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Tretiak: The Legend By Vladislav Tretiak,

  • Title: Tretiak: The Legend
  • Author: Vladislav Tretiak
  • ISBN: 9780920985243
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Hardcover
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    One thought on “Tretiak: The Legend”

    1. I really enjoyed this It s an autobiography, but I have no idea how much Tretiak wrote himself I wouldn t be surprised if it were most or all, given his education , and I have to give the translator huge props for what appears to be a great translation job I ve seen a couple of interviews with Tretiak, and I feel like the humor he displayed in those was very apparent in the book there s lots of super dry humor that I really enjoyed.As with any autobiography, you have to assume a huge amount of u [...]

    2. Great athletes don t often make great thinkers Ken Dryden was the exception to the rule Tretiak falls safely within the rule There is a kind of irony in how someone as famously humble as Tretiak can have so little awareness, not only of the contradictions in his own beliefs but in the hypocrisy and arrogance of the Soviet hockey machine Canadian athlete plays through injury He is a fool Soviet athlete does the same Courageous patriot Canadian team loses a game They are pugilists playing an imper [...]

    3. An in depth view of the on, and off the ice life of a hockey legend Tretiak offers his observations of North American hockey and the players that defined the game of his era Tretiak s memories of the 1972 Canada USSR Summit Series were especially engaging and entertaining Although his personal performance was outstanding, he described his participation in his trademark self effacing and tactful fashion A well written book from a true champion.

    4. I ve respected and admired the play of Vladislav Tretiak since I first watched him play on TV in the famed 1972 Canada USSR series It was a treat to read his views on that series and subsequent ones , of his development, and of his perspectives of the differences between Eastern and Western life and philosophy during the Cold War.And the parts that we disagree on How much of that is colored by my exposure to our media coverage over the years AND how much is biased by HIS exposure to HIS Case in [...]

    5. Well written book It is always interesting to get a different perspective on our hockey culture He is absolutely correct it is fun to watch a game of highly skilled skaters playing hockey For example watching Wayne Gretzky and Pavel Bure playing real hockey Watching a bunch of goons play like the the Philadelphia Flyers from the 74 era.

    6. His observations of the unapologetic capitalists of Lake Placid They were not even trying to hide that they were simply there to make money are humorous Also interesting to read something from a Russian perspective of that game.

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