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Nightmare Academy By Frank E. Peretti,

  • Title: Nightmare Academy
  • Author: Frank E. Peretti
  • ISBN: 9781595544469
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Veritas Project team has a new assignment To find the truth behind the mysterious disappearance of two runaways Nightmare Academy is a great thriller with a realistic look at right and wrong He was once a normal fifteen year old boy He had a name, a family, a school, and a life and he thought he knew something But that boy, and that time, and that life, have becomThe Veritas Project team has a new assignment To find the truth behind the mysterious disappearance of two runaways Nightmare Academy is a great thriller with a realistic look at right and wrong He was once a normal fifteen year old boy He had a name, a family, a school, and a life and he thought he knew something But that boy, and that time, and that life, have become nothing His whole mind seems to have been erased There s no boy here any No knowledge, no thought, no reason Nothing but terror, endlessly repeating cycles of it, layer upon layer, in swirling sounds, images, and sensations Now he only stares into nothingness and whispers two ominous words Nightmare Academy The Springfield twins Elijah and Elisha go undercover, posing as runaways What happens next will keep readers on the edge of their seats as the twins end up in a strange academy where Truth is continually challenged, a gang like war develops, and Elijah is taken to an ominous mansion from which no one has ever returned.
    Nightmare Academy The Veritas Project team has a new assignment To find the truth behind the mysterious disappearance of two runaways Nightmare Academy is a great thriller with a realistic look at right and wrong He wa

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    1. When an group of twisted misguided individuals bring children together to form an messed up utopian society with no right or wrong, no winning, no losing, everybody equal , no either or, only both and Did I mention no right or wrong Did anyone actually think it would end up all right Not I Elijah and Elisha are brother and sister and when their family goes undercover to try and find out what Knight Moore Academy is, Elijah and Elisha are separated from their parents and taken to Nightmare Academ [...]

    2. This book was not as good as the first It was kind of disappointing So I would rate it 2 and a half stars.

    3. Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed this book Of the two in the series, Hangman s Curse and Nightmare Academy, I think Nightmare Academy is my favorite I m not sure whyybe because Elijah and Elisha are taken and have to depend on their own wits to get themselves out.What an adventure Frank Peretti presented an awesome story plot with memorable characters I loved the lesson you learn about truth in this one Peretti needs to write on this awesome team

    4. Nightmare Academy is a young adult suspense horror novel It reminded me of Lord of the Flies, but Peretti is heavy handed in making his point This novel is the second in the series, but you don t have to read the first one Hangman s Curse to understand this one However, I liked Hangman s Curse better.The novel was fast paced and a fast read The twins were clever and engaging characters who were willing to stand up for what s right and to protect others The suspense was created by the increasing [...]

    5. Review by Gretchen HoffmanA fifteen year old boy shows up along a highway interstate He doesn t know his name, how to dress himself, and has no memory of what s happened to him He simply repeats the words, Nightmare Academy This is when teenage detectives Elijah and Elisha come into play They go undercover as runaways where the boy and his friend were last seen before their disappearance The twins are quickly headed on the right track, but things change when they too disappear They investigate t [...]

    6. Nightmare Academy has a very interesting premise and I ve been wanting to read this novel for years Literally Years Now that I have finally read it, I must say that I was a little disappointed I found some of the scenes slightly cheesy That s why I rated it TWO STARS it was okay That being said, the action was great I read it in less than a week and of course I learned to love the characters again, even after reading the first book, Hangman s Curse, years ago Peretti will always being a personal [...]

    7. Frank Peretti takes the Springfield family, whom we were introduced to in Hangman s Curse, and sends them on an even crazier adventure that will have your head spinning and your mind thinking My only complaint That this is the series finale The Veritas Project had such potential there could have been at least four or five novels instead of just two Still, Nightmare Academy is worth reading for all fans of Christian literature, whether or not you fall into the young adult category.

