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Com os Olhos do Coração By Virginia Macgregor,

  • Title: Com os Olhos do Coração
  • Author: Virginia Macgregor
  • ISBN: 9789892331898
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback
  • Milo tem nove anos e praticamente cego como se visse tudo pelo buraco de uma agulha Felizmente a bisav , de 92 anos, ensina o a olhar para o mundo de uma maneira diferente se ele prestar mesmo muita aten o, conseguir ver coisas que mais ningu m v.E o que ele v n o bonito Desde que o pai se foi embora de casa, com a sua Gald ria para Abu Dhabi , a m e anda tMilo tem nove anos e praticamente cego como se visse tudo pelo buraco de uma agulha Felizmente a bisav , de 92 anos, ensina o a olhar para o mundo de uma maneira diferente se ele prestar mesmo muita aten o, conseguir ver coisas que mais ningu m v.E o que ele v n o bonito Desde que o pai se foi embora de casa, com a sua Gald ria para Abu Dhabi , a m e anda triste, sempre com o mesmo vestido de folhos, e a queixar se de falta de dinheiro Resta lhe apenas o consolo de Hamlet, o seu porquinho de estima o, e as conversas com a bisav sobre tempos idos.Um dia, por m, a bisav quase incendeia a casa e enviada para um lar de terceira idade Milo fica destro ado Ainda por cima ele v no lar coisas que mais ningu m v Por tr s da fachada imaculada do edif cio, os idosos vivem aterrorizados pela diretora, a sinistra Enfermeira Thornhill Milo tem agora uma miss o quase imposs vel.Com os Olhos do Cora o a epopeia her ica de um rapaz que n o se conforma em perder a bisav e que tudo far para a resgatar.Obra de culto de Virginia MacGregor, traduzida em mais de vinte pa ses, Com os Olhos do Cora o d nos a conhecer uma inesquec vel personagem e, atrav s dela, a insensatez do mundo em que vivemos.
    Com os Olhos do Cora o Milo tem nove anos e praticamente cego como se visse tudo pelo buraco de uma agulha Felizmente a bisav de anos ensina o a olhar para o mundo de uma maneira diferente se ele prestar mesmo muita a

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    2. I m not a kid you know, said Milo, standing up Milo is 9 years old Of course not That s why you re going to do the adult thing and go home you are going to do the extra miles The extra mile Make an effort Milo nodded but stared at the floor And if I m still not happy tomorrow, I can come back It is a promise Milo has Retinitis Pigmentosa , which is a degenerative eye disease that causes severe vision impairment The peripheral vision becomes increasingly progressive tunnel vision eventually can l [...]

    3. I received an ARC of this book via NetGalley, a huge thanks to the publisher and author for the opportunity to review What a lovely book, profound, important, funny, poignant and enjoyable.Milo has a rare sight condition where he sees the world through his eyes like a pinhole viewpoint This doesn t stop him from noticing things that others miss, he s clever, lovable and brave this young man He has a pet pig called Hamlet and loves his Gran very much The book switches viewpoints between a few cen [...]

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    5. Milo is nine years old and sees things differently to other people He lives with his mum, his gran and his pig They have been deserted by his father who now lives with The Tart He suffers a slow degenerative eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa which causes him pinpoint tunnel vision and will longer term leave him blind Milo however sees than most, even with this issue, his observational skills are exceptional This is a marvellous read which you will find entertaining, amusing and rather tou [...]

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    7. Nine year old Milo Moon lives in Slipton with his mum Sandy, his beloved Gran Lou really his father s grandmother and his pet pig Hamlet Milo is a sensitive, caring boy, but his life is not always easy Milo s father has left his mother for another woman and now Sandy is struggling to pay the bills and cope with her feelings of depression She feels that Milo spends too much time caring for Gran and, when Gran sets fire to the kitchen, Sandy decides she has to put her into a nursing home and choos [...]

    8. 3.5 starsI m in two minds about this book It reminded me of Wonder R J Palacio but is marketed somewhat inexplicably in my opinion at an adult market Wonder takes the multiple narrator approach to a boy with physical deformities starting school for the first time What Milo Saw has Milo Moon at its centre A nine year old boy with pinhole vision that will eventually disappear altogether You would expect this vision to be central to the story But I don t think it is There are a few scenes that focu [...]

