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The Preacher's Lady (Sugar Maple Hearts #1) By Lori Copeland,

  • Title: The Preacher's Lady (Sugar Maple Hearts #1)
  • Author: Lori Copeland
  • ISBN: 9780736956550
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the first book of the Sugar Maple Hearts series, acclaimed author Lori Copeland spins a tale of hope, understanding, and faith when God seems silent.It s 1855, and Elly Sullivan works on her family cranberry farm in Wisconsin She s pledged her unending love to Bo Garrett.At seventeen, Bo rides off for a month just a month to see a little of the world before he settleIn the first book of the Sugar Maple Hearts series, acclaimed author Lori Copeland spins a tale of hope, understanding, and faith when God seems silent.It s 1855, and Elly Sullivan works on her family cranberry farm in Wisconsin She s pledged her unending love to Bo Garrett.At seventeen, Bo rides off for a month just a month to see a little of the world before he settles down with Elly He falls in with the wrong people and the wrong life His promises to Elly and the Lord are forgotten in a misspent youth Eight years too late, he returns, having come to the end of himself and rededicated his life to God.Can Bo convince Elly they were meant to be together despite all the bumps in their path
    The Preacher s Lady Sugar Maple Hearts In the first book of the Sugar Maple Hearts series acclaimed author Lori Copeland spins a tale of hope understanding and faith when God seems silent It s and Elly Sullivan works on her family

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    1. This was the first novel in the Sugar Maple Hearts series and my first Lori Copeland novel.While short, The Preacher s Lady is filled with good messages There are themes of forgiveness and reliance on God s timing and plans throughout the novel Main characters Bo and Elly are in love as teenagers and then Bo disappears for seven years to get a look at life beyond the bogs of Wisconsin He returns a changed man, but Elly has no forgiveness for him.It was a sweet novel and recommended for readers t [...]

    2. Shouting their love to the world from atop a mountain at age 15 guarantees a lifetime of love doesn t it Bo and Elly sure think so At age 17 they are ready to marry as soon as Bo goes off for a month to experience the world Brokenhearted Elly waits 7 long years for him to come back Thinking he has either died or married someone else from wherever he went she doesn t expect him to return She is shocked when he is in the general store and has returned to town and he is now a preacher Turns out he [...]

    3. What do you do when life doesn t turn out the way you ve planned and people betray your trust Elly Sullivan finds herself trying to figure that out seven long years after she and the boy next door first love Bo Garrett come face to face again Loved the setting of rural Wisconsin, with the cranberry farms and cattle ranches in the 1880 s They worked hard and faced a lot of difficulties with such positive attitudes and fortitude The theme of forgiveness, for others and ourselves, was illustrated s [...]

    4. What can I say I think I have a book crush Bo Garrett is one genuinely nice guy Granted, I wasn t the one who spent seven years feeling forgotten and betrayed, but if the misspent years turned him into the man portrayed in this book, then God certainly used Bo s poor choices for his benefit Despite his shame, he didn t get mired in self pity over the consequences of his choices Unlike so many other characters I have read, he didn t deny himself because of a misguided sense of unworthiness He sim [...]

    5. It s been a good long while since I ve read from Lori Copeland, but the enjoyment of reading her books in the past have never left my memory Which is why I quickly grabbed her first and latest release in the Sugar Maple Hearts series, The Preacher s Lady.The Preacher s Lady was sort of a hit and miss for me The story started off with a bit of quirky humor, and for the most part I enjoyed it I loved the idea of the book, but it was hard to fully connect with everything As hard as I wanted to, I c [...]

    6. The Preacher s Lady by Lori Copeland is perfect reading for a snowy weekend Elly and Bo promised to be soul mates forever, then Bo decided he needed to see the world Seven years go by and Elly has almost decided to marry Gideon when Bo comes home Now Elly must decide if she can forgive Bo not only for his seven year absence, but even devastating, he did the one thing she asked him not to do, he became a preacher The Preacher s Lady is a well written novel with endearing characters The storyline [...]

