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Confissões de Catarina de Médicis By C.W. Gortner,

  • Title: Confissões de Catarina de Médicis
  • Author: C.W. Gortner
  • ISBN: 9789898800435
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pela voz da pr pria Catarina de M dicis, C W Gortner relata nos a extraordin ria viagem de uma das mais amaldi oadas, incompreendidas, mas tamb m mais poderosas e controversas mulheres da Hist ria Para uns ela foi uma rainha impiedosa que conduziu Fran a atrav s de uma era de viol ncia sangrenta Para outros foi uma salvadora apaixonada da monarquia francesa ltima descPela voz da pr pria Catarina de M dicis, C W Gortner relata nos a extraordin ria viagem de uma das mais amaldi oadas, incompreendidas, mas tamb m mais poderosas e controversas mulheres da Hist ria Para uns ela foi uma rainha impiedosa que conduziu Fran a atrav s de uma era de viol ncia sangrenta Para outros foi uma salvadora apaixonada da monarquia francesa ltima descendente leg tima da ilustre linhagem dos M dicis, foi prometida ainda adolescente a Henrique, filho de Francisco I de Fran a, e enviada de It lia para um reino desconhecido, onde foi ofuscada e humilhada pela poderosa amante do marido, Diana de Poitiers.Perseverante, Catarina lutou por criar o seu papel no reino que lhe pertencia por direito, com uma for a e determina o inatas que a transformavam numa mulher not vel Al m de uma forte personalidade, Catarina possu a ainda, segundo testemunhos, vis es premonit rias, as quais, aliadas orienta o do clarividente Nostradamus, a ajudaram a tra ar as linhas do seu destino e da sua fam lia Mas no seu 40 anivers rio, Catarina envi va e deixada sozinha, com seis filhos jovens, como regente de um reino dilacerado pela disc rdia religiosa entre cat licos e huguenotes e as ambi es desmedidas de uma fam lia trai oeira de nobres, os Guise.Confiando apenas na sua tenacidade, Catarina toma o poder para garantir o trono dos filhos Mas para salvar Fran a, ela ter de sacrificar os seus ideais, a sua reputa o e os segredos mais profundos de um cora o agrilhoado.
    Confiss es de Catarina de M dicis Pela voz da pr pria Catarina de M dicis C W Gortner relata nos a extraordin ria viagem de uma das mais amaldi oadas incompreendidas mas tamb m mais poderosas e controversas mulheres da Hist ria Par

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    1. I would love to teach a course on historical female royal figures One of my lessons would be comprised of females who have a bad reputation and I would have assignments to compare and contrast these women, their actions, and social perceptions to that of strong women today Who would these women in my lesson plan be Mary Tudor, Mary Stuart Queen of Scots , Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen Isabella, Juana the Mad, and this woman Catherine de Medici.Although I view Gortner s work to be occasionally hit [...]

    2. Da li zbog prevoda ili zato to sam itala mnogo bolje napisane istorijske romane ova knjiga mi je najve im delom bila dosadna i bledunjava De ava se, kad toliko mnogo itam i zbog posla, da mi neke knjige budu dosadne ili lo e a itaoci se odu eve

    3. After watching in 2014 the first season of the TV historical fantasy romance series Reign on CW channel, I was hooked I didn t miss the second and third season It was this TV series that spurred my interest in the historical character Catherine de Medici.This engaging novel is the third one I ve read so far by the author C W Gortner, and he didn t disappoint With his mesmerizing prose I was quickly transported to tumultuous 16th century France, rife with bloody religious wars between Catholics a [...]

    4. 3.5 stars It was really good.I have been called murderess and opportunist, savior and victim And along the way, become far than was ever expected of me, even if loneliness was always present, like a faithful hound at my heels The truth is, not one of us is innocent We all have sins to confess This was an easy to read and get lost in , informative novel about Catherine de Medici While I feel like I now know about her than I did going in, I also want to read books about her now This will likely [...]

    5. I had a hard time connecting with Catherine I couldn t hear her voice in my head Well what I did hear was rather hollow, had little passion It was just ho hum I expected So much was happening at this time Elizabeth Tudor was queen of England, there was huge unrest in France And she met Nostradamus I expected a grander story, intrigue and complication I found it hard to have real sympathy for Catherine I was surprised at her open mindedness about religion and that she had a loved pet dog I hope [...]

