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Heart Scarab By Anna Butler,

  • Title: Heart Scarab
  • Author: Anna Butler
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Shield Captain Bennet is on Telnos, a unpleasant little planet inhabited by religious fanatics and unregistered miners running illegal solactinium mines It s about to be about to be overrun by the Maess Bennet s job is to get out as many civilians as he can, but the enemy arrives before the evacuation is complete Caught in a vicious fire fight, Bennet is left behind, prShield Captain Bennet is on Telnos, a unpleasant little planet inhabited by religious fanatics and unregistered miners running illegal solactinium mines It s about to be about to be overrun by the Maess Bennet s job is to get out as many civilians as he can, but the enemy arrives before the evacuation is complete Caught in a vicious fire fight, Bennet is left behind, presumed dead His family is grieving Joss, his long term partner, grieves with them lost, unhappy, remorseful First Lieutenant Flynn has no official rights here He isn t family He isn t partner or lover All he is, is broken.
    Heart Scarab Shield Captain Bennet is on Telnos a unpleasant little planet inhabited by religious fanatics and unregistered miners running illegal solactinium mines It s about to be about to be overrun by the Mae

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    1. Rating 4.5 of five ReadingIsResistance to gay men in armed service vanishing, now or in the future.HEART SCARAB gets my full attention at my blog because the second TAKING SHIELD book is about grief, love, and honor, and how they can conspire to ruin lives, eat happiness, and leave devastation in their wake What a great Booksgiving idea for your dearly beloved space opera fan Author Butler takes us deeper into the life of Shield Captain Bennet, eighteen months following the events on Maess held [...]

    2. Great science fiction, shaky at best romance.To be fair, I did not read the first story in this series I suspect that if I had my allegiances would have been different coming into the story, but I m not sure I would have been satisfied as a reader in terms of the romance.Bennet is a military man The rebellious son who paves his own way ignoring his father s wishes He s stubborn, determined, and duty bound, the epitome of noblesse oblige Joss, twice Bennet s age and the dilettante academic who lo [...]

    3. This second book in a very good series is well worth reading for SciFi fans The romance thread is still glacially slow and muted at the end, although there is forward movement here Joss, Bennet s long time partner, is a focus as their relationship unravels, leaving space, perhaps, for Flynn.Bennet is on a backwater colony planet, trying to evacuate religious fanatic colonists, when the Maees strike In the scramble to get off the ground, he is injured and his helmet transponder is destroyed As hi [...]

    4. I ve been looking forward to story ever since I read book one in the series, Gyrfalcon What can I say I love a good military sci fi story, and once again, Anna Butler delivers.This is epic space opera at its finest, in the tradition of such writers as David Weber or Eric Flint More than any other genre, convincing sci fi needs a strong foundation of characterization, plot, and world building Many authors shine at one or two elements it s rare that you get stellar treatment of all three in one st [...]

    5. Reviewed for The Novel Approach.God, what a ride this book was As a fan of the first book, I was thrilled to read this one It gripped me from the beginning and took me for a ride until the very end And I cannot wait for the third book.After a failed attempt to evacuate the religious fanatics from Telnos before the Maess invade, Bennet is presumed dead his signal is gone and Rosie has watched him fall after a strafing run Left to pick up the pieces and move on are the people who loved him the mos [...]

    6. 3.75 STARSOK this book was really going places, being book 2 in the Taking Shield series, it was excellent, as was book 1 in this sci fi series I didn t like the way this ended though, and no I don t need my HEA, but I don t like being left feeling confused on a cliffhanger with no mention on when the next book is going to be released I think there are a few books planned for this series but talk about how NOT to end a novel Come on.The writing is excellent, I love the fast paced rhythm to the s [...]

    7. Review can be read at It s About The BookWhen I read the first book in this series, Gryfalcon, I was a little reluctant I m not a huge fan of sci if, but it sounded interesting, so I bailed in I was pleasantly surprised and fell in love with the characters and the world created by Anna Butler To my own shock, I gave Gryfalcon 4.5 Stars Heart Scarab is even better.In Heart Scarab, all the great characters are back and I m already familiar with the various military and academic divisions, so falli [...]

    8. The first book in this series was a wonderful combination of sci fi epic and romance, the balance just right Here the world building is still awesomely detailed and refined, even if the speech patterns read a bit awkward at times UK English , and the plot shines when Bennet s on Telnos That place is described vividly and comes off as a really bad place to be Best parts of the book, in my honest opinion.The end leaves a clear opening for the third in the series, called Makepeace Bennet and Flynn [...]

