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As Horas Distantes By Kate Morton,

  • Title: As Horas Distantes
  • Author: Kate Morton
  • ISBN: 9789720775160
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tudo come a quando uma carta, perdida h mais de meio s culo, chega finalmente ao seu destinoEvacuada de Londres, no in cio da II Guerra Mundial, a jovem Meredith Burchill acolhida pela fam lia Blythe no majestoso Castelo de Milderhurst A , descobre o prazer dos livros e da fantasia, mas tamb m os seus perigos.Cinquenta anos depois, Edie procura decifrar os enigmas qTudo come a quando uma carta, perdida h mais de meio s culo, chega finalmente ao seu destinoEvacuada de Londres, no in cio da II Guerra Mundial, a jovem Meredith Burchill acolhida pela fam lia Blythe no majestoso Castelo de Milderhurst A , descobre o prazer dos livros e da fantasia, mas tamb m os seus perigos.Cinquenta anos depois, Edie procura decifrar os enigmas que envolvem a juventude da sua m e e a sua rela o com as exc ntricas irm s Blythe, que permaneceram no castelo desde ent o H muito isoladas do mundo, elas sofrem as consequ ncias de terr veis acontecimentos que modificaram os seus destinos para sempre No interior do decadente castelo, Edie come a a deslindar o passado de Meredith Mas h outros segredos escondidos nas paredes do edif cio A verdade do que realmente aconteceu nas horas distantes do Castelo de Milderhurst ir por fim ser revelada
    As Horas Distantes Tudo come a quando uma carta perdida h mais de meio s culo chega finalmente ao seu destinoEvacuada de Londres no in cio da II Guerra Mundial a jovem Meredith Burchill acolhida pela fam lia Blythe

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    1. Did you ever go to a Tupperware party where the hostess spent forever demonstrating all the gadgets in a dramatically effervescent voice And at the end nobody bought anything And there weren t even any refreshments being served to make it worth having shown up And you didn t like any of the other people who came to the party This book is that party all elaborate demonstration, no sale, no refreshment, and no one I care about.

    2. 4 out of 5 stars to Kate Morton s The Distant Hours, a beautifully written and compelling story of sisters, mothers and daughters across two different time periods set in London and rural England Why This Book I d read one of her other books, The Forgotten Garden, and fell in love with Kate Morton s style, effortless reads and vivid settings and characters I had to continue absorbing as much of her books as I could, but given they are usually 500 pages, and quite intense, I have to layer them in [...]

    3. I adored Kate Morton s The House At Riverton and The Forgotten Garden, giving them both 5 stars, but delayed reading The Distant Hours after hearing so many bad reviews about it from people who, like me, loved those earlier books I finally decided to take the plunge, hoping to disagree with the bad reviews Sadly, I don t The Distant Hours is packed full of unnecessary detail and description On and on it goes, page after page of long winded waffle, page after page of no dialogue, no action and no [...]

    4. I loved Morton s earlier novel, The Forgotten Garden, and had high expectations for this one as well If this book wasn t tailored made for my reading tastes, I don t know what would be Ancient castle in the bucholic English countryside Past and present plotlines weaving and intersecting Homage to books, readers and the written word Gothic elements galore including madness, forbidden love, family secrets, a lost letter, and a creepy children s story However, by the end of this massive 560 page bo [...]

    5. I welled up when this book ended not just because I hated to see it end One could weep over the sad lives of the 3 Blythe sisters, now elderly, living with secrets that are beautifully gradually revealed The story jumps from the 1990 s in London to the Milderhurst Castle during W.W.II and the present When Edie Burchill encounters the 3 elderly sisters she is drawn into a family of secrets, whose distant hours are simply a wonder to read It may be the best I ve read since The Help.

    6. I abandoned the effort to read The Distant Hours about a third of the way in I don t know quite what to make of Kate Morton, whose writing at least for me gets increasingly annoying with every book she publishes At some point she has begun to confuse languor with atmosphere, and the pace of this book is like sitting on the leading edge of an advancing glacier It could be millennia before it gets where it s going Morton is plainly far interested in the details of setting and landscape than in na [...]

    7. Is Kate Morton a women s writer As an Ann Tyler and Maeve Binchy fan, I wouldn t know I loved Morton s previous two books, and this one is even better Flying back and forth in time between the evacuation of children from London prior to the blitz of 1941 and the modern day 1992 , Book editor Edie Burchill uncovers the truth behind the creation of The True History of the Mud Man, a spectacularly successful children s story written by the patriarch of Milderhurst Castle in Kent, now in the possess [...]

