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Ghosts of Bergen County By Dana Cann,

  • Title: Ghosts of Bergen County
  • Author: Dana Cann
  • ISBN: 9781941040270
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gil Ferko is a private equity lieutenant who commutes to Manhattan from the New Jersey suburbs His wife, Mary Beth, has become a shut in since a hit and run accident killed their infant daughter When Ferko reconnects with Jen Yoder, a former high school classmate, Jen introduces him to heroin As his dependency on the drug grows, his downward spiral puts his life in danGil Ferko is a private equity lieutenant who commutes to Manhattan from the New Jersey suburbs His wife, Mary Beth, has become a shut in since a hit and run accident killed their infant daughter When Ferko reconnects with Jen Yoder, a former high school classmate, Jen introduces him to heroin As his dependency on the drug grows, his downward spiral puts his life in danger and his career in jeopardy Mary Beth has also found an escape first in prescription drugs that numb her senses, then in the companionship of a mysterious girl who heightens them A ghost Mary Beth believes so And Jen is also haunted Years ago she witnessed a man she had just met fall from a rooftop She walked away from the accident and has been haunted since by the question of why she did so As her quest to rectify that mistake starts to collide with the mystery of the hit and run driver who killed Ferko and Mary Beth s daughter, all of the characters are forced to face the fine line between fate and happenstance Dana Cann s debut novel is a tautly paced and intricately plotted story in which collective burdens manifest into hauntings.
    Ghosts of Bergen County Gil Ferko is a private equity lieutenant who commutes to Manhattan from the New Jersey suburbs His wife Mary Beth has become a shut in since a hit and run accident killed their infant daughter When

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    1. Collective burden, defined as the aggregate, internalized guilt and complicity of a group of people, is the wellspring from which spirits ariseis is the kind of book that if you saw a background character on The Leftovers reading, you would think, hey, nice detail it s nothing like the show in its treatment of the theme, but both concern loss and grief and the survivor s guilt fueled self destruction self erasure that can fill the gaps left in the lives of those experiencing profound loss, when [...]

    2. 4.5 stars This is a book that requires a bit of patience at the beginning it took me about 50 pages to get into the flow of the author s voice and pacing By page 200 I was gob smacked The bits of magical realism make perfect sense as you make your way through the book Language at times that will break your heart and give you pause Truly excellent character study, a fast read with a twist at the end that dove tailed expertly Definitely recommend Only one small criticism, when the character, Gil, [...]

    3. I received a copy of ghosts of Bergen county from giveaways and I really enjoyed it I love stories about ghosts and unsolved mysteries and this book has a little of both The story is well written and engrossing and its very surprising how it ends, I was not expecting it to turn out the way it did I loved it

    4. My second read of this book Just a delight I found the characters fully engaging, their dialogue real and funny and touching I gave myself over to the plot s connections, its coincidences, and enjoyed the doubling comparable and contrasting that happens throughout the book The two little girls, the chicken stealing brothers, Jen and Mary Beth, the houses that existed nearby but just at another time, New York City and New Jersey Sure, the book spins out from the hit and run and the daughter s dea [...]

    5. I was a bit hesitant about reading this book with the sort of depressing description of an infant death and heroin addiction, but once I started reading it, I couldn t put it down The book itself is beautifully written, with haunting passages that made me stop and catch my breath, and the plot is a series of fascinating twists and turns that all come together in a very satisfying ending Highly recommend

    6. This is a great summer read for serious readers It s a page turner with some gravitas you won t be embarrassed to read it at the pool or beach Cann s writing is elegant and engaging The story is an amalgam of the failing, building, and repairing relationships of Perotta The Leftovers and Ng Everything I Never Told You , Doerr s interconnections of lives and after life All the Light We Cannot See , and a glimpse into the world of finance just before the financial meltdown The Big Short The protag [...]

    7. BRA Biased Reader Alert I read this book for the first time several years ago in its manuscript form At the time, I imagined it would some day have, emblazoned across the cover, words akin to a stunning achievement It s both literary and gripping and to say that I m happy to see it in print is the most sincere of understatements The world that Dana Cann built was strong enough that it never left me It was almost a relief to again be swept into the lives of Ferko, Mary Beth and Jen, and in the in [...]

    8. Captivating I love ghosts This is so much I know this book will go on my shelf to read again The story slowly pulls you in and then Bam there are so many levels and connections that you are engrossed I love the characters and neighborhood descriptions as well as the friendships current and past The author truly paints a picture so you are standing on the sidelines watching the lives of the character unfold A well written book and a good read.

