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Unforgiven By Lauren Kate,

  • Title: Unforgiven
  • Author: Lauren Kate
  • ISBN: 9780307976307
  • Page: 386
  • Format: ebook
  • Every story has a dark side, and this story belongs to Cam, the brooding, bad boy dark angel FALLEN readers love High school can be hell Cam knows what it s like to be haunted He s spent time in Hell than any angel ever should And his freshest Hell is high school, where Lilith, the girl he can t stop loving, is serving out a punishment for his crimes.Cam made a beEvery story has a dark side, and this story belongs to Cam, the brooding, bad boy dark angel FALLEN readers love High school can be hell Cam knows what it s like to be haunted He s spent time in Hell than any angel ever should And his freshest Hell is high school, where Lilith, the girl he can t stop loving, is serving out a punishment for his crimes.Cam made a bet with Lucifer he has fifteen days to convince the only girl who really matters to him to love him again If he succeeds, Lilith will be allowed back into the world, and they can live their lives together But if he fails there s a special place in Hell just for him.Tick tock.Spread your wings and cry as bad boy dark angel Cam finally reveals his anguished heart in the epic new FALLEN novel, UNFORGIVEN.From the Hardcover edition.
    Unforgiven Every story has a dark side and this story belongs to Cam the brooding bad boy dark angel FALLEN readers love High school can be hell Cam knows what it s like to be haunted He s spent time in Hell

    One thought on “Unforgiven”

    1. Cover Reveal What is Cam even doing on the cover He looks like he s scratching his junk.Hey, Lauren Kate It s time to let go.

    2. Cam Cam Cam Stupid Cam Because of you, I ll have to read Rapture You stupid arsehole Why did I like you Why Why did you just have to be in Luce and Daniel s gag worthy romance that your very own book makes me cringe I loved you And that love is the only reason I ll read this Hear that Lucifer Fucking hear that.

    3. Fallen wasn t the best series I ve ever read It dragged on until book 4 And it was too sugary for me at moments And I didn t like Teardrop at all But Lauren is definitely a talented writer Lots of people are saying she s writing this one for the money I hate it when people say writers are doing it all for the money, for many reasons First of all, of course they are doing it for the money That s what being a professional writer is You sell stories for a living Rick Riordan has written two series [...]

    4. OHMYGOSH There s going to be a book about Cam Am I the only one who loved Cam better than Daniel It doesn t matter any because now there is going to be a whole book over 400 pages about this amazing character Now I just need to wait until November That s not too bad, right Oh, who am I kidding I want it now

    5. What the actual fuck Milking the cashcow after a series a bad one at that is already finished and done with and for God s sake, I was so glad it was over when I finished book 4 and who cares about a romance between Cam and Lilith Lilith who She shows up briefly in book 2 or book 3 and why would Ms Kate believe we care about her Link vampirekikiviantart art Plus it s quite awful to name an uninteresting little girl after the Lilith, goddess from a handful of ancient myths supposedly Adam s first [...]

    6. I will read the SH T outta this book.I always had this warm and fuzzy feeling towards Cam since my reading YA like a lunatic days, which were also my obsessed with fallen angels and sh t days, and I can t even start to explain how super duper happy I am that my dark angel is FINALLY getting his own HEA

    7. For you, I would risk everything, even the eternal flames of Hell Por ti me arriesgar a a todo, incluso a las eternas llamas del Infierno Saben hace cu nto no le a un libro de Oscuros Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiglos Tampoco recordaba lo mucho que ador esta saga en su momento Y Cam, por todos los dioses y ngeles ca dos Ya notan que am el libro, verdad Nota importante para leer Unforgiven y esta rese a obviamente tienen que haber le do todos los anteriores de la saga Aqu nos encontramos con un Cam que, tras h [...]

    8. Okay, so, the thing is that I wasn t expecting to enjoy this book it s not like I was waiting on tenterhooks for it in fact, I don t think anybody asked for it, just like nobody asked for an Entourage movie or a sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman but this series is so nostalgic to me I first read Fallen in early 2010, when I was 15 HA Now you re all doing the math I m now in my early 20s and while the series is long since behind me, it holds a weird place in my heart I was never one of those [...]