    8. I have recently finished reading this book and I just loved it I had it finished in a week A few times a got a little frustrated wanting to know the secrets but the wait was well worth it There are a lot of secrets in this book.I was worried it wasn t going to stack up to her two previous books due to some not so good reviews I ve read and heard This book is a lot darker than her other two, but similar in the switching back and forth from the present to the past Again, I love the way she tells a [...]

    9. I read the last hundred pages of The Distant Hours in the middle of a pretty intense storm This just brought me even deeper into the story, where I felt as though I was a part of it People who have finished The Distant Hours will know what I m talking about.I m such a huge Kate Morton fan I raved over her two previous books The House at Riverton and The Forgotten Garden, so when I heard about The Distant Hours a year ago, I could not wait for it I had such high expectations, and I figured, for o [...]

    10. If I only read one book this fall, I decided months ago, it would have to be The Distant Hours by Kate Morton Kate Morton s debut novel, The House of Riverton, held me so spellbound that as soon as I finished it, I read it again Despite the fact that The House of Riverton left me emotionally drained, I eagerly pre ordered her next novel, The Forgotten Garden, and devoured it in one sitting, heedless of the late hour and lack of sleep, when it finally came I m glad to report that her third effort [...]

    11. I am a sucker for ancient, decaying castles with occupants who are eccentric and obviously have secrets to hide When Morton sets the stage and begins to play out the lives of the Blythe sisters, children of a famous and ultimately bizarre writer, during the time of WWII, she has me hooked At the same time, she introduces the modern day story of Edie Burchill, the daughter of a WWII child evacuee who was sent to the castle to wait out the war It is her mother s story that Edie is determined to un [...]

    12. I can t say enough about this book It s not a happy one, so don t go into it thinking you re going to get a sweet happily ever after No, that s not really Kate Morton s style But beautifully lyrical prose and an almost unnerving talent for atmosphere makes this, on the surface a beautiful read What s not so obvious is that Morton s talent for crafting intricately layered, interesting characters is superb She presents you with a certain set of traits for each character that cause you to draw a ha [...]

    13. Un relato exquisito, una narraci n que envuelve los sentidos Entra en la categor a de aquellas obras que terminas sin darte cuenta Es un libro de as y desas, de admiraci n y decepci n, de respeto e intolerancia Un secreto familiar que sale a la luz de la forma m s inesperada, a trav s del poder de las letras contenidas en una carta abierta por casualidad cincuenta a os m s tarde de lo previsto, y letras que trascienden m s all de las propias p ginas del libro que las contiene Porque La verdadera [...]

    14. I opet odli na Kate Morton U njezino sam se pisanje zaljubila uz knjigu Zaboravljeni vrt , ali mogu re i da su mi i Davni trenuci na istoj razini kvalitete.Volim tu njezinu mistiku, tajne koje se otkrivaju, ozra je veli anstvenih, starih zdanja zidova punih knjiga i slika, a svako od kojih krije neispri ane i bri no skrivane sudbine svojih itelja.Ovaj puta pratim pri u triju sestara, sada ve starijih dama, koje su svoje ivote provele na obiteljskom imanju, u dvorcu Mildehurst ije zidine skrivaju [...]

    15. My friend passed this across the table and promised a trio of spinsters, a creaky castle and long hidden family secrets I probably should not have taken the book, seeing as it s roughly a million pages long and I read at a slugs pace, but I was sold anyway because I m nosey and books with dark secrets cannot be turned away.This book kept luring me in with a whole lot of this.But then it delivered nothing but a whole lot of empty promises until about page 4 million and 80 Then the twists and turn [...]

    16. Update I m pretty sure I need to reread this book for a fair review as I was sick and cranky while reading it and I think it affected my judgment One day I will reassess This pains me to say I did not love this book While I adore Kate Morton and her novels read like one epic poem, this one was just much too slow for me The writing is brilliant, she can create an atmosphere with prose like no one else, and while even the plot was very intriguing, I felt as if that couldn t even save me from the p [...]

    17. Ancient walls that sing the Distant Hours.The story meanders a bit, taking its time letting you into the world of the Sisters Blythe and their father Raymond, Edie and her mum It splits between 1941 and 1992, introducing everyone as it pleases It all starts when Edie s mother Meredith, gets a long lost letter in the mail from someone she didn t expect to hear from We find out who and what later on, but this piece of mail starts Edie down the trail of her mom from long ago, during World War Two B [...]

    18. I was very disappointed with this I enjoyed her two previous books, without thinking they were masterpieces just long, lazy holiday reads But this one began to seem awfully long, with too little substance and far too much padding From the start, I felt the present day first person narrative and the parts told in the third person and set in 1941 didn t sit well together I did enjoy the 1941 parts at first Middleton is still superb at evoking an atmosphere in the past with lots of period detail ce [...]

