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Never Love An Outlaw By Nicole Snow,

  • Title: Never Love An Outlaw
  • Author: Nicole Snow
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I M FALLING FOR AN OUTLAW I HATEMEGANI wasn t supposed to end up in an outlaw biker s bed I wasn t supposed to love it I definitely wasn t supposed to crave his fiery kisses, beg for his touch, or ache to know the man behind the evil looking ink and scarred smirk.I was the good girl He was the monster Then everything changed.I became a prisoner I prayed for Skin toI M FALLING FOR AN OUTLAW I HATEMEGANI wasn t supposed to end up in an outlaw biker s bed I wasn t supposed to love it I definitely wasn t supposed to crave his fiery kisses, beg for his touch, or ache to know the man behind the evil looking ink and scarred smirk.I was the good girl He was the monster Then everything changed.I became a prisoner I prayed for Skin to save me He did and he kept me for himself.He s no saint, and I m no angel They ve already taken so much from me I m scared he ll take what s left.Never love an outlaw, they said I believed it So why can t I stop myself from falling for this bad boy so hard I break SKINI went psycho when I saw her in that dirty whorehouse She s everything I never wanted, a spitfire with a body meant for claiming.Then she told me her secret, and I almost needed a straitjacket I saved her life instead I gave her a second chance.I know she s a marked woman, caught between my club and the b stards I killed Damn if I won t make her wear my name, even if she s trouble on two long legs I can t stop picturing wrapped around me.I ll brand her, bed her, own her, no matter how much hell I ll pay Outlaws love like ticking time bombs, and I m gonna blow Meg s world apart til she s begging for The Outlaw Love books are stand alone romance novels featuring unique lovers and happy endings No cliffhangers This is Skin and Megan s story in the Deadly Pistols MC series.
    Never Love An Outlaw I M FALLING FOR AN OUTLAW I HATEMEGANI wasn t supposed to end up in an outlaw biker s bed I wasn t supposed to love it I definitely wasn t supposed to crave his fiery kisses beg for his touch or ach

    One thought on “Never Love An Outlaw”

    1. 2 starsPlain and simple this story was not for me I just couldn t get into it no matter how hard I tried I had too many eye rolls to fully get into it, I wanted to finish it in hopes that something would click but nope Megan and Skin were not the main characters I gel with, which kinda put a damper on the story since it was their decisions and choices that turned me off Oh well, on to the next.

    2. Megan is a rich socialite but she is known as a slut, even though she is a virgin her mouth is far from it so one night her boytoy makes some advances and practically calls her a whore, she fakes offense or maybe the truth hurts and ends up walking away from him and the party they were attending In the middle of the night or whatnot she meets a stranger named Richard who offers her a drink and some food, she takes him up on it, the next thing she knows she is in a whore house making money for he [...]

    3. Ummm okay, well ummmm, there was sex, hahahaha, sex and even sex, with just a tab bit of good storyline and plot I really love Nicole Snow s books, she one of the best out there when it comes to MC s and bad boy bikers She has it down, knows the lingo, culture and outlaw attitudes There was some of that here, just not a lot, however you may feel different in which case enjoy Happy reading

    4. This was my first book from Nicole Snow and Never Love and Outlaw put me off completely from wanting to read another book from the series or by this author.There are so many things that went wrong with this book that I am not sure from where to start.I love MC books and I have a soft spot for big, rude biker guys imaginary ones.Skin was all that but there was no spark to him I couldn t make myself like him no matter what.And Megan was too dull to get my attention The book started off well A girl [...]

    5. I don t plan to go into great detail about the storyline, because I m a firm believer that a story can only be truly reviewed by a person s impression of the story I think it would be a waste of time to go over the plot againat s what the title page of the book is for So, I should probably start this review off by saying that the only reason I even picked this book up was because it was 0.99 on and I wanted something short and simple to read at the time I had no intention of loving the book, but [...]

    6. I read the Grizzles and Prairie Dogs series by this author and enjoyed most of those books This book was painful to read and nothing like the other books I have read I kept trying to stay with it and pull something positive out of it but failed The writing doesn t seem the same and was very elementary The plot was silly, weak and unbelievable So many things were unrealistic and absurd I really hate doing negative reviews but I just couldn t rate this book over 2 stars and even thought about givi [...]