    8. This one was a little eaky, than Hangman s Curse I liked it, but not as much It just made me feel.ed Kind of the way I feel when I try to watch Alice in Wonderland I get this weird, trapped feelinge creepy stuff just messes with my head a certain way I was SO relieved when they finally got out of that nightmare

    9. What I thought about the book is that it is creepy In the beginning there was a boy who didn t know who he was it was like his memory was washed away but he kept on saying Nightmare Academy

    10. Even better than Hangman s Curse.What if truth was just whatever you felt it to be What if nothing was real if asked a question your only logical answer was I don t know For logic can t be, truth won t be just your own perception And whoever was held the power that s all that would matter.But it would be OK Because people are good and will do what s best in the very end.Or will they What is truly good when power rules outside of truth Twins, Elijah and Elisha find themselves separated from their [...]

    11. A serviceable teen fiction by the inimitable Frank Peretti, that, while well written, wacks the reader over the head with the simple idea that truth is truth, and that subjective personal truth is a lie, to the extent that nothing makes sense other than that There s some good drama, and even action sections, but the over complicated plot, all too simplistic villain motivation of world domination, and the unsatisfyingly sudden ending make this a fun but forgettable read.

    12. Very good story, really enjoyed it Peretti was up to his masterful selfKept me reading from 9pm to 4am could not put the book down Will recommend this book to my friends and family Well done to Mr, Peretti

    13. Chilling This was page turning good It was also very interesting philosophically I do enjoy an entertaining book that makes me think too.

    14. Please make another onePlease make a 3rd book a LOVED these books I could not put them down I read both of them in 2 days.

    15. Another page turner by Frank Peretti It depicts a human experiment to re educate teens to envision the world with no right, wrong or logic The results are reminiscent of Animal Farm, Lord of the Flies and pages of history where dictators rule.

    16. Terror, fear, loss of all truth The Book Nightmare Academy was an exceptionally well written novel The author Frank Peretti had this book published in December of 2003 by Tom Jones in New York This book was a wonderful book that challenged the thoughts of the reader in a way never previously experienced The characterization, setting, and great use of mood got the theme of this book through to the reader very easily The characters in this book were marvelous Through their wit and inquisitive natu [...]

    17. Hey ya ll,So one book that captivated me from start to finish would have to be Nightmare Academy by Frank Peretti I loved how well executed his novel was Peretti brought me action, adventure, and mystery all at once which is sometimes not an easy task for authors due to them not being skillful at writing their books that way.I really enjoyed the bonding relationship between Elijah Springfield and his twin sister Elisha It really allowed me to think on my own relationship with my brother because [...]

    18. Plot synopsis The Springfield family is asked to investigate a secretive, sinister academy that has been set up to try to erase the idea of Truth from its attendees, and possibly drive them stark raving mad at the same time Essentially a Lord of the Flies type of environment has been set up among the teens, with the adult teachers basically egging them on Our two main characters teen twins named get this Elijah and Elisha end up as somewhat unwilling students at this academy, and try to maintain [...]

    19. Nightmare Academy is a mind boggling book that plays with your mind Two kids who are investigating a murder of a kid are swept into another world and have no idea how they got there and hav eno communication to the outside world They together try and find a way out and try and keep sane while they are in the Knight Moore Academy On the other side their parents are trying to find out what happened to them and what is going on with the murder and the kids disappeared and how they are connected I t [...]

    20. Another Peretti that d on my shelf of read books I must be addicted to this guy than even I had realized I don t think I noticed that until I signed up on this site.Anyway, this is part of the same series as his book Hangman s Curse This book, however, does not have a misleading film adaption That could be one of the reasons that I enjoyed it far than its prequel.The beloved family team is back to uncover yet another mystery involving a peculiar tragedy involving our nation s young people What [...]

    21. I have read other Frank Peretti books before, so I knew what enjoyment and excitement I was in for The mystery and suspense of the book is heart wrenching The Springfield family is not your average christian family Nate and Sarah have two children named Elisha and Elijah The Springfield family could be considered as the gang from Scooby Do The investigation of a recently found boy causes great concern die to the fact that he has no recollection of anything but the name Nightmare Academy Nothing [...]

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