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Breakdown By Jonathan Kellerman,

  • Title: Breakdown
  • Author: Jonathan Kellerman
  • ISBN: 9780345541406
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In 1 New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Kellerman s thrilling new blockbuster Alex Delaware and Milo Sturgis investigate the murder of a Hollywood actress pushed to the limits of sanity.Psychologist sleuth Alex Delaware is surprised to get the call when well known TV actress Zelda Chase turns up half naked, half mad in the LA s rural Westside He has little connecIn 1 New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Kellerman s thrilling new blockbuster Alex Delaware and Milo Sturgis investigate the murder of a Hollywood actress pushed to the limits of sanity.Psychologist sleuth Alex Delaware is surprised to get the call when well known TV actress Zelda Chase turns up half naked, half mad in the LA s rural Westside He has little connection to the starlet, save a psychiatric evaluation he performed on her adopted son several years ago, a child who has since vanished without a trace and whom Zelda refuses to talk about When the actress turns up dead a few weeks later without a scratch on her, Delaware calls in police lieutenant Milo Sturgis to help him crack the case or at least the wall of silence surrounding it When the body of a second actress turns up with the same mysterious cause of death, Delaware and Sturgis start to wonder is this a copycat case or a coincidence When they uncover the death of another actress, a star from another era who vanished decades ago, never to be found, they realize they re facing one of their most baffling, mind bending cases yet.
    Breakdown In New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Kellerman s thrilling new blockbuster Alex Delaware and Milo Sturgis investigate the murder of a Hollywood actress pushed to the limits of sanity Psycho

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    1. Breakdown , the 31st book in Jonathan Kellerman s Alex Delaware Series, featuring psychologist Alex Delaware and Detective Milo Sturgis solving crimes together in LA is not a bad addition to this series which I have read most if not all of the books.but then it s not exactly one of those wow ones either I suppose it s pretty hard for a writer to keep things fresh after writing about the same characters and settings for such a long time and over so many books And this is one of the things I have [...]

    2. 2.5 stars In this long running series, Dr Alex Delaware is a child psychologist who spends a lot ot time assisting his friend LAPD Lieutenant Milo Sturgis solve crimes As this 31st book in the series opens, Alex gets a call from his colleague, Dr Lou Sherman Sherman is treating a beautiful actress named Zelda Chase, whose bizarre actions have temporarily landed her in a mental health facility Alex is asked to evaluate Zelda s 5 year old son, Ovid, to see whether mother and son should be reunited [...]

    3. Breakdown by Jonathan Kellerman is a 2016 Ballantine Books publication I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review It s curious, to me at least, that as a life long voracious reader, I have only remained loyal to a few authors or series I have gone through stages and phases, over the years, but through all that I have always made an effort to keep up with the Alex Delaware Mystery Series This is the thirty first installment in this long runn [...]

    4. When psychologist Alex Delaware was contacted by a psychiatrist friend, Lou Sherman, he had no idea he would eventually be led into a mess of intrigue and murder Lou requested he evaluate the five year old son of an actress Zelda Chase was showing signs of mania and he needed to know if Ovid was well cared for A few years later and another call to Alex regarding Zelda shocked and concerned him Ovid was missing and Zelda had obviously been on the streets Completely out of it, she couldn t answer [...]

    5. This is the 31st book in the Alex Delaware series by author Jonathan Kellerman.I enjoy reading a large range of authors, predominantly Mystery and Thriller writers so I can safely say that Jonathan Kellerman has been on my to read list for quite sometime He is a well established author who created the very popular series Dr Alex Delaware which now totals over 30 novels.Dr Alex Delaware is a child psychologist who is asked by a friend to interview a young boy who is the son of a patient The boy, [...]

    6. This is Alex Delaware 31 now that is an incredible body of work especially when you look at the standard throughout ok there has been the occasional dip but for the most part these have been engaging, intriguing and brilliant reads, Breakdown being no exception.I m hugely fond of these characters Alex, Milo, et al And each different mystery brought to the doorstep of our dynamic duo has its own dark underbelly and different way of getting to the reader In the case of Breakdown a child is missing [...]

    7. Did Jonathan Kellerman start two different novels one about Alex Delaware s search for an eleven year old he had treated years before and the other the search for a mentally ill, aspiring actress with little talent and her murderer and then shuffled them together That s the way it seems to me.The first part of the book is something of a flashback to the time Alex Delaware treated the boy but most of this is the search for the killer of the mentally ill would be actress with little or nor mention [...]