    7. I received this book as an ARC for an honest review In this book we meet Skin and Megan Megan is the rich princess who is looking for her prince charming However while she is kissing a lot of frogs and not on the lips One night after another frog makes her feel like she is scum she takes off from his party and wonders away and into the woods The next person she meets at first makes her feel safe, but she soon realize that she is wrong on so many levels For the next six months she is stuck in a t [...]

    8. What does a young girl do when she is kidnapped and chained to a bed and must do as she is told She lets her mind go blank and does what she is told until HE walks into her room Megan Wilder had the perfect life, her parents were beyond rich and she was a trust fund baby, just having a good time until the worst happens When Ricky kidnaps her, she thinks her life is over When Skin shows up, he promises her that he will return for her What she will learn is that Skin never breaks a promise When he [...]

    9. Never Love an Outlaw is the first book in the Deadly Pistols MC series and my first book read by Nicole Snow.I love MC s I love hot alpha men I love strong female heroines Never Love an Outlaw had all three however, I struggled with this one I think it was primarily the storyline Skin and Meg were likable characters Meg was kidnapped into the sex slave trade and Skin stumbled upon her and vowed to save her The premise was strong but once developed, the storyline just wasn t believable for me and [...]

    10. Skin and Megan s story was different for me than Nicole Snow s previous books Megan is a young woman from a very wealthy family and she has a very spoiled outlook on life, when she is abducted and pulled into a whorehouse against her will She s abused while being sheltered from the worst of it Skin has a very disorganized MC He appears to be the brains behind the operation but there lacked a true feeling of the guys being brothers They came off as fairly self centered and only did something for [...]

    11. Insta love between a rough biker and a girl he would have normally never met The only thing that kept me from giving this 5 stars is because I got tired of how horny Skin always was Love a man lusting for his woman, but holy cow I don t know how this guy got anything else done.Megan is a spoiled little rich brat only thinking of herself and maybe a suitable husband while she parties away her life Unfortunately, her life takes a turn no one could imagine Skin connects with the blue eyed woman he [...]

    12. When Megan finds herself abducted and held prisoner to service the truckers who pays for it, she can t believe the nightmare her life has become Then a biker comes along, and light is back at the end of the tunnel, but for how long Skin never expected to find this gorgeous girl at a truckstop shakedown, but he soon realizes he has to save her But how To do this without bringing trouble to his own club, is it even possible He s about to find out Biker romance, action, suspense, smutty fluff and d [...]

    13. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review I have read other books by her enjoyed them Unfortunately, IMO, this was not one of her better books Just wasn t my cup of tea.

    14. I received a free ARC for a honest review I m a fan of Nicole Snow s MC romance series Some books I don t like and some I do I keep reading because the side characters hook me I want to know whats in store for them and the MC Just because I wasn t a fan of one book doesn t mean I won t like the next This book was one I didn t love I will read Firefly, Joker and Dusts stories if she writes them For me the book didn t seem to flow The bones of a great story were there, but it wasn t fleshed out Th [...]

    15. Megan Willow Wilder daughter of Eric and Judy Wilder was a multi millionaire Heiress Seemed like the only thing she had to worry about besides the next party was finding her perfect husband She lived wild and carefree Seemed like her world was all planned out for her and she had nothing to worry about.Meg never dreamed how much her world would change the night she went to a party with a best friend and left her boyfriend wanting with need Her nightmare was just starting The perfect world that wa [...]

    16. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade right What happens when you get rescued from a bad situation, just to find out you went from the frying pan into the fire Megan is just trying to stay alive in a bad situation, hoping that she might be able to escape the life she s been thrown into She prays everyday for her knight in shining armor but I m not sure she was expecting who she got Along comes Skin his Deadly Pistols MC technically he s riding a steel horse right She thinks he s her hero [...]

    17. Not my favorite Deadly Pistols book that title belongs to Never Have an Outlaw s Baby but it was still a good read The storyline was a bit wonky at times for me I won t say it was unbelievable because hey, it is fiction but the way some of the characters reacted to certain situations was strange a little WTFrak ish I m talking about her parents BFF s reaction when she came home the insta insta love between Skin Megan kind of stuff The whole thought process on how she actually got the money from [...]

