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Stories for Children By Isaac Bashevis Singer,

  • Title: Stories for Children
  • Author: Isaac Bashevis Singer
  • ISBN: 9780374464899
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Paperback
  • Thirty six stories by the Nobel Prize winner, including some of his most famous such as Zlateh the Goat, Mazel and Shlimazel, and The Fools of Chelm and the Stupid Carp Stories for Children is a 1984 New York Times Book Review Notable Children s Book of the Year.
    Stories for Children Thirty six stories by the Nobel Prize winner including some of his most famous such as Zlateh the Goat Mazel and Shlimazel and The Fools of Chelm and the Stupid Carp Stories for Children is a

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    1. A whimsical, satisfying collection of short stories for children and adults alike Many are set in Poland and Russia, but some are set in the Holy Land Richly steeped in Jewish culture and mythology, and yet no exclusively for Jewish children than the Brothers Grimm are exclusively for German children Favorites are difficult to pick, but the stories I particularly liked included A Tale of Three Wishes, Menaseh s Dream, and Topiel and Tekla The fifth door led to a large hall It was filled with th [...]

    2. I read about a story a night to my children My six and eight year old would beg each night for me to read when I finished and alwaysbefore going to bed asked to be read a story from the book They are old school Eastern European Jewish shtetl stories with classical themes While the kids didn t get all the details of the stories there are fun antidotes through out that kept them on edge A simple discussion at the end of each story cleared every thing up and perhaps made them the wiser since the s [...]

    3. I especially liked Mazel and Shlimazel Good Luck and Bad Luck try to prove who is stronger, reminded me of the story of Job Why Noah Chose the DoveZlateh the GoatOle and Trufa 2 leaves wait to fall off the tree reminded me of The Fall of Freddy the Leaf The Fools of Chelm and the Stupid Carp obnoxious fish punished by drowning A Tale of Three Wishes 3 children wish for beauty, wisdom and learned in religion but find they must work hard for their wishes to come true Whe Shlemiel Went to Warsaw tr [...]

    4. Stories for Children And Grown ups Who Have a Children s Curiosity for a Good StoryHaving read Isaac Bashevis Singer s stories for adult readers, along with his charming autobiographical writings, the title Stories for Children on a book of this beloved author certainly caught my attention After all, I believe that much children s fiction is interesting than that for adults With this anthology, the reader who appreciates children s literature will get the best of both the masterful writing of I [...]

    5. 1968 Newbery Honor Book for The Fearsome Inn I picked up this book from the library to try to read the Newbery Honor books by Singer However, most of the stories in When Shlemiel Went to Warsaw and other Stories and Zlateh the Goat and Other Stories besides the title stories are not contained in this volume The Fearsome Inn is part of this anthology so I can count that particular story as being read In The Fearsome Inn, three young men end up at a cursed inn run by a witch and her half devil hus [...]

    6. This is a fantastic set of stories for children, by one of Israel s finest writers of books for children, Isaac Bashevis Singer The characters are unusual, the stories are varied and they are mixed with humor, fun and new things to learn Because all the stories take place in foreign places with what to children are funny sounding names and the same can be said of all the characters too my kids were skeptical at first that the stories would interest them But with patient explaining and answering [...]

    7. These classic folktales from Isaac Bashevis Singer are often hilarious stories in the tradition of the wise men of Chelm, as well as modern stories My favorites are Shlemiel and Shlmazel and A Parakeet named Dreidel The former is a male cinderella tale that features the eponymous spirits who represent good and bad luck A series of fortunate and unfortunate events are experienced by the male protagonist, Tam, as he unexpectedly wins the king s good favor and falls in love with the princess But w [...]

    8. We were given this book as a gift and I had never heard of it.I had a peek and decided to use it in our homeschool what a treat it turned out to be This is such a beautiful, interesting, and endlessly entertaining collection of short stories for children We read it as a literature supplement and a read aloud and the entire family enjoyed them tremendously.These tales are strongly moral, left us with interesting discussion points, and Singer is an amazing storyteller.Many of the stories included [...]

    9. I read this book because I m looking for stories to tell at Toastmasters, and I found a couple of possibilities But, my problem with the book is that most of the characters had Hebrew or Yiddish I think names, and that I was missing some aspect of the story because I didn t understand the meaning of the names Still, there were some very good stories Some were funny, and some made me think And, as a bonus, the book ends with an essay titled Are Children the Ultimate Literary Critics , which I hig [...]

    10. A book of Jewish folktales for children is not normally a genre that I would be interested in, but this is a great collection of stories Some have subtle moral lessons, some are sweet and touching, and some are laugh out loud funny Some stories were dark, though, and this is definitely a collection for older children since there are no pictures I read my favorite one, The Fools of Chelm and the Stupid Carp to my husband and we were just rolling I would have enjoyed these as a kid, and I m sure [...]

    11. Interesting I really like his writing style, and slavic fairy tale tone that many of his stories have Some of the stories seemed a little dark for children a story about a young mother who drowns herself and her baby, for instance and would take a bit of explaining to be good But I ve found the same thing in other collections of his children s stories Anyway, the good ones are always good enough that I keep reading them.

    12. This was a pretty good read for class I liked hearing all the familiar Jewish names in the stories, and seeing some of the twists on the tales I could have done without so much of the very patriarchal ideals that are sometimes inherent in the stricter Jewish culture, but there were plenty of stories without it, so that was good.

    13. Wonderful Some stories I knew and some I didn t Although it is called stories for children , there are several of these I wouldn t really read to a younger child as they are much suited to teens Really love his writing, this translation, and the huge variety of contents in this collection Something for everyone Recommended.

    14. Thirty six stories by the Nobel Prize winner, including some of his most famous such as Zlateh the Goat, Mazel and Shlimazel, and The Fools of Chelm and the Stupid Carp Stories for Children is a 1984 New York Times Book Review Notable Children s Book of the Year.

    15. Dit is voor mij absoluut een boek dat niet meer weg gaat De verhalen zijn erg prettig geschreven en het is nog heel interessant om wat van de Joodse cultuur te leren kennen.Zoals in veel sprookjesachtige verhalen komen er veel universele thema s in voor.

    16. I love Singer s folktales and parables, and look forward to reading stories from this book to my daughter who shares a name with one of the collection s minor characters I didn t find the slice of life stories quite as interesting, but there was no story I didn t enjoy.

    17. You simply must get to know Mazel and Shlimazel, Lyzer the Miser, and the girl named Poverty they re all delightful company.

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