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Stepbrother Bastard By Colleen Masters,

  • Title: Stepbrother Bastard
  • Author: Colleen Masters
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  • Page: 168
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It started off as a dare a harmless one night stand with a complete stranger He was just another badboy I met in a bar, a harmless fling to start my summer vacation One unbelievable night of sex, and I d never have to see him again But the next morning as I pull up to the lake house my mom has rented for the summer, I get the feeling my world is about to crumble it wasIt started off as a dare a harmless one night stand with a complete stranger He was just another badboy I met in a bar, a harmless fling to start my summer vacation One unbelievable night of sex, and I d never have to see him again But the next morning as I pull up to the lake house my mom has rented for the summer, I get the feeling my world is about to crumble it was just supposed to be us girls me, my two sisters, and Mom but we re not alone Apparently my mom s old high school sweetheart John owns the house, and he has three sons, all around the same age as me and my sisters And they thought it would be a great idea to put us all together under the same roof for four weeks We ll have to share bedroom walls, sit down for family dinners, and suffer through a million other forced, awkward, sexually confusing family activities I m sure And then I realize my mom s new boyfriend has a son a little older than me I see him barreling toward me on a 4 wheeler, a lit cigarette between his lips, strangely familiar tattoos on his muscular forearms and chest as he gets closer I m filled with dread as I begin to realize who he is but he isn t slowing down The f cking prick nearly runs into me As he takes off his helmet I m instantly filled with horror and an undeniable twinge of excitement between my legs It s him The man who took me last night, used me every which way, stretched me than any man I ve ever been with before and now he s ignoring me, acting like he s never seen me before in his life I have a feeling it s going to be a fun summer This Contemporary New Adult Stepbrother Romance Novel is the first book in the three book Hawthorne Brothers series The ending is HFN The book contains harsh language, sexual content, and adult situations that may offend some readers.
    Stepbrother Bastard It started off as a dare a harmless one night stand with a complete stranger He was just another badboy I met in a bar a harmless fling to start my summer vacation One unbelievable night of sex and

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    1. I was disappointed because I read the first two step brother books and was really looking forward to this series I just didn t think it hit the mark in comparison to the first two A lot of questions weren t answered in this book and I m not sure if they will be in subsequent books in this series, but I think they should have either been addressed or given some hint that the answers would be revealed later on It left me in a bit of a limbo What happened between John and his wife wasn t revealed u [...]

    2. 2.5 starsNot a bad book but from CM I d expect The story seemed like an authors first attempt And what was with the overuse of big unused words in the first couple of chapters I get the allure of the word a day calendars and all but most of the times, the words just don t fit in normal conversation.

    3. Kindly provided with an ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review.Very HOT start to a series This story surrounds Cash and Maddie and their one night that turns into a WHOLE LOT MORE Loved the pace of the story Witty dialogue, steamy romance.p this book most defiantly checked ALL of my box s for a damn good read.The only reason I gave the book 4 stars rather than 5 was well it ends on a HFN and my inner Disney Princess screams at these endings.A MUST READ in my opinion I certainly carn [...]

    4. Maddie is on her way from her home in Seattle to a family retreat in Montana She s under the impression that her mother has rented a cabin for two weeks for the three sisters to catch up with her mom On the way there, she meets Cash at a dive bar and they have a quick one night stand She makes a quick exit the next morning not saying goodbye, considering the idea of a one night stand is completely foreign to her When she arrives at the cabin she soon finds out that they will be sharing it with h [...]

    5. 2nd time trying to read this and not getting much further It just doesn t click, don t like either of the characters Probably will be a DNF that I put back into the reading slowly.Picked it up a 3rd time and it was a mistake, should have done a DNF I m stubborn and it was such a short story I thought this was a little erotica but really it was contemporary romance Neither of the characters are likeable Cash is kind of an asshole, Maddie is immature and an idiot She is off again on again and inst [...]