    9. Brilliant just brilliant This second book in the Taking Shield series jumps a year into the future from when book 1 ended I was moved emotionally to tears at several places The author took great pains to gives both sides POVs of a failing relationship between two fascinating individuals with flaws the break up was neither melodramatic nor flippant but unfolded realistically.As usual, Ms Butler does not fail in delivering riveting sci fi military maneuvers and action with brisk plot pacing A fant [...]

    10. Original Post eARC Review Heart Scarab Taking Shield 2 by Anna ButlerReviewed by Ray Warning Contains Spoilers 3 stars barely This is book two of the Taking Shield Series, book one of which was Gyrfalcon It continues the somewhat disjointed story of Captain Bennet of Shield, and Lieutenant Flynn of Fleet Ms Butler s universe exists on a planet that thousands of years ago became the last refuge of humanity, and from which they subsequently spread across the galaxy There are three divisions of mil [...]

    11. Original review on Molly LollyFour and a half stars A fabulous sequel to Gyrfalcon You get to see of the emotion and relationship between everyone in this book but there s still so much going on This book was amazing and I seriously want all of the books in the series rightnowrightnow, but at the same time I don t want the series to end Once again I sucked into this story and this world where I had to know what happened to Bennet It was heartbreaking seeing how everyone reacted to his death Fly [...]

    12. 4.5 Heart Review by DanI m really happy to report that book two in the series is as good, if not better than, the original In Heart Scarab we continue the story of Shield Captain Bennet and his ship the Hyperion This time we catch up to them on the planet of Telnos, which as the blurb mentions, is a nasty little planet, where the air reeks and where there are swamps and mud and bugs everywhere Bennet is there to rescue a group of illegal colonists and illegal miners who have snuck onto the plane [...]

    13. This was neither a full blown sci fi nor a romance Wait though I didn t mean it in a discouraging way.This book is an in between stage, a suspension if you will The story starts with the history of Bennett and Joss It s very sweet and I do feel for Joss in the end, even if he turns out to be stuck in his ways just like one of his beloved mummies dead to the change His rituals, his sacrifice, which I found heartbreaking and endearing at the same time, reflects vividly on his character and the sta [...]

    14. squee While not as awesome as the first part I still enjoyed it a lot.I really like the parts of the plot that have been about Bennet on Telnos and Flynn s POV to Bennet being dead The part on Telnos has been awesome Bennet being rescued by Ifan, their bantering, the horses 3 , the rescue, omg, the rescue loves I could have done without Joss s POV and especially later on without Bennet still trying to save the relationship with Joss I really didn t like Joss from the beginning on and everything [...]

    15. A Joyfully Jay review 4 starsLike Gyrfalcon, this is not a traditional M M romance This is a sci fi epic drama with main characters who happen to be gay In fact, the romance plays such a small part here, overall, that I hesitate even calling this a romance So, if you re expecting all hearts and flowers, not to mention repeated acts of hot sex, you won t find much of that here Be forewarned.The beginning of the story focuses a lot on the military side, the complicated relationship between the Fle [...]

    16. 3 for chapter 1 23 minus 1 for chapter 24 The 23 chapters were good there s the main plot that kept me hooked, there re emotional scenes that tugged at my heartstrings, there s exciting action, there s character growth on the romance part, there s finally an end to old and stale romantic relationship, and there s a sweet new romance view spoiler And then, it all went to hell when Bennet chose to give up his new love because of blah blah blah, and decided to go bi and shack up with his ex lieuten [...]

    17. 3.75 starsI m just shaking my head The first one in the series was OUTSTANDING, a perfect blend of sci fi and a background love story I expected of the same in the second one, and wow was I disappointed The sci fi aspect of book two was excellent But the other three quarters of the author s focus, Joss who is Bennett s partner of nine years, was excruciating in detail and length I doubt many readers cared enough about Joss from the first book to appreciate anything about this level of detail ab [...]

    18. This volume has a stronger focus on the unfolding relationship drama than in the first book, the scifi elements muted, but the romance plotline has a sense of desperation and impermanence to it, a fleeting safe haven in time of war The scifi plotline seems to be still in the setup phase, elements following naturally from those conflicts defined in the first book, but still no major insight as to the nature and strategy of the enemy The author appears to be going for the long burn, rather than a [...]

