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The Witches By Stacy Schiff,

  • Title: The Witches
  • Author: Stacy Schiff
  • ISBN: 9781474602242
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A Pulitzer Prize winning and bestselling historian explores one of the great mysteries of American history the Salem witch trials.It began in 1692, over an exceptionally raw Massachusetts winter, when a minister s daughter started to scream and convulse It ended less than a year later, but not before nineteen men and women had been hanged and an elderly man crushed to deA Pulitzer Prize winning and bestselling historian explores one of the great mysteries of American history the Salem witch trials.It began in 1692, over an exceptionally raw Massachusetts winter, when a minister s daughter started to scream and convulse It ended less than a year later, but not before nineteen men and women had been hanged and an elderly man crushed to death The panic spread quickly, involving the most educated men and prominent politicians in the colony Neighbours accused neighbours, parents accused children, husbands accused wives, children accused their parents, and siblings each other.Vividly capturing the dark, unsettled atmosphere of seventeenth century America, Stacy Schiff s magisterial history draws us into this anxious time She shows us how a band of adolescent girls brought the nascent colony to its knees, and how quickly the epidemic of accusations, trials, and executions span out of control As psychologically thrilling as it is historically seminal, as magnificently written as it is deeply researched, THE WITCHES breathes new life into one of history s most enduring mysteries.
    The Witches A Pulitzer Prize winning and bestselling historian explores one of the great mysteries of American history the Salem witch trials It began in over an exceptionally raw Massachusetts winter when

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    1. This book, a historical account of the Salem witch trials by an author whose prior work has been highly acclaimed, turned out to be a long winded and tedious disappointment I regret the many hours I spent slogging through it.Schiff takes a textbook like approach to the writing, throwing facts and assertions at the reader without connecting them through any meaningful narrative We learn little about the accusers and victims those curious about the lives, personalities, and motivations of the peop [...]

    2. I have really been into non fiction lately, and this is a TOME ladies and gentlemen Impeccably researched, sometimes to it s fault, but fascinating and depressing at the same time I particularly loved how I could really place myself in the world of 17th century America And it is weirdly reflective of our culture right now in some ways Where you see a whole society swept up in a fevor of attacking each other, against all logic Truth was malleable, and innocent people were killed It goes to show w [...]

    3. i m still chipping away at this book, but sean of the house decided he wanted to read it, too, so there s been a bit of a tug o war going on, but as soon as he turns his back, it s MINE again

    4. There s probably no event in American history that looms so large in proportion to its size and impact than the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 93 All told, in less than a year, some 185 people in Salem were accused of witchcraft there were 59 trials of those trials there were 31 convictions and of those convictions, nineteen people were hanged Giles Corey was pressed to death There were no burnings In the grim mathematics of history, twenty deaths over the course of several months is not exceptional [...]

    5. From a period of time so fraught with scandal and religious ferocity, Stacy Schiff is able to construct a powerful and well paced book that offers readers insight into the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 Admitting from the outset that much of the stereotypical views of witches their pointy hats, bubbling cauldrons, warty chins, and evil cackles was formulated much later by fiction writers, Schiff tries to get to the core of events in colonial New England and provide the reader with everything needed [...]

    6. 1 star to Stacy Schiff s The Witches Salem, 1692 It is rare that I cannot finish a book especially when it s on a topic that I find fascinating, but after multiple attempts, I can t leave this sit on my night table any longer It mocks me because it has wonThe Salem Witch Trials are such an historic part of our country, and I ve read numerous articles or viewed multiple TV shows or movies depicting this time period however, this book fell short in capturing my attention I m sure for the right per [...]

    7. The Salem witch trials is a fascinating subject, but I found this book to be a bit frustrating I had enjoyed Stacy Schiff s previous work, Cleopatra, and was excited when I heard she was researching the infamous witch hunt of 1692 However, The Witches is maddeningly detailed and excessively footnoted, and I think it s a case where Schiff couldn t see the forest for the trees The best parts of the book were Chapter 1, in which Schiff wrote a good summary of the mass hysteria that happened in colo [...]

