, stars, about who created our universe and about it s beginning, about our fatewe had that unique quality called curiosity when we were children, but then, as we grew up , we [...]

    15. Oh, this is definitely one of my favorite books of science and my favorite one of Stephen Hawking I love the way Hawking explains concepts so abstract and difficult to understand as time or black holes It s a science book for the general public you don t need to know math or physics to understand the amazing concepts about the Universe he tries to explain us I totally recommend A Brief History Of Time to everyone, not only the lovers of science.Spanish version ste es sin duda uno de mis libros f [...]

    16. A classic text where the amazing Stephen Hawking explains string theory and quantum mechanics for dummies Highly readable and even comical, it is a superb read I need to go back and read this one again myself

    17. I ve read this book twice, and for a brief instant, when reading about event horizons, I got it But don t ask me to explain it now.The book explains in lay terms what several decades ago was only understood by a handful of people Surprisingly, it is not devoid of humour, and is actually very readable The remarkable author leads the reader on a journey from the earliest premises of the ancient astronomers right up to black holes and white dwarves, and the latest thinking on the future of the univ [...]

    18. Stephen Hawking s book is easy to read, but harder to comprehend In every chapter came a point where my brain couldn t hold another permutation of a theory, and as the book progressed, I ended up taking the same approach as I do when reading a Norse saga for the first time With sagas, I just read, even if my brain doesn t seem to retain all the information about who is related to who and what they named their horse Inevitably, at the end, I have a reasonable basic grasp of the saga, and then I h [...]

    19. All I can really tell you with certainty is A Brief History of Time is very logically organized, but as each chapter described a series of linked discoveries and what it all meant, unfortunately it mostly was still opaque to me Topics are introduced logically as Stephen Hawking describes in plain English the discoveries of scientists He usually begins with observable phenomena which have led to verified maths not actually detailed demonstrating very likely how the Universe, and presumably Time w [...]

    20. This is a review of a non technical reader.A very readable and entertaining introduction to recent developments in physics and cosmology, Hawking attempts to deal with questions that bothered the cosmic physics community 20 years ago Is the universe finite or infinite in extent and content Is it eternal or does it have a beginning Was it created If not, where did it come from What governs the laws and constants of physics Why is the universe the way it is etc.Glossing over the key aspects of qua [...]

    21. It was while reading this that I finally had an aha moment about why it is that observation can change what you re trying to observe I was always kind of skeptical of this, because I was wondering what is it that our eyes do that could possibly affect things Stephen Hawking set me straight it s the tiny speck of light that you have to shoot at what you re trying to observe that affects it Light bulb is on I have an interest in physics, and I have read quite a few books for the layman about recen [...]

    22. I ve always liked science But, it has never really been easy to distinguish my favorite subject, as I really like them all, so science is on par with history and math and literature for me.But, after reading this book and the works of Brian Greene, as well as numerous other popular books on physics, I have seen science in an entirely different light If people could still produce intelligent books such as this one, then our world might actually be a fairly pleasant one I m not saying that we re a [...]

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