UNLIMITED BOOK ë The Black Velvet Coat - by Jill G. Hall

The Black Velvet Coat By Jill G. Hall,

  • Title: The Black Velvet Coat
  • Author: Jill G. Hall
  • ISBN: 9781631520099
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Paperback
  • Twenty eight year old struggling San Francisco artist Anne McFarland is determined to get a one woman show, even though no one, including herself, believes she can do it But when she buys a coat at a thrift shop with a key in its pocket, strange, even magical, occurrences begin to unfold, and she is inspired to create her best work ever Fifty years before, the coat s oriTwenty eight year old struggling San Francisco artist Anne McFarland is determined to get a one woman show, even though no one, including herself, believes she can do it But when she buys a coat at a thrift shop with a key in its pocket, strange, even magical, occurrences begin to unfold, and she is inspired to create her best work ever Fifty years before, the coat s original owner, young heiress Sylvia Van Dam, is headed toward a disastrous marriage with a scoundrel In a split second reaction, she does the unimaginable, which propels her destiny out of alignment and forces her on a trip of self discovery to nature filled Northern Arizona When Anne and Sylvia s lives intersect, they are both forced to face their fears and in the process, they realize their true potential.
    The Black Velvet Coat Twenty eight year old struggling San Francisco artist Anne McFarland is determined to get a one woman show even though no one including herself believes she can do it But when she buys a coat at a

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    1. Just the title of this book intrigued me This is the author s debut novel I knew there had to be an interesting story behind the coat Anne McFarland is a starving artist looking for her big break She buys a black velvet coat at the thrift store She finds an old key in the pocket and her creative mind goes into overdrive Where did it come from and what does it open Enter Sylvia Van Dam It s 1963 and although she is a woman of wealth and inheritance she nearly makes a fatal decision about her upco [...]

    2. Reads like a mediocre YA romance mystery Too many coincidences Kept thinking it would get better Skimmed to learn how it ended No surprises.

    3. Thank you to Books Sparks for the opportunity to read and review this book This had many of the hallmarks I enjoy in a story, dual time periods and found objects San Fran based struggling artist Anne is barely making ends meet She has overdue rent, she s eating her meals at gallery showings, and feeling like a failure ready to move back to Michigan, when she see a vintage swing coat in the window of a thrift shop Using some of the last cash she has, Anne purchases the coat only to find a pretty [...]

    4. What a fun read this was, filled with romance and intrigue Flashing back and forth from 1963 to the present, with a black velvet coat and rhinestone brooch as the connection I felt such empathy for both of the young heroines and all of their struggles It was satisfying to watch the growth in their maturity and confidence throughout the novel As an artist, I could especially relate to Anne s floundering with her career and her desire for success The characters were unique and well developed, some [...]

    5. Author Jill G Hall enchants her readers with two separate storylines one from the 1960 s, the other, present day They intersect after a critical truth is learned Bright starts on a clear night, sharing what you have with the community, and time with the ones you love culminating in an incredibly satisfying outcome.

    6. it was ok had some really good parts some not so much probably not one I ll remember a year from now but also didn t feel like a waste of my time.

    7. Intriguing premise Two very different young women, separated by fifty years, are accidentally linked by a black velvet coat and the secrets it contains.Anne McFarland is a struggling artist in San Francisco when she discovers the Dior black velvet coat in a thrift shop Curious about the vintage coat s past, Anne finds out it belonged to Sylvia Van Dam, a rich heiress in the early 1960s In the velvet coat, Anne feels like she is someone else in another time and this inspires her to take a new dir [...]

    8. When you know an author as a person, and she s a very wonderful, inspiring person at that part of the delight in reading their novel can be seeing them in it What I mean is that Jill s optimism comes through in many scenes there are always struggles, but the world is generally a positive place if your heart is open to wonder So does her great sense of style and artistic method I really enjoyed this book, but I m not sure my review of The Black Velvet Coat can be objective because I ve watched Sy [...]

    9. You can find my original review at Carlene Inspired, carleneinspired.4.5 starsMany thanks to Netgalley and She Writes Press for providing an ARC in exchange for my honest review.Anne and Sylvia are opposites in several ways and similar in even I related to Anne in every way, from money struggles to not knowing how to become successful with her dream Sylvia, however, is the girl I dreamed of becoming in every way I enjoyed reading as Anne fumbled through doing what she wanted and doing what seem [...]

    10. I ve been wanting to read this one since the first time I read the synopsis for it, and I m happy to say that it was well worth the wait Throughout the book, we are treated to alternating points of viewesent day, we follow Anne, while in the 60s we meet Sylvia We learn a great deal about these two women who seem polar opposites at first but are much alike than you might imagine and watch them mature and gain confidence as they face the various challenges in their lives.Both stories are very wel [...]

    11. I downloaded this book from kindle firsts on I am torn between wanting to mildly recommend this book and not recommending it It was a light easy quick read but most of the characters really bugged me First of all, Sylvia Van Dam the young beautiful rich heiress falls for a terrible cliche, ugly stereotyped, Mexican criminal who drinks and lies NO Secondly, Anne a young talented artist trying to break into the art scene and actually make a living as an artist is so callous I just couldn t stand i [...]

    12. Weaving back and forth through time, The Black Velvet Coat tells the story of Anne McFarland, a struggling artist trying to make her own way in the San Francisco art scene, and a fifty years earlier, the story of Sylvia Van Dam, a young heiress, who finds her fianc e isn t exactly who she thinks he is What ties the two ladies together is a beautiful black velvet coat, originally owned by Sylvia and recently purchased by Anne from a thrift shop The Black Velvet Coat definitely kept my interest as [...]

