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Cast in Shadows By Laura Landon,

  • Title: Cast in Shadows
  • Author: Laura Landon
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Gideon Waverley, heir to the Duke of Townsend, had everything a young man could need a promising future, a title, charming good looks, great friends, and a family who adored him Until his body turned him into a monster He had no choice but to separate himself from the world, to hide his monstrous self from society, to cast away his future But the brilliant and beautifulGideon Waverley, heir to the Duke of Townsend, had everything a young man could need a promising future, a title, charming good looks, great friends, and a family who adored him Until his body turned him into a monster He had no choice but to separate himself from the world, to hide his monstrous self from society, to cast away his future But the brilliant and beautiful Eve Cornwell refused to believe he could not be saved, even as she refused to guard her heart And all the while she knew she couldn t keep him once she d loved him back into the light Book One CAST IN SHADOWS Book Two CAST IN RUIN Book Three CAST IN ICE
    Cast in Shadows Gideon Waverley heir to the Duke of Townsend had everything a young man could need a promising future a title charming good looks great friends and a family who adored him Until his body turned

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    1. I found this book by a friend recommendation.This book has a predictable plot, I knew almost from the beginning the key plot elements The author uses a lot of repetition Those elements gave it a three star rating.Besides the paragraph from above, I enjoyed this book I found the main characters adorable I wanted to see them figure everything out Even when they figured everything out, I didn t like their behavior for a bit This book contains behind doors activity and the characters remembering the [...]

    2. Laura Landon sometimes gives me this impression that she likes goody two shoes as her lead characters And this book has not one but 2 goody two shoes Gideon and Eve are both good people who you can t help but like This is a romance story with a mystery I guessed who the real murderer was very early on But that did not bother me Gideon was supposed to be mad He suffered from seizures and violent fits and was considered a danger to people around him When he met Eve he had been locked away for his [...]

    3. Okay 2.5 star story, a bit melancholy maybe Narration by Rosalyn Landor audible review.So this was an okay story, but seemed a bit melancholy sometimes I was glad the ending had a surprise twist to it, but I did figure it out way ahead of time.Story line and plot Where to start Well, it was okay, I finished it But it was difficult I like my hero s strong with a tad of arrogance Gideon was strong and sexy and accepting of his condition but it just seemed sad at times I liked Eve and I liked that [...]

    4. well it was well writtenI might be lacking in familial affection, but holy mother The hero spent so long dithering about how no one could tell his family who had killed his mother AND spent the last twenty years poisoning him that I almost threw my kindle against the wall.Pro tip, ladies and gents, sheltering active murderers to preserve the imitation of domestic tranquility is a horrible idea and should not be considered for a single goddam second.

    5. Unique and interesting plot for period The people trying to solve the puzzle were way too smart not to have figured out the main clue much sooner, and that made me a little impatient There could have easily been a red herring to continue throwing them off the track for awhile longer, instead of having them overlook the very element they were testing for.Having said that, I still enjoyed it, and will read the next story in the series.

    6. This was labeled as clean on , but I disagree The book was great, if not frustrating, until the end It did not turn out to be clean, but rather just less inappropriate and not explicit I liked the interactions between the characters, but it just kept dragging The first mention of the cookies, I knew the whole plot and outcome I was frustrated that the heroine was so blind until it was spelled out for her 100% I put that frustration aside and thought the book still had potential, but that was up [...]

    7. I got a free copy of dis book is my voluntary honest Reviewi loved d book this is a Regency romance with a mysteryThis was a wonderful read , is one of the best books I ve read recently.even though after a few chapters i guessed d suspense but still wanted to read how d author has woven d story around dis romantic suspense the pace was fast rilling till d end t one boring moment gripped my imagination i had to finish it till d end without a breakEve s character is very strongnsible, intelligent [...]

    8. Cast In Shadows is my first book by Laura Landon, but won t be my last Ms Landon has delivered a well written book The characters are amazing I totally love these characters This historical romance has plenty of mystery, suspense, drama, action and sizzle to keep readers entertained from cover to cover I enjoyed reading Cast In Shadows and look forward to reading from this new to me author very soon Cast In Shadows is book 1 of the Cast In Scandal Series but can be read as a standalone This is [...]

    9. This was the first Laura Landon book I have read but it won t be the last Once I started reading the book I couldn t put it down Even though I solved the mystery and picked the villain shortly into the story, I couldn t wait to find out how long it would take the involved characters to come to the same conclusion Along the way, I was shedding tears reading about the agonizing pain the hero was going through The solution on how to deal with the villain, once discovered, was exactly in accord with [...]

    10. A pretty Good read It has just the right mix of mystery, suspense, thrills and romance to make it interesting Though the reader get the hints as to who is doing the poisoning as well as who benefits if Gideon will go the same way his mother did mad and dead A family torn by a scorned woman s ruthless revenge and covetousness The story is also about a doctor s tireless search for the truth and her admiration turned love for her patient.

    11. Sweet storyThis was a pretty good story with mystery and romance and closed bedroom doors It was very sweet I figured out the mystery immediately but finished the book to see what became of the hero If you like sweet stories, this book is for you.

    12. Laura Landon has written an intriguing, suspenseful romance She develops her characters fully, describing them physically and psychologically Her plot is spellbinding, and has several angles The ending is satisfactory.

    13. Five stars Loved this book Was enthralled from beginning to end Would recommend it Definitely a five star book I always rate a book but have never posted a comment I had to for this one.

    14. The plot synopsis and hero s backstory made me anticipate a Laura Kinsale type love story But no Just no.

    15. Audible Mother and son with mysterious illness Doctor s daughter investigates, possible poison in food Stepmother cause of poisoning Daughter pregnant, they marry.

    16. This is undeniably a lovely romance and I enjoyed it quite a lot especially in a moment where I can t find a decent HR to read which I haven t read already But let s be honest, view spoiler THE COOKIES hide spoiler The mysterious enemy and the reason of Gideon s seizure were everything but difficult to grasp view spoiler We didn t really need his mother s journal in the end of the story hide spoiler to have this epiphany This conversation between Gideon and Eve for example 26% How old were you w [...]

    17. Plot 3 starsRomance 5 starsWhen it comes to honest and selfless romance, look no further than Cast in Shadows The two main characters were well developed and shared a mature and honest relationship which blossomed to romance The love story is the reason I could not put this book down and stayed up until 3am when I had to wake up just 3 hours later to go to work.As for the plot, there were several pieces of information given in the beginning of the novel that were contradicted at the end ie I dis [...]

    18. Unique and engagingI found this book to be a real page turner Original plot and those great Laura Landon characters I always fall in love with Gideon and Eve are a solid match Great story

    19. Good readingVery enjoyable reading did not want to put it down till I finished the end liked the description of garden s

    20. Good romanceThis book is a good historical romance It has Romance and a mystery with likeable characters and no graphic sex scenes.

    21. This book is well written, but somewhat predictable and dull at some parts I like Laura s writing style I would recommend this book to others I am ready for book 2 in the series.

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