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  1. in his 50 s, a severely panicked and depressed tolstoy wished for the strength to kill himself, but couldn t do it instead he wrote this book detailing his discovery that life is evil and meaningless the first half is simply astonishing i can t recall reading a honest description of a life lived under the shadow of the inevitability of death much less from a man who was, at the time, one of the world s most famous people tolstoy s Confession is staggering in its simplicity, which is partially t [...]

  2. Meine Beichte A confession and other religious writings, Leo Tolstoy Describing Tolstoy s crisis of depression and estrangement from the world, A Confession 1879 is an autobiographical work of exceptional emotional honesty By the time he was fifty, Tolstoy had already written the novels that would assure him of literary immortality he had a wife, a large estate and numerous children he was a happy man and in good health yet life had lost its meaning In this poignant confessional fragment, he rec [...]

  3. Love Tolstoy but judging by this book Tolstoy would have made a horrible dinner companion or be really really bad at small talk The fish is really good Tolstoy It is no good deceiving oneself It is all vanity So how was your day Tolstoy Why does everything exist that exists, and why do I exist Because it exists The weather is pretty nice today Tolstoy Surely that question has been asked since man began Overall good book, it has provided me with enough DEEP one liners that I can use to sound smar [...]

  4. A busca de Tolst i em encontrar um sentido para sua vida, e em responder s v rias perguntas que tanto o aflige O que vai ser daquilo que fa o hoje e daquilo que vou fazer amanh o que vai ser de toda a minha vida Para que devo viver, para que fazer algo Existe, em minha vida, algum sentido que n o seria aniquilado pela morte inevit vel e que pode lev lo ao suic dio Tolst i em 1879 , quando escreveu esse livro j era rico, tinha uma vida familiar est vel ,era famoso j tinha escrito Guerra e paz e A [...]

  5. It shouldn t surprise you when it happens, but it always does you read someone s thoughts from over a hundred years ago and they mirror yours, exactly, in content if not in eloquence Tolstoy s struggle extrating a faith he needs from a doctrine he abhors is a nearly universal intellectual journey The book is most valuable for two reasons it explains how the irrational conclusions of fate actually fit into a system of reason, by changing the expectations of reason, and it details how denomination [...]

  6. This book is not for religious persons only As an Atheist I was quite touched by Tolstoy s struggle with the absurdity of life and the inevitability of death Tolstoy looks for answers to life s biggest question Why in the fields of science and philosophy but he is dissatisfied Reason cannot explain the absurdity of life Because of this, Tolstoy turns his attention towards faith I was quite impressed by the hardships he suffered in order to reach a truth that has meaning to him All those years of [...]

  7. One of the most terrific account I have ever read This confession left me completely awestruck Don t know what to say.Great people Great courage and Great sayings I did not myself know what I wanted I feared life, desired to escape from it, yet still hoped something of it I began to understand that in the replies given by faith is stored up the deepest human wisdom and that I had no right to deny them on the ground of reason, and that those answers are the only ones which reply to life s questio [...]

  8. Lev Tolst i 1828 1910 convertido en una gloria nacional de las letras rusas entra en barrena Superados los cincuenta, Lev reniega de su fama, de su gloria, de sus riquezas, dado que se siente vac o Cree que no tiene nada que ense ar a nadie y que su escritura es p lvora mojada.Necesita encontrar un sentido a su vida o hay muchas posibilidades de que cualquier d a se vuele la tapa de los sesos o se ahorque La vida que lleva a pesar de sus riquezas materiales y espirituales su esposa, sus hijos no [...]

  9. 4.5 tan 5Tolstoy un hayat n anlam n aray n anlatan kitap cogunlukla depresif bir ruh haline s r kledi beni Hayat n anlam n b t n bilim dallar nda aray p sonunda dine y neldi ama nas l bir dini inan i inde huzuru buldu unu s ylemedi Bence g zel bir kitapt Sonunda Tolstoy kendi i huzurunu ve ya ama nedenini dinde buldu fakat benim d nceme g re ya ama nedeni ve hayat n, ya aman n amac herkese g re farkl l k g steriyor, herkes kendi i huzurunu ya ayarak, g rerek bulabilir.

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