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Fogo Cruzado By James Patterson,

  • Title: Fogo Cruzado
  • Author: James Patterson
  • ISBN: 9789898800718
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Paperback
  • Um policial alucinante e poderoso, do autor que mais vezes alcan ou o n 1 do New York Times.Os planos para o casamento do detetive Alex Cross com a sua noiva, Bree Stone, s o interrompidos Alex chamado cena de crime do assass nio de dois dos mais corruptos de Washington, DC um congressista sem escr pulos e um lobista dissimulado Mas o atirador furtivo volta a atacUm policial alucinante e poderoso, do autor que mais vezes alcan ou o n 1 do New York Times.Os planos para o casamento do detetive Alex Cross com a sua noiva, Bree Stone, s o interrompidos Alex chamado cena de crime do assass nio de dois dos mais corruptos de Washington, DC um congressista sem escr pulos e um lobista dissimulado Mas o atirador furtivo volta a atacar, escolhendo outros pol ticos corruptos como alvos, e desencadeando uma torrente de teorias afinal, ser este atirador um her i ou um mercen rio O caso toma propor es inesperadas e o FBI destaca o arrogante agente Max Siegel para a investiga o Rapidamente, Alex e Siegel entram em confronto acerca de quem tem jurisdi o sobre o caso.Entretanto, os assass nios continuam Enquanto se debate com a identidade do atirador, Siegel e o casamento, Alex recebe um telefonema do seu mais mort fero advers rio Kyle Craig O g nio do crime est de volta a DC e n o ir descansar enquanto n o tiver eliminado de vez Cross e todos os seus entes queridos.Apanhado no fogo cruzado, ir Alex conseguir sobreviver
    Fogo Cruzado Um policial alucinante e poderoso do autor que mais vezes alcan ou o n do New York Times Os planos para o casamento do detetive Alex Cross com a sua noiva Bree Stone s o interrompidos Alex chamad

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    1. I finished Cross Fire a couple of days ago and amid the storm of activity around the ranch here I tried to best organize my thoughts to a point where this review would not be too rambling The thing that stands out the most for me with this newest edition in the Alex Cross saga series is this No matter what you may read posted by book reviewers, book critics, literary purists if there is such a thing , thriller genre fans and writer bloggers is this James Patterson IS and has a style all his own [...]

    2. So my first novel by James Patterson which is surprising because even I know he has written a ton of novels.d I must check out as his writing is crisp, engaging and easy to read, you find yourself tearing through pages and looking up to see half the book is gone and that is wonderful talentIn this seventeenth installment I know I know I have to read of the series Detective Alex Cross is newly engaged and back in touch with his arch nemesis Kyle Craig who basically wants to destroy him As alway [...]

    3. Well it s about time that the Kyle Craig storyline was done with once and for all This is the 11th book since we found out that Kyle Craig was the Mastermind and finally he got what was coming to him and in such anti climactic fashion I think this is going to have to be my first negative review of James Patterson novel After waiting for so long to see Kyle get what was coming to him and to have it end as it did in this story was so disappointing There were no fiendishly clever and terrifying plo [...]

    4. Preparations are underway for the wedding of Alex Cross and Bree Stone Alex s family is excited and happy about the wedding Kyle Craig, Alex s sworn enemy, is thinking about Alex s wedding and determined to do whatever is necessary to make Alex s life miserable His plans to disrupt the wedding sound perfect.Alex s wedding is put on hold when a gunman begins a killing spree The killer s victims include people whose names are well known in Washington not only for their positions but also for their [...]

    5. Patterson s reads are engaging, which can be a bad thing when you re so caught up in the story you pick apart every scene of the book Cross, to me, is not a reliable character One book he ll come up with all the ideas and be hot on the trail of his killer, the next and he s clueless I still don t know who he works for full time.This one was action packed and I loved the fact that Bree has all the qualities that Cross needs to keep him balanced She fits in well.The baby momma issue needs to stop [...]

    6. A lot has happened in Cross Fire, like Alex Cross getting married Oh, and don t forget that Kyle Craig is back But of course Cross still somehow makes stupid mistakes within this book which is just frustrating beyond relief I don t really know how I truly feel about this book and I m kind of scared to rate this book based on my review because I m just kind of all over the place No, it wasn t boring to read at all But yes, I did get annoyed with a bunch of things I do like to see some old villain [...]

    7. Another Patterson Alex Cross book That is enough to tell you it is good Alex has three different cases going on in this book First the alphabet killer, second someone killing high profile people who are not exactly nice people and 3rd Kyle Craig has escaped and is back in Alex s life And Alex and Bree get married near the end of the book.

