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All-New X-Men Vol. 7: The Utopians By Brian Michael Bendis Mike del Mundo Andrea Sorrentino Mahmud Asrar,

  • Title: All-New X-Men Vol. 7: The Utopians
  • Author: Brian Michael Bendis Mike del Mundo Andrea Sorrentino Mahmud Asrar
  • ISBN: 9780785192350
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Paperback
  • The time tossed members of the All New X Men are than teammates, than best friendsey have become a close knit family But the mysterious Black Vortex may sunder their family ties permanently As the young mutants venture back into space to deal with a galaxy in chaos, they must decipher the Vortex s secrets and fast, because the villainous Mr Knife has kiThe time tossed members of the All New X Men are than teammates, than best friendsey have become a close knit family But the mysterious Black Vortex may sunder their family ties permanently As the young mutants venture back into space to deal with a galaxy in chaos, they must decipher the Vortex s secrets and fast, because the villainous Mr Knife has kidnapped some of their team Beast and Kitty travel to Spartax to study the Vortex Book, as Storm formulates a plan to break into Mr Knife s fortress COLLECTING ALL NEW X MEN 37 41
    All New X Men Vol The Utopians The time tossed members of the All New X Men are than teammates than best friendsey have become a close knit family But the mysterious Black Vortex may sunder their family ties permanently As the you

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    1. Really, all the current X books are making me want to do is go back and read old X books.Did I just drop 170 on a couple of Claremont omnibuses as a result YUP.Happy New Year, me.

    2. Whoais wasful Maybe it s the collection itself I have a problem with it You get a 1 shot, then 2 cross over issues, and then the end reverts back to the X Men for just a few moments mostly to out a character That s itThe big controversy here is Iceman coming out that he s gay The scene is kind of cute, and Jean Grey being kind of catty and bitchy helps Iceman even says How s that possible Bobby in the future isn t gay but Jean goes Really You sure All his relationships suck and you know what, th [...]

    3. It sucks that a significant part of this collection is part of the Black Vortex event The problem is that these issues don t really make sense unless they re read with the rest of the Black Vortex story But they had to include them, because otherwise this would be an incredibly short volume I wish I d skipped them, because the other issues were decent The Utopians story that ends the volume is a good closing chapter to Utopia And I kind of liked the first issue, with Emma taking Jean on a sorely [...]

    4. The time displaced X Men travel to space once again go save the universe and deal with a minor issue on Utopia.The Utopians definitely fizzles, but I can t blame the author Bendis got detailed by The Black Vortex crossover He only had three issues outside of the crossover and only two were consecutive which led to the minor story at the end A few mutants are living in the wreckage of Utopia and defend it when people try to rob them This in turn causes SHIELD to investigate and after their ship i [...]

    5. The sad thing about this final volume from the first All New X Men series was that it ends with a whimper To think that at it s initial launch in 2012, its premise was one of promise the original X Men in the hands of a modern writer like Bendis Much of the blame can be laid at this being an eclectic collection of of the last few issues of the series with a considerable chunk dedicated to the Black Vortex crossover.Still, the true ending for this series and Bendis Uncanny X Men run is Uncanny X [...]

    6. OK boys, have a little fun When playing with a new, dimensions hopping mutant, pop open a few portals to alterna realities that show us either a something fun, b something horrifying, c something from the Secret Wars forthcoming What If stories Dunno, but this is definitely b The issue by Mike DelMundo is beautiful all washed watercolours and indistinct scenery, setting a lovely tone for the story exploring the seedy underbelly of Madripoor Jean learns a valuable lesson in how much capable she [...]

    7. Another empty, useless entry in Bendis s ultimately empty, useless X Men run The issues in this volume barely deserves to be collected as a complete book Besides one standalone story that s a complete stall and waste of time , each of these is a disconnected, short run story that doesn t even resolve within this collection There are two issues from the terrible Black Vortex story, which will make zero sense unless you re reading that crossover in order Then the volume ends with something that SE [...]

    8. The worst type of collection.A one issue story that is bleh.Two issues of Black Vortex without conclusion or context.Two issues of a CW based X Men story.The issues themselves might be fine alone but in a collection is a rough go.

    9. I like the artwork a great deal The characters undergo some changes as a result of the Black Vortex crossover, so at least there is evolution there view spoiler Making young Iceman gay was out of the blue and totally useless, but it sure is a way to tell him apart from his older self hide spoiler I could have done without the teenage angst It takes up too much space in what is supposed to an action oriented comic If you like drama, I suppose it s ok, but I loathe it when a young character uses [...]

    10. It s really annoying that all of the Black Vortex issues are being released both in the Black Vortex collection and also in their separate series collections There is no point in even trying to read these issues seperate from the other chapters of the event Realistically, they re only included because the final collection would only have the 2 non event issues Sadly those issues aren t great either Once again, they re forced to set up and wrap up a new arc quickly before Secret Wars takes over A [...]

    11. A poor collection of otherwise okay stories Inside you will find 1 x issue of no consequence to anything.2 x issues that only make sense in the context of the larger Black Vortex event.2 x issues starting off a story that concludes in an Uncanny X Men volume.Also, a whole bunch of black white artwork to pad out the page count.Weak.

