UNLIMITED BOOK À The Human Script - by Johnny Rich

The Human Script By Johnny Rich,

  • Title: The Human Script
  • Author: Johnny Rich
  • ISBN: 9780957611665
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Paperback
  • A captivating, intelligent and deeply affecting exploration of science, literature and ideas Tom McCarthy, Man Booker nominee and author of C, Remainder and Satin IslandTHE HUMAN SCRIPT A NOVEL IN 23 CHROMOSOMESLondon in the spring of 2000 Chris Putnam, a young scientist working on the Human Genome Project, is grieving for the end of his first relationship and for A captivating, intelligent and deeply affecting exploration of science, literature and ideas Tom McCarthy, Man Booker nominee and author of C, Remainder and Satin IslandTHE HUMAN SCRIPT A NOVEL IN 23 CHROMOSOMESLondon in the spring of 2000 Chris Putnam, a young scientist working on the Human Genome Project, is grieving for the end of his first relationship and for the loss of his deeply religious and estranged father Then Chris falls in love and his twin brother goes missing Events take Chris on a journey from the hallowed halls of scientific research via decadent art scene parties and London s Theatreland to the cold loneliness of a psychiatric hospital and ultimately to a desperate decision What Chris discovers about himself and his world forces him to address his own nature, his own beliefs and his own reality.The Human Script is a cryptic parable, in which popular science, philosophy, literary theory and religion intertwine in a poignant and tragic love story that asks the question what is it to be human As well as Tom McCarthy s praise, extracts have been widely lauded by such writers as Ian McEwan, Andrew Motion, W G Sebald and Lorna Sage and compared to David Mitchell Cloud Atlas , Dave Eggers A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius and Bernard Schlink The Reader.An Kindle top 100 literary fiction title The Booksmoke team reads a lot of books but so far nothing has beaten Johnny Rich s The Human Script Hands down my book of the year Brave, intelligent and gloriously unsettling Tackling the big, beautiful, murky questions of science and genetics, nature nurture , love, life, death There are few books I finish and have to start at the beginning again but this was one of them Alex Masters, BookSmoke The Human Script is an engaging novel brimming with ideas, so much so I feel it would stand up to multiple re readings within a short space of time To say I enjoyed The Human Script would be an understatement It provided me with the long forgotten thrill of not knowing how a novel will conclude, and for that I am grateful I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys clever, well written fiction BookemStevo Incredibly clever and smart, and really made me think, while keeping me entertained to the end The characters were engaging, and the plot was gripping If you want to try something truly different and unique, I would highly recommend this book Stephanie Cox, Words are my Craft Johnny Rich is a lover of literature and this is clear in his clever use of motifs and themes within The Human Script His writing is reminiscent of Tom McCarthy and David Mitchell readers may find that upon reading the last page they will want to start all over again Intelligent, thought provoking and profoundly moving, The Human Script is a book that will start conversations and will linger in your mind for a long time Justine Solomons, Byte the Book The Human Script is an ambitious and intriguing novel Johnny Rich s voice is one I hope we will all become familiar with Rebekah Lattin Rawstrone, author of Home The cutting edge of literature I was pulled in for the ride until the very last page The Human Script is almost pulsating with ideas and than that with questions it s impossible not to ask yourself after reading.Unique Plastic Rosaries A fascinating book A real thought provoker Intelligent, complex and surprising reviews
    The Human Script A captivating intelligent and deeply affecting exploration of science literature and ideas Tom McCarthy Man Booker nominee and author of C Remainder and Satin IslandTHE HUMAN SCRIPT A NOVEL IN

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    1. The Human Script, by Johnny Rich, looks at life and what that means It asks big questions within the context of a fictional tale, pondering how much of what matters to an individual is a construct and how much is real It explores cause and effect, nature and nurture It demonstrates that the course of an individual s life is largely beyond his control.The protagonist, Chris Putnam, is a biologist working on the Human Genome Project He is still coming to terms with the break up of his first long t [...]

    2. As soon as I had a copy of The Human Script in my hands, I knew it was a book that would challenge me After reading I can safely say that I haven t read another book like it in my life The Human Script is a novel that is so strongly self aware that it keeps the reader on tenterhooks for the entirety of the story It is a distinctly modern novel that cuts through all conventions of literature The protagonist, Chris Putnam, leads the reader through the maze of his mind that is never quite sure, or [...]

    3. The human Script , good book Very good The way the character looses his grip or reality is exceptionally scripted indeed It makes us to go along with the character Takes you on a whole new level of reality Just speechless at the end of the book No cliches, totally fresh and unpredictable story flow The book starts slow and happy and feeling good, but slowly it takes us to loose our self along with the character and go MAD

    4. This book was deeply philosophical and also scientific in nature, and I became especially engrossed in it when I realised that it was about twins and the nature nurture debate, and the differences in genetically identical siblings as a triplet myself, I am always fascinated by this Do our genes dictate how we turn out Or is it our environment that shapes who we are as people And who or what has created us Who controls our reality In terms of literary achievement, this book ticks many boxes a goo [...]

    5. The Human Script came to me thanks to its author and it s the kind of novel which I wouldn t naturally move towards, not sure why, it just didn t scream out to me but I gave it a go regardless and was pleasantly surprised to be taken on a journey with Chris and his various co stars along the way.The first thing to say about The Human Script is that it couldn t be modern if it tried, it is just like, the cutting edge of literature, in some ways like Robin Sloan s work It s the kind of novel that [...]

    6. I was bit out of my comfort zone with this novel and for a time it took me a while to feel really comfortable with the story That s not to say the book is badly written, far from it, it s really very cleverly put together, it s that my involvement in the story took a while to develop Chris Putnam is a scientist working on the Human Genome Project On the surface he seems an average young man but he is troubled by indecision and feels that his life is drifting aimlessly He fears the loss of stabi [...]

    7. Wow It s got everything genetics, a great romance, epistemology, twins, art, celebrityDefinitely won t be to everyone s taste, but I loved it I had to look up a number of things mandelbrot, Morton s fork but they were all really interesting Brilliant use of literary allusion Deconstruction that didn t get right up my nose, even.

    8. A solidly written book that reads quickly and presents a multitude of interesting ideas I especially like the development of the main character in the book A worthy read

    9. It s difficult to review this book without giving away something important, since this is a novel which strikes out in a genuinely experimental direction It offers an unusual blend of fiction and popular science from the off, but in due course it becomes original still.However, it is also very strong in all the conventional ways It has wit, engaging characters, and subtly uses stream of consciousness to push forward narrative, illuminate character and raise themes at the same time For example, [...]

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