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Pep Talks By Ali Dean,

  • Title: Pep Talks
  • Author: Ali Dean
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is the fourth book in the Pepper Jones series, which should be read in order The first three books in the series may be purchased as a box set for a discounted price, under the title The Pepper Jones Collection Pepper s freshman year at college is a harder transition than she anticipated Uncertain of her coach s expectations or her place amongst her new teammat This is the fourth book in the Pepper Jones series, which should be read in order The first three books in the series may be purchased as a box set for a discounted price, under the title The Pepper Jones Collection Pepper s freshman year at college is a harder transition than she anticipated Uncertain of her coach s expectations or her place amongst her new teammates, she struggles to redefine her running goals and identity on the cross country team Pepper s steady relationship with Jace should be a source of comfort as she navigates the college social environment, but an unexpected event throws everything between them off track Also, hear from Jace s point of view for the first time EVER Growing up is hard, and when you re Pepper Jones, running may be the only way to help you get through it.
    Pep Talks This is the fourth book in the Pepper Jones series which should be read in order The first three books in the series may be purchased as a box set for a discounted price under the title The Pepper J

    One thought on “Pep Talks”

    1. This was an okay story, although it did feel a bit slow in places Jace s behaviour towards Pepper was awful though, and I don t blame her for being upset about it 6 out of 10

    2. What I like about this book 1 Pepper still doesn t feel the need to succumb to peer pressure and party hard or sleep around.2 She s not judgmental of those who do, but just doesn t want to do the same.3 She doesn t spiral out of control when life throws her for a loop.4 She cares about her friends and her Gran.5 Gran is still hilarious.6 Pepper works hard in school and cross.What I don t like about this book 1 Pepper acts shocked when her boyfriend, who isn t the most emotionally healthy person, [...]

    3. With this book being the 4th installment in the Pepper Jones Series, I can tell you, you will not be able to put this down once you have started I absolutely LOVED it Not only does Ali give you Pepper s POV but she also throws in a couple of Jace s POV I m really glad Ali gave us a glimpse of what Jace what thinking We get to see Wild Pepper be born I kinda like this side of Pepper lol and then you see the closed off Jace not a big fan So in this book, Pepper will be a Freshman at UC on the cros [...]

    4. Full review and at bookplusheart 2015 07 24 pThis book showed Jace and Pepper at their lowest points It was great that Ali Dean added some chapters of Jace, so we as the reader can get a since of what is going on with him Okay, so I just finished reading the 4th book in the Pepper Jones Series I have to say there were many things that surprised me Now I will put my disclaimer in now.1 I got an ARC copy from the author in PDF form that was still in the final stages of editing So there were some [...]

    5. Hope there will be another oneLoved reading about Pepper as she goes to college I hope that is not the end though, don t want the series to end on that note

    6. Did that need to happen Yeah It did It was brutal Never before have I read a break up scene s that harsh.

    7. I feel like the story I fell in love with is back The third book didn t grip me the way the first two did, but this fourth installment as riveting as I ve come to expect from Pepper Jones and Ali Dean Our little Pepper is all grown up and a freshman at CU, where Jace is the star quarterback in his sopho year Pepper learns that running among the elite in high school, with back to back national championships, didn t prepare her for the grueling world of college cross country As Pepper navigates co [...]

    8. I enjoyed this book, because it shows the ups and downs of love and the transition from high school to college and how that can change everything.Pepper is a college freshman Going to school with her boyfriend should be a bliss But its not When something related to family arises, Jace has shut down again, leaving Pepper alone What will happen to their love Will it break because of this

    9. Okay so i semi enjoyed this series especially the first two book but then the third one was just a hot mess, it was too much crazy going in still i read it and enjoyed it I like reading about pepper s journey.So pepper has started college and it s basically the same as when she was in high school, she is literally boring like me lol , she does meet new friends yet she s feeling very homesick i wanted her to suck it up and stop complaining Everything was going great with her life and with jace un [...]

    10. This book I m actually kicking myself for never having reviewed this one I absolutely love this series, though I can t remember any how I stumbled upon it I do remember how much I pestered this poor author for Shoot, if she were to tell me today she was writing I would scream with glee Okay, phew Point is, I love the story of Pepper and Jace, although this book was a little hard to get through because of all the shit these two are put through Pepper starts her freshman year at college, already [...]

    11. Pepper finally goes to college But there s a sudden change in this book Something goes wrong which causes Jace to push away Pepper But Pepper sucks it up, ignores Jace and focuses on her running She also has to contend with the college life, partying and drinking She in a way had to become numb to be solely focused on running She also has to deal with a teammate who might have an eating disorder She struggles to figure out when it s the right time to get her help, when it is not Even when Jace c [...]

    12. Check out of my reviews on my blog gemmareadstoomuchPep Talks is book 4 in the Pepper Jones seriesI DEAN THAT IS NOT HOW A PEPPER JONES BOOK ENDS I m so glad that I haven t had a chance to read this book till the final book has been published, because if I d just finished Pep Talks with no next book to go straight to I would have cried this review has spoilers so be warned I hate that Jace is a bloody idiot for the majority of this book I m honestly not sure I would forgive him if I were in Pep [...]

    13. I love this Author I started out reading her Stark Academy Series and waiting on the 3rd book While waiting, I thought maybe I should dive into the Pepper Jones Series I was addicted from the beginning I love me some Pepper Wilder This is a YA Sports series about a boy and girl who grew up next door to one another It is a five book series that will take you through HS to College Pepper is a strong willed runner with strong ambitions and Jace Wilder is the star Quarterback, not only a player on t [...]

    14. Pepper was extremely whiny and annoying for this book She lost complete confidence in herself and was exceptionally needy and engrossed in her own needs than that of others Jace was a complete dick the entire time, although warranted from the situation he was going through He treated Pepper horribly and wasn t properly dealing with his emotions Now on to the last book as I must know if it ends better than book 3 and 4.

    15. Sh just got realPepper is learning how devastating relationships can be She has been in such turmoil that she doesn t really know what to do with herself I liked reading Jace s perspective because we got to see on the inside I was disappointed that he took everything and didn t share it I thought it was immature to behave like that and his emotions really did run high Overall I m glad that Jace s POV was included it added depth to their relationship.

    16. Is this the last book in the series Oh I hope not How I totally loved the series is opposite to my feelings reading this book I hate the ending And I hated how Pepper was treated by Jace It s sad and it s getting old I just hate seeing old friendships go to waste So hoping for a better, happier Pepper in the fifth book.

    17. This was soo upsetting and I didn t expect it at all It started well and then suddenly it went to hell when my favourite pair broke up I just hope that they will get together and that Jace will realize what a moron he was I was pleasantly surprised by added Jace s narative and again, I hope it will continue.

    18. Love me some Pepper Whilst this was not my favourite PJ book, I m super keen to find out where this story takes us Kept thinking all the way thru what What What But I am keeping my faith that Ali has the right ending for PJ.

    19. UpsetGreat book but just upset with the ending I can t wait for the new book to come out But still a good read that s why 5 stars.

    20. i love this series it is funny, charming, and the sporty this book is an emotional journey for Pep must read book for the series.

    21. A little spoiler alertI loved the first three but this one is different i almost quit reading when they broke up but I didn t but it didn t get better Could have been better

    22. I couldn t put the book down I was really sad at how it turns out and even sad to learn that we have to wait till 2016 to get another book.

    23. WowWow these books, I never want to stop reading and when I put the book down all I do is think about what is going to happen next with Jace and Pepper

    24. I read this book in one night while at work, and then cried because i realized i have to wait for the next one

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