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The Liar's Key By MarkLawrence Tim Gerard Reynolds,

  • Title: The Liar's Key
  • Author: MarkLawrence Tim Gerard Reynolds
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Audiobook
  • Prince of Fools, The Red Queen s War Book One had all the hallmarks of Mark Lawrence s storytelling and writing style which made The Broken Empire trilogy such an incredibly addictive read Bibliosanctum Now The Liar s Key continues the story of the unusual fellowship between a rogue prince and a weary warrior.After harrowing adventure and near death, PrincePrince of Fools, The Red Queen s War Book One had all the hallmarks of Mark Lawrence s storytelling and writing style which made The Broken Empire trilogy such an incredibly addictive read Bibliosanctum Now The Liar s Key continues the story of the unusual fellowship between a rogue prince and a weary warrior.After harrowing adventure and near death, Prince Jalan Kendeth and the Viking Snorri ver Snagason find themselves in possession of Loki s Key, an artefact capable of opening any door and sought by the most dangerous beings in the Broken Empire including The Dead King Jal wants only to return home to his wine, women, and song, but Snorri has his own purpose for the key to find the very door into death, throw it wide, and bring his family back into the land of the living And as Snorri prepares for his quest to find death s door, Jal s grandmother, the Red Queen, continues to manipulate kings and pawns toward an endgame of her own design.
    The Liar s Key Prince of Fools The Red Queen s War Book One had all the hallmarks of Mark Lawrence s storytelling and writing style which made The Broken Empire trilogy such an incredibly addictive read Bibliosanct

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    1. STOP PRESS The Liar s Key has won the Gemmell Legend Award And Jason Chan s UK art won the Gemmell Ravenheart Award for best cover art Very many thanks to everyone who voted also, in celebration the UK publishers have lowered the kindle price to 1.99 gemmellawards legend a I m a big fan That Lawrence guy writes just like I would if I could be bothered.This is my longest book to date, just over twice the word count of Prince of Thorns, and I had a lot of fun writing it I ve continued to aim at a [...]

    2. 2.5 5 StarsIt pained me to say this but The Liar s Key is sadly, an unworthy sequel to Prince of Fools for me.I am clearly in the minority here with my rating and opinion I gave Prince of Fools a 4.5 out of 5 stars, it s in my opinion, Mark s best work up to date The Liar s Key is almost the exact opposite of that situation.The plot of the book started 6 months after the end of Prince of Fools and it revolves around Loki s Key or in other name, The Liar s Key, a key that s capable of opening any [...]

    3. This review contains minor spoilers The Liar s Key is the second book in Lawrence s The Red Queen s War trilogy I adored Prince of Fools which followed Jalan s escapades across The Broken Empire and therefore picked up this book as soon as I could The survivors from the quest to the Black Fort are Jalan, Snorri and their fat honorable Viking friend, Tuttugu They have within their possession a magical key, known as Loki s Key and this can open any door, yet there is a lot to this artifact than j [...]

    4. via GIPHYSo here we are, the second book of The Red Queen s War trilogy and I can put my hands up and say I didn t really enjoy it until the last 20% of the book.I struggled to get into it, the first half of the book was mainly Jalan, Snorri and Tuttugu sailing to various Norse settlements where Jalan indulged in getting himself laid with some young lady and getting drunk, only to suffer the consequences the next day I also found early on with the novel that Jalan would get captured only to be s [...]

    5. 5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 2015 06 05 bIt s official The Liar s Key is probably my favorite work by Mark Lawrence to date, surpassing even my love for the entire Broken Empire trilogy It s also stronger than its predecessor Prince of Fools, which I rated highly as well, but I was never able to shake the feeling that the first book of Prince Jalan s adventures was still missing a little something it didn t read as fluidly as it could have, perhaps However, The Liar s Key char [...]

    6. Mark Lawrence never fails to surprise me Five books in the same universe, at the same chronical period, and yet you never get bored of it He keeps creating plot after plot, layer after layer of political machinations, all eventually combined or intertwined, and proceeds to blow your mind Still, children hope in ways adults find hard to imagine They carry their dreams before them, fragile, in both arms, waiting for the world to trip them The general plot arc of The Liar s Key was exactly what i w [...]

