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Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It By Dorie Clark,

  • Title: Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It
  • Author: Dorie Clark
  • ISBN: 9780241187289
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback
  • Standing out is no longer optional Learn how to become a thought leader the agenda setter, the go to person with Dorie Clark s Stand Out.Too many people believe that if they keep their heads down and work hard, they ll gain the recognition they deserve But that s simply not true any To get noticed, create true job security, and make a difference in the world, yoStanding out is no longer optional Learn how to become a thought leader the agenda setter, the go to person with Dorie Clark s Stand Out.Too many people believe that if they keep their heads down and work hard, they ll gain the recognition they deserve But that s simply not true any To get noticed, create true job security, and make a difference in the world, you have to make sure your ideas get noticed.Drawing on interviews with thought leaders including Seth Godin, David Allen and Daniel Pink, Dorie Clark shows you how to break through the clamour of everyday life and inspire others to embrace your vision.Whatever your cause, perspective, or point of view, your ideas matter The world needs your insights, and it s time to be bold From finding your niche, or big idea, to building your audience, Clark effortlessly guides you through the process to inspire others Keith Ferrazzi, author of Never Eat Alone and Who s Got Your Back It s easy to admire a thought leader it s much harder to become one Stand Out illuminates the path Adam Grant, Wharton professor of psychology and author of Give and Take
    Stand Out How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It Standing out is no longer optional Learn how to become a thought leader the agenda setter the go to person with Dorie Clark s Stand Out Too many people believe that if they keep their heads down and

    One thought on “Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It”

    1. A very practical guidebook on making thoughts into a marketable reality I have read a couple of Dorie Clark s books and enjoy her fresh, cheerful and approachable but no nonsense style She has made a rather exhaustive study of thought leaders and brought their ideas under one roof in this book Unfortunately most of these you can be a thought leader type business books are focused on what I call meta work i.e not actually producing anything, but teaching yourself how to charge other people for li [...]

    2. This book might be useful for people who graduated within the last five years or for someone who has been living under a rock for their entire professional career For everyone else, let me spare you the effort and give you some advice i.e a summary of the book If you want to know how to stand out in your field, look at those who do stand out and do what they do Write a blog, speak at conferences, promote an idea, etc This is not rocket science, people.I will say that this is clearly written in a [...]

    3. I ve read so many business books in the last few years that I feel like I ve heard everything Nothing in this book feels new and some of the suggestions are the equivalent to throw everything into your idea and it will work out Maybe I m jaded or maybe I m just not interested in reading another book that encourages someone to just get out there and do something with a handful of useful suggestions and dozens of case studies I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

    4. Good thoughts but a tad short on detailsI liked this book but I felt like a lot of it was aspirational than informational Sure, we d all like to have a good idea, work hard at it, and have it be a great success But after reading that book I still don t know where I would start A nice, quick and easy read, though.

    5. A solid book for thinking through the process of becoming a recognised expert, and building a following Very useful as an exercise for freelancers, entrepreneurs, or those in business who want to make a dent in the world.

    6. Cannot fairly review as did not even get through the first chapter felt as if it was promoting other products through cliche s and sound bites Did violate my rule never to read books having numerous reviews on back, inside covers, first dozen pages.

    7. This book is strong enough to have an impact on someone s career if they act on the advice Our Club de lecture Affaires will do a review on September 24 Dorie Clark will join our panel discussion.

    8. Fantastic book with valuable ideas of how to become a thought leader Loved her examples and questions at the end of the sections Read this book

    9. The author provides a high level step by step guide to becoming an influential, sought after thought leader in the field of one s choice, while sharing dozens of success stories that will sure inspire many readers to start taking action The author argues convincingly in this age of rapid changes and uncertainty, the ultimate career insurance is to develop your credentials and reputation as an expert in your field, hence the importance of finding and establishing one s unique voice, attracting a [...]

    10. I got a lot out of this book as a potential small business owner I appreciated all the many relevant stories I found myself wondering many times where Ms Clark was able to find these people to interview because the stories weren t the typical powerhouse examples readily available in the news I appreciated that I did recognize some names, but most were new to me This book is very actionable There are questions to ask yourself and exercises to do at the end of every chapter to make things personal [...]

    11. I have been following updates from this author for awhile and it was definitely time to read Dorie Clark s books I started with Stand Out The book is packed with strategies for leveraging your professional identity and becoming a true thought leader I am excited to incorporate many of these tips for my personal branding.Stand out quotes I had to include here Too often, we don t bring our full selves to work and that s a mistake.The stuff you create a blog, websites, books the articulate you be [...]

    12. Interesting read, less boring and superficial than I expected Useful advice on the practicalities of becoming a thought leader yes I know If you are thinking in promoting an idea and trying to build a movement around it so that you and your associates can change the world, and you plan to invest significant effort and time into it, this book can be very useful helping you understand how to sequence the work you need to do and what to focus on at each step along the way If you want a cheap, fast [...]