    13. I loved this book Jill Hall has done a beautiful job of creating two strong, yet vulnerable, women protagonists, whose stories are connected through a creative and fast paced narrative The settings include San Francisco, Arizona, and New York, and the two time periods are the early 1960 s and the present day With themes of authenticity, personal growth, and commitment to love and art, The Black Velvet Coat explores how women s choices and challenges shape their futures And although the themes ar [...]

    14. Well written, interesting storyline Anne is an struggling artist, hoping for her big break.Fifty years ago, Sylvia is an orphaned heiress She is at a turning point in her life, she s met a charming, possibly dangerous man who she quickly falls in love with and plans to marry.These two women are tied together by a coat Anne buys the coat in a vintage shop and it used to belong to Sylvia The coat inspires Anne to look into Sylvia It becomes a mystery, a mission, and the inspiration behind her newe [...]

    15. A fast paced read Alternating chapters between a struggling artist in present day San Francisco and an heiress living in 1963, kept my interest long after bedtime Both time periods were accurate and true to life even though we saw the glamorous side in 1963 and a gritty side in the present day Talk about gritty the time when Anne goes to NYC to see her college friend s art opening is priceless I was with both characters along the way Unusual for me to devour most of a book in one day.

    16. This was described as magical realism but it falls woefully short when compared to works by Sarah Addison Allen The premise is interesting and the writing isn t bad, but I never got lost in the story or felt deeply connected to the characters The mystery element was weak, and the ending felt like a seminar for the power of positive thinking use those affirmations, ladies

    17. Continuing on with my reading of recent She Writes Press books, I found The Black Velvet Coat to be a rollicking fun read I liked the two main female characters and how Hall wove their stories together I could have done without the Magic Indian and the minor but still irritating to me Magic Homeless Person, and the ending was a bit too convenient and sweet, but I did enjoy reading the book.

    18. If you are planning to curl up before a fire, or you are planning a vacation on a tropical beach, this book is the perfect companion mystery, romance, and magic are all weaved in It is an entertaining, unique and creative story The author does a great job of capturing the reader s imagination and taking them on a fun ride.

    19. This book had so much promise but failed to deliver The first 3 4s of the book was really good but it ended with WAY too many perfect circumstances and happy coincidences It moved from a lovely story to a Danielle Steele book sorry Daniel Steele fans I hate to say this but I would not read it again Very disappointing to see so much promise go to waste.

    20. The Black Velvet Coat is a beautifully creative story filled with charming characters I equally loved each of the dual storylines It s amazing how much history and heart a vintage coat can hold, and what a story I won this book in a giveaway from the author All opinions expressed are my own.

    21. My friend, Jill Hall, just published her first novel The lives intersect for two young women in San Francisco the original owner of theblack velvet coat and an artist who buys the coat in a thrift shop 50 years later Clever plot idea

    22. I loved this book I didn t want it to end Every time I wear a snowflake pin I will think of Anne and Sylvia Closing this book for the last time felt like saying good bye to old friends.

    23. I found this book as a Kindle freebie and was looking for something to read on a plane I was intrigued by the premise of it and ended up getting so involved in it I couldn t put it down much to the detriment of my sleep schedule I thought it was well written thought possibly a bit juvenile to be expected not only from a debut author but also of the subject matter Both women the story centers around are young women and the writing fits both of their characters San Francisco makes an excellent bac [...]

    24. Two words fun read The purchase of a vintage Dior coat in a San Francisco thrift store connects 1960s heiress Sylvia and modern day starving artist Anne We learn both women s stories and discover the connection between them I enjoyed both women s stories and loved the coat as the connection between them The time period changes were well done and easy to follow I found the secondary characters varied and interesting if a bit stereotypical But both Sylvia and Anne made so many bad decisions throug [...]

    25. What an enjoyable read The Black Velvet Coat Just the idea of a piece of clothing leading a young woman on an adventure of discovery about the life of another, totally different woman from the 60s, is an intriguing story line This is a story of two totally different young women separated by time, learning about love and survival Anne McFarland, a struggling artist of San Francisco, is drawn to objects that inspire her work While on a search for inspirational items for her collages, Anne is drawn [...]

    26. Wonderful story and an easy read Story centers around Anne McFarland, a starving artist working at parking cars at a fancy hotel to support herself, while hoping for an art show of her work She sees a coat in a thrift store that catches her eye and has to buy it With her rent money On it is a snowflake pin Inside the pocket is a key Curious, and an individual interested in old photos and magazines, she comes across a photo from the 1960s of a young woman in a coat that is similar to the one she [...]

    27. 2.5 I liked the premise A young woman finds a black velvet coat at a thrift store and is compelled to purchase it Anne finds a key in the coat pocket and sees a picture of the coat s probably former owner, a woman named Sylvia In researching Sylvia s life, Anne learns that Sylvia disappears and is consumed with finding out what happened Anne seems to be drawing on Sylvia to create new and beautiful works of art Sounds interesting, right It has so much potential, but the writing just doesn t get [...]

    28. Anne is a struggling artist who buys an unusual black velvet coat from a thrift shop A beautiful pin is even attached to the coat Turns out this could be the coat of an heiress who was young in the 1960s Anne finds her picture in an old Life magazine She is intrigued by her story and searches for information on her Anne starts a series of paintings about this woman Interspersed are chapters of Sylvie, the woman Anne was interested in The story follows her engagement to a womanizing crook, and he [...]

    29. A Beautiful Modern Day FairytaleThis book really touched my heart It is a coming of age story with a very well rendered plotline and it shows what is really important in life It has twists and lovely surprises and keeps one guessing By the end, the well told story made me fall in love and I am charmed by the real affection Ms Hall displays for her characters and people, in general.I cannot think of a reason to not treat yourself to this journey through time, with characters that I grew to adore [...]

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