Tryst By Elswyth Thane,

  • Title: Tryst
  • Author: Elswyth Thane
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When Sabrina Archer, a lonely girl of 17, moves with her father and aunt away from their city flat in London to the lavish summer home of Nuns Farthing for her father s work, she has nothing to do but explore the English country home Finding a locked room at the top floor of the house, Sabrina picks the lock one afternoon and subsequently spends many days trying to discovWhen Sabrina Archer, a lonely girl of 17, moves with her father and aunt away from their city flat in London to the lavish summer home of Nuns Farthing for her father s work, she has nothing to do but explore the English country home Finding a locked room at the top floor of the house, Sabrina picks the lock one afternoon and subsequently spends many days trying to discover the identity of the man who used to enjoy the personal study He seems glamorous to her and it is inevitable that she falls in love with him But can this obsession end happily
    Tryst When Sabrina Archer a lonely girl of moves with her father and aunt away from their city flat in London to the lavish summer home of Nuns Farthing for her father s work she has nothing to do but

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    1. I ve just finished this incredible book and my eyes are red and snot is dripping from my nose and I have the worst headache from sobbing uncontrollably, and all I can say is I wish I could feel this way often about a book I LOVED this book I ADORED this book I wish I had written this book I wish this was one of those black white movies from old Hollywood ala The Ghost Mrs Muir I wish I had read this when I was 17 years oldd my highest praise of all.wait for it s coming.drumroll If this book was [...]

    2. Not sure why this book came into my mind this past summer, but I was determined to read it again This was my very favorite book as a young girl and I remember taking it of the library numerous times So the hunt was on This old fashioned book is out of print, but I found it in a small library shared by our high school in my town This nostalgic story was just as good a read to me as it was way back when It will remain one of my very favoritesgood writinggood story and still as magical to me as it [...]

    3. This is the sweetest ghost story I ve ever read I rather like ghost stories, but haven t read very many In fact, I ve probably written of them than I ve read It s because I don t go for the typical scary ghost story as much as ghosts as a manifestation of people who cannot be forgotten I ve been looking for a ghost story like this one and am so pleased I ve found it The only book that has come near to meeting this foggy, undefined criteria is A Fine and Private Place That was a good book, but T [...]

    4. I was intrigued by some lovely reviews of this ghostly romance from the thirties, I was thrilled to find that the library had a copy on reserve stock, and as soon as I read the opening words I was smitten Sabrina had never picked a lock in her life, but it was done every day in books She tiptoed along the carpeted upper passage and whisked around the corner to the second flight of stairs leading to the top floor of the house Gripped tightly in one hand she carried her burglar tools nail scissors [...]

    5. I read Hannah s reveiw of this book this summer and went right to my library s on line catalog to put a hold on it I waited for a really long time for the book to arrive when finally I was notified that my hold request was cancelled When I went back to try again the book was no longer in the library s collection I was disappointeduntil I went shopping at the Friends of the Library book salewhere lo and behold there it was waiting for me.And I m glad it was, I really enjoyed this, it was comforta [...]

    6. A novel about a young woman who, as tenant of an English country house, becomes fixated on a room she s not supposed to enter, and the man whose room it used to be 1939.Full review and many other recommendations posted on my site anotherlookbook tryst elswThis book has been on my to read list for over two years and what s , it s been a nagging book on that list for over two years I ve known since reading the brief plot description that this would be a very special book And guess whatIt was If yo [...]

    7. In the forbidden room at the top of the stairs, Sabrina found loved enchantment That is what it said on the back cover copy of the Tempo paperback I found in my elementary school I was too young to appreciate it , but there is so much to this evocative and unforgettable story The heroine is 17, and sensitive, self contained, old for her years it is inevitable that she will fall in love with the first handsome man she encounters How can anyone not fall in love with a book that begins Sabrina had [...]

    8. This is not a book that one can just run out to the local bookstore and grab off the shelf It was last printed in wide release in the 70 s, and is now available mainly used or through reprint services, so it requires a little tracking down Nevertheless, I would argue that it will be worth the effort for most readers The story starts out just after World War I and follows 17 year old Sabrina as her father and aunt move her from their London flat to a leased house in the country Sabrina immediatel [...]

