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Frosted Kisses By Heather Hepler,

  • Title: Frosted Kisses
  • Author: Heather Hepler
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A delicious follow up to Heather Hepler s smash hit The Cupcake Queen Former Manhattan girl Penny has quickly discovered that life in a small town is never dull Not when there s a festival for every occasion, a Queen Bee to deal with, an animal shelter to save, and a cute boy to crush on.There s a new girl in town Esmeralda She s beautiful, French, and just happens to bA delicious follow up to Heather Hepler s smash hit The Cupcake Queen Former Manhattan girl Penny has quickly discovered that life in a small town is never dull Not when there s a festival for every occasion, a Queen Bee to deal with, an animal shelter to save, and a cute boy to crush on.There s a new girl in town Esmeralda She s beautiful, French, and just happens to be Queen Bee Charity s best friend Penny hopes the arrival of Esmeralda means Charity might be too busy to keep making her life miserable.But Penny doesn t have a lot of time to worry about Charity Her best friend, Tally, has recruited her to help raise money to save the local animal shelter Then there s Marcus, the adorable and mysterious boy who Penny thinks maybe likes her as much as she likes him Plus, this is Penny s first holiday season as a divorced kid although she has no idea what this means.Can Penny help her friends save the shelter, navigate her new family dynamics, and get the boy, or will Charity and Esmeralda find a way to ruin everything
    Frosted Kisses A delicious follow up to Heather Hepler s smash hit The Cupcake Queen Former Manhattan girl Penny has quickly discovered that life in a small town is never dull Not when there s a festival for every o

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    1. Heather Hepler once again successfully shows readers the inside a teenager girl s life She flawlessly writes true friendship, as well as its ups and downs I personally think that this was a well written novel, and there were only a few things that I did not like about this novel When reading the back cover, I believed that there would be focus on the dynamite of the story, but there were so many chapters leading up to the book that I started to get bored of it So I personally thought there was [...]

    2. Manhattan girl Penny lives in a small tow and there is a festival going on she wasn t all excited until she found a cute boy and she had fun when she found she had a crush on him Esmeralda is beautiful, French, and is Queen Bee Charity s best friend They help with Charity events so shes hard not to love Penny quickly gets jealous of her.But Penny doesn t have a lot of time to worry about Charity Her best friend, Tally, has recruited her to help raise money to save the animal shelteris is Penny s [...]

    3. I think this book was pretty good At times I got bored of reading it and I didn t want to keep reading it But at the same time there were times when I didn t want to put it down So I think it all evens out I liked the addition to the book of Tally and Penny working on a lot of outdoor things I think it adds character to Tally and Penny It tells me that they are very helpful and care about their community Also the incident with Penny I thought that was a funny thing to put in the book but also th [...]

    4. This review is also available on my blog, Read Till Dawn.I ll be honest this is the second book in a series, and I haven t read the first book I don t really know what s spoilers and what isn t for the first book, so check The Cupcake Queen out on here if you want to read it before my review I don t make a habit of starting series halfway through, but I got an ARC of Frosted Kisses in August, and I just couldn t resist diving into what looked like the perfect end of summer read.The MC Penny is f [...]

    5. For the past few months, i ve been reading Frosted Kisses I didn t like it that much To me, it felt like the story just kept going on The main character, Penny, was my favorite character because I could relate to her the most She didn t have her whole family with her, and when she did it was trouble I liked how Penny had to help in her moms cupcake shop because it helped her learn responsibility I hate how clingy penny was, she was always worrying about what Marcus thinks and she gets jealous wh [...]

    6. Penny and Tally are determined to help out the local animal shelter Between odd jobs to raise money for the shelter, working in the cupcake shop for her mother, and going to school, Penny s days are pretty full But the holiday season is fast approaching, and that means another festival to prepare for But what is really occupying her thoughts are her feelings for Marcus, and his feelings for her It s bad enough that Penny still has to deal with her Mean Queen classmate, but now a new girl, Esmera [...]

    7. Diving into this one, I didn t realize that i was a sequel to The Cupcake Queen, that I haven t read But this book, which is sort of a romance but also about cupcakes and the holidays, is maybe a little too quiet and light compared to a lot of the similarly themed YA books out there It s not to say that every teen romance needs to be edgy or something, but just that this needed a little .As a clean, standard teen romance, this isn t bad You can do a lot worse, but I m sure you can do a lot bette [...]

    8. This was definitely a middle grade book Cutsie story about pre teens making their way through bullies, love, and family struggles.I wish somewhere on this book it said something about it being the second book However, I read it and completely understood without reading the first.

    9. Frosted Kisses by Heather Hepler is a continuation from the book Cupcake Queen These books are about a girl named Penny who moves back to her mom s hometown Hog s Hollow In the book Frosted Kisses, Penny experiences the holidays in Hog s Hollow and how special they are Even though it s the holidays Penny goes though many difficult situations Especially since there s a new girl in town that causes a little bit of trouble On top of all those things, there is a boy she likes makes things confusing [...]

