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Febre By Nick Louth Helena Serrano,

  • Title: Febre
  • Author: Nick Louth Helena Serrano
  • ISBN: 9789898752796
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Paperback
  • Descubra o bestseller n mero 1 na UK em e book, considerado por milhares de leitores o romance mais absorvente, viciante e irresist vel do ano.Amanh devia ser o maior dia da vida de Erica Stroud Jones Daqui a 24 horas, esta brilhante jovem cientista ir apresentar o seu trabalho secreto numa confer ncia em Amesterd o os resultados de uma investiga o que prometeDescubra o bestseller n mero 1 na UK em e book, considerado por milhares de leitores o romance mais absorvente, viciante e irresist vel do ano.Amanh devia ser o maior dia da vida de Erica Stroud Jones Daqui a 24 horas, esta brilhante jovem cientista ir apresentar o seu trabalho secreto numa confer ncia em Amesterd o os resultados de uma investiga o que promete revolucionar a luta contra uma doen a tropical mort fera Milh es de vidas poder o ser salvas o Pr mio Nobel adivinha se espera de a ver est o c ticos e rivais, admiradores e inimigos A aten o de Erica estar voltada para o escultor Max Carver, o seu novo namorado, a quem ir dedicar o seu xito.Mas o amanh n o chega a acontecer.Erica desaparece durante a noite Max, desesperado e assustado, come a a procur la, entrando num submundo repleto de crueldade e enganos Mas at ele fica chocado com o terror que encontra no cora o da mulher que tenta salvar.
    Febre Descubra o bestseller n mero na UK em e book considerado por milhares de leitores o romance mais absorvente viciante e irresist vel do ano Amanh devia ser o maior dia da vida de Erica Stroud Jones

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    1. Quero come ar por dizer que chamar a este livro o thriller mais viciante de sempre foi um golpe publicit rio pouco conseguido Por um lado, corre o risco de colocar expectativas nos p ncaros, o que pode at ser prejudicial, em vez de ben fico Por outro lado, considero absurdo classificar uma obra liter ria em termos absolutos pois trata se de algo t o pessoal, que dir se ia idiossincr tico.N o obstante, esta est ria cont m ingredientes q.b que se misturam e combinam num enredo cativante.Existem 3 [...]

    2. Scientist Erica Stroud Jones is missing She disappears just hours before she will present her secret work to a conference in Amsterdam research that could finally revolutionize the battle against a deadly tropical disease But now she is gone and her boyfriend Max Carver must do everything in his power to find her But that are people out there who would do anything to stop him And, then people start getting sick, but it seems that someone is behind this new illnessThis book was wonderfully captiv [...]

    3. Started well but became confusing and formulaic with nothing to distinguish it from many books I ve read before The Erica s diary bits were the best but the action was unbelievable and almost desperate.

    4. Rather a brave and arrogant statement The most gripping thriller you will ever read It s certainly very gripping but I ve read a lot of gripping thrillers Unfortunately I think the author shot himself in the foot with this statement which was like a red rag to a bull to the sorts of people who just relish the chance to shoot down such arrogance I love the way we, as readers, are so very different in our opinions Some love this book, some hate it I m in the happy category I didn t think it was to [...]

    5. 4.5 stars Brilliant thriller Clever and addictive Full review to follow nearer publication of the paperback.

    6. A forma exagerada com que alguns livros s o publicitados, elevando partida as expectativas do leitor, acaba muitas vezes por os prejudicar em vez de beneficiar Este n o , de certeza, o thriller mais viciante de sempre Febre um bom livro Ponto.A escrita inteligente de Nick Louth permite nos desfrutar do livro em toda a sua extens o, aligeirando a compreens o de no es t cnicas e cient ficas O enredo, enriquecido com uma boa dose de a o e algum mist rio, mant m se interessante at ao fim, quando tod [...]

    7. Writing The most gripping thriller you will ever read into the title don t necessarily make it so This book is just, and only just a beach book holiday read, the convoluted plot is just too complex to stand any chance of credibility, let s be frank it is bollocks Note to self It is a Kindle deal for a reason Note to author you stole some of my life.

    8. I absolutely loved this book it is well written and keeps you on your toes all the way to the last chapter Very informative and well researched opened my eyes about Malaria It could easily have turned into a horror instead of murder suspense and again makes you remember there are evil people everywhere.I cant wait for Mirror Mirror to be released.

    9. When a book is advertised as the most gripping thriller you will ever read that really does set expectations very high This book was a unbeieveable, the lead character became an armed super spy in the blink of an eye with zero character development he was an artist b Ridiculous when I got to the end, I actually laughed c The side story was also completely unbelieveable, I was very interested in that at first and thats what kept me reading but I just couldn t empathise or understand any decision [...]