    9. This is an old favorite from my youth and I pulled it out recently to see if it would still give that sense of comfort and innocent love, mixed with gentle spookiness It does, in spades I m planning on reading Elswyth Thane and recovering old fashioned courtly romance I m sick of brassy, bold, foul mouthed characters

    10. 4.5 stars A perfect comfort read a lonely, quiet girl who loves books, an old English house, a locked and forbidden room e premise hooked me right from the start What she finds behind the locked door is her destiny and her fate charming, heartbreaking, and definitely a keeper

    11. Behold, a book with a unhealthy romantic relationship than Edward and Bella s in Twilight People always make comparisons to Twilight, whether they are founded or not In this instance, I mean to say that the co dependence of the relationship is even stronger in Elswyth Thane s Tryst than Edward and Bella s I can t live without you You are my life now drama I couldn t completely finish this book, to be honest I skimmed the last twenty pages or so But here s what I got.Teenage Sabrina is not conte [...]

    12. At the end of this book I had tears streaming down my cheeks The characters were so well developed and seemed natural Hillary and Sabrina acted right on target for their ages The plot was great because there was no big revelation or climax when the mystery is discovered it s just a soft, calm, love story nearing perfection I do wish it had been a big SENSUAL though, not erotic with bodice ripping and all that, but maybe a little sexy Still, any book that can make me cry like that is worth 5 st [...]

    13. What a great ghost story to read on a blustery blizzardy day in western New York Set in a haunted house in a world ready to explode into the second world war, we find a young English girl falling madly in love with a recently deceased pilot and secret agent There s such a strange connection between the two And did you ever think of what it is like to be a ghost

    14. This book has everything your average Nora Roberts supernatural novel does not likeable characters, writing above a second grade level, a great plot, emphasis on building relationships and a lovely ending It s an old book though 1939 and that makes it all the better of a find Great read

    15. This is such an old book, I think I first read it in high school the 70 s and it was old then It is the very first supernatural love story, written for young adults, that I had ever read I loved it, and eventually was able to find a beautiful copy of it offered online.

    16. I love this book I ve loved it since I first read it at the age of, perhaps, twelve I read it many times during my youth, before I managed to lose it, possibly in the course of a move It wasn t until about ten years ago that I was able to remember the title so I could search for another copy of it Once I d found one, I added it to my collection, but without reading it I think I was reluctant to discover that perhaps it wasn t as good as I remembered it to be, or worse still, that it was complete [...]

    17. Brilliant little novel about Sabrina a slight seventeen year old who feels that she has come home when her Father takes a house on a year long lease Nuns Farthing is the country home of the Shenstone family and the lease is on condition that they leave the one locked room in the house along it is the 2nd son s Hilary s and he hasn t been able to clear it out as he is abroad on government business.Finding her way into the room with the complicity of Mrs Pilton the housekeeper, Sabrina finds herse [...]

    18. What a great, romantic read Tryst is the story of a relationship between a young woman and a ghost Thane is an eloquent writer The only faults that I found with this book were the fact that the ending left me wanting to know about the characters, and that it was a bit predictable Nevertheless, the ending will make you cry

    19. An old, English mansion, a locked room with books inside my heart is pounding already This book is the perfect combination of spooky tension and ghostly encounter I am in love with this lovely little book.

    20. One of the best love stories of all time in my opinion, right up there with Catherine and Heathcliff, Elizabeth and Darcy, and Romeo and Juliet

    21. This is a nostalgia read I remember when I first read this and many of the Elswyth Thane books It was when I was a teenager in Fayetteville, NY The books were in the adult room of the converted house of Fayetteville Library on a bottom shelf near a window The Thane historical series on Williamsburg was another favorite I discovered my paperback copy of Tryst a number of years ago and reread it then and did this reread as a palate cleanser while reading the last Robin Hobb book I love romantic gh [...]

    22. 1939 love story, old house in British countryside, ghost, how could I go wrong I had to make myself a cup of tea while reading it, at one point It is that kind of book One passage did leap out at me this is towards the end of the book She Sabrina would watch people in buses and trains and restaurants with a kind of envious awe people who seemed to know exactly what to say and do, people who lived competently as wives or mothers, responsible for the happiness of men they had married and children [...]

    23. I think the Secret Garden was the first books that I remember from my childhood Tryst is the first novel that I remember reading as a young teen, and it made a lasting impression on my heart It s such a sweet and romantic story true romance, not like the stuff written today with a supernatural twist I finally was able to purchase it from Ebay so that my granddaughter can fall in love with it, too.

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