    10. Here is the link to my full review polylitera 20I first encountered Heather Hepler in middle school There was a biannual book fair that took place, and I picked up the book The Cupcake Queen I love to bake, and I love to read, so the title instantly drew me in In all my middle school innocence, this was my favorite love story, for it was not cliche nor overwhelmingly perfect The characters mimicked people in my own life, and I read the book at least three times.Throughout middle school, I collec [...]

    11. Honestly when first picked this up last year at the book fair i though it would be the best book ever because the synopsis of the book was TOTALLY relatable to me I read till page 30 then DNF D it for a very long time then i picked up again this year and started reading it was eh at first wasn t really into it but was determined to finish it so I did Honestly the romance was corny than cute but still ended great Her bestfriend Tally had a great storyline and the mean girl stuff if you really li [...]

    12. This book was an amazing look into a teenage girls mind Always picking out the clicks and giving people labels and never really being 100 percent sure of what was to come next This was the story of a girl named penny who was the new girl but is quickly replaced by an image of perfection, Esmerelda The girl has a cute french accent and can be friends with anyone and everyone within the first week of her being the country Penny and her friends don t know what to think of her yet, but in the end a [...]

    13. I thought it was as good as the 1st book It was a nice little read Again I liked all Penny s friends and the adult around her there like all one big family and that s sweet So the new girl turned out to be a witch There were problems but they were all resolved and could have been avoided if she had talked it out but in the end her friends family helped and they talked and it was all okay.

    14. While there s fluff here, there s also plenty going on under the surface Teens will relate to the issues addressed in the story bullying, the fuzzy line between opposite sex friendships and romance, the pain when parents aren t reliable or honest, the fun of holidays, the satisfaction when the bad guys get their comeuppance and the sheer fun of making a difference in a way that s enjoyable and appreciated by adults.

    15. Couldn t get into it I m not really sure how old the main character is supposed to be, she acts like a five year old My guess is early high school.

    16. Penny is a former Manhatten girl who just moved to a small town There are plenty of things to do, like saving animal shelters and having to think of how to celebrate Christmas And when a new girl moves to school Penny soon finds out she is not as nice as she may seem Will Penny have time to fix this well she saves the shelter and thinks of a cool Christmas idea That was what I was wondering in this awesome book

    17. The book is romantic and lots of drama with her friends She tells her friends she has a boyfriend and the day that they are supposed to meet him he dumps her.

    18. I originally was given this book as a Christmas present from a friend at school, and only read it this April or May Definitely was not my favorite, but it was decent It was not bad.

    19. Written for keverbloomblogs and teenauthorbootcamp messhallFrosted Kisses by Heather Helper was a really cute young adult novel that focused on a girl named Penny She s recently moved from New York to a small country town called Hog s Hollow Throughout the book, Penny is plagued by normal teenage issues and has to figure out her plan of action For me, I felt like the book was very fluffy and cute but there weren t a ton of underlying messages or themes we all know how much I love those and there [...]

    20. Frosted KissesBy Heather Hepler Frosted Kisses is a love story, but it also have a bully problem The main character in Penny Lane The first problem in Penny s life is that her parents got divorced Penny and her mom moved to Hoggs Hollow where her mother grew up, and where her grandmother lives now Penny has already made a friend over the summer she moved there The friends name is Tally Tally is a confidant strong girl Tally volunteers at the Ark which is an animal shelter The shelter is in extre [...]

    21. I think everyone can relate to a story about grade school drama First loves and mean girls have an all too powerful impact in our lives at some point in time This book touches on both those topics in a clever way and shows that despite complicated and or hurt feelings, friendship and family help make sense of any situation.Penny is still kind of the new girl in the small town of Hog s Hollow, but after some time away from the big city, she s adjusting to her new life Her best friend, Tally, is a [...]

    22. I won this book on giveaway I really enjoyed this young adult novel It is the sequel to The Cupcake Queenwhich I haven t read yet This novel stands alone, but I would recommend reading it in order because I feel I missed some of Penny s backstory The characters were very well written and I like that it isn t full of foul language and sex This is a story about a young girl who has moved to a small town after her parents divorce It is about fitting in and finding your place in a small town where e [...]

    23. A second book about Penny, the cupcake queen New to Hog s Hollow, Penny is feeling comfortable in her friendship with flamboyant Tally and a budding romance with Marcus Of course, queen bee Charity is still making her life miserable with snide remarks and locker sabotage A friend of Charity s, Esmeralda from France is staying with Charity and has a fan club for her beauty and apparent niceness Esme is tutoring Marcus in French Is something going on Can Penny count on her dad to come through for [...]

    24. Hepler, Heather Frosted Kisses 261 pages, Point, 2015, 17.99 Language G 0 swears 0 f Mature Content PG Violence G Penny has quickly adapted to life in Hog s Hollow Her family runs a cupcake shop and she lives with her grandma Then she starts to like a cute boy, but the most popular and most mean girl likes him too along with a fight over the boy, Penny starts to get bullied Can she figure out who is bullying her and solve her problems with romance, or will she be put into a void of darkness I li [...]

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