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Pura Coincidência By Renée Knight Isabel Veríssimo,

  • Title: Pura Coincidência
  • Author: Renée Knight Isabel Veríssimo
  • ISBN: 9789898775757
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Paperback
  • E se de repente se apercebesse de que o protagonista do aterrador romance que est a ler Catherine tem uma boa vida goza de grande sucesso na profiss o, casada e tem um filho Certa noite, encontra na sua mesa de cabeceira um livro com o t tulo O perfeito desconhecido N o sabe como ter ido parar ao seu quarto ou quem o ter ali posto Ainda assim, come a a l loE se de repente se apercebesse de que o protagonista do aterrador romance que est a ler Catherine tem uma boa vida goza de grande sucesso na profiss o, casada e tem um filho Certa noite, encontra na sua mesa de cabeceira um livro com o t tulo O perfeito desconhecido N o sabe como ter ido parar ao seu quarto ou quem o ter ali posto Ainda assim, come a a l lo e rapidamente fica agarrada hist ria de suspense At que, depois ler v rias p ginas, chega a uma conclus o aterradora.O perfeito desconhecido recria vividamente, sem esquecer o mais nfimo detalhe, o fat dico dia em que Catherine ficou prisioneira de um segredo terr vel Um segredo que s mais uma pessoa conhecia E essa pessoa est morta.
    Pura Coincid ncia E se de repente se apercebesse de que o protagonista do aterrador romance que est a ler Catherine tem uma boa vida goza de grande sucesso na profiss o casada e tem um filho Certa noite encontra na s

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    1. call the structural engineersthis has a really strong premise, but it s poorly executed and once i started my review, the things that bothered me became even glaring, so i m changing my earlier charitable 3 stars to 2 sorry i think i ve mentioned before how a star rating is born, karen style every book starts out a 4 star book in my mind, and as i read, stars either attach or fall off it s a process i half acknowledge during the read before i make my final call this became a 3 pretty early on, [...]

    2. If you trust me at all, then trust me on this one Take a chance and read it Disclaimer It took me awhile to get into this I had almost given up, but then From the reviews I m reading I liked Disclaimer than some The Hook The blurb What if you realized the terrifying book you were reading was all about you Come on now, isn t that enough to reel you in The Line All I felt was soft filth, and it got into my skin and under my fingernails, and its stink invaded my nostrils, clinging to the hairs, so [...]

    3. I m learning to be less bothered about hype I ve said over and over again that most of the hyped and praised and hotly anticipated books I ve read this year have been thoroughly mediocre, and yet only recently has it occurred to me that of course they are it s mediocre books that sell the most Hype still gets to me, I easily get caught up in the must read this first excitement, but I no longer expect it to actually mean a truly great book.Disclaimer is a classic case in point a much talked about [...]

    4. 3.5 starsAnother psychological thriller that s good enough, but not great.I liked the unsettling premise of picking up a book in which your darkest secret is laid bare For those of us who read a lot, it is exactly the kind of what if that hits closest to home I spend a lot of time wishing I was in certain books, but on reflection, am pretty happy i m not, especially in the starring role My turbulent past can stay there, thank you very much.Beyond that, Knight does well with the trials and misund [...]

    5. 3.5 Psychological twisty Fast paced, the revelations keep coming and even when I was sold on one theory, another presented itself A very good suspense filled story, one where it tales a while to like any of these characters, not too sure if I ever did but it didn t seem to matter A few graphic sex scenes Didn t see the ending coming, total surprise which I have to admit I appreciated.

    6. I ve mentioned several times before that I m not normally keen on stories set in Blighty just too close to home The settings remind me of work and the prevailing weather is normally dismal too Two things that hit the wrong note for me from the get go So the London setting of this debut novel from a former film documentary maker had ground to make up from the start However, it did kick off in interesting fashion with Catherine Ravenscroft also a film documentary maker finding a book beside her be [...]

    7. Disclaimer is a great debut novel Not only is it a psychological thriller, but it is a thought provoking story about two families told from different points of view with really great character development This story shows how the main character, Catherine, has a past that comes back to haunt her and destroy the life that she knows I wavered between 4 and 5 Stars throughout The very beginning, being a 4 because it took me a little while to get into the story, but once I caught on it became very g [...]

    8. A mother and her child on holidays in Spain A young man in the same holiday resort, a terrible incident and misunderstanding that will tear two families apart Catherine Ravenscroft has a seemingly happy life Married to Robert, with a young adult son and a successful film maker, she is content with how things are going But when Catherine discovers an unfamiliar book at her bedside entitled, The Perfect Stranger she is shocked by what is written The book will force her to relive an unspeakable mom [...]