    8. Another 5star rating love reading Alex cross This one was not what I expected at all Just a pity it ended like it did as another storey could have come between them

    9. Detective Alex Cross is back in the 17th novel of this best selling series In my opinion it is the best Alex Cross novel to date, James Patterson at his best.It starts with a chilling murder committed by The Mastermind , readers of the previous novels will know who this is From here on it just gets better and better.A sniper is going around Washington killing the bad guys from the newspapers , high profile targets including politicians, judges and heads of companies Is the killer working alone a [...]

    10. One of Det Alex Cross s hated enemies is Kyle Craig Craig has escaped from prison and is seeking revenge against Cross Craig kills FBI agent Max Siegel and then has plastic surgery to make himself look like Siegel then he learns everything he can about Siegle s life.In Washington, D.C Alex Cross has proposed to Brianna Stone Shortly thereafter he s called to investgigate a sniper assassination of two of Washington s politicians who were under investigation for corruption.When another sniper kill [...]

    11. Alex Cross is back and it s not a surprise that the case he has to solve involves a whole lot of drama and mystery With Alex Cross , comes a lot of Family drama , work commitments and the life of serial killers and pyschos In Cross Fire we see Alex Cross s ol enemy and ex best friend Kyle Craig Mastermind escape from prison and read as he kills an Undercover FBI agent Max Siegel and takes his place as a field agent Meanwhile Alex Cross and his good friend partner John Sampson are working on a sn [...]

    12. Good one Alex finally gets married and we see the last of Kyle Craig Thank goodness There are a couple of other killers running loose Kyle Craig spends lots of money making himself looking like a former FBI agent named Max Siegel He is still determined to kill Alex Cross but to do so he works hard to become Max and gets assigned to a couple of Alex s cases A numbers killer named Stanislaw Wajda who is pretty much insane Kyle even commits a few murders of his own to make them look like Wajda s Bu [...]

    13. The 17th installment of the Alex Cross series and yet again another striking novel I have yet to tire of this endless series The elusive Kyle Craig is back haunting Alex Cross since his escape at the maximum security prison Max Siegel aka Kyle Craig that s right Kyle Craig becomes someone else although I am not going to provide the detail behind because I really feel you should read the series but anyway it was quite the plot twist for the beginning of the book So many ups and downs yet again mu [...]

    14. I have always been a fan of James Patterson, and of the Alex Cross series This book was written in the same style, that makes for a very quick read Unfortunately, this is the first book I have read in a very long time that I considered not finishing The plot dragged along and was predictable The only part of the book that ended too quickly was the end seemed like James Patterson was writing to hit a prescribed number of words, and once reached, wrap up the book as quickly as possible This is the [...]

    15. I really enjoyed Cross Fire It s an amazing fast paced thriller I flew through it Some references in this book were lost on me because it s part of a detective series I ve never read before However reading it as a standalone didn t obstruct my understanding of the book Cross Fire can hold its own well If anything, it only made me curious to check out the rest of the series, to read about these intriguing characters.Overall, it s a great crime thriller It s written well and it is a page turner [...]

    16. In the days before jumping the shark became the standard to mark the decline of a television show, I used to apply my own standard, the evil twin You know, when an evil twin pops up, the show has officialy run out of ideas.This book runs a variation on the evil twin The villian, apparently a long time foe of series hero Alex Delaware, stalks and kills an FBI agent named Max Siegel, then has total facial reconstruction surgery to look like him He also learns to speak exactly like him Then he step [...]

    17. I have enjoyed all of the Alex Cross books that I have read and I love Patterson s style His crisp, short chapters are a trademark and he keeps you turning the pages until before you know it, the book is finished In most thrillers there is a hidden element and you wonder what it is If the book is well written, you don t figure it out until the end In this book, there is a twist and Patterson discloses an event right at the beginning of the story and you are wondering how Alex will figure this ou [...]

    18. What does it say about an author when you need three intersecting serial killers to keep the plot moving along I guess you can make some observations comparing the detached and impersonal efficiency of a military sniper to the brutality and viciousness of a knife wielding psycho, but to what end The bodies still pile up.A very formulaic escapade into the world of Alex Cross For a Character that has been with us since the beginning the End of the Mastermind character was very Anti Climactic So wh [...]

    19. Patterson brings back fan favorite Alex Cross for a 17th time with this volume, and this time it is an opportunity to come up with his former friend and nemesis, Kyle Craig, who has been lurking around in the background of the last few books The novel starts with Craig getting the finishing touches on a round of plastic surgery that will allow him to work his way back into the FBI under the guise of another agent who had been working undercover on a case for the last few years As a result, he wi [...]

