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Drachenblut By Jane Yolen,

  • Title: Drachenblut
  • Author: Jane Yolen
  • ISBN: 9783891064139
  • Page: 292
  • Format: None
  • Jakkin 15 is a bond boy to dragon nursery keeper Sarkkhan on former prison planet Austar IV In a secret oasis, Jakkin raises mute red fighting pit dragon Heart s Blood, to fill his bond bag with gold and buy freedom After exchanging blood on wounds, they can send mind pictures Sarkkhan s daughter Akki and old blisterweed addict Likkarn help them.
    Drachenblut Jakkin is a bond boy to dragon nursery keeper Sarkkhan on former prison planet Austar IV In a secret oasis Jakkin raises mute red fighting pit dragon Heart s Blood to fill his bond bag with gold

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    1. I absolutely hated this atrocity of literature I felt as if I was reading a seventh grader s failed attempt at a creative writing assignment Jane Yolen tries to give credibility to her appallingly poorly written story by adding adult elements, like the constant reference to the bag girls a.k.a prostitutes and bleary eyed, abusive weed smokers She also invents cuss words for her world which she readily uses with gusto, making me cringe as if she had actually used a real one She apparently does no [...]

    2. I loved this book when I was a kid Read it for the first time in 5th grade Still love it to this day I had to write a bit in defense of this book after reading some of the harsher critiques written by others First of all, this was a children s book and yes, perhaps it it is not politically correct for today where feminism is concerned, it does create a world that did not exist before its inception That is the beauty of fiction This book was one of my first plunges into the genre and I was hooke [...]

    3. First I gave it a 3 Then I took a nap and realized it was closer to a 2 The world sounds beautiful, but the characters are decidedly not I usually don t care much what people in non existent worlds do but the I think about it, the annoyed I get.Main character Hi girl that I wasn t particularly close to You re nice and pretty and I kind of like you but never said anything to that effect in the entire book Your dad gave you to me, and one day I ll have enough money that you ll gladly accept me a [...]

    4. This book is written for a younger audience, middle grade age I believe, as such I m going to try and avoid any criticisms on the writing style, though I had many complaints about it Instead I ll focus on the plot, characters, and the world building This book is the first in what I believe is a four book series I haven t read the other books and I m not going to finish the series I m aware some of the issues I have with the first book might be fixed in the next book, but I feel the first book of [...]

    5. I picked this book up by accident, thinking it wasDealing With Dragons, which a friend recommended to me Conincidentally, I finally guessed my mistake the same day that I found a copy of the latter book at a thrift shop I should have a review of that one to post shortly.As far as YA dragon fantasy stories go, this is about par for the course It is clearly inspired byAnne McCaffrey in some respects Silly sounding names abound The vaguely medieval feudal culture includes a decent amount of patriar [...]

    6. Re read in May 2013 I m wondering if I got all the references to drug addiction and prostitution when I read this as a child, because as an adult it leaves me baffled that a short, simple, supposedly aimed at middle grade story could be so skeezy Don t get me wrong, I thought the worldbuilding was good, but the bleakness and the Serious Issues most of the population are slaves and women are treated as objects seemed at odds with the simplistic narration.The story is predictable, but it s kind of [...]

    7. Another reread of a book I remembered enjoying in my youth Fortunately this one is almost better than I remembered It s definitely youth targeted but the characters and setting are rich and the story is well written It wraps up a little too quickly at the end, but hey, there s a sequel The setting is a desert planet where dragons are a native life form, and humans breed, raise, train, and have them fight for entertainment The humans are divided into free and bond , where the bonded people consta [...]

    8. I love dragon stories but this series disturbed me enough to sell them back Which is something I never do It was a very difficult read for me and I m college age The intended age is for young adults I understand trying to teach children to be empathetic to non human species as well as human but I wouldn t want to teach them with this book Spoilers warning The main characters start out by fighting these dragons, sometimes to the death Then in later books the two heroes are reborn through a dying [...]

    9. These books are meant for younger readers But I often read children s books to see what avaialble for kids now.The only reason the books got a 3 and not a 4 is as an adult I could see things coming, where a younger reader might not, so not as much suspense.This book is a stand alone but If you read all three books in the trilogy, it is quite short and enjoyable.I serously recommend this also to any parents who have have their kids read Harry Potter and are asking what next And imho girls and boy [...]

    10. One of the better dragon books I ve read It was slow, but a steady pace that made it a relaxing read until the climax when I couldn t put it down Recommended for ages 12 16, but an enjoyable read for anyone who likes dragons.

    11. I read this whole series in around 2004, and liked them a lot I don t remember a whole lot from them, but I have some fuzzy images Not sure why I ve never remembered to add them Oh, now I see that I did add the boxed set, just didn t add them individually.

    12. It was unnerving in the beginning but when Jakkin fought the draks and go the egg thing went up a notch It was cool to see how people got away with things when they were slaves The only way to get out of slavery was to get money from dragon battles You d have to steal a dragon.

