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The Throwaway Children By Diney Costeloe,

  • Title: The Throwaway Children
  • Author: Diney Costeloe
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Rita and Rosie Stevens are only nine and five years old when their widowed mother marries a violent bully called Jimmy Randall and has a baby boy by him Under pressure from her new husband, she is persuaded to send the girls to an orphanage, not knowing that the papers she has signed will entitle them to do what they like with the children And it is not long before the pRita and Rosie Stevens are only nine and five years old when their widowed mother marries a violent bully called Jimmy Randall and has a baby boy by him Under pressure from her new husband, she is persuaded to send the girls to an orphanage, not knowing that the papers she has signed will entitle them to do what they like with the children And it is not long before the powers that be decide to send a consignment of orphans to their sister institution in Australia Among them without their family s consent or knowledge are Rita and Rosie, the throwaway children.
    The Throwaway Children Rita and Rosie Stevens are only nine and five years old when their widowed mother marries a violent bully called Jimmy Randall and has a baby boy by him Under pressure from her new husband she is per

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    1. Wow What an unexpected goodie this turned out to be I loved it, it had me in tears in parts There were so many parts to the story where I felt that I knew what was going to happen next but willing it not to Just so tragic that I actually cried in places This would make a fabulous made for TV drama I read somewhere that the author had written books in the 80 s then raised a family and has returned to writing I think that the author is a superb writer of post war family sagas and hope she will pub [...]

    2. Loved it loved it loved it Couldn t put this book down read it in under 24 hours Such a sad but real story with some happy parts to balance it out Brilliant book I ll now be downloading other books by Diney Costeloe have high expectations

    3. After the war, many children in England were orphaned and needed a place to live Rita and Rosie were not orphans but ended up in an orphanage when their mom remarried and her abusive, violent husband forced her to sign them away to the government since he had no desire to bring up someone else s brats Mavis mom, Lily was horrified that her daughter would do this and she volunteered to have the children live with her and that way they could still see their mom When tragedy befalls the family, how [...]

    4. While this story was initially compelling, towards the end without giving anything away I started to lose patience as it felt as though the author was trying to impose disaster upon disaster on the protagonist s This resulted in a feeling almost of farce towards the end, which I am sure was not the intention There was redemption, both for the story and the main character, and perhaps in a different mood I might have interpreted the book differently, but I was left with a less positive impression [...]

    5. I can t quite understand how this is rated so highly Maybe it s just not my style, but to me it read like a soap opera in book form I found it a struggle to keep reading.

    6. Don t waste your timeI am not sure why so many people loved this book It was not well written, the author wrote like a beginner still in public school Maybe that s harsh but I am seriously disappointed in spending money on this book.The language is simple, no description It s like a piece a student in junior high would write.The plot is simple enough two girls are abandoned by their mom when she remarries and has a new baby The grandmother cannot take care of them, the abusive stepfather will no [...]

    7. Imagine a world where children are not wanted, where they are given away by their parents and they are sent away halfway across the world Sadly this world exists, this novel is not based on true events but inspired by them.Rita and Rosie Stevens are nine and five when their mother is persuaded by her new husband to give her children away, not realising she is signing away her rights as their mother The girls are sent to an orphanage in Australia, this novel follows their journey into early adult [...]

    8. Just no I started out intrigued, and then everything slowly went downhill It was like the author wanted to use every cliche that existed All the caretakers were evil and terrible people the pacing was so odd Everything just felt bad Anyway, didn t like it very much.

    9. The writing is good But I was so distressed with how the young girls at the orphanage were treated that I couldn t sleep I had to stop reading about a quarter of the way through I understand that it may reflect how children were treated And I know there are places in the world today where children are treated even worse But it bothered me too much to continue reading Because of that I can t recommend it.

    10. How horrible to think you are unwanted by your family This is what two little girls thought when they were put in a children s home just after the war But really they were wanted by their gran but an unfortunate set of events meant they got sent to Australia instead and were told a pack of lies instead A sad but probably realistic tale had me in tears at certain points but certainly worth the read.