    8. In The Witches Salem, 1692 , Stacy Schiff provides a thorough exposition of what happened during the Salem, Massachusetts witch frenzy of 1692 The trouble seems to have begun when two young girls, Abigail Williams and Betty Parris, took to twitching, convulsing, yipping, rolling around on the floor, being bitten, pinched, and pricked by spectral creatures, and so on The attention this garnered the afflicted young ladies soon inspired other girls to exhibit the same symptoms The stricken youngste [...]

    9. It felt like this book would never end I like nonfiction, I love historical nonfiction I also love details Give me lots and lots of details and send me hopping down the rabbit hole on a research adventure and I m a happy girl What I don t like is constant repetition of said details and nearly obsessive reiteration of scant sources that makes their scantiness blazingly obvious I also don t want to hear over and over again how little there was to work with I think it was primarily this last bit th [...]

    10. stacy shiff has won many awards for her previous biographies history, so i was really looking forward to this book what a major disappointment right from the very beginning, the writing was clunky and awkward, and never had any flow to it at alld then she calmly describes women riding broomsticks as if it really happened for example, ann foster sailed above the treetops, over fields and fences, on a pole she describes scenes like this as if they were historical fact.on top of this, the book is j [...]

    11. I feel like I missed something reading this book Namely, the point That might be because there is no point, or perhaps I did just miss it in some way I expected this book to be like pretty much all history books, with an introduction and a thesis, something the author was trying to prove I assumed silly me that the thesis of this book would have to do with what caused the trials Was it a fungus on the bread, schizophrenia, or just bored girls I think I just have missed it, because I never got a [...]

    12. Here are three things I know 1 The Puritans were weirdos Everything with them was witches Everything My notes are missing IT WAS A WITCH My daughter is moody SHE S A WITCH My dog barfed on my rug WIIIITCH 2 The airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow European is roughly 24 miles per hour.3 I did not like this book.I really don t want to spend much time talking about this book because, a I started and finally finished it so long ago that I barely remember why I disliked it so much, and b It feels [...]

    13. Advanced Reading Copy Review Due to be published October 27, 2015Consider this a 3.5 star review.Just in time for Halloween comes this expansive history of the Salem witch trials, the back story and the fallout I can only say that I am exceedingly happy that I did not have to live in New England in 1692 Stacy Schiff brings the period to life, exposing the conditions and atmosphere that made Salem ripe for mass hysteria, paranoia and poor judgement It was not a time for the weak of mind or consti [...]

    14. In 1692, while much of Europe was reeling under the murderous deeds of the Inquisition, it would be on the other side of the Atlantic were the Puritans of New England in America would have there own dance with evil It all began in the village of Salem in Massachusetts, when the daughter and niece of clergyman, Reverend Samuel Parris, started convulsing and having fits After being examined by a local doctor, the only possible explanation was that the girls conditions were likely caused by witchcr [...]

    15. Yesterday my husband saw me with this book, and said, You can t still be reading that You ve been at it for than a month I was lucky enough to get an ARC from Little Brown through a giveaway listed on Shelf Awareness, making me grateful enough to read every word of this book, or I might have given up on it.However, as I slogged my way through it, I found parts of it very interesting I am completely, totally fascinated with the Salem witch trials I have read a lot of books about it, and if I wer [...]

    16. Received through FirstReads giveawayIn the past, I ve found that accounts of the Salem witch trials all sound the same, with little life This book contains so much detail, yet never becomes tedious, which is not an easy thing It was nice to actually learn about the people as than names, which is all that they are in most writing on this subject.

    17. The Witches offers a somewhat compelling narrative telling of the Salem witch trials, but it fails to present any criticism or analysis Schiff seems duty bound to discuss only the facts of the case that have come down to us through the years a difficult task given that most of the records from 1692 seem to have mysteriously vanished and that means that she offers little interpretation or theories about what actually happened This makes The Witches an atmospheric but ultimately frustrating read.T [...]