    20. Detective Alex Cross is back and this time on the trail of a gunman who is killing of some of Washington s corrupt politicians Besides having to stop a killer who some are calling a hero, Alex s one time friend and now most dangerous enemy Kyle Craig is back in D.C Kyle has returned to take his revenge on Alex for sending him to prison and this time it s personal than ever.In this latest installment in the Alex Cross series, Alex is working homicide in Washington and getting ready to marry his [...]

    21. I feel a terrible burden when I pick up a James Patterson book these days The man is a legend who has produced some fantastic work that has earned him the right to be called one of the bestselling authors of all time A staggering figure is that in 2007 one in every fifteen hardback books sold was a James Patterson I myself seem to have a love hate relationship with his work Lately I haven t been over enthused with any of his offerings and his best book in the last few months has been without a d [...]

    22. 4.3 Alex est beira do casamento com Bree, a vida pessoal de Alex est em alta.Em Washington a corrup o est a ser atacada, ou melhor eliminada, literalmente Um atirador furtivo mata cirurgicamente elementos da sociedade que s o corruptos, dividindo a opini o p blica.Alex chamado a investigar, mas o pior inimigo de Alex Cross, Kyle Craig, est de volta, com um plano surpreendentemente engenhoso, e uma vez mais a fam lia de Alex est em perigo Como conseguir Alex resolver tantas adversidades Este o 17 [...]

    23. Alex Cross has decided to settle down with Bree Stone for good he s proposed marriage and she s accepted However, there is a pressing matter a sniper is going for the one shot kill on corruption by taking out dirty politicians and lobbyists The killer is trained, deadly, and disappears with the wind On top of dealing with a high profile politically charged serial killing case, Alex has been receiving calls from Kyle Craig the Mastermind again and this time Kyle s going for the endgame Alex is o [...]

    24. Cross Fire by James Patterson Kyle Craig is back If you have read any of the Alex Cross books, that four word sentence is enough for you to want to read this one Multiple plots, multiple villains and an intense climax make this a speedy read Alex is in love again This Time Bree Stone is the object of his affection This guy has had deep loves than Jacque Cousteau A wedding is planned and surprisingly Nana is on board The kids are also in favor of Bree Sounds like a love story but then add Kyle C [...]

    25. That s the beauty of creation and imagination Remaining open to what comes The seasoned the artist, the capable he is of responding in the moment Kyle CraigSniper shooting unceremoniously pulled Alex Cross from his wedding plans with Bree Stone And if that wasn t enough, Max Siegal, an annoying FBI agent is giving him the wrong rub on which he doesn t have the time to address To cap all that, his great nemesis Kyle Craig is on the move, threatening Alex s family and currently fascinated with t [...]

    26. James Patterson is a prolific writer he has the ability to make you see the events of his novels as they unfold And, his Alex Cross character is by far one of my favorites, so I was looking forward to sinking my teeth in this next installment.I was a bit disappointed, however Although Patterson did a great job of keeping my interest throughout the book, I found that the ending left a lot to be desired He wrapped things up too quickly and too neatly for my taste In addition, based on the ending, [...]

    27. Cross Fire is the 17th book in James Patterson s Alex Cross series In this instalment, a sniper or, probably, a pair of them are picking off victims with long range shots The victims are all hated public figures corrupt politicians, judges, public servants and lobbyists are assassinated with single shots to the head Alex has to take a break from planning his wedding to Bree Stone to investigate the case He is forced to work with FBI agent Max Siegel, who, unbeknownst to Alex, is not what he see [...]

    28. Detective Alex Cross and his finance Bree Stone are preparing for their upcoming nuptials Then Alex is called on to the murder scene of a congressman and lobbyist who are both known for their corrupt ways Then a string of assassinations occur to less that savory Washington D.C politicians, etc The question is, are these trigger happy assassins heros or vigilantes Also put into this mix is Alex s nemesis the notorious murderer who has escaped prison and is intent on hasrrassing and tormenting Al [...]

    29. A fast fun read Perfect combination of Alex Cross and James Patterson Perfect also as audio book for a road trip.

    30. Mais um livro fant stico do James, n o estou surpreendida S estou um pouco chateada com a maneira como o Kyle morreu um vil o daqueles merecia uma morte daquelas N o Merecia uma morte dram tica, inesquec vel e de prefer ncia, com o dedo do Alex no gatilho Uma vez que isso n o aconteceu, quero acreditar que o disparo bomba de oxig nio foi um acidente e n o uma maneira cobarde de abandonar este mundo.

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