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Couching at the Door By D.K. Broster David Stuart Davies,

  • Title: Couching at the Door
  • Author: D.K. Broster David Stuart Davies
  • ISBN: 9781840226072
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dorothy Kathleen Broster is best known for her historical novels But there is a darker side to her writing, finding full expression in the stories she wrote after she had become a highly successful novelist.
    Couching at the Door Dorothy Kathleen Broster is best known for her historical novels But there is a darker side to her writing finding full expression in the stories she wrote after she had become a highly successful no

    One thought on “Couching at the Door”

    1. An astonishingly good collection of stories by the obscure Broster Well worth seeking out The stories are never dull and there is enough variety here for a good read There isn t a dud in this slim volume and even the few stories sans the supernatural are fine The writing is literate and the romance never silly There is some uniqueness as well Broster has a fine feel for real suspense but I won t ruin the stories by any sort of plot synopsis.I sometimes find these volumes by obscure authors to be [...]

    2. Rounded up from 2.5 I have mixed feelings about this collection Some of the stories Couching at the Door , At the Abyss , Clairvoyance , The Promised Land are extremely good 5 stars The othersm.t so much One thing they are all is languorous Even the best stories take a long time to arrive, often to the point that I began wondering if anything would actually happen so be prepared I suspect that these stories work better if they are not all read at once.

    3. Dorothy Kathleen Broster 1877 1950 was a successful historical novelist, best known for her popular Jacobite Rebellion Trilogy, the first volume of which, The Flight of the Heron, was published in 1925 Little is known about Broster s private life, as she was an incredibly private person Some resources claim that it came as a surprise to critics and readers to find out, when she died in 1950, that Broster was a woman That s not exactly true in the Can You Tell quiz in the Dundee Evening Telegraph [...]

    4. Another book in the lovely Wordsworth Tales of mystery the supernatural series I have to say I had mixed feelings about the stories in the book The first was about an Oscar Wilde type character getting what was coming to him for dealing with the black arts It was interesting and suspenseful The next few stories didn t really grab me I think part of the problem was I just wasn t feeling anything for any of the characters The last few stories I did like There was a lovely story of murder about an [...]

    5. James Baker The main character in the book is a man named Augustine who is a poet The man meets people along the way to help with his poetry but along the way has seen many things a man should never see as he said along with some horror poems that he wrote to depict what was going on.The theme of the book is mostly be that when writing a type of story sometimes its best that you don t reenact what you want to write.One main thing is that there are lots of quotes to god in the book that relates t [...]

    6. I ve picked up several of the Wordsworth Mystery Supernatural books because they re cheap, attractive ways to get hold of a lot of classic and vintage supernatural stories.This particular collection was of stories I d never heard of by an author I d never heard of, but I found it quite enjoyable I particularly liked The Taste of Pomegranates and the surprisingly bloody Clairvoyance, though most of the stories were very good, and several were nicely inexplicable.

    7. This one is still on my want to read list, so there s no review here I did read the title story in another collection, Detection mystery and horror by Dorothy L Sayers

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