    7. This book was worth every second I spent on it It is an impressive continuation of Prince of Fools.What I liked the most about it was the addition of the flashback I could not wait to know about the Red Queen and I was so thirsty for that knowledge The book really works on the balance between Jalal and Snorri with a couple of new additions view spoiler and Tuttugu, until his death, a very difficult moment for me really hide spoiler.Hennan is an amazing, clever, scarred and funny little boy and [...]

    8. This was an enjoyable read with great world building, exciting adventures and intriguing stuff going on behind the scenes that was somewhat frustrated by my issues with the protagonist The world building really took off in this one after some promising signs in the first book I really liked how the current state of the world is set against the back drop of the fallout from a nuclear war the day of a thousand suns and how civilization is shown to have been slowly and painfully re built I also lik [...]

    9. July 2016 Buddy re read with my fantasy loving friends at BBB Home there s a magic word I hadn t fully appreciated it on my first return but this time I would be going home the rich and conquering hero and I d damn well enjoy it After all, did I not say I m a liar and a cheat and a coward, but I will never, ever let a friend down Unless of course not letting them down requires honesty, fair play or bravery.Consistency That s the finest virtue a man can possess Somebody famous said that Famous an [...]

    10. The one word review AMAZEBALLS The full length review SUPER AMAZEBALLS I was lucky enough to win an ARC of THE LIAR S KEY Oh, who am I kidding I engaged in uncontrollable, trance like begging, in the manner of a pathetic, grovelling type of berserker I threatened Mark Lawrence that I would write Viking inspired songs about him and sing them in the amalgamated style of Taylor Swift, Fifty Cent and Placido Domingo That did it Never underestimate the lengths a reader would go to for a beloved serie [...]

    11. I m glad I re read this and The Prince of Fools again before starting The Wheel of Osheim I remembered some of the story only dimly although my impressions of the main characters remained.This isn t so much a review as a few rambling thoughts before I finish the trilogy.It s interesting to compare Jorg of Ancrath with Prince Jalan No doubt Jorg is the darkest of men, but he never pretended to be anything else Prince Jalan is a vain fool On this re read I found Jalan a lot annoying Lawrence teas [...]

    12. Solid 3.5 stars from me.I still love Jalan, but the wandering around was a bit tiresome to me Great conclusion though.Full review to come

    13. This did not quite match the first book in the Red Queen s War series in terms of quality or excitement, but it was still a very enjoyable read Snorri has Loki s Key and is determined to use it to go through Death s Door and find his family Jalan decides to tag along for the journey since Snorri s quest will take him past Red March Not that the pair have escaped the war between the Red Queen and the Lady Blue Agents of both sides seek the key for their own purposes Like the first book this had a [...]

    14. Oh, my I love this book 3 The world is expanding, and new characters are introduced I do love me some trolls The blood magic and flash backs that Jalan is having are fascinating, and I love Karra, Cara Sorry I did the audiobook so I m not sure on spelling , is a great character I m coming to love Snorri and , although that s not particularly surprising, he was my favorite in the first book as well I was telling myself I was going to wait a few weeks to finish this book because I was taking a fe [...]

    15. Put this one down for good, I think Honestly, I m just really tired of Mark Lawrence s writing I enjoyed the Broken Empire Trilogy, but even with those, the I think about them now that I ve had time, the less I like them Mark Lawrence has basically said that he never knows what s gonna happen in his books, he just kind of writes and what happens, happens And it really comes through in his writing, because it seems kind of careless and meandering at times and then he just throws in a bunch of da [...]

    16. If you read the first book the second is of the same After the advertures of the first book, Prince Jalan Kendeth and the Viking Snorri ver Snagason find themselves in the possession of Loki s key A magic key that will open any door, and I mean any door Jalan just wants to go home and return to his old life Snorri wants to open the door to Hel and go find his family.Same as with the first book Jalan is not my favorite character When the hero s first thought in a fight is to run I really have to [...]

    17. Time still heals all wounds, for now But the world grows thin around this tome as the letters light up on the pages, their magic burning bright, casting long shadows toward the black void of Osheim.As the sun is setting on the Broken Empire, shading dreams into reality, there is still a little time left for laughs, there s still a margin for a handful of clever tricks and foolish hopes, there s still a crack to let the last rays of joy in before it slowly closes around each step leading down to [...]

    18. I m going to have to go and say that I didn t enjoy this as much as the first It s a long book and it felt that way right through The journeying that was an experience I relished before now seemed unnecessarily repetitive It took flashbacks into the past to add any genuinely new information about the characters However, those were excellent as they focussed on Jalan, his mother, and the rise of his grandmother, the Red Queen They were so good, in fact, that they actually overshadowed the modern [...]