    12. Most of this volume I d already read as part of the Black Vortex collection and what was left felt kind of tacked on It was OK nothing special For X Men completists only, really.

    13. I m not opposed to the Marvel events But when you re following one series, they all go haywire and interconnected and it s like reading a novel where a dog chewed up the final two chapters.

    14. Well this makes me contradict just about EVERYTHING I said about the X Men in The Black Vortex crossover So here are really only 3 issues here that stand alone The other 2 are from the middle of the crossover and don t really flow on their own but at least they fit back to back in the crossover I ll ignore those two for the sake of this review since that arc was reviewed separately spoiler it SUUUUUUCKS Minor actual spoiler below in the third paragraph The first issue is focused on Emma and Jean [...]

    15. OMG GARBAGE JESUS CHRIST.There s one good issue in this book, where Emma and Jean Grey do a little bit of field training to practice Jean s telekinesis It s not deep and it s not earth shattering, but it s competent and pretty.The rest dreck The time travelling X Men are back on Earth after the events of Black Vortex, but Bendis has literally and completely run out of ideas for what to do with them, so he makes Iceman gay to sell a few books Like, literally Gay Iceman, and nothing else happens T [...]

    16. Public library copy Bendis is one of my favorite writers, but even he couldn t save the X men title Since he brought back the original team with time travel, it s unfortunate he never got down to basics with the characters and grew it from there Instead, the horrendous mutant continuity still played a big part as a hundred thousand characters appear in and out, plus a stupid crossover tie in Back in the day the original X Factor title was a joy because it attempted to celebrate the early charact [...]

    17. Por fin Por no estar votando los vol menes voto este en general y bueno, quitando alg n n mero sin sentido y alg n crossover m s bien meh como El juicio de Jean Grey, del que s lo me llevo su nuevo poder , todo muy bien La verdad es que traer al presente a los X Men originales me parece de lo mejor que ha hecho Bendis y mira que ha hecho cosas que me gustan a ver c mo se las apa an sin n en el volumen 2.He echado de menos, eso s , el protagonismo de otros que no fuesen Scott y Jean Traer a stos [...]

    18. Enjoyable Last of the All New X Men series A couple chapters of the book are part of the Black Vortex crossover, which is kinda entertaining so far Mostly, this book gets a lot of information for a major revelation about one of the original X Men, and that revelation, in return, affects his elder self over in Uncanny X Men It was handled pretty well, actually.Highlights were seeing art by Andrea Sorrentino, previously of I, Vampire and Green Arrow over at DC Kinda pissed Marvel was able to lure [...]

    19. This collection is really 3 different stories.1 A stand alone story focusing on Emma Frost and Jean Grey training in Madripoor The story is great, it s what Bendis does best Mike del Mundo s art, however, is atrocious Kris Anka has colored it with this really washed out palette 2 Black Vortex crossover While a great crossover, trying to understand 2 parts of a 15 part crossover is futile.3 The Utopians Great art from Mahmud Asrar S.H.I.E.L.D finds some mutants living on Utopia and the team goes [...]

    20. I really enjoyed this as a complete series But the ending fizzled a little, like they normally do It was pretty blatantly obvious that they were running out of plots because this volume had some of Black Vortex story arc mixed in with some other plot points It didn t feel very cohesive, but this was still a pretty good volume overall.

    21. This volume lacked consistency thanks to wonderful crossover events On the whole, I still enjoyed it Especially since one of my favorite lesser X Men returned.Boom boom

    22. Unexpectedly innovative Until it isn t.Note that this review actually covers the first 7 volumes of the series.Although X Men is all about chromosomes the very stuff of inheritance I never thought this title was Marvel s extended family drama That honor goes to The Avengers, and associated books, with their marriages and their grandfather and father and son melodramas The Fantastic Four is clearly about the nuclear family The X Men and associated titles are about friendship, especially as it is [...]

    23. Oy, this series started with such promise, but this last trade has so many problems There s two parts of another crossover here, but no information on the rest of the crossover That s fine, as the crossover seems unimportant, but it s somewhat jarring Then we have the coming out of Iceman, and while I d love to see gay characters at Marvel, it seems so weird for him to come out, as you really have to squint for this to make sense And then the plot for this series doesn t even end in the last is [...]

    24. The first issue in this was great, with Emma Frost training Jean Grey in Madripooren it was the Black Vortex issues, again, and then a very rushed story about mutants living on the remains of Utopia Collection gets three stars for that first issue alone view spoiler Oh, and to those complaining that Iceman is now gayt over it I don t like how Jean outed him, but just because you can t identify with hiding part of yourself and acting for others, doesn t mean it can t exist elsewhere hide spoiler

    25. A jumbled mess The first half of the book is the middle of a story about the Black Vortex, and is given no beginning and no end The artwork is weird, I didn t like it.The second half of the book is a complete story about mutant squatters, and Iceman coming out of the closet The artwork s nicer, and the story is complete I d recommend skipping the first chapters and just reading these chapters.

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