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Beijo Fatal By Jeff Abbott,

  • Title: Beijo Fatal
  • Author: Jeff Abbott
  • ISBN: 9789720047656
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Paperback
  • Whit Mosley, juiz de paz na cidade de Port Leo, Texas, um rapaz novo e descontra do, tanto na vida como no cargo Em ano de reelei o, n o parece muito interessado em lutar pelo seu emprego, o ltimo numa longa lista de falhan os profissionais.No entanto, as guas da pacata cidade costeira n o v o demorar muito a agitar se uma noite, Whit convocado para atestar um biWhit Mosley, juiz de paz na cidade de Port Leo, Texas, um rapaz novo e descontra do, tanto na vida como no cargo Em ano de reelei o, n o parece muito interessado em lutar pelo seu emprego, o ltimo numa longa lista de falhan os profissionais.No entanto, as guas da pacata cidade costeira n o v o demorar muito a agitar se uma noite, Whit convocado para atestar um bito O cad ver pertence ao filho de uma senadora, regressado terra natal depois de uma carreira no mundo da pornografia Ter sido suic dio, alimentado por uma antiga trag dia familiar Ou ser que um assassino obcecado o usou como pe o num jogo deturpado Quando Whit desafia a press o pol tica e come a a investigar, ele e a detetive Claudia Salazar p em as suas carreiras e as suas vidas em perigo, expondo um ninho de bar es da droga, vigaristas e tubar es sedentos de poder, todos em busca de sangue.Mas nas areias quentes de Port Leo h segredos ainda mais obscuros enterrados e ningu m o que parece ser.
    Beijo Fatal Whit Mosley juiz de paz na cidade de Port Leo Texas um rapaz novo e descontra do tanto na vida como no cargo Em ano de reelei o n o parece muito interessado em lutar pelo seu emprego o ltimo num

    One thought on “Beijo Fatal”

    1. This book introduces Whit Mosley and Claudia, who I assume are going to be the new heroes in a new series I didn t really like this book Reason 1 It introduced a lot of new characters and it was hard to keep them straight Also, it kept changing point of view Different people would narrate different chapters, or even different parts in the same chapter Highly annoying Reason 2 This book was very dark It had rape, pornography, sexual abuse, castration etc.

    2. Gostei Nota se que o livro foi escrito antes da saga de Sam Capra, mas est l a matriz da escrita de Abbott, com um enredo muito bem constru do, cheio de suspense, e uma profundidade interessante das personagens.Achei apenas que o final estava um pouco atabalhoado e poderia ter sido mais trabalhado.Aconselho.

    3. Yay for me I actually started to read a series from 1 I liked this novel with an unusual judge , which in parts of the country in small towns the JP is a jack of all trades He s a colorful character with some unusual ideas and a desire for the truth.A multi level story that moves pretty fast with some strange twists.

    4. Jeff Abbott books are always very intricate and well thought out The plots are multi layered This book was no exception A fun read.

    5. really like this author, but I LOVE this title I am a sucker for a fab title and this one did it for me Even groovy, the smart dialogue, intriguing characters and steamy storyline is fab, too Whit Mosley is my kinda guy He s trying to redeem himself with the career path his father chose for him Whit is a judge in Port Leo, Texas Under the robes he dresses like a beach bum He can be found reading court law documents and books to help him become a better justice of the peace and investigator He r [...]

    6. A Kiss Gone Bad Whit Mosley 1 by Jeff Abbott Author 3.58 of 5 stars 3.58 rating details 300 ratings 29 reviewsIn a Gulf Coast Texas town, beach bum turned judge Whit Mosley is called to a yacht where the son of a senator lies dead Was it suicide Or did an obsessed killer use the dead man as a pawn in a twisted game Whit and Detective Claudia Salazar expose a nest of drug lords and power hungry sharks, unearthing a lethal trail of deceit that lies buried in the icy recesses of the human heart les [...]