    13. The author breaks down the process of attaining thought leadership in any field The book covers the steps for building a niche, as well as, creating a community around the idea The last section provides concrete strategies for making a living out of the core idea Main monetization tools include consulting opportunities, speaking engagements and content e.g books, blogs etc Overall, a decent book, and helpful to those looking to build a personal brand.

    14. Dorie Clark brings out the best in others and inspires them to contribute to society with ideas of value The book contains examples of thought leaders and describes their paths to eminence Strategies to cultivate and spread outstanding ideas are also discussed Dorie s intelligence shines through her writing and her honesty is uplifting.

    15. Great book with action steps at the end of each chapter on how to move forward with your great ideas Dorie gives insightful advice on how to use public relations, your connections, and expertise to leverage your way into building followers without being slimy and keeping your authenticity.

    16. Very practical field book giving you the steps it takes to 1 Find your breakthrough ideas 2 Build a following around it 3 Make your idea happen sustain itself.

    17. I really enjoyed reading this book Its theme centers around how to become a thought leader, and it delivers on its premise The book is divided into three sections that focus on identifying and developing your idea, building a following around that idea, and lastly, making it happen and putting thought leadership into practice What makes the book particularly valuable is that the author reinforces most points and recommendations with relevant cases and anecdotes from influential people, as well a [...]

    18. If you ve ever thought about throwing up your own shingle, Dorie Clark s new book Stand Out should be the first item on your reading list In addition to offering a step by step guide to identifying your unique positioning, it details all of the subsequent ways you can then build your brand Along the way, you ll be introduced to a number of fascinating characters who have built distinctive personal professional brands like Kare Anderson, Robert Scoble, Peter Shankman and Gary Vaynerchuk Dorie has [...]

    19. Dorie Clark s latest book, Stand Out, describes how to become a thought leader in the field of one s choice a recognized expert whose ideas shape, challenge, and promote the culture of that field The book s breezy, readable style and endearing can do attitude almost mask the fact that it is bursting with content In every chapter we hear of unlikely thought leaders who followed their passions, often swimming against the currents of conventional wisdom, to become lauded experts in areas as diverse [...]

    20. Very interesting read There are some chapters that are much useful than others That is expected in a breakthrough idea book The end of chapter summaries are useful, thought provoking, and self reflective The author uses several impactful stories and brings in some well known players who have succeeded, to relate to the readers and to emphasize points As mentioned, some chapters were better than others Some chapters dragged on with repetitive information that no longer needed reinforcing Overall [...]

    21. This book is inspiring The author explains how to become an expert, build a community and make money out of your skills Incredibly practical, it contains many examples of how people become successful through real hard work The author herself at one time was trying to pitch her blog to all the major media companies through all her contacts to no avail Finally the person who bought her bike provided the lead and she started blogging for them This mirrors a few stories of other successful people in [...]

    22. It was a great book and opened my perspective that a great idea does not come out, all of a sudden overnight You need to combine 2 thingsa passion and a hobbyd find a niche area and start contributing to it Keep contributing until a point you are the leader in that area This book also convinced me to create a blog immediately, also i started following Dorie clark on twitter and all the articles that she writes so that the idea keeps reverbrating.Its a definitely a fantastic book to read.

    23. Great book Very empowering Dorie Clark does an excellent job of breaking down what it means to be a thought leader and how to leverage technology to accomplish this goal For anyone looking to up their game in their career, start a business, gain a following on a brilliant idea, know that becoming a recognized expert is within reach

    24. Fantastic book about positioning oneself as a expert and standing out in today s age of information overload What I liked about this book is that it advocates long term efforts and strategies and It short term, easy gain methods With case studies and relevant examples, Doris Clark teaches how to add value, develop an idea, leverage expertise and cultivate a network of followers.

    25. Fantastic guidelines on the process of personal branding Lots of stories to guide the beginner into the world of making yourself different in your work, career and the path of thought leadership Great starting point I think the best part is that it lead me to Dorie Clarks other pieces Her discoveries are excellent examples to begin the process

    26. Reinforced the idea that being good is not enough you have to let people know your ideas, too Has some gems like creating a framework by extracting principles from tactics and articulating patterns.

    27. Heard the author on a podcast and was interested enough to read two of her books, starting with this one It s an easy read, like a compilation of blog articles, and it did give me some good ideas and things to think about.

    28. This book was filled with lots of great ideas I loved how it gave not only high level theories, but also practical actionable steps one could put into practice right away It was easy to read and backed up with great examples and research Well worth reading.

    29. This book is an excellent thorough primer on how to become a thought leader in your area I love the questions at the end of each chapter and the examples given of those who have become leaders in their niches.

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