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Betting on Forever By Felice Stevens,

  • Title: Betting on Forever
  • Author: Felice Stevens
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 343
  • Format: ebook
  • A weekend fling in Atlantic City couldn t be out of socially shy Zach Cohen s comfort zone, but a bet with his best friends forces him to put aside the humiliation he s hidden for years and step away from behind his computer screens and online world When he meets Sam Stein, despite their spark, Zach expects nothing than a night of passion and a kiss good bye YeA weekend fling in Atlantic City couldn t be out of socially shy Zach Cohen s comfort zone, but a bet with his best friends forces him to put aside the humiliation he s hidden for years and step away from behind his computer screens and online world When he meets Sam Stein, despite their spark, Zach expects nothing than a night of passion and a kiss good bye Yet weeks later, he can t keep the man out of his head.After a split second decision with tragic results ends his twenty year police career at the same time as his relationship falls apart, Sam Stein is drifting through life At his best friend s urging, he agrees to a trip to Atlantic City to clear his head What Sam doesn t plan on is meeting Zach Cohen, whose sweet nature and honesty has him thinking maybe he could move forward, until Zach leaves him without explanation, reinforcing Sam s belief that people can t be trusted.Well meaning friends refuse to let Zach and Sam hide from each other, forcing them to realize their weekend was much than a one night stand Before that can happen, Zach must come to terms with his past and stand up for his own independence, while Sam has to learn to take a chance and believe in himself and people again All bets are off when dreams become reality, and forever doesn t seem to be long enough.
    Betting on Forever A weekend fling in Atlantic City couldn t be out of socially shy Zach Cohen s comfort zone but a bet with his best friends forces him to put aside the humiliation he s hidden for years and step away

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    1. 3.5 starsIs Zach Cohen s story He is the shy, introvert geek The one who still live with his mum and hiding in the basement with his computers Rather watched Netflix and eating Phad Thai than hanging out with his fabulous friends, Julian, the fashion designer or Marcus, the night club owner Okay, it actually sounds as bad as it is But everyone deserve their HEA, even the nerdy ones and Zach is such a sweetheart Just give him a chance and he will definitely melt your heart with his shy glances an [...]

    2. 2 Stars Le sigh.I really had high hopes for this one, but unfortunately, Zach s story fell completely flat Zach and Sam had such potential Shy and introverted Zach was perfectly paired up with disgruntled and jaded Sam Both men were deeply affected by the hurt of past relationships and just going through the motions of life Sam lost his trust in men, and his career as a police officer, by the betrayal of an ex lover While Zach lost himselfhis self confidence, his self worth the hands of an emoti [...]

    3. Full review originally posted at Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews4.5 starsThis story was just the sweet, romantic tale I wanted for the shy, quiet Zach after meeting him in Beyond the Surface For all of Zach s business success he can t get over the past hurt and humiliation to move forward with his social life As much as his outgoing and sometimes overbearing friends, Julian and Marcus, try to pull him out of his mother s basement and out of his shell, Zach is not like them and not looking to p [...]

    4. It s LIVE Betting on Forever is live on and ARe And in celebration of Betting on Forever s release, Beyond the Surface, Book 1 of The Breakfast Club series is now only.99 cents for a limited time.

    5. amzn 1T4ZaQ8 I was so excited to read Zach Cohen s story, the mild mannered quiet member of the bunch Zach s first meeting with ex cop Sam Stein was well constructed and instantly had me rooting for these two I loved how shy Zach wasn t meek, he was a highly successful businessman, and though on the service they seem to be complete opposites, they were masterfully woven to create multi dimensional characters.Ms Stevens created a world that truly pulled me in, not only did she bring New York City [...]

    6. copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by author publisher in exchange for an honest review I couldn t wait to get to Zach s story He was quiet and shy, in Julian and Nick s book, and I couldn t wait to get to know him Felice didn t disappoint I loved Zach and Sam Zach is shy and geeky Hurt in the past he hides from everyone in the basement of his mother s house Spending his days and nights in front of the computer building app s and beta testing others Sam, a retired cop, forced out of the force af [...]

    7. 5 Heartwarming Stars Receiving Betting on Forever from Felice Stevens was like getting a precious gift It s an extremely special and touching book, that I will never forget Felice has created another emotionally beautiful love story with exceptional characters Zach Sam s story will steal your heart You will fall hard and fast Plus, The Breakfast Crew is back We get to see what Julian, Nick and Marcus have been up to The dynamic between them all was still spot on Their support and devotion for on [...]

    8. ARC provided by Felice Stevens in exchange for an honest reviewThis is the second book in The Breakfast Club series which is set around three best friends Each book focuses on each of the men and this time it is Zach Cohen.Zach is the geek of the trio, he is interested in his computers, his work and staying in his basement at his Mom s house rather than out on the town like his extrovert two best friends, Marcus and Julian He gets riled continuously by his besties about his shy and introvert li [...]

    9. This book was so beautiful and just so good This author and the way she writes sweet romance books, they grab me every time and I can not put them down once I start reading With this book you get sweet, shy and quiet Zach I loved his character in the first book and after reading this book I love his character so much now Then there was Sam s character and there is just something about a sweet caring ex cop who just wants to take care of Zach and make him happy when Zach has not had much happine [...]

    10. I listened to the audio version and really enjoyed the narration It added a lot to the story, imo The story wasn t perfect and the connection between the MCs is instant but they don t fall in love until towards the end I wish it could be explained why some people find and feel an instant connection with someone after just a few words It bothered me that both parties were in a tizzy over the fact that Zach had to leave the hotel and go home to his mother OMG, you are adults act like it Zach, just [...]