    9. This took me some time to get in to, I didn t like any of the characters until we met Mary Beth, and I struggled to relate to anyone in the novel That said, I did find the plot interesting enough to keep reading and in the end when all the pieces fell into place, it was a nicely crafted finale that felt satisfying.

    10. This novel was a surprise I m not sure what I was expecting from Ghosts of Bergen County, but I didn t think I would be so drawn in to this unusual, captivating debut novel Yes, there are ghosts here, but they are less the frightening kind and the collective burden of the mistakes of our pasts The burden is based on the guilt and complicity of the decisions we all make, and while this novel is sorrowful, it is never bleak.Gil Ferko is crippled by mediocrity he works in the financial world of Ne [...]

    11. 5 ways to know you re reading a great book 1 You read anytime you can steal a moment even if a pot is boiling over, you finish the page.2 On the other hand, you slow down when you re nearing the end 3 You care about the characters so much that you dream about them 4 You start bending pages and underlining passages because the writing is touching you.5 You wonder about the message being delivered and how that impacts your life I m giving Ghosts of Bergen County 5 out of 5 stars because it deliver [...]

    12. For a tale of loss, grief, dysfunction, addiction, the paranormal, this was actually quite charming I liked the language and the story line kept surprising just enough to keep me absorbed without any eyerolls Even the ghost factor was handled with dignity and didn t aggravate any of my woo woo allergies Extra points for that there but for the grace of feeling of having narrowly missed being someone who still lives in an East Village walkup with a garbage bag taped over the bathroom window Enjoya [...]

    13. Ghosts of Bergen County was a solid, engaging read I ve recommended a few times The well crafted plot actively moves along while the author s observations elevate the reading experience I was able to really relate to, for example, the characters recollections of high school while I ll just accept as accurate of some of their current drug addled thinking I liked the healing supernatural elements.

    14. An intriguing tale about death and ghosts and over coming grief by becoming numb to the world around you This is not a page turner type of story but one that you will want to continue reading to discover if the characters will ever recover from their self induced escape from reality I m not a big believer in ghosts, but I enjoyed the book very much.

    15. Wow, this was pretty interesting Had to keep up with the different characters because they will all come together in the end.

    16. It has acorns littered among superior snackage, and ficticious town names that are, I ll wager, meant to evoke Jersey knowhow for some readers while, I don t know, giving the author breathing room from the That s not entirely accurate with the streets and the school and the the the, dear author X actoed scalpelers , and still it is engrossing Satisfyingly drip fed.

    17. This is the perfect example of a book that I had such high hopes for It has all the ingredients of a book I will love I thought it was going to be similar to Relief Map, but no such luck There was too much financial talk for my taste and it took me 200 pages to settle into the book I felt like the writer misused the first 200 pages of the book However, something magical happened after 200 pages The book went into high gear It became lyrical, beautiful, heartbreaking and mysterious All the pieces [...]

    18. Complex, interesting characters, with supernatural elements that feel completely believable The prose is careful and well studied Cann wields a light, literary hand with his subjects and serves to move the book along at a brisk pace.If there s one thing that held the story back, it s the plot In particular, the late third of the book felt a bit forced, particularly the ways in which the characters plot lines are woven together Several characters introduced late in the book seemed almost an after [...]

    19. This was one of those books that made me miss the characters once I finished it The story was both complex and relate able, even with the mystical elements I found myself rooting for the main characters to conquer their demons An enjoyable page turner perfect for a summer weekend Looking forward to a follow up effort from this author

    20. i just cannot get into this one at all it s not bad or anything, it s just a really slow start and i d probably try to stick it out if i didn t have a bunch of other library books out that i want to get around to so, i m letting this one go day i ll go through my lost interest shelf and try to revisit some of these, i think.

    21. I didn t expect to like this book as much as I did It annoyed me at first with its common tropes of grief, drug abuse, bullying, etc but something kept me reading Whatever it was, after the first few chapters I couldn t put the book down A supernatural thriller like nothing else I ve ever read.

    22. Ironically, I ended up connecting with the female characters who were initially not the focus The male character drove me nuts The plot line is very creative and the details are interwoven very well The ending was satisfying and the various plot threads tied up neatly.

    23. I liked this books for its descriptions of small, normal moments between spouses and between friends than I did the actual story, though that was perfectly nice and entertaining I m happy I read it a good, tidy example of closure I received this book free as a First Read.

    24. Nicely plotted with the different ghost tales converging through a group of characters I heard Dana Cann read from a chapter of the novel a few months ago, and from that, I was prompted to read it and am glad I did.

    25. I got this book for the giveaways on I found this book very intestine and captivating The characters are well developed.

    26. I won t rate it because I only got to page 50 403 I just didn t like the writing style and nothing grabbed my attention soEh Too many books, too little time.

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