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Beatlebone By Kevin Barry,

  • Title: Beatlebone
  • Author: Kevin Barry
  • ISBN: 9781782116134
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Hardcover
  • He will spend three days alone on his island That is all that he asks John is so many miles from love now and home This is the story of his strangest trip.John owns a tiny island off the west coast of Ireland Maybe it is there that he can at last outrun the shadows of his past The tale of a wild journey into the world and a wild journey within, Beatlebone is a myHe will spend three days alone on his island That is all that he asks John is so many miles from love now and home This is the story of his strangest trip.John owns a tiny island off the west coast of Ireland Maybe it is there that he can at last outrun the shadows of his past The tale of a wild journey into the world and a wild journey within, Beatlebone is a mystery box of a novel It s a portrait of an artist at a time of creative strife It is most of all a sad and beautiful comedy from one of the most gifted stylists now at work.
    Beatlebone He will spend three days alone on his island That is all that he asks John is so many miles from love now and home This is the story of his strangest trip John owns a tiny island off the west coast of

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    1. In the late 1960s John Lennon bought an island off the west coast of Ireland Most Irish people are aware of it Ask anyone about John Lennon s island or Beatle Island and they ll know what you re talking about Beatlebone is a fictionalised tale of John Lennon s attempt to visit his island in 1978 in order to combat his writer s block and to finally have a place to Scream And it is a masterpiece.The novel is far from conventional In fact, it won the Goldsmith s Prize, which is an award specificall [...]

    2. A surreal, poetic and wild tribute to John Lennon by another of Ireland s talented young writers This book imagines Lennon travelling round the west of Ireland trying to reach an island he owns while evading the attention of the press This leads to a series of strange encounters and reminiscences, some of which have some factual basis, and explorations of his Liverpool Irish roots There is also a chapter about two thirds of the way through in which Barry explains his own motivations and how the [...]

    3. Author Kevin Barry crossbreeds the myth legend of John Lennon with the man he was, in this fable like, surreal story of one Beatle s odyssey Lennon bought an island in Western Ireland almost a decade before, also known as Beatle Island He d only been once Now, it s 1978, and he s in the midst of his dry years He hasn t produced new material since the 1974 Walls and Bridges he s busy baking bread and being a househusband, giving all his attention to Yoko and their toddler son, Sean He s even gone [...]

    4. People go strange out here, John You wouldn t be the first and you wouldn t be the last This wild, free wheeling tale imagines a visit by John Lennon to Dorinish island pictured above off the west coast of Ireland in 1978 Haunted by his own demons, particularly the premature death of his mother Julia, he intends to spend three days by himself and scream his fucking lungs out Things don t go exactly to plan For one thing John can t remember which one of the 365 islands in the bay belongs to him A [...]

    5. I have no idea what just happened.I just read an entire book, and all I can get out of it is that John Lennon was talking to a seal at some point.I may need a coles notes for my book club on this one.

    6. The year 1978 was not a creatively rewarding one for John Lennon yes, THAT John Lennon He spent most of his time in America, playing househusband and nursemaid to his young son Sean After undergoing primal scream therapy with Arthur Janov, he viewed himself as unburdened yet he was also creatively blocked.This is the John Lennon we meet in Kevin Barry s audacious and often brilliant new novel, Beatlebone At the start of the novel, he has escaped from the heart of New York City to the west coast [...]

    7. This was a 4 and a half star book for me I am a fan of the author and of the late John Lennon I like the uncooperative attitude of the west of Ireland the relentless rain, the locals who may pretend to be obtuse, and the evasive sun The author captures these aspects of Mayo which becomes another character in the book in addition to John Lennon and Cornelius, his local driver.It is 1978 and John is desperate to get to an island in Clew Bay that he bought years earlier Much of their time is taken [...]

    8. started on audio switched over to print it didn t help.At first blush, this was merely irritating in the way that Adele is irritating when singing about when we were young when she is twenty freaking five Most of the time I can forget that she is a hyperbolically successful child and focus on her vocals and turns of phrase But when every station of the radio plays her songs every 30 minutes and she must remind us that she is SO OLD and can NEVER REGAIN SO MUCH in every new single, I start wantin [...]