    6. I borrowed this book through the Kindle Unlimited program and really liked it It fulfilled my requirement for these step romances that it not be skeevy as a matter of fact, I think that having it titled Stepbrother is quite a bit of a stretch, as that is NOT an accurate representation of their familial connection.Maddie is traveling to Montana for a mandatory fun Porter family vacation and meeting up with her flighty mom and two other sisters Her best friend, Allie, is trying to get Maddie to li [...]

    7. Great story by Colleen Masters, as we ve come to expect Loved the story line, except the very melodramatic we can t get together because of our parents attitude I mean, seriously, the parents are living together, even if they married their offspring are adults there is no taboo here Enough said on that Love Cash Maddie looking forward to Luke Sophie guess there ll be Finn Anna as well Love the idea Thanks Colleen, again, great story, suggest everyone should read this

    8. Overall I liked the book There were so many missing pieces that I wish I knew though There is some serious drama going on both sides of the family and I would have liked to know instead of thrown in the middle Cash is hot and so are his brothers I am hoping the next book will give details or something Enjoyed it as a quick read but I am used to from Colleen.

    9. This was labeled as a stepbrother book, but technically neither of their parents were married I did not like this one The sex scenes I expected from a Colleen Masters book was non existent and basically glossed over like in the Harlequin novels where they cut from them closing the bedroom door to the next morning.

    10. Hot and steamyWow loved this series so far What I was a little up set about is how both Cash and Maddie s parents can only think about their selves and what they want How they don t think about their children s feeling are even care how they treat them The author did a great job so far can t wait to see what happens in book 2.

    11. 2.75 Stars Honestly this book has soo much potential, but fell short The premise and character development of Cash was amazing, but Maddie SMH acted like a teenager vice a 20 something grown woman.

    12. I received a copy of this title in exchange for an honest review, and here it is.What an unexpected and nice surprise I can honestly say, that this is the best stepbrother romance I ve read to date, and I ve read a lot of them Sadly, most of the others in this sub genre are all about the sex, with virtually no plot, no backstory, no humor, no real dramatic tension other than the perceived illicit romance between possible step siblings, which is why this novel earned 5 stars it includes all of th [...]

    13. Freaking hotness Another great story by Colleen Masters Maddie has just gotten out of a lackluster relationship and is on her way to a vacation with her mom and two sisters Before she leaves, her best friend dare her to have some fun, as in a one night stand Not one to deny a challenge, she accepts.Halfway to her mom s, she stops for the night and ends up at a biker bar She meets the arrogant Cash Hawthorne Oh, what a man They spend the night flirting back and forth Maddie has never had a one ni [...]

    14. What I loved about this was the steamy and hot sex scenes between Cash and Maddie and how they fought the chemistry they had Also the other siblings all held their own within the joined family dynamic in the group settings It does make me want to read the other books in the series just to see them all find love and happiness even though their parents are a bit left of field.Now although titled as a Step Brother romance, really they are all grown adults and I thought the story centred on the fra [...]

    15. This was a great start to a new trilogy As the blurb forewarns, it s not a cliffhanger but a HFN ending, so I hope to see of Cash and Maddie in the next two books.Maddie is pretty straitlaced and sticks with safe, boring guys which means that her relationships are safe and boring On a road trip to a vacation destination to meet up with her mother and two sisters, she stops overnight at a motel and ends up hooking up with a gorgeous, tattoed, ex army stranger a challenge set by her best friend h [...]

    16. Yeah all I can say is that it was meh.Let me just say that a narrator can SERIOUSLY make or break a story Terrible narration distracts from the enjoyment of the story Eli Walker SERIOUSLY fucked this one up Maybe it might have been better if the book was read.Her narration reminds me of being in 3rd or 5th grade when someone had to read aloud Trying to rush through meanwhile making everything sound like run on sentences She just rambles on No breaks, no pauses, no emotional effects She needs to [...]

    17. This book was an enjoyable read Cash and Maddie are great characters that are struggling with their relationship and feelings for each other because of their parents relationship They meet and immediately have a connection and have a one night stand Maddie is not sure what the protocol is and so leaves early with just a note left behind as she heads to go hang out with her mom and sisters Then low and behold Cash is there as well There parents knew each other back in high school and have reconne [...]