    9. This beautiful novel captured my attention because it brought my memories of how I loved my nan very much She would sit and crochet me dolls clothes galore, she even took me to a toy shop to buy a Sheena doll.Another reason that I liked this story is the very heart of this moving tale is about a Nursing home I used to work in a lovely, friendly care home, until the owner sold it I used to make time to sit and talk to all the old people in the home.This very unique story line where nine year old [...]

    10. I was pleased by this book It was a good read, albeit predictable I wouldn t call it a page turner or unputdownable, but I did enjoy it well enough This book presents us with a boy, Milo, suffering from a rare eye condition in which he sees the world through tunnel vision that will ultimately lead to complete loss of his eyesight He has lived with it long enough that he knows how to deal with it and seems pretty capable for a boy his age He lives with his mother and gran, who has been a mute for [...]

    11. This book is a very clever and well written novel it addresses some very important, and sometimes touchy, subjects with sensitivity and humour throughout I liked how each chapter was told by one of the four main characters, it gave me of an insight into how each person viewed the events that were unfolding I wish there had been one chapter in Hamlet s point of view, that would have been hilarious It played out much as I expected it to, there were no big shocks or twists, it just moved along wit [...]

    12. My initial impression of this book was not a good one It was frustratingly slow paced, underwhelming in its plot and a little too on the nose with a random assortment of real world themes As an example, what I mean by the latter is the random out of place racism the Syrian refugee endured for a paragraph that did not come up again at all later in the story, I realise this happens in real life but in this story it did not stay consistent Except for Trippy and Lou, the characters were all very har [...]

    13. Obwohl der 9 j hrige Milo unter der Sehschw che Retinitis pigmentosa leidet, die schon bald zu seiner v lligen Erblindung f hren wird, ist der sensible Junge ein u erst aufmerksamer Beobachter und registriert Dinge, die anderen Menschen verborgen bleiben Milo lebt nur mit seiner Mutter und seiner geliebten Urgro mutter Lou in der englischen Kleinstadt Slipton, denn sein Vater hat die Familie bereits vor einiger Zeit verlassen, um sich im Ausland ein neues Leben aufzubauen Au erdem k mmert sich M [...]

    14. Milo is one of those characters you meet in a story who stays with with you, I ve been thinking about him since I finished this book last night This is a lovely crossover novel suitable for both adults and young adults I loved the relationships between Milo and his Gran, between Milo and Tripi the Syrian refugee who helps him and I despaired and sympathised with Milo s Mum who is in that hopeless phase that I recognised from part of my life where it all fell to pieces and I basically sat on the [...]

    15. Originally posted on This Chick Reads Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review What Milo Saw by Virginia Macgregor is a great debut and unlike any of the books I ve ever read From the minute I read the blurb and Milo s sad story, I fell in love with his little guy, who sees world differently to people with normal eye function In many ways he s a special boy, but despite suffering from retinitis pigmentosa he didn t act as a victim Imagine looking at the world through a pin [...]

    16. Publicado originalmente El Extra o Gato del CuentoQu cosa m s adorable es este libro Para m fue uno de esos libros en el cual a los poco p rrafos de empezar a leer ya sab a ten a muy probablemente mi libro favorito, de esos que te da miedo acabarlo por miedo a que te decepcione La narraci n hecha por ni os es algo que muy recientemente estoy experimentando y hasta ahora han sido en su mayor a muy buenas experiencias.Algo que he notado en algunos escritores europeos es que es son m s diversos, en [...]

    17. I received a copy of this via NetGalley in return for a fair and honest review.Typing this review with tears still in my eyes What a wonderfully endearing, touching, insightful, funny and heart wrenching story Milo is 9 years old and has a disease called Retinitis Pigmentation which basically means that his eyesight is deteriorating and all he can see is life through a pinhole But amazingly the less he sees, the he notices and this is one of the main threads of the story as he tries to get his [...]

    18. What a lovely, sweet, well observed story Comparisons will be drawn with the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, in that it is a young boy with a disability who seeks to uncover a wrong doing.The story is told mostly from Milo s point of view with interludes from his mum Sandy, Gran Lou and Tripi a homeless refugee that Milo befriends Milo s beloved Gran has to live in a care home because at 9 years old and being only partially sighted he can t look after her any I absolutely loved th [...]