    7. I love HEA s A very enjoyable, sweet, and loving story I m glad to see all the characters found happiness Thank you for sharing.

    8. Lori Copeland in her new book, The Preacher s Lady Book One in the Sugar Maple Hearts series published by Harvest House Publishers takes us into the life of Elly Sullivan.From the Back Cover In the first book of the Sugar Maple Hearts series, acclaimed author Lori Copeland spins a tale of hope, understanding, and faith when God seems silent.It s 1884, and Elly Sullivan works on her family cranberry farm in Wisconsin She s pledged her unending love to Bo Garrett.At seventeen, Bo rides off for a m [...]

    9. The Preacher s Lady is a christian romance that takes place in the 19th century, and it tells the story of two young adults, Bo and Elly, who are in love However, Bo decides to see the world for a month before marrying Elly, but then she never hears of him until now, seven years later.The book is an easy read The story develops in a calm pace, a good read if you want to just relax with a nice story It also give us a glimpse of what life was like in a rural community in Wisconsin in the mid 1800 [...]

    10. MY REVIEWAn enjoyable, quick read The characters are well developed, and I expect no less from Lori Copeland I m particularly enchanted with Bo, the young guy who needed to spread his wings, but found stench and foulness instead Then God jerked him back to Himself, and Bo became a preacher.So often Christians think finding God is the end all, and it s happy sailing after that This novel highlights the kind of journey a young Christian might make when he or she succumbs to the snares of the world [...]

    11. This is the first book in the Sugar Maple Hearts series and it ended up being a good read The prologue really shows how deeply Elly and Bo loved each other so I felt Elly s hurt, anger, and bitterness at Bo s long absence The author did a good job of building their relationship back up, it felt natural as Elly experienced the push and pull towards Bo There were some humorous moments in the story, namely the gifts that Elly s fianc , Gideon, gave her Bo seemed like such an honorable person in the [...]

    12. A short book with heart Bo who loves Elly disappears for seven years,then returns with hopes to again win her trust and love A story of loveand forgiveness within a small town A tale of a young man who leaves the girlhe loves and returns as a minister of faith An enjoyable light fast read.

    13. The Preacher s lady written by Lori Copeland was a nice read The setting was 1855 in Wisconsin in the middle of two cranberry farms This story was about Bo and Elly I really thought Copeland created a very real character with Elly She has doubts about her relationship with God because she s grown up in a church that the Pastor screamed and yelled at the services weekly about hell and damnation At home, Elly heard about God s love and forgiveness from her mother, but that wasn t carried through i [...]

    14. I received a copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.Romance, clean, Christian elementsThis was of a 3.5 for me as a reader I did enjoy reading it, it was definitely told through Elly s eyes She has to journey to understand forgiveness, and trust God and her heart It is definitely a moral story, along with a romance I appreciated all the family interplay, you felt the close knit parts of the community, and neighbors in this small community in Wisconsin Elly s journey to understand her hea [...]

    15. faithfullybookish reviThe Preacher s Lady is a story of young love, redemption, and forgiveness Elly waits years for Bo s return but he is delayed by the pull of life s temptations Elly has tried to soothe her heartache by accepting the love of another but she still struggles with the hurt and anger of being left behind After seven years, Bo finally returns home to help his family and seek the forgiveness of his loved ones The small town is filled with kids running free, busy bodies, quilting ci [...]

    16. The Preacher s Ladyby Copeland, LoriHarvest House PublishersChristian, Women s FictionPub Date Mar 1, 2016I was given a copy of The Preachers Lady through the Publisher and there partnership with Netgalley in exchange for my honest review which is as follows In Berrytop Wisconsin during the year 1884 EIly is at home taking care of the Sullivan Cranberry farm while her Mother was in Wisconsin nursing her Ill Aunt back to health Elly soon hears from her best friend Adele that the man she loved Bo [...]

    17. Can Bo convince Elly that they were meant to be together even after he left her guessing for 7 years Elly works on the family cranberry bog and Bo has become a preacher He returns after a 7 year absence to see about his family s cranberry bog when he learns his father is seriously ill I kept trying to like this book, but had trouble feeling too much sympathy for Elly after a while She has a suitor who wants to marry her and she tries to convince herself that she needs to settle for him even thou [...]