    18. I really liked this book a lotd my only big complaint is that it is NOT a stepbrother book reallyd it should have been just Hawthorne Brothers book 1 because there was nothing taboo or unlawful about Cash and Maddie s relationship contrary to what is being said in the story.This one was funny, dead sexy and had some fun plot twists but for the most part it was just a really steamy love story about two people who cross paths in a bar one nightd because of a bet made with her BFF, Maddie meets who [...]

    19. Talk about keeping it in the family The Porter women have not been close for some time, losing her father was hard on Maddie, and she hasn t spoken to her mother or sisters in a while so it was a surprise when her Mom requested they get together for a family vacation, but that was only the beginning of all the surprises to come The first is a bet from her best friend that she have a one night stand on vacation she s not the type to do that , then the stranger she finds to win that bet Cash is ha [...]

    20. A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Maddie has never done anything out of the ordinary and never has been a risk taker all that is about to change as her best friend Allie challenges her to have a one night stand what she didn t count on was sharing that encounter with the sexiest bad boy she has ever seen Cash is absolutes breathtakingly sexy and his physical attributes aren t the only thing intriguing and captivating as they begin to know each other [...]

    21. Maddie is a tad bid uptight always playing it safe When given a challenge she can t back down Now she is on the hunt to have a one night stand with a stranger When she meets Cash there s no doubt she wants to do the sheet tango with him but come the light of day she knows she will want than just a hook up so she makes a clean break Little did she know she would be spending the next two weeks with her sexy stranger turns out he s no stranger Cash is just as smitten with Maddie as she is with him [...]

    22. I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review The book is worth a read The story has emotion and feelings, and many aspects were well thought out and put together My reasons for four stars instead of five are because the situation with the two families didn t feel forbidden There was a lack of tension that should be present with a forbidden love, and I didn t feel that connection This is probably because Cash doesn t care what others think, and they aren t step siblings, so [...]

    23. So what s the deal with the title I ve read miss Masters s two other stepbrother books and found each was better than the last She has her key elements and expands on them to make an interesting plot They can be a bit repetitive of course, particularly the general rule of society saying step relations having sex is wrong I mean, that might be the case in the Colonies, but on this side of the Atlantic, there s nothing wrong with it as they re not related This, however, feels rather weak The story [...]

    24. As always Colleen give us a great story, maybe the title sound to pure taboo but is not, is a story full of adventure and hard decision to make every step of the way, I loved the way the knew each other, I loved the way he talk to her about everything Is a pretty tough story for them, but is great that at the end they stay together and decided to go on nevermind what happened next for them Cash is rough ex soldier with two sexy brothers and a bad father, Maddie is a petite woman who always do th [...]

    25. Yet again another brilliant step brother novel from Colleen Masters.Maddie is an over thinker not a risk taker So when her best friend dares her to have a one night stand with a stranger Maddie is game Never to see this sexy hunk of a man again But that wouldn t be fun now would it While Maddie doesn t want to have a family union in the middle of nowhere with her mum and sister She can t help but think her mother is up to somethink Cash doesn t do family doesn t do complications so when he turns [...]

    26. I received a free cooy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Maddie s mother has invited her, and her sisters, to vacation with her in Montana in a cabin near her home town Maddie leaves late and decides to stop at a cheap motel and sleep before continuing her drive the next day When she is unable to sleep she decides to go to the bar next to the motel, where she meets Cash After way to much to drink, Maddie takes the gorgeous, tatted bad boy, Cash to her motel room The next morning she [...]

    27. I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.The cover is pretty hot I liked the Hawthorne brothers Luke and Finn still have stories to be told and I can t wait to read about them I really liked Cash I don t think he was the bastard , as the title suggests He was a sexy, motorcycle riding, vet who had a one night stand with Maddie I had a tough time liking Maddie although I could relate to her issues with her mother I think the title is misleading in that they aren t step a [...]

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