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Donkey Punch By Ray Banks,

  • Title: Donkey Punch
  • Author: Ray Banks
  • ISBN: 9781846970214
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Paperback
  • With parole behind him and his PI business an unpleasant memory, Cal Innes is looking forward to continuing his job as caretaker at Paulo Lads Club But prodigal amateur boxer, Liam, needs someone to go with him to his first major tournament in Los Angeles Cal s babysitting job swiftly turns into something dangerous, with rumors of a rigged competition As his codeine haWith parole behind him and his PI business an unpleasant memory, Cal Innes is looking forward to continuing his job as caretaker at Paulo Lads Club But prodigal amateur boxer, Liam, needs someone to go with him to his first major tournament in Los Angeles Cal s babysitting job swiftly turns into something dangerous, with rumors of a rigged competition As his codeine habit and Liam s temper spin out of control, Cal is thrown down in the desert, from safety to staring down the barrel of a gun Suddenly the City of Angels doesn t seem quite so heavenly.
    Donkey Punch With parole behind him and his PI business an unpleasant memory Cal Innes is looking forward to continuing his job as caretaker at Paulo Lads Club But prodigal amateur boxer Liam needs someone to g

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    1. Donkey Punch is a vastly different read to the first Cal Innes book, Saturday s Child In Donkey Punch, Ex con, Innes finds himself in LA playing the chaperone to an up and coming boxer, Liam, who is participating in an amateur boxing competition The competition is meant to be the first step in a lengthy career for Liam, himself, a reformed adolescent criminal However, trouble soon finds Innes and before long it s Innes throwing the punches outside of the ring and not Liam within Boxing fans who [...]

    2. Short, sharp witted, stylish There was the right level of self deprecation and self promotion in the humour, some well observed bits and pieces in the observations of a likeable central protagonist, flawed as he was Yes, somewhere in this tale of Cal Innes looking after a young boxing prot g at an amateur competition in LA I lost the plot a little, and the violence and drugs were at times a bit tedious, but overall I quite enjoyed it You d have to be in the right mood, but it slotted nicely into [...]

    3. When it comes to character, Ray Banks always delivers Cal Innes is a wonderfully flawed character that is a pleasure to hang out with during the read Human and fallible, Cal Innes continues to grow.For me, one of the draws of this series is the setting So I have to admit that I was a little bummed when the story took a turn and most of it was set in Los Angeles, a city that I lived in for a dozen years So much for exotic locales That said, Banks creates a very real LA with a keen outsider s eye [...]

    4. DONKEY PUNCH by RAY BANKSConfession out of the way first I had no idea what a Donkey Punch is I hoped I d find out somewhere in the book, but if it was there, I missed it Tried Google They know fine what it is And now, so do I If you want to know yourself, go take a look.The novel is written as a first person narrative and in the present tense Cal Innes tells the story as he lives through it, and he s a wonderful narrator He has a simple style, yet he s not a simple guy.Given another life, it s [...]

    5. Very quick readNot quite as entertaining as Saturday s child, but not a complete disappointment either I just purchased the third Cal Innes book, let s see if banks can do it again.

    6. They don t come much grittier nor realistic than this A surprising story that gives you little idea where it is heading The rare book that is completely believable This is one seriously flawed and damaged lead man Anglo noir at its best a Brit fish in L.A muddy waters.

    7. Cal Innes is a disaster of a bloke, but one that has you caring panicking about how he s going to get out of THIS one, even when you know he very likely won t Entertaining, not least about boxing.

    8. SUCKER PUNCH by Ray Banks PROTAGONIST Cal InnesSERIES 2 of 2RATING 4.75One of the great joys of reading is to find a book that pulls you in right from the opening chapters and doesn t let you go until the final conclusion That s the experience I had with SUCKER PUNCH, a book that will definitely be on my list of favorite books published in 2009.Cal Innes is a caretaker at Paulo s Gym in Manchester, Scotland, and really dedicates himself to doing whatever needs to be done to support the operation [...]

    9. These Cal Innes stories are fun to read and I m going to keep going with the series The hero, Cal Innes, is a semi tough ex con from England Cal is relatively well intentioned but doesn t have much sense In fact sometimes you want to scream at him for being so stupid, but he seems to go at it consistently so you can t say it isn t realistic unless you don t know any well intentioned, stupid people I know a few.Cal also seems to be made out of concrete If I got beaten to a pulp half as much as he [...]