    19. Virginia Macgregor has created a cast of memorable and loveable characters From 9 year old Milo, the little boy with Retinitis Pigmentosa, who sees things other people miss through his reduced visual field to Tripi, a Syrian refugee searching for his lost sister and a better safer life to Nurse Thornbill, a greedy and unsympathetic woman to Petros, a man with a secret to Mr Overland, the whistling neighbour who stares out his window all day and night and others who make up this heart warming, to [...]

    20. Deceptively simple prose for a deceptively complicated plot, really well drawn characters and an expertly paced plot What Milo Saw is a novel, narrated by several voices, which, though it will be reviewed largely as a novel about retinitis pigmentosa is at least as much, if not , about modern Britain.I generally prefer my prose to be playful experimental literary pretentious flowery what have you than that of What Milo Saw but it is nice to be reminded now and again what a very good writer can [...]

    21. Virginia Macgregor has written a lovely, quirky heart warming story with current thought provoking storylines The characters are wonderful, particularly Milo, his grandma and his friend Tripi I loved the way it showed us a childs view of how society deals with our older people and how horrendously those in positions of trust can let their charges down Milo was instantly loveable, and I was rooting for him and his mission from the word go A fabulous read which left me wanting a sequel to follow T [...]

    22. If you have read Wonder you will enjoy this book It s a lovely story about a young boy with limited vision who looks after his Gran It tells what he does when the home she has to go to he discovers is not what it s cracked up to be Oh he also has a pig called Hamlet who is very much part of the story A wonderful story of all the different kinds of love to be experienced.All children should read this book.It gives insight into a child s view of an adult world.

    23. I am halfway through this book, and I am loving it I think it s very important that retinitis pigmentosa is well understood and this book does just that The fact that the story is told by four of the main characters is good so you can see everyone s point of view.

    24. I had heard nothing about this book or the author before I saw it first time in the library And I just picked it on a whim I read the blurb and thought it would be a light breezy read and I might or might not read it but let me issue it for now from the library But, I am glad I read this book because it is so good PlotThe story is about a nine year old boy, Milo who suffers from retinitis pigmentosa A disease which means that he is losing his eyesight and one day he will go blind But for now he [...]

    25. I ve received this novel via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Honestly, I m not quite sure how to rate this novel It s got all the ingredients that usually work on for me a precocious child, family problems, older people, a refugee, unexpected acts of kindness and it s even written in the third person In many ways, it s very similar to one of my favourite books My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She s Sorry by Fredrik Backman But I didn t like it as much as the one mentioned above Mil [...]

    26. My bookshop received a bound proof from the publishers.I read this in one sitting Hamlet, Milo s pet teacup pig actually like teapot pig now holds a special place in my heart I would give this book 4.5 stars out of 5 if half stars were possible on.I chose this book as my August Book of the Month for the bookshop where I work.Nine year old Milo has Retinitis Pigmentosa, which means that his eyesight is slowly degenerating and he will eventually go blind For now, Milo views the world through a pi [...]

    27. I wasn t sure if this was a children s or an adult s novel It strikes me as a contender for cross over status with the emphasis on the children s fiction side There are some sex scenes, but they are seen with the shocked eye of the child, and, to an adult reader this one, anyway they come across as funny Milo, the 10 year old protagonist, has an eye condition that allows him very limited vision, but his capacity to notice things with such intense focus allows him to interpret reality closely an [...]

    28. I originally planned on giving this 4 4.5 stars but I am so besotted with the delightful Milo Moon that I ve decided on 5 It is a long time since I ve been so taken with a character, but I defy anyone not to love him.Milo is a 9 year old boy, with retinitis pigmentosa, a condition which means he sees life through a pin hole, but often spots the things that others don t He loves, his Mum, his Gran and his teacup pig Hamlet, and lives at home with them after his father left them for The Tart Life [...]

    29. The star character in this book is the magnificent Milo who is a nine years old boy coping with turmoil and discord in his life His parents have split up after Milo caught his Dad with the Tart, Milo s been diagnosed as having the degenerative eye disease Retinitis Pigmentosa, which means he sees things differently to most people like looking through a pinhole and will eventually be totally blind He always looks out for his Gran but was too slow to stop her setting fire to their kitchen and that [...]

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