    9. First of all this was by no means an easy read, with an almost hallucinatory feel to much of the book as befitting one written about John Lennon no doubt and it has kind of an odd structure in that half way through Kevin Barry interjects as himself and explains the back story to the book and the Island Don t get me wrong I appreciated the insight and it did help to clarify much of what had gone before and came after, I did puzzle over why that particular piece was where it was though Why not at [...]

    10. 5 out of 5 What if John did disappear, sometime in spring 1978, out to his island He was wont to strike out on his own in those days, to find solace in anonymity as he approached middle age with a great big writer s block around his neck What if, in a moldering pile of old film, we could glimpse him pushing the camera away Was that John Lennon someone might ask and someone else would say, What, are you daft and it would be forgotten all over again What if the beatlebone record DID exist, or near [...]

    11. Kevin Barry s Beatlebone is my book of the year It s a riotous romp full of the most unexpected surprises and captivated me from start to finish.It tells the story of a 37 year old man named John, who is going through a kind of personal crisis He wants to spend some much needed time alone to contemplate his past and figure out his next move He owns an uninhabited island off the west coast of Ireland, which he s never visited before, so he decides to spend three days there alone.The trouble is, J [...]

    12. This is the kind of novel that every now and again revives my hopes of what contemporary fiction could be Not trying to speak for its generation, not an ego thing, not zeitgiesty, but somehow timeless, limitless, and goshdarn fun With sensational wordage, and by mixing fiction, imaginative non fiction, his own personal traveloguey stuff, and by some weird shamanic tapping into the spirit of the whole endeavour, Kevin Barry has knocked it out of the park and oh how it is teary and victorious.

    13. I absolutely loved City of Bohane, with its tensions, character and humour illuminated by beautiful prose and poetic but true speech rhythms.With Beatlebone, it s as if the author thinks we ll love his writing style so much that we don t really need anything else It didn t work for me Yes, there is beautiful prose, and poetic but true speech but it wasn t enough I ve seen this book described as a comedy but it didn t make me laugh.

    14. For the past five minutes I have been deleting and re writing sentences for this review Sure I can say that this book is great, especially if you are a fan of The Beatles and experimental literature but somehow that does not cut it.Beatlebone s appeal is by many things For starters the language used is poetic Think of short sentences stuffed with puns and Beatles references Then there s a the plot John Lennon is visiting one of the islands in reality he did have an island of his own he owned in [...]

    15. Was John Lennon een pionier Hij kocht in 1967 voor omgerekend 2000 het eiland Dorinish, voor de westkust van Ierland, en was daarmee n van de eerste beroemdheden die zich eigenaar van een eiland mocht noemen Het had de plek moeten worden waar John Lennon en zijn vrouw Yoko Ono oud zouden worden Door de moord op Lennon in 1980 kwam daar niets van terecht Na zijn dood verkocht Yoko Ono het eiland met flinke winst aan plaatselijke boeren Nu huizen er grazende schapen en zeevogels.Kevin Barry s Beat [...]

    16. A writerly, phantastic and somewhat flowery approach to Lennon s complex character Manages to capture John s idiolect beautifully and allows the younger reader a glimpse into the very special mindset and vibes of the 70s Barry also managed probably all too successfully for his own good to immerse himself into the inner turmoils and hauntings of his idol Off the hinge is an expression used regularly here to describe mental states and quite rightly so One is tempted to call this a very Irish novel [...]

    17. Picking up this book and looking at the title, I immediately started thinking of the Blur song Beetlebum As it turns out, that tune s ethereal, hallucinatory and Beatlesque quality was absolutely appropriate for this novel, and I ve been walking around singing it for three days straightATLEBONE is what may be the result if you gather the small handful of genuinely talented Beatles fanfiction writers, give them something weird to smoke, and lock them all in a rural Irish hotel room together In sh [...]

    18. Beatlebone is an extraordinary imagining of John Lennon in 1978 by Kevin Barry It has John attempting to reach his Irish island of Dorinish with his driver Cornelius The media are there in their hordes to photograph and interview him, and Cornelius takes John on a madcap trip in efforts to avoid them The book is a surreal, lyrical and poetic journey into John s dry spell in songwriting, his current NYC family set up and isolation, Liverpool, love, and his memories about family mum, dad, aunt etc [...]

    19. Two parts to this review because it was my first experiment with audio books So, let s start there.I wanted to try an audiobook and I was attracted to ones read by the author it seems to me that hearing an author read a book might be a way to get a better understanding of what that author was trying to communicate I listened to the first half of this book read by Barry and it was, I think, excellent But, I quickly reached the opinion that, in fact, I prefer to read a book for myself rather than [...]