    9. Disclaimer Results not typical Do I even need to say it Apparently 2015 is to be the year that most popular books will fail to leave me wowed Perhaps I m reading too many within the same genre Maybe I m expecting too much I suppose the why of it doesn t matter What it amounts to is that my normal existence as a reader happily reading and loving the bestsellers is now marked by moments of self doubt and slight bewilderment.This book, Disclaimer, was okay The pacing was too slow for my taste but s [...]

    10. I loved this atmospheric, beautifully written novel, a real page turner and an intriguing and often twisty plot with some terrifically well drawn characters.2015 is turning into another great year for books, most especially debuts and this one is definitely going to be somewhere near the top of the favourites list come the end of the year I was totally absorbed into the story and loved the emotion of it as much as the mystery element A tale of two halves as we follow along with Catherine, who my [...]

    11. I would have otherwise rated this as a mediocre 2 3 star thriller, decent enough to pass a summer day but nothing special Then came view spoiler the gratuitous sexual assault I ve had enough with rape as a plot device It is a cheap and lazy gimmick and the author does nothing to salvage it and can t, in a book where the characterization is so paper thin If I could have one wish, it would be to have all authors read this article io9 something to think abo hide spoiler

    12. The hype surrounding this book s release has been insane, and the subsequent rave reviews seem to be everywhere, which makes me wonder am I the only person in the world who was totally underwhelmed by this book There have been lots of comparisons made to Gone Girl and equally lots of people claiming that it s nothing like Gone Girl I fall firmly into the former camp this book IS like Gone Girl in the sense that I had absolutely no interest or sympathy for the characters whatsoever.I ve left it a [...]

    13. Disclaimer doesn t disappoint It s very cleverly written and will grip you, then surprise with unexpected twists I was lost in this excellent thriller and couldn t put it down.Catherine and Stephen have a good life and stable marriage, but all that is about to change Their son Nicholas has recently moved out and although he hasn t achieved all they hoped, he seems stable and happy in his work It s then that Catherine reads a book which mysteriously appears on the bedside of their new home The bo [...]

    14. Catherine, a successful film maker, is intrigued when she mysteriously receives a book entitled The Perfect Stranger But as she reads the novel, she s horrified to read about a specific day in her own life one that occurred 20 years earlier which she s tried valiantly to forget How could anyone know what happened that day The only other person who truly knows is long dead She s desperate to learn the identity of the author, and what he or she wants Intertwined with Catherine s narrative, is that [...]

    15. I read this bookI thought I wrote a review isn t the first time the the ghost buster ate them but thanks go to Maureen for the reminder today I can t remember what I rated it I think I might have rated it less than 4 stars 3.5 maybe Either way there are tons of other reviews.

    16. DNFed 54%The story is centered around a mysterious book the main character Catherine I d forgotten her name finds in her home Even though she doesn t remember buying it, she s just moved to a new place and figures it was probably something that d gotten lost in the midst of her things before She starts reading it, and horrified she discovers that the story is actually about a secret she thought would never see the light of day a secret only she and someone dead for the past 20 years knew about.I [...]

    17. Narrado a duas vozes Pura Coincid ncia d nos a conhecer os dois lados da mesma hist ria A hist ria por quem a viveu e a hist ria de quem a imaginou e a passou para o papel medida que a hist ria vai avan ando vamos conhecendo cada vez mais as caracter sticas tanto de Catherine como do autor, ou melhor, produtor do livro, Stephen, o que torna o livro ainda mais interessante O facto de ter poucas personagens vamos esmiu ando ainda melhor as fragilidades de cada uma delas Confesso que n o criei empa [...]

    18. Catherine Ravenscroft is a person who seems to have an almost charmed life, when we first meet her in this novel She is married to husband Robert and both of them have a successful and high status career Robert in law and Catherine in television documentaries They have one grown son, Nicholas, who has not quite lived up the expectations they wanted for him but he has moved out and is living an independent life So, Catherine in 2013 is a respected and loved woman, who has recently moved house and [...]

    19. At first I was frustrated with this book I just wanted it to get to whatever it was that was at stake Once it did, it was a really good read A few parts dragged, and I found myself getting restless again, but then it picked back up, and during the last quarter of the book I couldn t put it down Definitely a psychological thriller, and one that will keep you guessing until the end Though the reader will see some things coming, other things they won t, and that s what makes these types of reads fu [...]