    18. The Preacher s Lady Lori CopelandElly and Bo have their lives planned out Bo wants one little adventure before he settles down His adventure leads to a hard life, which leads to a life of repentance Elly has moved on with her life and plans to marry Gideon.I have to say, I think there are too many things that left me wondering if this was the second book in a series it isn t For example, what happened to Adele s husband Did I miss it I was also confused about the setting Their farm houses were s [...]

    19. It is 1855 in Wisconsin Elly Sullivan and Bo Garrett were in love and planned on marrying when they turned 17, but before getting married Bo decides to leave and see a little of the world before getting married He is gone seven years before he returns, and is returning to help his family out Is it time for Elly to move forward with her life with a new love or is a life with Bo still possible I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I enjoyed this book very m [...]

    20. This book was exactly what I expected from Lori Copeland a warm and fairly quick read for a winter weekend I enjoy the historic setting s of Copeland s stories, and especially enjoyed the difference of this book being set in Wisconsin among cranberry farms This book describes the struggle of relationships over time, acceptance of God, and several of life s hard decisions I thought the story line was fairly predictable, but enjoyable overall.

    21. This book is not very long but is a good story The year is 1855, Elly and Bo are teenage sweethearts Their families are cranberry farmers and live in a religious community Age 17, Bo goes off to the city for a month He comes back 8 years later and is now a preacher Elly is unmarried but is engaged She had only received a few letters from Bo when he first went away Even though, she still loves him Can she forgive him and accept him as a preacher

    22. I truly enjoyed Bo and Elly s story From the time they were kids they were inseparable, next door neighbors Then Bo leaves with no looking back until he is called back to the farm Elly s hurt by his disappearance but still in love with him She even gets engaged to someone else Who will she choose in the end

    23. The Preacher s Lady is the first installment of the Sugar Maple Hearts series I think it was pretty good with a wonderful setting and fun characters I cannot wait to read the next book in the series 4 stars

    24. Wonderful story, the first of a series, following a young couple thru the growing up years, and the seeming abandonment and turning away Slowly and gradually God has His way with them, and brings them back together.

    25. Elly and Bo were madly in love in their youth they didn t care who knew it They planned to marry.But Bo wanted to go away alone for a month as a way of having a look at how the rest of the world lived to gain new experiences before settling down He got in with the wrong crowd forgot about Elly EIGHT years later, not the month that he d promised to return, Bo finally came back when he heard from his mother that his father was ill Not only was he eight years late, he was now a pastor Just the thin [...]

    26. As always with Lori Copeland, a great book Not as humorous as many of her books, but I loved it Lori always gives an interesting plot and an easy read I hope she keeps writing for a long time

    27. I received this book from first reads giveaways and was in no way obligated to write a positive review.I have to say I wasn t sure what to expect with this book I ve read Copeland s books over the years Some I have enjoyed and others I thought to be a bit dated When I first started reading this book, that was kind of how I felt that the writing style and format of the story were set up in a dated format Some of the wording choices and even the sentence structure was a bit sloppy and fragmented i [...]

    28. A sweet love story of two young people torn apart and brought together again years later With promises broken and pain to difficult to let go, these two souls have along road of self reflection, forgiveness and acceptance to travel before they can decide if they want to give their love another try.Bo Garrett Loves Elly Sullivan with all of his heart and knows that she is the woman he will marry and live his life with When Bo decides he wants to go and experience some of what lies outside of thei [...]

    29. Title The Preacher s LadyAuthor Lori CopelandPages 224Year 2016Publisher Harvest House PublishersMy rating is 4 stars.Bo Garrett and Elly Sullivan are in love and don t care who knows it They are young teenagers and can t wait to start their married lives together when Bo turns seventeen When Bo turns seventeen, however, he tells Elly he feels restless and wants to see a little of the country before settling down and farming cranberries Elly understands and lets Bo go after he assures her that h [...]

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