    8. Lately, I ve been caught up in moving to a new home well, new to me and my husband and trying to keep on top of reviews of books I ve received at no cost from publishers in exchange for reviews So far, those books have been nothing short of stellar, but I admit it s than a teeny bit stressful knowing I ve got to pay close attention so as to render a review that s both honest and fair.So it was that I looked forward to the time when I could turn to a favorite author one I know won t disappoint I [...]

    9. Good main story line Dr Alex Delaware is the only connection to a crazy woman found on the grounds of a Bel Air mansion, because many years prior he had evaluated her son to see whether his then eccentric TV actress mother was taking proper care of him After a short period of evaluation, Alex gets her put back into a halfway house, and she dies from poison, in the same neighborhood Alex is worried about what happened to her child, Ovid Milo Sturgis and Alex investigate and find a series of missi [...]

    10. As Alex and Milo investigate Zelda s death and her missing son, they seem to be continually grasping at straws, always trying to find something anything to help them make progress before they re forced to move on It helps, of course, that Alex is pretty wealthy and not hampered by things like 9 5 jobs or a streamlined budget Both are unwilling to let it go, feeling instinctively that there are connections they can t quite see yet, but time s running out, both for the case and for Ovid s likely [...]

    11. This novel starts out from a case that Dr Delaware had handled in the past He receives a call regarding a psychotic female patient who has been brought in by the police for trespassing in an upscale neighborhood in the Belair The homeowner declined to press charges as long as she gets the help she needs Which means a 72 hour hold in a locked down Psych ward where the patient is evaluated given enough meds to get the patient stable then it s up to them to them to continue to find the help they ne [...]

    12. I have been a fan of Alex Delaware throughout this entire series, so greatly anticipated the newest offering, especially when I realized detective Milo Sturgis would feature heavily in the book my favourite character after Alex himself If you are a fan of the series, you will be familiar with Alex s mind and how the story unfolds with detail, precision and evocative imagery If this is your first book, personally I think there is so much backstory and history in this series that you re missing ou [...]

    13. I follow this series, and listen to each new release In my opinion, this one was better than usual I enjoyed it I can t put my finger on what it was, but it was good Alex and his usual cohorts are here and work together to figure things out John Rubenstein does a superb job of narrating and makes the story that much better This case follows the past and present of a mentally ill tv star former and her son Fans of Kellerman should love it

    14. It was pretty boring The whole book was the two main characters discussing who did what and what they would or should happen next.

    15. It s been awhile since I ve read Alex Delaware, but I find that he s aged well He still obsessesd obsessesd obsesses.This time the focus is on a woman whose child he examined years ago turns up somewhat crazy with no one knowing the first thing about where that child is now Alex can t let this drop and goes on a long and winding chase, finding the facts as usual, still with the same enjoyable cast of characters We have Milo back I always like Milo and all the rest.Now that I live in California a [...]

    16. Apt title, almost had one trying to finish this.Jonathan Kellerman has the distinction of joining Lee Child, Michael Connelly, and James Patterson, as authors I will no longer read His recent books have gone downhill from the intriguing earlier novels that I enjoyed This one is at the bottom of the abyss.There is no real mystery, no twist, no compelling reason to keep turning pages The plot is weak and Kellerman s usually interesting asides into psychology are absent More time is spent telling t [...]

    17. ARC for review Zelda Chase, actress on a middling TV sitcom shows up crazed and Alex Delaware is called in to consult with her young son Cut to six years later Chase is a street person, again hauled in by the police and Delaware s name is the one she recalls, so he s called in Because America s mental health care system sucks see shades ofWhile the City Slept Chase is soon back out out on the streets and then ends up dead in a very unusual manner What happened to Zelda Chase And where is her son [...]

    18. Kudos to Kellerman for keeping this long running series fresh and interesting Breakdown features psychologist Alex Delaware, who delves into the world of once famous television stars The author s treatment of mental illness and how America fails to deal with psychological disease creates a strong sociological undercurrent to the main story The plot features lots of investigatory activity, but little suspense This is a solid mystery that doesn t quite rank as a thriller.

    19. BREAKDOWNJonathan KellermanAnother Alex Delaware and Milo Sturgis very well written mystery even though it was a little outlandish Always enjoy a fast read and a return to familiar characters.