    10. The second book in Ray Banks Cal Innes series sees our honorary Mancunian Ex PI given the task of looking after promising junior boxer Liam on a trip to LA After a bit of argy bargy with local character Mo Tiernan it s on the plane with the sullen teen Growing bored with babysitting his charge after the long flight feeling restless he heads to a bar where he meets Nelson who gives him the lowdown on the boxing tournament how it may not be as honest above board as it seems From here the story bui [...]

    11. Ray Banks Donkey Punch could be categorized as a novel of suspense, although in its second half it should rather be called a thriller On the back cover, Don Winslow, a gifted and successful writer of Southern California thrillers, screams Banks wields language with a knifefighter s precision From the first words to the last, this book flashes brilliantly Way too much hyperbole, but I agree that it is an interesting read.Callum Innes, an ex PI and currently a caretaker in a Manchester, UK, boxing [...]

    12. Sucker Punch by Ray Banks is a very thought provocative novel making you think about which characters are down right dirty and which are just the way are shown This novel is about a character by the name of Cal who is trying to just relax and stay away from any problems He works in a gym and is asked by his manager Paulo to take a boy to the United States and watch over him while he is there for his boxing tournament Cal goes along to just watch over him and thinks it could be good for him to ge [...]

    13. Cal Innes is a loser An ex con and a pill popping drunk No matter what he does, he comes out on the losing end of the licking stick But there s lessons to be learned from defeat I never thought about losing, but now that it s happened, the only thing to do is do it right That s what Muhammad Ali said when he lost a bout back in 1973 If it s good enough for The Greatest, then it s good enough for the hero of this novel One star deduction for the protagonist s poor musical taste, however I never c [...]

    14. Possibly the worst book I have ever read in my life.There is little to no character development, with references to characters who have never been introduced before If this a sequel then the references should be backed up with substance but the author lazily assumes we have read and enjoyed all of his previous work.From the word go it is expletives for expletives sake, and dialogue seems to have been thrown in to add to the word count.The sub plot again assumes you have religiously read the auth [...]

    15. I enjoyed this novel than Saturday s Child , which I felt was a very good noir thriller Most importantly, I had no idea where the plot was headed until very late in this story The dialogue contained less Manchester vernacular allowing for easier reading by those who struggle with dialect.Sucker Punch is not as dark as Saturday s Child, so it doesn t really fit the noir genre per se But, it s an excellent example of Mr Banks plentiful writing talent.A good novel on it s own or part of an Omnibus [...]

    16. If you are human, with fears and aches and hangups, you can t help but feel for Cal Innes, the protagonist of this great crime novel He s overly aggressive He smokes too much He s hooked on codeine because of a bad back and denial about his own addictions And he has misplaced loyalty and trust values that perpetually lead him down dark paths But Banks gets inside of Innes skin, and draws the reader in as well This novel features boxing, Los Angeles, bribery and Marlboros It is a bit less edgy th [...]

    17. This was the first book I ve read by Ray Banks and I really liked it Some of the plot points in the final act of the book didn t quite add up but Banks has a great noir style that kept me engaged and allowed me to forgive any short comings Sucker Punch is apparently the second or third book in a series featuring Cal Innis and I will definitely be hunting down the rest of the series While the series is typically set in Manchester England, Sucker Punch takes place in LA which makes for some nice f [...]

    18. Sucker Punch is the second novel in the Cal Innes quartet What I like most about this story was the fact that Cal is transported out of his usual stomping ground and over to Los Angeles to chaperone a young boxer as a favour to a friend Pretty soon trouble finds Cal and things go badly pear shaped The contrast between Northern anti hero and American culture is a strong part of this book Yet again Cal tries to beat the odds but this time he s the one on the ropes It s a warm rain of blood for a M [...]

    19. My least favorite Ray Banks book of all of them thus far I have read all of them but the last 2 Cal Innes books I have loved all of his other books to date.

    20. Started off blazing fast and a hot read, but really fizzled towards the end Likeyou, I, the dude, finishing too quick.

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