    19. I enjoyed this book as much as the first Lots of lovely, lovely H C I feel for Bennet, both his frustration and pain which came to a head And how he realized he d grown up and grown apart from Joss and was ready to move on Which was neither quick nor easy I liked how the book didn t skip that, and dealt with the emotions and gave the reader closure Poor Flynn though Him and Bennet are going to be spending most of their time apart it seems with their different jobs so I am eagerly awaiting the ne [...]

    20. Again, this is a great sci fi series I enjoyed continuing the story and the personal life troubles of the protagonist, but the way the story was written, it seems like there will only be one in the series I say NO to that Anna, continue the series for like 10 book In all seriousness, if you like science fiction, pick this one up and the first in the series as well.

    21. just as great as the first good character development, great world building its MM, but the story is much than just a story of romance My only wish besides never seeing Joss again haha is that the scope of the story expanded a bit to really get a sense of what is going on with the war and the society itself.

    22. Book 2 in the Taking Shield series picks up eighteen months after the events of Gryfalcon I love the worldbuilding in this series It s very well thought out and researched, and makes me feel as though I m reading about a world with a long and rich history I loved the links back to their original homeworld Earth and the way Joss, Bennet s ex partner thinks about how their ancient rituals replace other even older ones Joss takes some of the POV in this book, looking back on his and Bennet s relati [...]

    23. During the evacuation of Telnos, a small backwater planet, the Maess attack and Bennet is left behind, presumed killed in action Back home on Albion as well as on the Fleet ship Gyrfalcon, those left behind struggle with coping with the devastating loss while on Telnos, Bennet, having survived the attack against all odds, has found refuge with a small group of other survivors, struggling to last as long as they can in the desperate hope that someone will come back for them.Unfortunately, this se [...]

    24. Anna Butler is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors This is another great showing from her and I stayed up far to late reading it view spoiler I hated the random moments with Rosie, can t they just be friends It feels like a disservice to both characters hide spoiler

    25. Reviewed by Jaycee for BOOKS N COZY SPOTS BOOK REVIEWS, Talon ps copy provided by author for honest reviewHeart Scarab picks up where Gyrfalcon left off in the toxic relationship between Bennet and the truly unlikable Joss, despite the passage of nearly two years Bennet is still the understated Shield Captain, dedicated to and flourishing in his role in the fight against the cyborg enemy, The Maess, and Joss is still a big tool.There is nothing like the fundamental changes the psyche bears when [...]

    26. Book Heart Scarab Taking Shield 2 Author Anna ButlerRating 4 StarsJust like book one, Gyrfalcon, this takes place in the same universe and was another great military style sci fi where the romance plays a very small role in the overall story of Bennett The world building this author is capable of is truly inspiring While this one had some of that is was somewhat lacking compared to what she accomplished in book one The focus in the beginning is on the mission that Bennett is on as well the cont [...]

    27. So very good This is the second book of the amazing Taking Shield sci fi series and it s a little different in tone, but just as engaging as the first This book does not stand alone, so do read the first book, Gyrfalcon, well, first Here s what I said about the first book, and it all still applies amazing characterisation, amazing world building, amazing depth, amazing plot, amazing writingjust amazing all around On finishing the first book, I immediately dove right into to this one and absolute [...]

    28. This is the second in the Taking Shield series At the beginning we have some excitement as Bennet s group tries to remove some locals from a planet before the enemy arrives Because if you ve read the first book, you know that the enemy has no feelings and just destroys anything human But the enemy arrives and attacks and suddenly our hero is lost For the next half of the book, we get an incredible look into Joss and some into Flynn.In the first book, we saw who Joss was and I felt a bit sorry fo [...]

    29. ThreeStarHeart Scarab is the second book in Anna Butler s Taking Shield series It s not necessary to have read book 1, Gyrfalcon, first, though I m glad I have The story is similar Captain Bennet is torn between his long time civilian partner and his new military lover, and the Maess are coming to slaughter humanity and make personal conflict irrelevant.But it s not irrelevant In this book we see Bennet grow and mature as a person, and the relationships he has, while still not to my taste, are d [...]

    30. Great book for the most part I love the world AB has built I love Bennet and I love Flynn They re great separately but when they are together, it about burns the pages ereader out of your hands The longing and depth of passion between this is amazing My favorite quote is from when they finally reunite and get to be together The passion didn t have to be wild and untamed to be deeply felt That really struck me I supposed I should mention Joss I hate him I felt nothing for him during Bennet s deat [...]

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