    6. The opening line of The Confessions of Catherine de Medici is simple yet powerful The truth is, none of us are innocent We all have sins to confess Well, I have to say that I m glad I had the chance to read this book, because it s amazing Before reading this novel, I knew nothing of Catherine de Medici To make sure that I have a vague idea of what I m reading, I googled about Catherine de Medici Turns out, she s a prominent historical figure in France To be precise, she s the mother of the last [...]

    7. NO SPOILERS I have finished the book and want to say very clearly that this is a wonderful book For me the the latter half is much better than the first, but you need the first to get acquainted with the characters I did come to empathize with Catherine It just took me a while My sole reservation about this book is that love is poorly portrayed This is not a romance novel It is full of action and murder and poisoning and family bruhaha You think you ve got family problems Forget it Your problems [...]

    8. The truth is, none of us are innocent We all have sins to confess.So reveals Catherine de Medici in this brilliantly imagined novel about one of history s most powerful and controversial women To some she was the ruthless queen who led France into an era of savage violence To others she was the passionate savior of the French monarchy Acclaimed author C W Gortner brings Catherine to life in her own voice, allowing us to enter into the intimate world of a woman whose determination to protect her [...]

    9. 4.5 starsThis is one of the best HF s I ve ever read I was hooked from the very beginning, couldn t put it down and didn t want it to end The novel starts out with Catherine as a young girl in Italy, leads to her marriage in France to Henri the second son of King Francis I , her role as the Dauphine, as the Queen of France and then finally as the Queen Mother She stops at nothing to keep her family and country safe I m so thankful that this was my introduction to Catherine de Medici, her life an [...]

    10. THE CONFESSIONS OF CATHERINE DE MEDICI, by C.W Gortner is by far the clearest, out of the box take on this usually overly vilified queen of France This in depth biography type novel reveals a Catherine that not many people know and that in itself is incredibly original as well as refreshing The Catherine in Gortner s book has been researched to the max and although the author took the liberty of slightly altering names and events for creativity and flowing purposes this merely avoided the encumb [...]

    11. Women are weak.Women can t rule.After reading a biography like this, it is impossible to believe these stereotypes again.Catherine de Medici is a very extraordinary historical figure From an early age, she had to face many challenges and never seemed to have a happy childhood But she went on, left home and married Sadly, the marriage brought just pain Catherine suffered from miscarriages, unloving, disallowance, becoming the Queen from wars, loved ones deaths Over the years she was humiliated, h [...]

    12. Catherine de Medici has been called many names throughout history The Italian Woman, Madame Serpent,Jezebel, the Merchant s Daughter and the Black Queen Now C.W Gortner gives us another name to call her woman The Catherine portrayed by Gortner is quite different than in previous novels I ve read of her by Jean Plaidy Catherine de Medici trilogy and Karen Haper Courtesan As with Juana la Loca in The Last Queen, Gortner obliterates what we think we know about these amazing, yet controversial women [...]

    13. This book has got to be one of the best royal fiction books I have read Though the book covers many years of Catherine de Medici s life, the pacing is good I had to force myself to put this book down because it held my attention so well This was also a refreshing read after reading Mary Queen of Scots by Roderick Graham Mary spent her life whining about how everyone had done her wrong, Catherine de Medici took charge and made what she wanted happen I plan to read a biography about her to see how [...]

    14. A really good read, I enjoyed this one and it made Catherine appear human as opposed to evil personified that she is often portrayed as Well written and nicely researched, I m looking forward to books by this author.

    15. At the age of fourteen, Catherine de Medici, last legitimate descendant of the Medici blood, finds herself betrothed to the King Francois I s son, Henri Sent from her native Florence to France, humiliated and overshadowed by her husband s life long devotion to his mistress, when tragedy strikes her family Catherine rises from obscurity to become one of 16th century Europe s most powerful women.Patroness of Nostradamus and a seer in her own right, accused of witchcraft and murder by her foes, Cat [...]

    16. Confiss es de Catarina de M dicis foi uma surpresa deveras agrad vel, em todos os aspetos Foi a primeira vez que tive oportunidade de ler algo de Gortner que at ent o me era totalmente desconhecido Tenho a dizer que fiquei f , que Gortner passou a figurar entre os meus escritores de romances hist ricos favoritos, entre os quais se encontram Philippa Gregory e Isabel Stilwell, por exemplo.Ao longo destas 400 p ginas pude conhecer Catarina desde a sua juventude at ao momento da sua morte Esta rain [...]

    17. Though I will generally read anything about the Tudor dynasty, I generally shy away from the Renaissance in general and France in specific I m glad that I expanded my horizons by reading this novel I learned stuff about one of history s bad girls and it opened the door for me to learn about this time period and this kingdom in a gentle way Gortner s talent cannot be denied His prose is powerful and effortless And though I was slow to accept his narration as authentically female, it eventually wo [...]

