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Entre Dois Mundos By Suzan Saxman,

  • Title: Entre Dois Mundos
  • Author: Suzan Saxman
  • ISBN: 9789892330969
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Paperback
  • Durante a inf ncia, todos tem amos o barulho vindo do arm rio, a sombra esquiva no corredor, uma presen a estranha no quarto Para Suzan Saxman, tudo isso era normal.Os mortos aparecem lhe desde sempre, trazendo mensagens para os vivos No in cio, a pequena Suzan relatava a sua verdade com a inoc ncia t pica das crian as, assustando as freiras da escola com revela es, atDurante a inf ncia, todos tem amos o barulho vindo do arm rio, a sombra esquiva no corredor, uma presen a estranha no quarto Para Suzan Saxman, tudo isso era normal.Os mortos aparecem lhe desde sempre, trazendo mensagens para os vivos No in cio, a pequena Suzan relatava a sua verdade com a inoc ncia t pica das crian as, assustando as freiras da escola com revela es, aterrorizando a m e ao descrever lhe bizarras vis es Durante anos, foi uma alma atormentada que desejava apenas ser normal medida que os anos passaram, tornou se cada vez mais dif cil esconder o seu dom E para qu faz lo, quando podia ajudar as pessoas sua volta Mas a incerteza permanecia o que que o futuro lhe reservaria a ela Suzan revela nos agora o longo caminho que percorreu at se aceitar a si mesma e, ao mesmo tempo, desvendar os segredos que h muito ensombravam a sua fam lia Numa narrativa poderosa, que evoca tanto as suas experi ncias pessoais como as sess es de espiritismo realizadas com outros, ela mostra nos o que significa verdadeiramente estar entre dois mundos.
    Entre Dois Mundos Durante a inf ncia todos tem amos o barulho vindo do arm rio a sombra esquiva no corredor uma presen a estranha no quarto Para Suzan Saxman tudo isso era normal Os mortos aparecem lhe desde sempre

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    1. This memoir is as much, if not , about entwined dysfunctional families as it is about psychic abilities Saxman s relationships with her parents, as well as her relationships with her husband and the men she has affairs with, read like material lifted from soap operas Consequently, the psychic part of her story is often swallowed up in all the surrounding melodrama The writing is direct, as if Saxman is speaking to each of us privately This style works well and makes for an easy read At the close [...]

    2. As advertised, this memoir offers dazzling scenes of a young girl s and then grown woman s encounters with the world unseen Initially, the action transpires during an off the charts dysfunctional upbringing, and later during a wildly adventurous, unconventional life Those passages alone make it a fascinating read But The Reluctant Psychic offers Even though her gifts and exploits are way beyond the average person s, Saxman, with Perdita Finn, relates her life story in such a down to earth, gene [...]

    3. This was such an honest biography, I almost felt like a voyeur for reading it Suzan tells all in this book of her frightful childhood and her coming into her own, for the moment As much as think The Reluctant Psychic is about her abilities and realizing this made her special, this is also a book about coming to terms with her family s secrets.I have to admit that this book almost includes too much The details of the taunting by her mother and childhood bullies were terrible to read The truth abo [...]

    4. I ve had enough experiences in my life to know that, at the very least, I don t have all the answers I m fascinated by ghosts and occult experiences and looked forward to an in depth autobiography about the author s encounters with the other side shining some light What I got instead was a poorly written cliched tale of a misfit with a terrible mother sprinkled with short psychic anecdotes Suzan Saxman plays the role of the reluctant psychic convincingly equal parts living as an outcast on the f [...]

    5. This was an incredibly written book that I read in 24 hours Whether or not you believe in psychic visions, spirits, or past lives Suzan Saxman s descriptions of her visions and spiritual connections since childhood are fascinating Her ability to see spirits in people and animals really made me question our connection, or lack of it, with the spiritual world I was particularly interested to read this description You don t need a psychic to tell you that the Earth is in a sorry state, and that tec [...]

    6. I recieved this book for free through First Reads.When I first got this book I did not know if I would like it I thought that it would just be about some crazy lady, who thought everyone was good and there were only good spirits I was surprised when I began reading it I eventually figured out she has the same beliefs that I do I have never fit into a specific religion, seeing that all of them could be related to each other I ve also believed in spirits This helped me realize that I most likely h [...]

    7. I met the author, who comes a cross as a sincere, down to earth person genuinely focused on people, making sense of her life, and having a good laugh while she s at it Well written memoir, a page turner for me the psychological and social challenges her psychic ability created for her were fascinating A coming of age and coming in to her own book My sense is, if there are true psychics, she is one of them.

    8. I won this from a GoodReads First Read Giveaway It was easier to read in the beginning It was harder later on This poor gir went through absolute hell Playing Look Out for her mom during her affair, to meeting her husband, David and having an affair or two of her own, to crushing on jut about every guy she sees, to meeting Jack Wild, her brother from another lifes a Roller Coaster of a book.

    9. Suzan s story so eerily aligns with mine that I almost had to put it down to recover Although I m not as open intuitively as she, we seem to have had very similar lives What I loved about her story was her willingness to share the dark spots Most psychic memoirs are all love and light and nothing can hurt you This was honest and not teachy or preachy about her beliefs I am grateful to see that she had the courage to be so revealing.

    10. This was truly a great read It s an open an honest account of an incredible women s journey who just happens to have an extraordinary gift Her trials and triumphs are relatable Her story is inspiring and empowering.