    20. I downloaded the e book of Kevin Barry s Beatlebone because I wanted to test my library s e book platform and it was the only book that came up for the keyword Beatles that wasn t already checked out I figured that as long as I had it for 21 days, I should read it I did not know that the author is an award winning Irish writer with a unique style that readers either love or hate I did both.The story, what there is of it, concerns a fictional trip by John Lennon in 1978 to the Irish island he own [...]

    21. My rating is strictly based on personal preference and has nothing to do with the quality of the writing.Originally I was very excited to read Beatlebone as it was giving me an interesting insight into one of the greatest minds albeit drug induced The style of writing definitely fits the psychedelic feeling that the author tried to convey Unfortunately, it wasn t a style of writing that I was able to follow The book had a Benjy from The Sound and the Fury feeling to it when John went on his rant [...]

    22. enjoyable hybrid novel musing on Lennon and an imaginary visit to a real island he bought off the coast of Ireland Fact and speculation intermingle Some of it interesting, some not so wasn t that interested in the fake ranting session in the Amethyst hotel for example but loved the stuff on Lennon s mother and father meeting and on Lennon in the streets of Liverpool in the 50s As Corey says a must for any Beatles fan although not much Beatles stuff in it most set before and after the band existe [...]

    23. This is like a buddy road trip story, only one of the buds is John Lennon in 1978 trying to get to a remote island in hopes that the solitude will bring him out of his post Primal Scream writer s block ah yes, the seventies , and the other is a local chauffeur fixer and one of the great Irish characters of all time Yes, I love this book Now do yourself a favor and listen to the audiobook, because Kevin Barry himself reads it and he is wonderful You can thank me later.

    24. Racing through a lot of short novels at the moment.Kevin Barry is yet another author off the Irish production line who s inherited the gift for writing sumptuous prose and poetic dialogue I m not entirely sure what the point of this novel is but, on the whole, I enjoyed it It s 1978 and John Lennon is escaping his newly domesticised life in New York by heading for solitude on a tiny island off the coast of Ireland which he bought in the 60s He also needs to find inspiration for some songs for a [...]

    25. Speaking about Beatlebone on the Ray Darcy radio show, Kevin Barry s voice rang with admiration for Lennon, told of certain parallels in their backstories and intimated the author s affinity with some of the deceased star s demons it was evident this book was both a love letter and a personal testimony Reading it was quite a long, strange trip The author s stream of consciousness prose, genre bending style and heady mix of the profane with the profound is clearly not for everyone, but I defy any [...]

    26. All those who write creatively in English must get past Shakespeare whether by tunneling under him, flying overhead, or bribing him with a shrubbery doesn t matter or, sooner or later, abandon the project as superfluous For the Irish writer, there is Joyce, who is all the difficult for his relative recentness the ascent of Everest is said to be less technically challenging than K2, because the latter has been summited far fewer times It is noteworthy that Kevin Barry has the chutzpah to channel [...]

    27. In a recent interview Kevin Barry said that each of his works is written in a different style Beatlebone is probably not just a new style for him though, it s pretty unusual alround He has taken a true fact John Lennon bought a small island off the NW coast of Ireland in the 70s and written a fictional account of Lennon visiting the island in 1978 And into the mix, he has added an account of his own process in writing the novel Weird as it sounds, it works Many of the parallels of the lives of t [...]

    28. I was so wary of this going in, having spent my teen years in a frenzy of Beatlemania, to the point where I sort of can t listen to them any because it s like the optical illusion where if you stare at something long enough, it disappears There s also lots of teen angst memories tied up in there, it s complicated So anyway, just a few pages in I was really charmed by this novel It s a bit stream of consciousness, very lyrical, extremely Irish Barry has a good ear for speech patterns, so John s L [...]

    29. One of my favourite authors has followed through on the incredible promise shown in his first novel and come back with an even impressive second novel Already a master of the short story, Kevin Barry rocks the long form again with this funny and melancholic quest narrative of John Lennon in the west of Ireland in 1978 as he tries to reach the island he owns in Clew Bay with the help of my new favourite character, the fixer, Cornelius O Grady By turns madcap, moody, and meta , Beatlebone is the [...]

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