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Salvation By I. Beacham,

  • Title: Salvation
  • Author: I. Beacham
  • ISBN: 9781626395480
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Paperback
  • When you fall in love, if it s real, it s forever But what happens if the woman who gave your life meaning now hates you, for all the wrong reasons Do you walk away Claire chooses to stay, knowing her partner will never love her again Her happiness has been stolen, and her future seems unclear.That is until Regan arrives.Regan is an angry woman running from problems FWhen you fall in love, if it s real, it s forever But what happens if the woman who gave your life meaning now hates you, for all the wrong reasons Do you walk away Claire chooses to stay, knowing her partner will never love her again Her happiness has been stolen, and her future seems unclear.That is until Regan arrives.Regan is an angry woman running from problems Faced with challenges, she moves to Devon to sort out her dead brother s estate From the moment she meets Claire, they seem destined to clash As they do, secrets begin to unravel that test them both but which offer the chance for love.
    Salvation When you fall in love if it s real it s forever But what happens if the woman who gave your life meaning now hates you for all the wrong reasons Do you walk away Claire chooses to stay knowing her

    One thought on “Salvation”

    1. This was such a great story from the very 1st page with relatable and well defined characters involved in an easy to read and also something creative that will leaves us readers with a believably established relationship between the leads,maybe or hopefully Both ladies had so many bad things happen to them,its almost like they were both cursed suicide,Alzheimer disease,bullying etc that than anything else,push the boundaries of believability for me but let us not forget of all the angst and mis [...]

    2. Salvation by I Beacham is heartbreakingly beautiful book about two women who meet at during a painful period in both their lives Beacham weaves a tale of strength, determination and reminds us that love really can conquer all Angst lovers rejoice, this is another book that will make your heart ache, but it is totally worth it.Claire de Vit is the gardener for an old mansion that was turned into upscale apartments in a small community in the southern region of England Working with plants and land [...]

    3. Considering the first two published books by I Beacham are both among my favorites, I was a bit worried that her third book might spoil that I needn t have worried, because the book was great a beautiful, warm story of loss, grief, family, devotion, and love In this lovely book Beacham created two memorable main characters, and revealed a story which tugs at the reader s heartstrings If you are looking for some nicely done and convincing angst, with a fine dose of human kindness, loyalty and lov [...]

    4. Salvation is a story about love, loss and the possibility of finding love again Regan s brother s tragic suicide brings her out to Devon to settle his affairs, where she meets the resident gardener Claire They overcome a testy start to develop a burgeoning friendship that seems destined to lead to something But malicious whispers, unspoken secrets and angry accusations soon threaten to tear them apart The pain of losing a possible, once in a lifetime love may be too much to bear, not to mention [...]

    5. Life is full of chances, Regan, except we don t often see them They can pass us by in the blink of an eye an thrn they are gone Sometimes you jusr have to grab yhe chance and hang on for dear life, see where it takes you I like the story It has a good amount of angst The story is filled with anger, loss, hope and love I also like it because of the unique situation that Claire has It is the first story that I ve read that touch that kind of situation.Although the first half of the story is a bit [...]

    6. A moving beautiful love story Claire has a partner but there are no moments of joy, no hope of love She cherishes precious memories and to forget her sorrows and her loneliness, she burries her pain in gardening Claire has moved away from her friends to be able to support her partner with the dignity and compassion she so deserves Friends who couldn t understand why she stays in this relationship Would she finally open up to a second chance of happiness or will the guilt always be a big turn off [...]

    7. I love I Beacham s work and her ability to portrait love, emotions and angst with simple words and very realistic characters whom you can relate to I love her previous work and this book did not disappoint either This is a story about loss, regret, loyalty and opening up to the possibility to love again Both Claire and Regan are at the bottom of their lives emotionally when they first met, and not to mention their first acquaintance went very badly This is quite a slow burn, but each part of the [...]

    8. I feel like I ve been giving 5 star ratings for books in recent months, it s probably partly due to my tastes changing but I do think there has been a huge leap in the quality and quantity of lesfic work out there Long may it continueWhat a beautifully told story I loved both of the main characters of this book but I especially loved Claire She is a woman who is living her life but not really living it to the full extent, her future is up in the air now that her partner no longer loves her She [...]

    9. Well first the good there are some real moments of humor in the dialogue, which is much appreciated amongst all of the melodrama They story was okay, although I always tend to squirm a bit when one of these romance stories take place amid the backdrop of a murder, suicide, pedophile ring seriously that one was VERY weird In this case, it s the suicide and subsequent clean up so to speak of one of the leads brother Anyway, as the story progresses, there are the usual twists and turns, misundersta [...]

    10. Regan Canning moves to Devon because her brother killed himself and she needs to sort out his estate While taking care of things, she meets the gardener, Claire, of the surrounding apartments and they get to a bit of a rocky start As they become friends and start to become something , several events occur that causes misunderstandings and drives them further apart.I Beacham did a good job with writing about the disease which Rosie had I liked the fact that the author didn t diminish the love the [...]