    18. After falling in love with Gortner s The Last Queen I had high expectations for Confessions I love his writing style, but for me this one had too many parts that just didn t gel for me Spoiler Alert Margot killing Charles Hercule killing Henry s lover Catherine and Coligny I know, a lot of history has unanswered questions, but Charles died from tuberculosis not poison and if Hercule was really the way he was portrayed in this book, I doubt Queen Elizabeth could have cared at all for him The Mass [...]

    19. Truth may be stranger than fiction, but truth spiced with fiction in this way is the perfect blend Fast paced, full of intrigue, passion and intricacy, this book is most certainly comparable to the best of Alison Weir s and even Philippa Gregory s court dramas Most highly recommended 4.5 s.

    20. All I could think of while reading this book was thank goodness for the French Revolution that dismantled these corrupt royal families.

    21. Il libro si legge bene, ma a tratti sembra proprio di leggere Grand Hotel Manca di spessore, il modo di scrivere mi e sembrato alquanto banale, mi aspettavo di piu e sono rimasta alquanto delusa.

    22. Catherine de Medici is one of those historical characters whose reputation is so tarnished that it s hard to imagine any redemption for her At the same time, what exactly was her role as queen mother C.W Gortner chose an interesting title for this book, because we pick it up knowing that she is getting a chance to explain her side of the story As such, we know it s going to be biased in her favor, and the author s challenge is to make her excuses believable while not going too far in the other d [...]

    23. Catherine de Medici, wife to Henri II and mother of the last three Valois kings of France, was one of the most powerful French queens and is even today a very debated and controversial figure To some people, she was a power hungry, ruthless woman, responsible for many deaths and atrocities one for all, the St Bartholomew s Day massacre but others see her in a sympathetic way, as a competent woman and a caring mother, who did everything in her power to keep her children and her country safe.In T [...]

    24. I absolutely loved this book I can t really fault it the story was exciting and compelling and so well written Catherine de Medici is a woman about whom history is unclear the general consensus is that she was a grasping, power hungry, ruthless woman, playing her children and those around her like puppets.But Gortner presents a different view of her a woman who suffered at the hands of many her family, the court, her husband who was deeply mistrusted due to both her nationality and her gender, w [...]

    25. Catherine de Medici comes from a well established and notorious family Raised without her parents, she is sent away from Italy at a young age and witnesses mobs in the streets throwing epithets to her family name as she journeys to France She ll live the rest of her life up to certain exacting standards, supported by the ghostly memories of her Pope uncle and aunt Clarice To make her difficult life even interesting, Catherine has a rare gift that s noticed by none other than Nostradamus himself [...]

    26. Catarina de M dicis uma personalidade hist rica que sempre me despertou curiosidade Primeiro, pelo nome e impacto t o conhecido que a sua heran a familiar causou um pouco por toda a Europa Depois, pela diversas personifica es em s ries e filmes, que certamente lhe atribuiram uma humaniza o negada nos pre mbulos da Hist ria, mas ainda assim nem sempre muito ver dica ou com verosimilhan a suficiente para ser encarado como um quadro real e um desfecho digno para esta rainha francesa de origem itali [...]

    27. The challenges for an author tackling the life of Catherine de Medici are many not only was her life longer than most, it was chock full of drama and tragedy, and marred by incidents and opinions that continue to taint her reputation to this day I m happy to say that Gortner does a fabulous job of interweaving the many pivotal, historical moments in Catherine s life with intimate moments and personal revelations, while addressing the rumors and ugly truths of one of history s most powerful women [...]

    28. I enjoyed this novel from the viewpoint of Catherine de Medici It wasn t the most gripping or fast paced novel that I ve read, nor did I have too much of an emotional attachment to the characters, but I did enjoy reading from Catherine s perspective Previously every novel that I have read about this period has cast Catherine in a very negative light For example, the historical fantasy series by Susan Carroll and also a particular favourite of mine by Diane Haegar, Courtesan , about Diane de Poit [...]

    29. This was interesting, but not as good as I expected It s possible my expectations were too high, but I really wanted a lot from this book.There were plenty of very powerful people in the 16th century who were afraid of Catherine de Medici and it s probably safe to say that there s a reason for that As a widow with young children she preserved the throne for her sons, shepherded her daughters into advantageous marriages, and did the best she could to navigate the very dangerous waters of Catholi [...]

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