    9. Oh, man The cover doesn t match The font, it it s not right It doesn tfeelright It doesn t feel dark or, gothic it feels like on of those YA books that has a dickhead male lead, or one of those JR Ward novels It s disappointing I can t even checks calendar It s 2015 check s publication date Yay It comes out 5 days before my birthday I sooo can t wait

    10. Full Blogreview hedisbookworld 201When i came across this book, i though it would be fun to pick it up because i liked the Fallen series when i was 15 or so But i was so wrong The writing is bad, the characters are really plain and boring, everything is predicteble and Cam isn t the bad boy that we loved You think you get the story of Cam, but actually you get the story of Lilith As a character she isn t really all that much She is just annoying, her thoughts don t make sense and sometimes it is [...]

    11. Im sad I finished it but im so happy for Cam and ofc i was crying at the end le sighi forgot how much i loved and cried reading Lauren Kate s booksbut im glad i read this because i understand Cam now and love him so much and i loved that she included characters from fallen especially Daniel and Luce in their past life which ima tear again just remembering it.yway loved Arriane and Roland being there too missed those too

    12. Update It has a cover and Cam looks beautiful and I love the color, wah.What What What is this No I don t want to be lured back into this I didn t suffer through the last two books to be dragged back in You re using Cam against me This is completely unfair cause we all know I m going to read it just cause it says it s about Cam Cam was my baby and I was so freaking upset about the lack of him in this forsaken series

    13. 13 03 15 CAAAAAAAAM e LuciferoAAAAAAAAAAAM e LuciferoM LUCIFERO CAM LUCIFERO CAM LUCIFERO jhsdygjldsghuijasdufkjglkfsdQuando avete detto che arriva novembre

    14. This was a nice, sweet story as a stand alone book but that was all The Cam in this book was not the Cam we got to know in the Fallen series I expected a darker, stronger story for Cam with lots of action and not a simple school lovestory The flashback scenes were nice and I liked the Arriane Roland addition but it wasn t enough to make me really like this book.

    15. Every story has a dark side Oooooh Been waiting for this Cam, oh my, Cam Finally we re about to get a glimpse of you.

    16. Fallen was the first YA PNR book that I read Okay, it was actually Torment, book two, which my fellow blogger Lillian lent to me over lunch oh 4 or 5 years ago Being new to the genre, I couldn t discern bad from good, mostly because I didn t know the tropes of PNR that were all the rage at the time I loved the whole Luce and Daniel story and in order to not ruin that image in my mind, I didn t reread the series leading up to the release of Unforgiven Cam was supposed to be evil guy number 2 thro [...]

    17. Original review on Julalicious Book ParadiseWow Cam s story When Lauren first told us reader that we were getting a book about Cam, I was expecting a book that would be talking about all of his past lives up until now When we got the summary, then I knew it wasn t at all what I expected, but I was still pretty hype about reading it.When I finally got the chance to start the book, I had a hard time letting it down and only did because I was working or had plans that I couldn t cancel.It was reall [...]

    18. Cam s POV Hell yeah, I m gonna read it EDIT Fallen meets Disney s Camp Rock Ah, nope I won t do this to myself Whoever this guy is, it sure as hell isn t Cam.

    19. I always liked Cam, just not for Luce I LOVED reading his story, and seeing him try to save both himself and Lilith An AMAZING book This is a must read for anyone who loved the Fallen books

    20. I shouldn t.She s kidding, right Does she want to torture me again After all that pain Torment, PASSION, and Rapture inflicted on me just because I liked the side characters and wanted to know their fates I really shouldn t.As much as I love Cam And I really, truly do I already know I ll hate the lovestory and will want to throw this book against a wall once I read it.I really shouldn t read it.My brain shouts at me like NO BLOODY DO NOT YOU HAVE SPENT ENOUGH TIME MOURNING WHAT THE FALLEN SERIES [...]

    21. After I watched Fallen movie, I decided to read the last book in the Fallen series Honestly I remembered them to be better Probably because I was just a teenager when I read the first book Still I loved Cam and wanted him to outsmart Lucifer and find love I didn t like how the reunion of Lilith and Cam gather in one page and hey why did they split up in the first place I expected drama D Anyway it was still a good story and I enjoyed it.

    22. First thing first, Forgiven is way better than Fallen, because It is straight to the point More romance filled with bittersweet love Firstly it is because I m on Team Cam rather than Daniel LOLForgiven is a stand alone novel that happen right after Rapture In my opinion this book should be a a new stand alone series of Fallen rather known as the 5th book of Fallen.For the first time I m impress with Lauren Kate artwork.

    23. Woah Im so glad that we re gonna have this book because the ending of Rapture wasn t good or at least i didn t like it specially for Cam.This is not the best serie in the world but im quite excited to see what Lauren Kate is gonna bring us in this story.

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