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Die For Me By KarenRose,

  • Title: Die For Me
  • Author: KarenRose
  • ISBN: 9780755337064
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Paperback
  • A secret cellarA multimedia designer is hard at work His latest computer game, Inquisitor, heralds a new era in state of the art graphics But there s only one way to ensure that the death scenes are realistic enoughAn isolated fieldDetective Ciccotelli s day begins with one grave, one body and no murder weapon It ends with sixteen graves, but only nine bodies and theA secret cellarA multimedia designer is hard at work His latest computer game, Inquisitor, heralds a new era in state of the art graphics But there s only one way to ensure that the death scenes are realistic enoughAn isolated fieldDetective Ciccotelli s day begins with one grave, one body and no murder weapon It ends with sixteen graves, but only nine bodies and the realisation that the killer will strike againA living hellWhen it s discovered that the murder weapons are similar to those used in medieval torture, Ciccotelli knows that he s up against the most dangerous opponent of his career let the games begin
    Die For Me A secret cellarA multimedia designer is hard at work His latest computer game Inquisitor heralds a new era in state of the art graphics But there s only one way to ensure that the death scenes are r

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    1. If you were to google creepy killer medievel torture or tension filled suspense , you are sure to come across this series at some point in your search Karen Rose is a brand new author to me thank you Auntee and Isis for the recommendation I literally could not put this book down after I cracked the cover and ended up finishing it in record time The interesting subplots, twists and unexpected turns held my attention until the very end And then I lay awake all night with visions of a chair of nail [...]

    2. Quick SummaryIt all started to unravel when a man stumbles upon a killer s graveyard only because his wife thought he needed exercise By the time Sophie Johannsen, a local archeologist, finished her analysis, the body count was outrageous Detective Vito Ciccotelli Chick had his hands full and not just with solving the case The mystery suspense Utterly chilling This was one of the most twisted serial killers ever Woke up at 4 00 am because I just had to make sure they got him before he offed some [...]

    3. Die For Me has received almost unanimous 5 star reviews from everyone whose read it that I know personally I m gonna have to add mine to it Well written, extremely well plotted without sacrificing one ounce of character development Ms Rose is an author to watch She must be, considering the fact I m almost fed up with the serial killer stalker plot In fact, I almost put DFM down soon after I started it because of this, but the intriguing characters and my curiosity about them kept me going.Sophie [...]

    4. Die For Me was another winner by Karen Rose This book was filled with suspense and had a touching romance as well The hero and heroine both have unresolved issues from their pasts that they help each other confront They are both very likeable characters, and I appreciated the way that they did not fight their feelings for one another The villain was truly evil and the descriptions of his handiwork were quite gruesome As with the other Karen Rose books I have read, this was an intense, engrossing [...]

    5. Very well narrated by Tavia Gilbert I ll look for books narrated by her again A fabulous crime mystery that still manages to have a great romance within amazing secondary characters pleasant epilogue Be warned, the serial killer isreallydiabolically evil.

    6. I can t say that this book scared me but I can say that the Killer was extremely creepy The story was so good that I m gonna continue on with the next book in this series I had not planned on doing that but after finishing this story I still want .

    7. A grave is uncovered in a snowed field outside of Philadelphia Police canvass the surrounding area with a metal detector, finding five possible resting places Enlisting the help of an archaeologist, they discover a hidden graveyard with sixteen graves and only nine bodies.And the killer already has a new body to fill one of his empty graves But is he truly simply a sociopath, or are his motives sinister than the police suspect I loved it from the first word Wonderfully chilling suspense, a few [...]

    8. Este livro de uma autora que infelizmente foi abandonada em Portugal Tem este livro traduzido c como Morre por mim e o segundo Scream for me como Grita por mim , ambos traduzidos pela Bertrand Depois, tem mais uns t tulos traduzidos pela C rculo de leitores que j n o s o f ceis de encontrar.Gostei muito deste livro e n o contava l lo t o depressa Ent o a Cata do blogue p ginas encadernadas ia ler este m s e disse me se queria fazer parte da leitura conjunta que ela ia fazer mais outras meninas.N [...]

    9. 4.5 stars The author weaves an excellent story, excellent voice, richly well done Caution too much horrific torture for meVIEWER S OPINION The majority of the story is the solving of many mysteries The way they are solved, the fact that they are getting so close to the killer without the killer knowing, and the plot mechanics were well done This is mostly mystery and suspense It is rare for me to like a mystery as much as I liked this one I usually want time spent on the relationship, but I was [...]

    10. REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK SEPT 30, 2016Narrator Tavia GilbertI managed to finish the audio this time and I d say I enjoyed this book this time than when I read it back in 2007 However, I found the torture details difficult to handle than when I read the paperback I don t mean there were much of that in the book but, rather, the thoughts conjured up by the mere thought of those medieval torture devices The depth of man s depravity in relation to violence is incomprehensible to me.The romance between [...]

    11. I am a big fan of the work of Tom Clancy No one could weave a political thriller as good as he could He is greatly missed I didn t even mind that there was no romance in his books, I just loved them I see elements of his essence in the work of Karen Rose She is a superior storyteller who can craft characters and plot twists like very few other authors In Die For Me her romance is believable and her mystery is chilling She weaves her characters and the plot into a seamless tale of revenge, ego an [...]