    19. The Review thefictionalhangout.c.The Red Queen has set her players on the boardWinter is keeping Prince Jalan Kendeth far from the longed for luxuries of his southern palace And although the North may be home to his companion, the warrior Snorri ver Snagason, he is just as eager to leave For the Viking is ready to challenge all of Hell to bring his wife and children back into the living world He has Loki s key now all he needs is to find the door.As all wait for the ice to unlock its jaws, the D [...]

    20. Welcome to May nority corner of unpopular opinion I know that Red Queen s War is loved and rates highly, but I have issues with this book No actually, I have issues with Jalan Fool of a prince who in the first part of the series brought me as close to polyandry as I will ever get and in the present installment morphed into a sort of an ugly princeling of worst sorts Jalan was never meant to be Mr Perfect, to the contrary all his charm depended on being a cowardly, selfish and opportunist scion o [...]

    21. Mark Lawrence does an amazing job creating a likeable antiheroes who have few redeeming characteristics, especially in comparison to the knights in shining armor who populate so much of epic fantasy Great read

    22. Hello, my name is Nightflier and I m an addict.The sad truth is that I don t feel happy if I do not read I am not productive, I can barely work and my hands start to shake Fortunately or not, my job is to read and after that to translate what I read The trouble is that even when I become lost in translation for hours at a time, I still must greet the next day by reading a book Over the past decade or so I ve read thousands of novels, so I ve become jaded and rare is the book that can tickle me a [...]

    23. Lawrence did it again I love this book BANG BANG BANG.This whole nightmare had started with Astrid pounding on my door, dragging me from a good dream Every part of my return had been about the opening of one door or another It had been a mistake to open that first door too I should have stayed in bed.And yet In book two we find Jal where we left him with Snorri and Tuttugu at the Three Axes in Trond trying to make the best of the situation at hand with Astrid, Edda, Hedwig and a number of other [...]

    24. Wow, talk about a lot of pressure going into a book Due to delays with Canada Customs and Canada Post, I was late really late getting my copy of The Liar s Key By the time I cracked the spine I was already aware of a slew of 5 star reviews, and even if I tried to avoid reading them beforehand, I still knew many readers who were calling this Mark Lawrence s best work to date.Yeah, as if my own expectations weren t already high enough The thing is, early on, I will admit to a few shadows of doubt [...]

    25. 4.5 Stars Another amazing book by Mark Lawrence.I loved Jalan as a character in this book, he is truly fun to read and his development was a joy to see Jalan is a liar, a cheat, a gambler, a womanizer and a self proclaimed professional coward As a result the man has boundless talents for running away from danger, he ll do anything to stay alive, sacrifice anyone as long as he escapes harm The fact that he is not restricted by rules such as loyalty, heroism or morality makes his job even easier I [...]

    26. You know when you spend a silly amount of time setting the mood for someone that is special to you You experiment with the lighting to make sure it is just perfect, maybe light a candle so the room fills with the luscious scents of vanilla and coconut and then you put some music on and pour a drink and settle into your favourite chair Sound familiar I did all that before sitting down to read The Liar s Key I know it s a bit bonkers but that s what you do when you ve been anticipating something s [...]

    27. Whilst I am really looking forward to book three and seeing how this story plays out, I was a little disappointed with The Liar s Key Overall my expectations are not quite being met But you have to put that into context on what I expect from Lawrence, which is much higher than other authors The characters are once again a great read, I loved how the light and dark influences effect Jalen s thoughts and the relationship with Snorry, whilst not as detailed as book one, is still a fine read So wher [...]

    28. It s kind of late, alright What was I to say Oh yes, the ending is one bastard of a cliffhanger, nevertheless The Liar s Key is a five shining star book Aye, five stars indeed Not only is the story amazing as usual also, let s be honest, Mark Lawrence gets the job done and hasn t yet pulled a Rothfuss Martin schtick on us.So, anyway, I might be back in the next days in order to write a proper review In case I don t which is very likely , know I enjoyed this novel heaps Otherwise I wouldn t have [...]

    29. Funny as hell one liners, a creepy key, lots of walking, a little tougher prince but still chicken good shit On to The Wheel of Osheim

    30. Amazing story I love the parts with the Red Queen, at any age she is a compelling character but her as a teenager during the siege was mindblowing.

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