    18. ARC given in exchange for an honest review I really enjoyed this story, I was hooked from the beginning The author has a way with her writing that keeps you focused This has a really good plot and sticks to it till the end Overall a really good story.Megan is living a life that she never thought was possible and didn t think that she would ever get out of where she was She s done things that nobody should ever have to let alone be in the place she is Everything changes when she meets Skin, the b [...]

    19. ARC Honest Review.When I started reading Never Love An Outlaw I could not put it down I would give this book a 10 star rating if I could.Skin is the Treasurer for the Deadly Pistols The Deadly Pistols is on a raid when Skin comes across Megan and realized she didn t belong there and told her he would come back for her soon as he checked out her story and made plans for the rescue.Megan is a spoiled little rich who was in the wrong place at wrong time She was kidnapped by Ricky the pimp with the [...]

    20. I received an ARC in return for an honest review, my thanks to the author.This book took me a bit to get into I could not accept Megan s character very spoilt, poor little rich girl She was just over the top I don t think I really liked her character until the very last chapter I did like Skin and the potential for good stories for some of the other brothers is there, particularly Joker The plot was a good start, but the storyline was very disjointed and on the whole the book didn t flow well fo [...]

    21. Nicole Snow does not disappoint Never Love an Outlaw a Deadly Pistols MC romance is no exception Skin Parker is Megan s hero, her saviour after 6 months of being held captive whored out by a pimp Skin rescues her is the first man to treat her like a human being, putting himself at risk for her He s what she needs to clear the terror of the past from her mind her heart The characters are both strong likeable It s very, very easy to understand what draws them together their need for each other is [...]

    22. This is a story of how life can go bad in a heartbeat Megan had it all money, college life, parties, everything then one day it all changed For 6 months she fought to keep herself sane and alive through all the hell she was being put through then one day a man walks through her door promising her her freedom Skin is the one women love to hate with his bad boy attitude and sexy looks When he walks into a dingy room expecting to find a drugged out woman things change when he actually finds a woman [...]

    23. I ll start off saying I love this author and her MC books While I found this one a pretty good read, for me is was one of my least favorite Enjoyed it but just didn t love it You have a lost rich girl who ends up kidnapped, used and abused by a pimp ready to be sold only to be rescued by what she thought was a knight in shining armor named Skin He s an outlaw biker of the Deadly Pistols MC and is out for his club He rescues Megan with a money driven motive but finds himself drawn to her like no [...]

    24. 2.5 stars This book was actually 2 different stories in one book I was in the mood for a good MC book, but sadly, this one fell short for me I will admit, each plot did have a lot of potential, but something was just missing I didn t really care for the characters It had an extreme love at first sight insta love thing going on both stories They also felt unrealistic and farfetched I m glad it was offered as a kindleunlimited though I may check out of this writers work in the future, because lik [...]

    25. ARC given in exchange for a honest review I really enjoyed this book Skin and Megan were great together I enjoyed the chemestery they shared Megan is a rich party girl who goes to a party one night with her BFF and ends up leaving with the wrong guy wakes up the next day in a whore house Skin is a outlaw biker who normally is in no short of women until recently What do a rich party girl and a outlaw biker have in common Not much but when Skin rescues Megan from the wacked out Pimp that has just [...]

    26. I love the way nicole writes MC stories They catch your attention in the beginning of the book and you just hold on for the ride until it is over This way was great Skin was the bad guy trying to be the good guy for MegMy heart broke for her when she was telling her story to Skin and all he wanted to do was help Of course it was a rocky road for them but he did help and save her in the end job Nicole.

    27. Thank you Nicole for sending me the Arc of Never Love An Outlaw Skin is the type of hero most girls are looking for When Megan is kidnapped and forced into prostitution in a rundown establishment with no escape in sight In walks the man who promises to save her from her slavery Skin knows the minute he see s Megan that he will be her saviour, and nothing will stop him.

    28. She did it again I absolutely love love Nicole Snow Thank you for the incredible entertainment This story was dark, dirty, hot, sweet just WOW Definitely a page turner I did receive a free copy for my honest review I loved this story I would definitely recommend

    29. Skin may not be the most romantic guy, but he s perfect for getting your blood pumping, the second you put your mouth on my k, I own you all effing night, understand And once you re mine, I ll never, ever wanna let go I really enjoyed this book I loved Skin.

    30. it was a book with lots of sexally don t know what to say A tad unrealistic, a tad vulgar, a tad of storyline.Not impressed wanted to like it.

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