    19. Any book over 500 pages makes me narrow my eyes suspiciously There is so much room for extraneous things in a book that size I was pleasantly surprised to find nothing extraneous whatsoever in The Distant Hours It s so long because Morton doesn t just focus on a few main mysteries Instead, she weaves in all manner of smaller unknowns that click into place one by one, usually just when the reader has nearly forgotten about them completely The result is an extremely complex and masterfully woven p [...]

    20. What a disappointment I loved The Forgotten Garden It s one of my favorite books to recommend so naturally I was excited to read another work by Kate Morton I found the entire story to long, to drawn out and lacking any real emotion It was an effort to finish With the exception of one or two chapters about the relationship between Thomas Cavill and Juniper Blythe it felt like a narration you would find in the newspaper.I had the ending figured out three hundred pages into the book and read the r [...]

    21. This was the first Kate Morton book I had ever read and I heard rave reviews over the Forgotten Garden It started off great I found her prose fresh and her descriptions unique Kate Morton is clearly a talented author but I think she failed with this book She could have really benefited from tight editing I didn t understand her structure in the least Switching from a first person narrative to a third person narrative, using different view points was distracting That was the first snag I hit as a [...]

    22. This was my first read by Kate Mortond wowabsolutely stunning I was completely lost in this novel and spent a good solid two days doing nothing but reading I was constantly guessing at the many secrets and proved pleasantly right sometimes and shocked at others The mixture of past and present, unfolding of long kept secrets, and deep insights from many points of view made this book perfection to me.

    23. Kate Morton is a gifted storyteller She has a gift for weaving multiple storylines together add in mystery and some great character arcs and you have the premise for this novel Edie Burchill stumbles across Milderhurst castle and remembers that she has been there before The story shifts back to the past and into present day Edie s mother was evacuated to Milderhurst around WWII and has kept this a secret from her daughter Milderhurst is the home of world renowned author Raymond Blythe, and his 3 [...]

    24. How can you not love a book that includes the following After all, it s the librarian s sworn purpose to bring books together with their one true reader While the blurb calls this gothic literature , it s goth lit lite the scary isn t there to the degree that I d expect from that genre Think Rebecca than Fall of the House of Usher The switching between 1941 and 1992 helps, I think, keep the tone light Of course there are some Dark Family Secrets that get revealed, and a Literary Mystery gets r [...]

    25. Estou extasiada Eu n o sei porque a Kate Morton n o escreveu mais cedo, ou nem tem muitos livros publicados tem tr s porque a escrita desta senhora fenomenal E n o s a escrita, o enredo, a forma de contar uma hist ria mas nunca contando tudo de uma vez, a capacidade que tem de nos prender at ltima p gina Tal como no O Segredo da Casa de Riverton, tamb m neste livro temos uma fam lia curiosamente, tamb m com irm s cheia de segredos ocultos, macabros, que perduram no tempo at um dia em que algu m [...]

    26. Ne mogu zamisliti svr etak dana bez pri e kroz koju bih propala na svom putu prema snu Ovaj prekrasan citat je trebao biti zabilje en Ostalo Pa, ne ba Ovo je jo jedna knjiga za koju trebam me u ocjenu, realno bi to ovog puta bilo 2.5.Ina e jako volim romane koji su pri e u pri i otkrivanje jedne davne pro losti u sada njim trenucima Me utim, ovi trenuci mene su stra no umorili Nisam se nikako mogla poistovjetiti s likovima, s tom posesivnom sestrinskom ljubavlju, sebi no u, strahom od samo e Sa [...]

    27. This is a lovely story that reads like a lyrical poem It reminds me so much of Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier The physical reaction that a house like Manderly or a castle like Milderhurst evokes is so similar that the connection is quite apparent The misunderstanding of people s relationships is apparent and the story drives itself from there As layer after layer is peeled back, the reader becomes so engrossed until the surprising ending when everything is revealed A truly wonderous novel that is p [...]

    28. I settled down with relish to read Distant Hours, having loved The House at Riverton I am now at page 250 and about to lose the will to live I thought I d look at the reviews to see if I was in the minority which clearly I am but I see now that I am not going to miss much by giving up on this punishing endeavour now This book is far too big Physically it is a nuisance to read in bed and elsewhere as literature it is surely guilty of words for words sake Morton has an excellent knack of imaginati [...]

    29. After Morton s fantastic The House at Riverton and The Forgotten Garden, I had incredibly high expectations of The Distant Hours When it finally arrived pre ordered from , almost 700 pages long and complete with one of those ribbon bookmark things sewn into the binding, I dove in While Morton s latest has a lot of the elements that made her previous work shine literary and family mysteries, an old house full of secrets, tragic love affairs, lost letters, an engaging protagonist the ingredients d [...]

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