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The Door By Mary Roberts Rinehart,

  • Title: The Door
  • Author: Mary Roberts Rinehart
  • ISBN: 9781575663678
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Paperback
  • One of the most popular and accomplished mystery writers pens her most spine tingling novel yet, as a wealthy matron discovers how little we know about the people who are closes to us.What is the world coming to This is what ran through Elizabeth Bell s mind on the night of April 18th Sarah Gittings, the family nurse, had just been brutally murdered But all thoughts ofOne of the most popular and accomplished mystery writers pens her most spine tingling novel yet, as a wealthy matron discovers how little we know about the people who are closes to us.What is the world coming to This is what ran through Elizabeth Bell s mind on the night of April 18th Sarah Gittings, the family nurse, had just been brutally murdered But all thoughts of a homicidal maniac running amok were banished when the evidence revealed that Sarah had known and trusted her murderer.Who would have anything against sweet old Sarah As Elizabeth was about to discover, her staid and orderly household harbored than one suspect with a motived, before all was said and done, than one victim.
    The Door One of the most popular and accomplished mystery writers pens her most spine tingling novel yet as a wealthy matron discovers how little we know about the people who are closes to us What is the worl

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    1. First offis review is chock full of spoilers I can t really talk about the book the way I want to without spoiling it So if you don t want to know the solution, don t read past the synopsis until after you ve given Mary Roberts Rinehart s The Door a read of your own.Synopsis Elizabeth Bell is an older woman with a houseful of servants and a niece staying with her When the family nurse, Sarah Gittings, is brutally murdered and hidden down a brick sewer Miss Bell begins to wonder how well she know [...]

    2. Well, I didn t see it coming The killer was not at all who I thought it was Published in 1930, The Door plods along from one murder to the next right under the narrator Elizabeth Jane Bell s nose To say would be to tell you too much about the actual events that leave several injured and four dead The author, Mary Roberts Rinehart, has been called the American Agatha Christie of her time I don t know if I would agree about comparing her to the talented Agatha, but this is my first book by Rineha [...]

    3. It is a testament to one of my favorite authors, Mary Roberts Rinehart, that I enjoyed this book immensely in spite of the fact that the profile of this author completely and quite rudely spoils the entire thingI happened to glance at that page one third of the way through my reading of this book thankfully, the kind librarians at have since edited the page.That bit of unpleasantness aside, this book was a great deal of fun It is the story of an upper class family whose lives become embroiled in [...]

    4. But what I want to know is view spoiler do Elizabeth Jane and the detective ever hook up Don t leave me hanging, Mary Oh wait, you re dead Drat hide spoiler

    5. Not one of her best I never quite understood why the perp did what he did Modern readers will be offended by her attitudes toward African Americans and the working class.

    6. WHO did it Rinehart was a prolific and popular writer from the time that her first mystery appeared in 1906 until her death in the 1950 s She wrote romances and non fiction also, but is best remembered for her mysteries She s frequently compared to her contemporary Agatha Christie, but I think it s an unfair comparison Christie s interest was in her tightly plotted puzzles and her stock characters are seldom interesting in themselves Rinehart s love was people and her characters are so fascinati [...]

    7. This book took me rather longer to read than it normally might have Owing to Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath this book was picked up and put down times than I can remember I may have given it than 3 stars if I could have read it straight through When I started it was with the thought this was going to be a good old fashioned vintage mystery A cozy read But precisely because of the way it was written added to the fact I could not steadily read it through I began to chafe at the constant narr [...]

    8. Elizabeth Bell has a quiet household with servants Her family comes in an out as well Then one of her servants, Sarah, goes missing and is killed Their lives change forever Can Elizabeth, her niece and her boyfriend plus the inspector figure out who did it before someone else gets hurt or the wrong person is accused.Fairly surprising mystery with a twist It s a classic and is not politically correct and uses some words the modern reader may not agree with.

    9. Horrible EndingThe plot is good But the story line is chaotic and the pacing is goes from plodding to breakneck speed back to plodding But all of that could be forgiven if the pay off was worth it But it is as if the author had no idea how to end it so she suddenly through a twist in with no explanation or grounding.

    10. There s nothing better than aMystery that has you toggling back and forth as to who did it This is my first Mary Roberts Rinehart and most explicitly not my last.

    11. Rinehart has rightly been described as the American Agatha Christie Mary Rhinehart is the originator of the butler did it cliche I mean that in a good way The tone of the book could be described as had I only known in that it is written in the first person after the fact and although all the action and clues are described, the protagonist is as completely in the dark as the reader Since the action is set in the 30 s there are some unfortunate racial and class system stereotypes which some might [...]

    12. It s been a long time since I ve read a Mary Roberts Rinehart book, so I felt it was long over due For the most part, it was simply that I had run out of new books at the used bookstore Every time I went in, I would check for them, but ones I hadn t seen before stopped showing up When I found The Door, I jumped for joy, went home and put the book away It then languished on the shelves for almost a year, and while I would think about it, I would get busy with something else The one time I did pic [...]

    13. Clever puzzle that will keep you guessing until the last page.I enjoyed the tone of this book breezy,modern,clear Without knowing when its was written, the story worked as being set in that generic time when some people had big houses with servants It takes place in an unknown city down from New York city People have cars and telephones, smoke cigarettes all the time, and dress for dinner There were some cultural and racial references that reflect the class and background of the author.The myste [...]

    14. When I read on Overdrive that Mary Roberts Rinehart is credited with inventing the phrase the butler did it, I had to borrow one of her books I m glad that I did because I enjoyed The Door very much It is an involving mystery, convoluted and layered with convincing details, that never felt cliched or predictable I especially liked the way the author structured the novel, with the main character reconstructing the mystery after the fact It added a nice layer of suspense to the story to have Miss [...]

    15. I had a hard time getting into this book and remembering all the characters Judy, Karthrine, Ms Bell, Joseph, Jim, Sarah, Dick, and that s those that I can remember, there s I had a hard time too getting into the linear storytelling, Had I known what I know now, this story would be different, but I m not gonna tell you cause we aren t at that part of the story, but only if Thinking back, that might have been the beginning to most of the chapters.For all of its faults, I did like the characters [...]

    16. If I hadn t been sick while reading this, I never would have finished it The plot is preposterous It has not stood the test of time at all well It is far too long and drawn out People do things that make no sense over and over again and they know they make no sense There is goofy foreshadowing, and there really aren t all that many suspects Bad.

    17. A laborious and twisted plot I gave this book 4 stars It keep me interested until the very last page I loved the ending Not sure I understand the why s and the reasons for all the murders Nevertheless I liked the book Will read another book by this author Very soon Like right now.

    18. I enjoyed this book, though I found the plot a little convoluted, the murders too numerous, and the ending abrupt this was the first whodunit I ve read in which the name of the killer wasn t revealed until the last page, I believe My first Mary Roberts Rinehart novel and likely not my last, though she is not as skilled a mystery writer as Agatha Christie, in my opinion.

    19. Fooled me I thought I read all of Rinehart s books 60 years ago but I was fooled by the murderer in this one The plot is a little complex but interesting The characters are well drawn and likeable.

    20. great murder mystery First book I have read by this author It is interesting to read something from this time period early 20th century She well defines her characters and I have had to look up several old Victorian words Good for my vocabulary.

    21. Slightly dated, particularly when it comes to people who are different Very convoluted plot that went on a bit too long.

    22. One of the few mysteries I ve read that kept me reading with no idea who did it I though everyone did it at some point in the story.

    23. After reading The Wall thank you Deidre I had to re read this one Written earlier 1930 Yes, Rinehart could certainly write good mysteries

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