    18. I m ditching this for now I thought it was fiction, my fault Also, I just finished reading the excellent Go Down Together The True, Untold Story of Bonnie and Clyde via audio, which was an exciting and informative non fiction story This, at least so far, is not I may try it again at another time DNF, no review or rating.

    19. I have never read this author s previous books, but have to say that I probably won t read any of her other works if they are set up like this History is a dry subject, but the way this was structured made it even in my opinion Stacy Schiff takes a look at Salem, Massachusetts during it s witch hysteria in 1962 She starts off the book with all of the people persons affected by the charges of witchcraft From there, she lost me Probably because it was just pages and pages of people I didn t know [...]

    20. Jane Kamensky s review in the NYT says it all for me nytimes 2015 11 01 bo I teach a graduate class on early modern witchcraft trials, and there are many wonderful books on the topic This is not one of them.

    21. Thorough non fiction detailing the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 and the time period and society right before and after A lot of what was discussed are actual transcripts of the the trials, what still exists anyway Lots of listing of the individuals accused and the accusations put forth against them It was a little dry for what I was expecting, but still a good read It was very detailed and I appreciated that and all the research that must have gone into compiling all of it I liked this book, and I [...]

    22. it s meandering, heavily worded, superfluous style turned me off almost immediately it s not clearly written at all and is a poor source of education on this topic after 20 pages of this book, I feel like I know less than I did before it s a shame that her style of writing gets in the way so bad this book is probably great in its own way due to how much research was done her writing style completely throws me off, especially since English isn t my first language I don t think I ll try this one a [...]

    23. I m curious about this book albeit a little leery My 9x great grandmother and her sister died when people of Salem started making up their own version of the truth and I m not sure I want to see them put through it again.

    24. I m going to stop reading after putting in a couple of hours of listening to the audiobook Because 1 I don t really like Eliza Foss s narration It s sort of cloying and whimsical Puritans and witch trials are not whimsical It was also becoming one of those audios that kept throwing off my attention, and I d find myself focusing on my next meal rather than the story.2 Why was I reading this am I becoming a slavish devotee of the new while unread on my shelves sits my carefully archived collection [...]

    25. The Salem witch trials are often discussed as a quintessentially American phenomenon Oh, those New England Puritans So repressed, so obsessive, so afraid of anything that smacked of pleasure or magic or sex No wonder they went nuts in 1692 and purged nearly two dozen of their own.But one of the key facts that Pulitzer Prize winning historian Stacy Schiff makes sure readers keep in mind throughout this absorbing and unsettling new book is that the residents of Salem Village were not American Ther [...]

    26. The Witches Salem, 1692 by Stacy Schiff is obviously a very well researched book I found the beginning half of this book to be very interesting, especially since there s frequent mention of the contentiousness of the young teenage and pre teen girls in Salem, 1692 in the court records as accusers and as suspects Since a pre teen girl just happened to be running around my house, being periodically contentious I came away from reading this wondering how on earth the entire colony ending up procrea [...]

    27. I would classify this as one of the best books I ve read in 2015, because it is so vivid and so well researched that you are transported back to 1692 and beyond The books is than just about the witches and warlocks that plagued the poor, young victims of Salem, but about the justice system and the beliefs that were involved in the proceedings Nearly a century later, one of the founding fathers John Adams would refer to the incident as one of the most shameful chapters in American history, and o [...]

    28. For anyone interested in American history, especially the history of the Puritans and the infamous Salem witch trials, The Witches should not be missed You should seriously immediately put this book on reserve at your local library or download it to your e reader or go online or to your local bookstore and purchase it You are depriving yourself of tremendous pleasure by not reading The Witches at this very moment.It is a stupendously amazing account of the Salem witch trials, and it provides, in [...]

    29. I generally prefer non fiction books, and liked Stacy Schiff s Cleopatra So much research went into this book that it will probably be the authoritative book on this subject The early settlers kept many records at the time but much was lost or destroyed in the aftermath of the trials What is known is that the hysteria and accusations about being bewitched by a couple of teenaged girls lead to a mass hysteria by the villagers Their stories were ridiculous but lead to many villagers being tried an [...]

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