    10. REVIEW Um romance empolgante, inteligente e assustadoramente plaus vel The Guardian Febre, escrito pelo autor ingles, Nick Louth, em 2007 e que obteve o seu auge tornando se bestseller em 2014 foi uma deliciosa surpresa para mim De facto, n o me surpreendeu este aclamado sucesso, pois desde o primeiro momento que come ei a ler at sua ltima p gina a cone o criada com o leitor de facto reveladora de uma capacidade escrita absorvente Cativante, sem d vida alguma bvio o fasc nio e a dedica o do auto [...]

    11. Das Dilemma eines Lesers und Kurzrezensionsschreibers Wie zum Teufel soll ich einen Thriller beschreiben, der meiner Meinung nach in quasi allen zu erw hnenden literarischen Belangen durchschnittlich ist und man immer nur sagen kann Ist okay Nicht gut aber okay Nicht schlecht aber okay Insgesamt ein Krimi der einem genug an die Geschichte fesselt um ihn nicht abzubrechen aber zu wenig Klasse hat um ehrliches Lob anzubringen.Inhalt In Amsterdam findet eine wissenschaftliche Tagung zum Thema Tropi [...]

    12. Thank you to Sphere for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest reviewKidnap, Conspiracy, Outbreak, Hello you have my attention Those three words on the cover usually herald the arrival of a great book with plenty of twists and turns that keeps you guessing and gripped till the last but it can also herald several hundred pages of a dull story that can become bogged down with too many characters and a lot of useless facts and dialogue.Bite thankfully is the former, it sucks you in stra [...]

    13. Originally posted on albainbookland 2015 05I found Bite to be a really clever and intriguing thriller Maybe not the most gripping one I ll ever read but it certainly kept me on my toes during the whole story The story revolves around Malaria and combines a story in the present, when a new type of this disease has been released and a world expert who might have a cure has been kidnapped, and a story in the past 1992 when this Malaria expert was in Africa and was captures by a guerrilla I especial [...]

    14. Ich hatte schon vorher geh rt, dass die Meinungen zu diesem Buch sehr zwiegespalten sind Leider muss ich mich dem Team zuordnen, dem es nicht wirklich gefallen hat.Der Anfang war eigentlich noch ganz vielversprechend schneller Schreibstil, interessantes Thema und ein mysteri ser Anschlag im Flug.Leider hat mich das Buch dann sehr schnell verloren F r mich gab es kaum Spannung und seitenweise ging es im Insekten und biologische Abl ufe In diesem detaillierten Ausma hat es mich leider gar nicht in [...]

    15. This book is billed as the most gripping thriller you will ever read, quite a bold statement and a good marketing ploy it worked, I bought it , but it isn t true It is a good read and it is reasonably well written for a first novel The title is appropriate but makes the book feel and look like cheap pulp fiction when in fact there are many serious elements going on here and the title simply doesn t do the book any justice The plot is good, well researched and covers some serious ground It will m [...]

    16. Honestly I did not think I would enjoy this book as much as I did I ve had it on my shelf for years but I finally picked it up the other day because I wanted an easy book I could punch out in a few days the whole thing was less than 300 pages The book s description doesn t offer much insight to what the story is about so here s a quick peek Someone releases a biochemical weapon resistant to treatment, and an important scientist gets kidnapped The story is about finding the girl and stopping the [...]

    17. I read four reviews about this book, two for and two against, but the write up was good so I purchased it, and I have to say that I am in the for group, it was Brilliant, I enjoyed it from start to finish and would it recommend to anyone who love s a thriller.

    18. I was quiet surprised by the quality of this book Addictive, exhilarating and surprising Hope to read from Nick Louth.

    19. Ok first off dont start reading this on a flight or when you are about to board a plane P i did because i didnt know and didnt make it over the first page But kidding aside it took me a bit to get into the story but once i was hooked i enjoyed it And i love that til the end of story i didnt know who was the bad guy in this and i loved that I also loved the switched between the past and now Altogether it was a story of my taste and it was hard to decide wether to give three or four stars I gave t [...]

    20. Ik vond het thema van deze thriller wel interessant en de gedachte achter het boek vind ik nog steeds wel goed Helaas werd de aanprijzing ijzingwekkend realistisch niet waar gemaakt De personages waren uit balans Ze reageerden heel tam op heftige gebeurtenissen of juist compleet over de top Ook de actie in het verhaal vloog regelmatig uit de bocht Ik vond de dagboeken van Erica wat dat betreft de beste stukken uit het boek.Aan het einde vond ik het plot nog best verrassend bij elkaar komen, maar [...]

    21. Rip roaring thriller with twists and turnsAn action thriller with likeable lead characters and proper evil baddies I found the African sections harrowing but great narrative kept me going

    22. A fantastic book Brilliant and exciting story, that is very well written An exceptional medical thriller that I couldn t put down.

    23. I bought this for a holiday read and although not the most gripping thriller I have read, it was difficult to put down It also leaves you thinking about the ethics in the pharmaceutical industry.

    24. I enjoyed this booka little long winded on the malaria problem,but good story line that held the interest until the end.

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