    7. PROJECT LETTER A I DON T READ POPULAR MURDER MYSTERIES I realized I have a long list of books I won t read for various reasons some superficial and some not My new experiment is to read several books that I wouldn t normally read This is the first to go I tried It s not my kind of book I put it aside because I couldn t get into it Nothing about the descriptions or characters kept me interested I felt it was meant to be exciting but because I have seen five billion crime dramas on tv, it felt uns [...]

    8. Craime novel, takes place in Port Leo, on the Gulf coast of Texas Interesting character, Whit Mosley, who continues in another follow up book Beach bum one day, county judge the next Powerful father in a town where everyone knows way too much about you Murder of a male porn star who turns out to be a kid from Port Leo, mother a senator from the great state of Texas and it just goes from there Lots of great twists and turns keeps you guessing right to the end You will definitly be SHOCKED when yo [...]

    9. I wanted to start the Whit Mosley series because I read his Sam Capra series and thought it was amazing However, this washh I didn t enjoy this one as much and I m not sure if I m going to finish the series It wasn t terrible, but I did have some moments where I thought I d stop reading without finishing it If you started it though, I d suggest finishing the book because the ending is worth it.

    10. I got this authors name of of the cozy mystery site I did read another of his which had slight cussing which i did not care for, but the book was really good I thought I would try another This one certainly does not fir in cozy mold dime store trash, My standards of clean mind will not let me continue so I have made a cannot finish shelf and am putting it there Must find anew cozy.Someone else had written a review stating they liked His newer books and id not like this I concur.

    11. I don t often give 5 stars to a book I have read That being said I think this was a great book Not once through this whole book was it who I thought Judge Whit Mosley is quite a character and not afraid to continue looking for clues and answers There is a rash of killings in Port Leo Texas but the death of a senators son who is in the adult film industry has everyone on edge Judge Mosley finds that it was a suicide but leaves the door open for that to be changed This is a good read

    12. This is one of those guy books vs chick lit You ve got the surfer type dude wearing beach shirts but his day job is a judge The murder victim was the son of a prominent politician and a big porno star the operative word being big It s up to Whit Mosley to figure out if the deceased committed suicide or was murdered A Kiss Gone Bad was our mystery library book read The men found it somewhat entertaining The women just shook their heads.

    13. Good crime thriller I thought I had the ending pegged but I missed it by a mile I thoroughly enjoyed the lead character, Whit Mosely, and his friend, Gooch Most of the other characters were not memorable except for Claudia I m sure if this series continues the good judge and Claudia will become an item Recommended for fans of crime drama.

    14. This was the first in a series of novels about Judge Whit Mosely, someone who was appointed to fill out another man s term because it would give him something to do Whit is a very likeable character that is way over his head The story was well told, and I ll be sure to seek out other books by Jeff Abbott.

    15. uma hist ria complicada, com muitas pontas soltas, com muito menos andamento do que outros livros do autor, e com um final que deixa muito a desejar Nota positiva no entanto para o personagem Whit, o ju z de paz, e o seu amigo Goosh que me deixam curiosa para ler mais livros da s rie.

    16. A silly detective novel set in small town in Texas Hero is a beach bum turned jp Lots of plot twists Read this because of liking Abbot s Sam Capra series Much better than Whit Mosley, who despite the silliness is a likable character.

    17. A Kiss Gone Bad is a serial killer mystery book Its about a judge and a policewoman trying to find the killer despite the hurdles they face Though the story was slow in the beginning, it picked up in the second half I won t say its a must read, but it is a good read.

    18. Jeff Abbott is a good writer but this book was a little slow to me Still I was surprised by who did it I m going to read the next book with the same main character Whit Mosley and hope its a bit better Still I would recommend this book.

    19. A book about porn and murder what could you want The ending didn t really go with the characters and what they had previously said or done, so that was a bit of a let down It was an okay book, but really just a generic crime thriller.

    20. Nicely written detective novel This time an obligatory serial murderer of young women is combined with corrupted though oddly naive politician to create a whole lot of mess somehow solved by a new judge in a very small town.

    21. A good little book a change of pace from his later books as the plot isn t a breakneck speed but allows you to get drawn in and allows characterisation Part 1 of trying to get the trilogy read by Christmas.

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