    12. A body is unearthed in a field Heading the investigation, Detective Vito Ciccotelli requests the help of an archaeologist to use ground penetrating radar in the area Sophie Johannsen helps him uncover a total of seventeen graves, nine of them filled with bodies Some of the victims have been buried up to a year many have been tortured But it s the empty graves that really scare Vito This means the killer isn t done, and has many murders planned.Another excellent romantic suspense novel from Kare [...]

    13. Excellent novel, a good thriller with a clever plot and vivid characters with a solid background story Especially the serial killer he was extra creepy and so powerfully written that he overshadowed the H h This was my first book by Karen Rose, now I have to get all the others

    14. This is one of those covers that scares readers like me away I almost didn t read the book because of the cover.This is the first Karen Rose book I ve read and I enjoyed it I would have given it five stars, but three things bothered me 1 It used the f word too much 2 There was one sex scene, and it was peculiar The guy scolded the woman after their first time together and later referred to how he was teaching her in that area I didn t like that at all 3 The character development was strange for [...]

    15. This is book 7 in Karen Rose s Romantic Suspense series Character Development is very good The suspense is great, it kept me reading with wondering who did it, how they figure it out and how they get the bad guy The romance was sweet and light The dialogue was natural and believable to the characters and situations The detective and forensics aspects were believable I would recommend this author and this series to anyone who is in love with romantic suspense novels I would recommend reading in o [...]

    16. 4.5 stars Another chilling read by Karen Rose Seriously mental psycho I m always fascinated to watch Rose weave the different characters plot lines together by the endd suddenly, it all makes sense I suspected the identity of the villain a little earlier in this one than some of the others, but it didn t distract from the suspense, horror, or ending at all A Must Read

    17. Morre Por Mim o primeiro livro que leio da autora Karen Rose.Fiquei particularmente curiosa com esta autora depois de ter lido cr ticas fabulosas no Clube Nora Roberts, por m n o tencionava ler nenhum livro dela t o cedo, uma vez que este m s entrei em modo de abstin ncia no que diz respeito a compras de livros Por m e mais uma vez encontrei na Biblioteca P blica Regional da Madeira uma grande aliada, j que encontrei l este livro dispon vel para empr stimo.Passando ao livro mais concretamente, u [...]

    18. LOVED IT I read a book from Karen Rose You belong to me years ago and since then I ve been dying to read another book from her I couldn t find any of them in my country So, special thanks to my best friend who bought me some of her books in UK this summer.This book is a chilling insight into the mind of a very cold blooded sociopathic killer with genius computer skills Make no mistake about this being a fluffy romance thriller , it is very graphic with plenty of gore, peppered with some truly he [...]

    19. Absolutely fabulous Karen Rose really is one of my fave authors When I first started reading her I liked her stories, but didn t love them, but that has changed I feel like she s found her rhythm and it s one that really suits me perfectly.Her stories are very scary in the detail of the crazed and absolutely vicious villains and their crimes, but her heros and heroines are always so wonderful Just how I like them, the men protective, smart and oh, yeah, of course they re all good looking, but th [...]

    20. Una gran trama que te atrapa y muy buena combinaci n de suspense con una pizca de romance En este libro pesa m s la parte suspense que la rom ntica, est muy bien escrito y bien hilado todo el desarrollo del asesino en serie y la investigaci n policial.Me ha encantado este libro, primero que lee de Karen Rose y ya estoy deseando leerme el segundo de esta serie 4 de 5 estrellas bien merecidas

    21. I loved this book Do not start it if you do not have the time to finish quickly I just had to know who done it as soon as possible.

    22. Dark and Utterly Chilling, But ExcellentIt s winter in Philadelphia and a body has been found in a shallow grave in a frozen, fallow field The body has been posed, the victim heinously tortured, and homicide detectives Vito Ciccotelli and Nick Lawrence soon realize they have a monster on their hands The ME knows an archaeologist who may be able to help search the rest of the field after evidence points to bodies Dr Sophie Johannsen doesn t look like Vito expected when he went to pick her and he [...]

    23. I ve heard a lot of good things about Karen Rose s books that I had to try them out and since my favorite bookstore had the whole trilogy in store I got them all at once This story is about Vito Ciccotelli, a detective who is called in to investigate a body found in a field He gets help from an archaeologist, Sophie Johannsen, with scanning the field for bodies They end up with sixteen graves but there are only nine bodies so they instantly know that the killer isn t done yet.There is an instan [...]

    24. I have enjoyed all of Karen Rose s previous books and I ve reviewed all of them her It was with great expectations that I started this one DIE FOR ME is the story of Vito Ciccotelli, a Philadelphia homicide detective Vito is called to the scene of a single grave in an isolated snowy field and suspects there might be even graves beneath the snow He enlists the aid of archeologist Sophie Johannsen to map the field and they find a 4x4 matrix of graves, dug with military precision Nearly half the g [...]

    25. This was my first read by Karen Rose and I thoroughly enjoyed it Those who know me and my reading preferences know that I avoid romances with any sort of mystery plot like the plague My thoughts are when I m reading a romance that s what I want to read, a romance Most of those romances tend to be overshadowed by the mystery In the case of Die For Me there was the perfect blend of mystery suspence and romance There was just enough romance between the two main characters to make the story believea [...]

    26. My first Karen Rose from this series I put it off for so long because I thought it would be cheesy for some reason but I was very very wrong It read like a movie on a true story type thing I was able to stay with our hero and heroine until they caught the monster and even though it was a very long book I didn t feel like I could stop reading at any time There isn t much to say other than the villian is one sadistic mofo and I came out of this book feeling a whole lot better about my town lol.The [...]

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