    11. Heart wrenching story of two little sisters sent off to orphanage Some of the events were painful to go through Not for the sensitive hearts

    12. This was very interesting to me as I knew nothing about growing up in an orphanage in 1940 The fact that it takes place in Australia is irrelevant I found it very compelling and very hard to read in other places I gave it 4 1 2 stars instead of 5 only because I felt the ending was very rushed

    13. Hard to rate, 3.5, because it will keep your interest, so read rest of review No children were ever meant to be throwaway children Diney Costeloe writes the heart wrenching story of Rita and Rosie, two young girls put into the orphan system in England and sent on to Australia The story set after WW2 in England explains how a mother will do the unthinkable and turn her back on her daughter s It s too much for the mother Mavis when being a single parent with two little girls finds out she is preg [...]

    14. I had hoped this book would be historical fiction with factual information on why and how the British social services decided to send orphans and children to Australia after WWII Will have to look for something non fiction This is the story of Emily Vanstone a self serving, wealthy spinster, with too much time on her hands looking for a way to feel good about herself deciding to basically ruin the lives of hundreds of kids in England and Australia The main characters, Rita Stevens and her littl [...]

    15. Well written historical fiction novel about 2 children placed in an orphanage when the mom signed over guardianship due to social, and financial circumstances This book was an eye opener to me about orphanages in post war England, as well as the practice of moving children from England to orphanages in Australia during that same time frame For me, it was incredibly sad to read about the series of tragic events that happened in the lives of the sisters, Rita and Rosie At times, it was hard for me [...]

    16. I cannot tell you, how many time I sat with a lovely glass of red and cried while reading this book With some inspirational characters it definitely made me want to read on I need to find out what happened for Rosie and Rita You never truly imagine just how bad things are going to get for these two little girls Heartrenching, tear jerking and absolutely beautiful.

    17. This book is undeniably in my top three books of all time A story so heartbreaking but so wonderfully done Only a true story teller can tell such a story I admire that Diney Costeloe has the skill to write such an amazing and inspirational book Her characters are beautiful and truly represent the strength of human spirit.

    18. 4.5 bittersweet stars Thanks Pooja for the recommendation Few parts were harder to read knowing it could be happening right now to some children But get through that and you find the perseverance of Rita and Lily so heartening.

    19. This book was one I couldn t put down It was captivating heartbreaking, even quite distressing at times I became completely engrossed in the lives of sisters, Rita and Rosie, determined to see their story out Expect a lot of tears A really great novel that will really steal your heart.

    20. I found this book by accident on OverDrive What a surprise This was very well written It was sad and maddening at parts but I do believe it was true to the story and no other outcome could have worked for certain characters I will absolutely be looking for books by this talented author.

    21. This book deserves all the credit it has been given So emotive and warming, I simply felt every emotion going The characters are so brilliantly described and you become so attached to Rita, the older sister I would advise anyone to read this book just bring your tissues

    22. This was one of the best books I have ever read I loved the story even though at times it seemed a bit too easy to find Rosie Loved the characters and the situation the story was about.

    23. Aside from being pretty depressing, the writing was pretty poor Skipped big chunks because I couldn t bear to keep reading.

    24. Mavis has two daughters, Rita 9 and Rosie 5 Their father was killed in WWII and Mavis is doing all she can to support herself and them She meets Jimmy Randall and thinks things will get better Jimmy is a bit abusive and is telling Mavis she must get rid of the girls, they aren t his children She is pregnant and wants Jimmy to marry her so she gives the girls to her mother and Jimmy marries her Now he is very abusive and wants Mavis to give up all rights to the girls Lily, Mavis mother has an acc [...]

    25. This book was very good from start finish about young children who were sent from orphanages in England to Australia in the 1940s The story was simply told but very convincing It begs the question as to how this situation was allowed to happen.

    26. Good bookEnjoyed the book Fast read for me Wish it was a little longer oh well I like mostly all the books by Diney Costeloe Always looking for

    27. This was a beautifully written and poignant story set after the second world war, in which 2 young sisters are given up to the state and institutionalised Despite their Grandmother s desperate efforts to have them returned to her care Rosie Rita are shipped off to Australia, as part of the dreadful British migration policy that saw thousands of children sent overseas during the 20th century, to harsh conditions and all too often to terrible abuse The story details the trials faced by the girls a [...]

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