    20. I despise this story with its mediocre tedious pace, play on kids, schizophrenic characters and murderers 0 of 10 stars

    21. Breakdown, though 31st in the Alex Delaware series, was my first time finally reading Jonathan Kellerman one of those authors we all have on our list, whom we ve wanted to try but never yet got around to I was intrigued by the synopsis of this one Los Angeles psychologist Alex Delaware trying to track down the whereabouts of a child he once interviewed whose mother, a minor Hollywood starlet, has lost her grip on reality and ends up alone and on the streets but found the book very, very slow goi [...]

    22. If you need something to help you fall asleep this is the book This is my first Alex Delaware novel and I pray the others are better It makes no sense that this book is touted as an exhilarating masterclass in the art of suspense Seriously If you want to hear 2 men kvetch for a few hundred pages this is the book Yawnfest.

    23. First of all, I would like to thank NetGalley and Random House for an ARC of Jonathon Kellerman s newest Alex Delaware psychological thriller, Breakdown, in exchange for an honest review.Kellerman is one of my favorite psychological thriller writers today He has written many, many novels His wife, Faye, is also an author and they have collaborated on several novels Now, there son, Jesse, is following in the family trade I really enjoy his Jonathon Kellerman s Alex Delaware series, and Breakdown [...]

    24. TITLE BreakdownSERIES Alex Delaware Milo Sturgis book 31 THOR Jonathan Kellerman RELEASED February, 2016READ May, 2016FORMAT ebook from Barnes Noble via Nook by Samsung Galaxy Tab4NRE KEYWORDS mystery, thriller, psychological thriller, fiction, new fiction, in a series, law enforcement, LAPD, psychologist, mental health disorders MY RATING 5 SOLID stars BRIEF REMARKS As a huge Kellerman fan a lover of the Delaware Sturgis duo, I m always impatient for the next in the series Breakdown was AWESOME [...]

    25. I am quite a fan of this series, now on book 31 wow I have never read a bad one and this one also did not disappoint Reading one of these book is like slipping into the most comfortable pair of slippers I do find that quite a few favourite series start to get a bit tired beyond book 10 or so but this series to date definitely shows no sign of flagging.I still absolutely love the pairing of Alex and Milo The banter between them is brilliant I especially like the things you think and things you sa [...]

    26. Arguably Jonathan Kellerman is one of the world s most popular authors, and for this reader rightly so One would be hard pressed to find a prolific or well read writing family than the Kellerman s I remember with pleasure bestseller Double Homicide that Kellerman co authored with his novelist wife, Faye, and his son Jesse is also a best selling writer Of course, his Alex Delaware series has been read by millions, and his 31st in the series Breakdown is another stay up late read Perhaps most kno [...]

    27. The latest Jonathan Kellerman novel featuring Alex Delaware has to do with dark and appalling family secrets Delaware is called to evaluate former actress Zelda Chase, who has had a severe mental breakdown to the point where she is homeless and can t function very well in everyday life Alex is concerned when he is called because Zelda is put on a 5150 hold mandatory 72 hour hold , and he wonders what happened to her son Ovid, who he worked with when Ovid was five he is currently 11 years old Ale [...]

    28. Breakdown by Jonathan Kellerman 6 word review Psychotic, but loving mother missing child The two most recent offerings by Kellerman have appealed to me I really enjoyed The Murderer s Daughter, a stand alone in which child psychologist Dr Alex Delaware made only a cameo appearance Breakdown has Alex and Milo Sturgis back in play A disturbed mother s psychosis becomes so severe that she ends up living on the streets What has happened to the son she adored Alex treated the boy only briefly a few y [...]

    29. Dr Alex Delaware was asked by a colleague to evaluate Ovid, the 6 year old son of Zelda, an actress in a TV sitcom Zelda had been having mental problems and the colleague had been treating her There was concern that Zelda might have to prove herself a good mother Alex met with Ovid several times and found him to be a quiet, intelligent child.Five years later, Alex was contacted by a psych outpatient facility about Zelda Her show had been cancelled years before and Zelda had been living on the st [...]

    30. I received a digital copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review Kellerman writes the best mystery thrillers It s like riding a roller coaster He really is good at keeping the pace up I love Milo and Delaware, they are the best of friends and always help each other, no questions asked This one was different because it starts with Alex asking Milo for help instead of the other way around.Alex had a child as a patient 5 years ago, and hasn t seen him since B [...]

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