    11. Fabulous Book, Amazing WomanHaving had personal readings by Fiona, I was interested in learning about her and her remarkable gift I didn t realize how much I would enjoy the book I have a whole new respect for her and David Wonderful

    12. I read this book with an open mind and ended up enjoying it rather a lot The story is absorbing and well told, there is great rhythm to it unlike some other biographies of this kind and in general I found it quite moving.Maria Carmo,Lisbon 22 July 2015.

    13. Eu n o tenho palavras para descrever o qu o amei este livro Uma hist ria ver dica relatada por uma m dium Para quem adora livros com esta tem tica, este livro perfeito.

    14. Psychic phenomena has always been interesting to me If there is a book that focuses on mediums, psychics, or anything related, I want to read it, mainly because the concept of someone being able to connect with another world is attractive to most people We want it to be true, because believing is equivalent to hope.This book was entertaining, absolutely Here s what bothered me about this book the psychic who is the subject of the book lacks a certain likeability My perception of so called spirit [...]

    15. The final reveal made the book worth a read it is one of those human nature things that you can reflect on as well as the rules of the spirit world.Her story does make you want to meet her, especially since she starts the book with a veiled challenge that she lives her life in a way that you would not be able to make contact in a manor other than showing up at her house.I find it odd that the editor let through so many self contradicting statements, but maybe that was intentional, to show the co [...]

    16. It took me quite a while to get to this gem of a book I loved this book, I ached for Suzan as I read about her upbringing Being torn down emotionally because she didn t fit it with what people thought was normal is something that I myself can relate to and I am sure I am not the only one that feels this was I thought a few times that some of the things were made up or exaggerated but there are pictures included and some googling proved that I was wrong I did notice that a few of her stories from [...]

    17. This was an extremely interesting book as I have always had an interest in mediums and the spiritual world they inhabit I believe in the fey, the feelings that are there even if they are not always understood I feel hope in the belief that lives are lived several times over and that there is no need to fear death as it is only a new beginning It makes sense to my rational brain when we can recognise what we perceive as wisdom in a new born s eyes or say that someone is an old soul who has been h [...]

    18. I enjoyed this book very much It is about the dysfunctional life of Suzan as much as the phychic journey, but it was very well written Easy to follow.I didn t get lost on the journey through Suzan s life I would love to go to Woodstock and visit her store

    19. Great ReadI loved reading this book I feel like I have been given some answers, to questions that I didn t know I had I have obsessed with animals all of my life I have always wished I had some kind of inside knowledge, so I could understand them and help them.

    20. In my opinion this memoir was not only sincere, it was also extraordinary.For those of you whom lack conviction perhaps you should heed Susan s words, I quote Once you start believing in one set of ideas, you stop seeing a whole other reality Aspects of this book maybe viewed by some as irksome and offensive Yet I myself found them to be liberating and authentic A prime example would be of her concepts and personal experience of and towards Catholicism I quote I wanted to talk about God, about h [...]

    21. It was unputdownable, it had some helpful observations, it was written simply but not poorly so it was an easy readbut it s left me with questions about Suzan s intuitive or psychic abilities She saw the dead accompanying her visitors, she could see and hear them and she could explain the trauma or remedies to the affected visitor, but she hardly saw anything clearly about herself Except one occasion when the psychic was a fraud, she didn t seek out any real one to understand her own mysteries S [...]

    22. A special thank you to St Martin s Press and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review Suzan Saxmanshares a powerful and compelling memoir of her life and challenges, with special psychic gifts, both positive and negative in THE RELUCTANT PSYCHIC Suzan lived in fear with her special powers and abilities, throughout her childhood, as afraid her parents may send her away thinking she was strange At night time it was difficult for her to sleep with all the voices, visions, and spirits s [...]

    23. The Reluctant Psychic A Memoir appealed to me on every level I was instantly drawn to this audiobook and it s undoubtedly one of the best I ve ever listened to I would place it as one of my top ten all time favorites I adored the openness of Suzan Saxman s story as well as Hillary Huber s telling of it This was a fascinating story about one woman s struggles of growing up psychic and intuitive and being treated as an outcast at school and by her own mother This was a moving story that touched my [...]

    24. The book felt like three separate stories that the writer tried to mesh together with mediocre results By themselves, the dysfunctional family storyline, the seeking past lives storyline, and the experiences as a psychic storyline would have made their own books Put together, I felt like I got a lot of information about the dysfunction, and the psychic piece was hit on at times but glossed over Of course, that being said, I can t imagine that someone having those abilities being raised in a tra [...]

    25. The Reluctant Psychic is written as a memoir about a woman named Suzan who considers herself a reluctant psychic Suzan was a troubled child with a hard life growing up her mother was cruel, her father mostly absent, and she struggled socially On top of it she believed she saw ghosts and other beings from the other side Much of her book seemed centered around her childhood troubles and especially her mother issues Most of her relationships in life seemed to suffer and I can t help but wonder if i [...]

    26. Even if you do not believe in communing with the dead, this is an excellent story of a woman s struggle to gain acceptance from her parents, her peers, her lovers, and later in her community The writing is compelling and the story very real This woman was born as a love child, but hated by her mother who carried her own baggage She attended Catholic school but did not fit in and her questions made the nus uneasy so she was expelled from that school Along the way, she discovered who her biologica [...]

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