[EPUB] ë Jud Süß | By ☆ Lion Feuchtwanger

Jud Süß By Lion Feuchtwanger,

  • Title: Jud Süß
  • Author: Lion Feuchtwanger
  • ISBN: 9783746656007
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Paperback
  • The novel tells the story of a Jewish businessman, Joseph S Oppenheimer, who, because of his exceptional talent for finance politics, becomes the top advisor for the Duke of W rttemberg Surrounded by jealous hateful enemies, S helps the Duke create a corrupt state that involves them both in immense wealth power.
    Jud S The novel tells the story of a Jewish businessman Joseph S Oppenheimer who because of his exceptional talent for finance politics becomes the top advisor for the Duke of W rttemberg Surrounded by

    One thought on “Jud Süß”

    1. This book was not what I expected I initially picked it up because its the book behind the most anti semetic film ever made However, the book itself is not anti semetic Sure, the main character is a horrible Jewish guy who bleeds the peasants dry, destroys competitors, breaks virgin hearts, manipulates, cheats, etc But everyone else in the book is horrible too To say this book is anti semetic would be like saying Wuthering Heights is anti English The worst character in the book is probably the D [...]

    2. This is my favorite book of all time.I should write a tribute to this book, not a review What can you say about this book it not only captures the Baroque period so well, but it is a distant mirror of the times that Feuchtwanger wrote it in It captures the German soul in a way that only an inside outside person like Feuchtwanger could.Maybe you have to be a fan of historical fiction, know Jewish history, know German history, and numerous other niches this falls into, but I guess that s where I s [...]

    3. This book is so good that anything I might say about the story being powerful and tragic and noble would just be trite But, if you are thinking about reading War Peace or Crime Punishment, please consider putting that crap aside and reading Feuchtwanger instead.

    4. abused by Nazi propaganda as Antisemiism of the worst kind this is a thoughtful account of the contributions and relationships of German Jews with their fatherland

    5. A very deep book, that shows in detail the life and culture of an epoch, late 17th early 18th centuries In addition, we get a fascinating story, understanding how power and politics work And of course, prejudices, and racism, and the history of antisemitism All this in a dark atmosphere almost devoid of feelings and emotions.

    6. This is simply the propaganda book of all time The film by the same name is even worse Required reading for an understanding Nazi Germany.

    7. I ve said it before Feuchtwanger is a master of the historical novel He avoids the pitfalls of banality and nostalgia, maintaining a literary standard unusual for this popular genre Jew S is no exception This book nonetheless stands out from his oeuvre although not by its own design but due to the abuse of its topic by the Nazis who took it as inspiration for a disgusting movie perverting Feuchtwanger s work to anti semitic propaganda.As most of his books, he s concerned with aspects of judaism [...]

    8. Written on the verge of the the largest wave of antisemitism that the world have ever known, this book was later used as Nazi propaganda against the Jews in Germany, and their betrayal of the Fatherland The book offers us a glipse to the life and culture during the baroque period in Europe The book also allows us to understand European politics worked during that period of time The stuggle between the nobility, the catholic and protestant church as well as the rich The story is one full of preju [...]

    9. Great book It was a great pleasure to read it The story is well written, the characters are beautifully carved and deep It is a book that depicts people and life as it is far from being perfect You ll not find 100% positive or negative characters, they all have their weaknesses, private plots and dreams I read it in Hungarian the English translation was not available for some reason and the translation was superb, romantic novel at its best.As for the important question of antisemitism I d argue [...]

    10. Joseph Suss Oppenheimer is a Jew who rises to the axis of power in a 19th century German duchy As his star rises so does his fortune Money and fame fail to appease him and finally, lust and the endless desire for lead to his downfall A meditative, fascinating look at the corruption of a man.

    11. Ich muss gestehen, die Geschichte des historischen Joseph S war mir unbekannt, insofern kam das Ende etwas berraschend Feuchtwanger deutet die ganze Zeit, w hrend sein Held in Gefangenschaft auf seinen Prozess wartet, an, dass das alles zu einem geheimen Plan geh rt Jedenfalls las ich das so.Keine uninteressante Geschichte, aber die Sprache Feuchtwangers ist an sich schon antiquiert und hier ist es besonders, sagen wir, unzug nglich, da er die Sprache des fr hen 18 Jahrhunderts zu emulieren vers [...]

    12. I know this is incorrect by today s standards but I found it to give a bit of understanding why everyone, for as long as this nation has been around, have been after them to one degree or another, wherever they have settled down in any significant numbers Very interesting

    13. Antisemitism in middle ages, Good story of rise and fall of a financier to the aristocracy, expendable when no longer needed,

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