    20. DISCLAIMER is a truly engaging debut by Renee Knight, and a psychological thriller I will not soon forget The story seems at first very simple, Catherine receives a book, which recounts a story she is all too familiar with her own As the story unfolds, we are told what happens through multiple POVs, which i always enjoy when it is done well, as it is here It quickly becomes clear, that not all is as it seemed initially, and that the dubious book serves as the catalyst for some major revelations, [...]

    21. Catherine para mim foi uma ptima protagonista, v tima de um esquema montado para tram la, onde todas as provas apontam para si, onde n o h argumentos em sua defesa, mas que nos deixa sempre em d vida se o que nos contado no livro ser a verdade A autora soube equilibrar bem o mist rio mas chega a uma certa parte em que j n o d para aguentar mais a curiosidade, queremos saber mesmo se tudo o que aconteceu apenas imagina o de algu m extremamente vil ou uma pura coincid ncia de factos e acasos algod [...]

    22. Este livro narrado por uma mulher e por um homem e nas primeiras p ginas parece que eles n o tem nada em comum, o que me deixou um pouco desnorteada sem perceber absolutamente nada Quando a historia come a a se desenrolar e come amos a perceber aquilo que ambos escondem imposs vel parar de ler Adorei o facto de a historia parecer previs vel e de repente uma reviravolta As personagens para mim foram o melhor da hist ria N o as consigo catalogar como a pessoa que agiu mal ou a que agiu bem, ou a v [...]

    23. Some of my most trusted friends gave high marks to Disclaimer I truly was pleased when we chose it for the Kindle English Mystery group read for April But tho it held my attention to the very end, a sinking feeling kept growing that there would be no big twist that the cliched ending I d feared would turn out to be it But an all too predictable backstory is not the book s principal artistic flaw Rather it s the basic conception Although Catherine Revenscroft s secret involves a crime, this book [...]

    24. I m going to start this review with a bold statement this book will make my top ten reads of 2015 Yes it was so good that I can t see me coming across ten other books that will beat this one.So what s it about Well as with any book that depends on the reader not knowing very much before they start to appreciate the story, I can t tell you very much I can tell you that our chief protagonist, Catherine Ravenscroft has just moved house to a new apartment with her husband Robert when she comes acros [...]

    25. 4.5 Read through Scribd Audio Catherine s life is turned upside down when she recognises herself in a book that was mysteriously sent to her The book, The Perfect Stranger , chronicles a dark secret from her past, one that she wants to remain hidden.Stephen is an elderly gentleman who seems to be hell bent on ruining Catherine s life, enacting revenge for a tragedy that happened many years ago He s responsible for publishing the book but this is only part of his plan and he s going to ensure Cat [...]

    26. Thank you to the author, publisher and Netgalley for the much appreciated copy of the book.This is a debut by Renee Knight, which I found to be an ok read It s the story of Catherine, a tv documentary filmaker, who finds a book on her nightstand and starts to read A few chapters in and she realises that the book is mirroring events from her past which she had painstakingly managed to bury a long time ago.In comes Stephen, a retired teacher, who is the author of the book and seems hellbent on mak [...]

    27. Gostei mas n o foi uma paix o Suponho que estava espera de mais Uma hist ria contada de duas prospectivas diferentes e em dois momentos diferentes Tinha pernas para andar mas para mim, n o foi suficiente para me prender muito a aten o

    28. To be published in April 2015Disclaimer starts with an interesting and rather unusual premise A forty something happily married woman, Catherine, finds a book in her house She starts reading it and slowly begins to see that it is all about her and her secret past The author is a retired teacher, who is on a mission to make Catherine pay for the past and to ruin her life Catherine and the teacher, Stephen become obsessed with each other What has Catherine been hiding The book was at its strongest [...]

    29. Sabem quando acabam um livro e n o sabem como o classificar assim que me sintoAs primeiras 60 70 p ginas do livro foram um problema Estava completamente perdida, n o estava a entender nada e a achar que ia ser uma seca total At que h uma reviravolta e a agarrou me completamente Eu me confesso, adorme o de livro na m o, e ando sempre cheia de sono Ontem estive at 1h a ler n o conseguia parar S n o o acabei porque hoje tinha de me levantar cedoAdorei, seriam justas as 4,5 , mas recai para as 5 por [...]

    30. British scriptwriter Renee Knight s cleverly crafted debut, DISCLAIMERis a twisted, dark and chilling psychological suspense which brings new meaning to red herring and domestic suburban noir What an excellent cover depicting the true nature of the novel Let me start off by saying, this is one addictive book which grabs your attention You will sit up and take notice I listened to the audio version, with a number of distractions A lot of rewinding Like what in the heck just happened Did I miss so [...]

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