    11. Wie so oft, wollte ich gestern Abend nur mal reinlesen und dann den Hobbit gucken Tja, Pustekuchen Mittlerweile habe ich das Buch durch und warte jetzt ungeduldig auf den n chsten Band, denn Marcus braucht auch noch seine Geschichte Hoffentlich kommt er bald.Aber zur ck zu Sam und Zach, die beide ihr P ckchen zu tragen haben, was vor allem anfangs zu einigen Missverst ndnissen bzw falschen Vermutungen f hrt Man kennt sich halt nicht und genau so verhalten sich die beiden auch Immer vom Schlimmst [...]

    12. I really need to stop listening to the last chapter of romance books while I m driving I ll end up crashing because of the tears In the case of this book, happy tears for about the last hour as piece after piece of Zach and Sam s love story found it s place in the puzzle Just lovely.

    13. Zach was the shy, introverted, brilliant, self made millionaire we met in Julian s book He was one of the triad of the close friendship between him, Julian and Marcus I was immediately intrigued, knowing that each friend from the breakfast club would get his own book, but a little surprised that Zach s story would come before Marcus Zach seemed uninspiring and boring compared to the rascally and highly sexualized Marcus But, Zach is not boring so much as he is hiding deep, dark secrets from his [...]

    14. Another beautiful story I adored this book Zach and Sam s story was charming and heartfelt Zach broke my heart, period His low self esteem, along with his notion that he s invisible, led him to a life behind the safety and solitude of his computer If it wasn t for Marcus, Julian, and now Nick, he d be utterly alone Hiding away in his basement, talking to men online had become his norm Zach knew he had a problem Years of put downs and humiliation will do that when you ve been told no one would wa [...]

    15. I believe that everyone knows that I love reading Felice Stevens it s no longer the big secret She is the writer you need when you want that cuddle , her stories are sweet and romantic, they are perfect.We didn t learn a lot about Zach in the first book, he was shy and reserved, a geek who lived with his mother he was a bit of a mystery However, in this book, we learn so much and I liked him, a lot He s generous and kind, but was hurt by a former lover and still has not yet completely healed.Th [...]

    16. Wow What can I say about this oneexcept that it was beautifully written and I did not want it to end Betting on Forever is Zach Cohen and Sam Stein s story When I began reading this book I did not expect to read such an emotionally gripping and beautiful story The way Felice Stevens took me on the journey with Zach and Sam towards finding their happily ever after was absolutely amazing I have to say that this is the first one that I was not so sure that there would be a happily ever after YIKES [...]

    17. This is the second book in this series based around a group of three friends, I wouldn t say you have to read the first one to understand this story but it would be a shame not to read them in series order.So this is Zach s story and from the first book we have already learnt he is the shy reserved geeky one of the group that is the butt of a lot of jokes from his friends Following a challenge by his friends Zach decides to rise to the bet for himself and so attends an IT convention with a whole [...]

    18. Felice Stevens AKA Happily Ever After Goddess has once again filled our hearts with a brilliant love story Betting on Forever Book 2 in her Breakfast Club Series is all about Zach Book one Beyond the Surface covered Julien s love life and how he fell, and refell in love with his hunky fireman MAN We saw Zach at their daily breakfasts, quiet, shy, nerdy Zach I was so freaking excited to see him get his story Zach s epic pair up is with ex cop Sam Yes, another man in uniform My heart almost explod [...]

    19. Beautiful, Amazing Story I m so happy Zach has his story Shy and quiet, Zach hides behind his computer after being abused and made to feel invisible and worthless by an ex He doesn t engage in relationships and barely hangs out with his friends He us attending a conference in Atlantic City though and his friends bet him that he won t hook up with someone for the weekend Not expecting to find anyone, he meets Sam in the bar Sam is a retired cop, with his own demons, but one look at Zach and he s [...]

    20. Betting on Forever is a sweet M M love story filled with ups and downs Sam is a tough ex cop Zach is a shy but successful techno geek Both have tons of baggage and trouble trusting Both men were very likable and believable.The plot was well written and realistic It wasn t really suspenseful, but it DID hold my attention well, and I read it nonstop in one day This was my first book by Felice Stevens Even though it s book two of a series, it can easily be read as a standalone That being said, it w [...]

    21. Betting on Forever by Felice Stevens was amazing Love it from the first page to the last Cannot wait to read in this series so I can see what is happening with Zach and Sam and the others Zach and Sam meet and have a one night stand but neither can forget the other The chemistry between these two characters will melt your Kindle I love that we get to see Marcus, Nick and Julian from the first book in this series Felice Stevens is an amazing writer You can actually feel the happiness or pain as [...]

    22. Zach Sam are bound togetherTitle Betting On ForeverSeries The Breakfast ClubAuthor Felice StevensRelease Date Nov 17, 2015Stars 5Flames 4Synopsis A weekend fling in Atlantic City couldn t be out of socially shy Zach Cohen s comfort zone, but a bet with his best friends forces him to put aside the humiliation he s hidden for years, stepping away from his computer screens and on line world When he meets Sam Stein, despite their spark, Zach expects nothing than a night of passion and a kiss goodb [...]

    23. This has all the hallmarks for something I would like but the emotionial intimacy takes too long and the book and the romance drags for me They need to talk.

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