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  • Title: The Book of Lazarus
  • Author: Beth Morey
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In this humorous short story, experience Lazarus perspective of his surprising resurrection at the hands of his friend, Jesus of Nazareth Author Beth Morey skillfully dips into comedy while remaining respectful of the characters place in religious tradition.
    The Book of Lazarus In this humorous short story experience Lazarus perspective of his surprising resurrection at the hands of his friend Jesus of Nazareth Author Beth Morey skillfully dips into comedy while remaining

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    1. Very light, fun read Before reading, I was a bit worried that there would be lots of anachronisms and inaccuracies that would annoy me there are pros and cons to studying biblical exegesis whether making a big deal of historical inaccuracies in bible inspired fiction is a pro or a con I haven t yet figured out There were and weren t they were there but didn t annoy me at all as they worked very well with the tone of the story I liked how Lazarus and Jesus were portayed as human and somewhat flaw [...]

    2. I loved this I didn t even know it was going to be about the Biblical Lazarus, I just read it because I love Morey s writing so I was in as soon as I saw it was available Short stories are so underrated, in my opinion, and I certainly thought this one could have been fleshed out and turned into , but I like that it wasn t That it just got to still be a short story, but now with so much humanity written into it Just, go read it It s funny and warm and a little sad It s good, that way.

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