    13. This is a story about a boy and his dragon, which takes place in a fantasy time period and setting Jakkin Stewart lives in slavery with other men and women they are known as bonders The only way to get free from bond is to become a master, not only a master of humans but of dragons The book explores Jakkin s journey into manhood as well as a friendship with a dragon hatchling The book starts a little slow, but after the first three chapters Jakkin faces hardship after hardship, from stealing an [...]

    14. This series is a sort of precursor to the many YA dystopian novels of today It has the irritating kid who gets dragged into a revolutionary conspiracy, a society that revolves around blood sports, a surprisingly dark world in which slavery and prostitution are normal parts of life, and strange pseudo mystical plot twists that make you question whether the author had a plan or just made it up as she went along It probably would have been a bestseller if it was written today.

    15. My son and I actually found this book on tape at a truck stop while on a road trip It was kind of hard to get into but it kept me awake and if you like Dragons, you ll love the world of the Pit Dragon Chronicles.

    16. Dragon s Blood is a pretty average young adult fantasy sci fi novel that could have been good except for a few issues that drag it down to mediocre at best Most of the things that bugged me were related to world building Some were just annoying For example, the double Ks in all of the proper names and the thees and thous made me twitch every time I saw them Others were major oversights apparently, the only profession available to women in this world, with a few exceptions, is that of prostitute [...]

    17. Clearly influenced by Anne McCaffrey s Dragonriders of Pern, Dragon s Blood is a science fiction fantasy that didn t turn out to be anything I was expecting when I picked it up I thought it would be a fun dragon book How to Train Your Dragon still makes me squeal in excitement I was not expecting something akin to McCaffrey s works I m not saying that it s a bad thing it just caught me off guard.I m not a huge fan of science fiction, especially this kind, where strange terms and words are introd [...]

    18. It s than 200 years since humans settled the planet Austar IV in the Erato galaxy, and training and fighting the native dragons has become the planet s main claim to fame Jakkin is a bond servant, indentured to his master until he can fill the bond bag that hangs around his waist, but Jakkin has a plan steal a hatchling, teach it to fight, and use the profits to become a master in his own right Of course, though he knows a little bit about dragons, he doesn t really know anything about teaching [...]

    19. My sixth novel about dragons, apparently a popular fantasy subject, was enjoyable and fun Unlike a typical fantasy, Dragon s Blood embraced science fiction and even some politics to my taste This novel is set in a human colonized world 300 years in the future, where the indigent creatures are dragons Once a prison colony, the populace of Austere IV struggles economical, with many living in indentured servitude, but what does bring coin to the planet, are the dragon pits, where dragons are pitte [...]

    20. I remember reading this when I was younger and remembered some vivid details that really stuck with me even though the title didn t I reread this since my 9 year old was interested in reading it I was glad to finally find it and relished reading it again I ll have my daughter wait a while before reading it because of the baggaries and one line that, though not overly detailed, would concern my young one.Well worth a read One of my favorite dragon books still.

    21. I mostly enjoyed this, though the thee s and thou s directed at dragons annoyed me It didn t make even handwavium sense.Also, the ending was nauseatingly pro eugenics and pro indentured servitude None of that false compassion picking a runt or one with an injured wing You went right to the best And nonsense about some people not being man enough to get out of their servitude Yuck, yuck, yuck.

    22. This was one of those kindle books that come with a free audible The narration was great with each voice distinct amazing for a woman And this is a Dragon tale off the beaten path A former penal colony where dragons were natural to the planet.Also a coming of age too A fast read, if you have KU grove on over to.

    23. I picked this up, read half of it, sat it down, and promptly forgot about it Oooooops It wasn t bad but it didn t blow me away either I m curious to see if my other Jane Yolen books are written similarly I m not sure if I will continue the series yet or not but I wouldn t mind to see where it goes

    24. This was one of the last books I read in middle school I was working through the library alphabetically D and it took me by surprise Such a dark story with so many things I was unprepared to deal with at the time I freakin loved it Especially after reading, what amounts to the entirety of my middle schools fiction section I highly recommend this series.

    25. The 3 stars was for the childhood memories I notice a lot of gender stereotypes in this that make me a bit annoyed and it is very predictable However this used to be one of those books that I couldn t stop thinking about as a child I pretended to have my own fighting dragon Good memories

    26. Very Good BeginningKnowing that this is only book 1, I enjoyed meeting the main characters Dragons in a pit fight with an emotional telepathic link to their master is a good concept I look forward to the author being in depth on Akki s story in the next book.

    27. Read this series then only 3 books when I was a kid back in middle school I absolutely loved every page I plan on going back through this series eventually, especially since there s a new book as of 2009 we ll see if I enjoy it as much as an adult.

    28. Loved this book as a child but now that I m rereading it I just can t get into it One star and on my couldn t finish shelf Not worth it.

    29. What an imagination it takes to create a world and make it believable My interest was piqued from the start The book was an easy read, quick and fascinating.

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