    11. I Beacham done it again with another great story I was invested in all characters and loved the devotion that Claire shown Rosie and the understanding of Regan.Arc given by NetGalley for a honest review

    12. Detailed score 1.75I took a while to write this review because, unfortunately, my initial response was a Uuuuuugggghhhhahdfhhdughghahsdfhsdfd type noise than actual, coherent words that explained in a rational way the reasons I really did not enjoy this book.To try and put some words around this now It was all tell ALL TELL No show The author holds off on the reveal of the source of Claire s angst sadness pain and her resultant actions until half way through the book Unfortunately it was obvio [...]

    13. There are a lot of good things to say about this book I liked the humour which I wasn t expecting in this book when I started I thought the interactions between the two when they weren t fighting were really enjoyable I liked how the story was spaced out where we slowly were given information which made you wanting to keep reading this book so that you could find out the full story I liked the beautiful concept of Claire staying on till the end to look after her first love through illness even t [...]

    14. This is the first novel I have read by I Beacham I received this ARC from BSB via NetGalley for an honest review.The author has a formal but effective way with words, painting a world that is easy to visualize I liked the way she took her time revealing the back stories of Regan and Claire leaving the reader to guess the circumstances and events leading up to the moment when Regan arrives at her brother s apartment and has her first run in argument with the estate gardener, Claire Right away we [...]

    15. Angry at her brother for killing himself, Regan is also fleeing from her own issues She takes her anger out on Claire, the gardener who befriended Regan s brother Claire hides her own secrets She is unsettled by their hostile interactions but cannot deny the attraction Misunderstandings and withheld truths fracture the promising potential relationship The fault of the other may not be as critical as forgiving one s own past Delightful neighbors celebrate that a good English summer can overcome e [...]

    16. The story brings together Claire and Regan at a very vulnerable time in their lives Regan has recently walked away from a relationship that was going nowhere as well as a job that lacked the challenge she needed to come down to Devon to sort out her dead brother s affairs Claire has given up a lucrative career to care, all be it from a distance, for her partner, dying from Alzheimer s Claire is very defensive, Regan very angry.Their friendship does not get off to a very good start and is fraught [...]

    17. 3.5 StarsIn this novel we meet Regan and Claire, who after a rocky start become friends Both women are on different emotional roller coasters, one due to a recently deceased brother and the other due to a significant other that doesn t even recognize her After yet another misunderstanding, and a few false assumptions, the women that were drawing ever closer are now at odds with one another When the time comes, will they set things right I enjoyed getting to know both women and watching them both [...]

    18. This was a beautifully told story of a love that got off on entirely the wrong foot but just had to be Claire is a gardener for a big old house that has been converted into flats She has been friends with Simon, a man living with enormous debts and as a result mental illness When he kills himself his sister Regan comes to sort out his funeral and his affairs The first meeting of the two women does not bode well for a future relationship but over time they get to know each other and a mutual attr [...]

    19. I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review, so here goes.Claire has lost her partner is every way but the physical Where she was once loved, she is not hated and feared, but she stays and tries to take care of her former lover the best way she can When Claire s friend, Simon, commits suicide and his sister, Regan arrives to settle his estate, sparks fly in all the worst ways Regan seems short tempered and not at all friendly, but when the two women agree to start over and [...]

    20. I loved this book, the pacing and transition weren t very smooth as there were bits where I felt things were moving too fast like Regans mood swings, her moods and thought patterns did not make sense sometimes There were also bits that moved too slow, and I couldn t wait for the punch line to come so I skipped a page to two.The blurb is boring and to be honest, the book has some boring bits, the relationship between Clair and Regan moved slow If you love slow burn lesbian romance then this is fo [...]

    21. Salvation is a story about loss, and new love, and even new beginnings I have never read any the previous books written by this author and was completely unaware of her writing until this book At first I was unsure, as I felt as if too many things were left unsaid This of course did not last and at some point the story and characters took hold of me While starting out uncommitted by the end I was a believer Claire and Reagan apart are not amazing, but together they really made the book I love se [...]

    22. For NetgalleyThis book wasn t engaging and the main reason for that was that it was all tell and no show When the characters started expressing romantic feelings it seemed out of the blue for me, I didn t know where or how they got those feelings It also didn t help that some angsty misunderstanding between the two main characters kept them apart for a good chunk of the book That misunderstanding was drawn out too much It made one of the main character Reagan just so unlikeable, I was not sympat [...]

    23. An honest review thanks to NetGalley The only reason I did not give this a 1 star is that I finished it I may have skimmed a lot, but I didn t throw it down and forget about it I did not like this book, not at all Regan made me want to strangle her, she just wasn t a likable character, and every move she made had me the reader grinding my teeth The style of this book and the characters did not work for me It might work for someone else, but in my opinion do not waste your time with this book.

    24. Once you get into it is is a heartwarming story2women in their own survival modusBeacham describes their road to each other through the English countryside very smoothly They both have broken hearts is a nice read on a rainy afternoonkudos to the author for attempting a really difficult subject and writing about it in a heartwarming way.

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