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The Cyclist Who Went Out in the Cold: Adventures Along the Iron Curtain Trail By Tim Moore,

  • Title: The Cyclist Who Went Out in the Cold: Adventures Along the Iron Curtain Trail
  • Author: Tim Moore
  • ISBN: 9780224100205
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Paperback
  • Not content with tackling the Italian Alps or the route of the Tour de France, Tim Moore sets out to scale a new peak of rash over ambition 6,000 mile route of the old Iron Curtain on a tiny wheeled, two geared East German shopping bike.Asking for trouble and getting it, Moore sets off from the northernmost Norwegian Russian border at the Arctic winter s brutal height, buNot content with tackling the Italian Alps or the route of the Tour de France, Tim Moore sets out to scale a new peak of rash over ambition 6,000 mile route of the old Iron Curtain on a tiny wheeled, two geared East German shopping bike.Asking for trouble and getting it, Moore sets off from the northernmost Norwegian Russian border at the Arctic winter s brutal height, bullying his plucky MIFA 900 through the endless sub zero desolation of snowbound Finland Sleeping in bank vaults, imperial palaces and unreconstructed Soviet youth hostels, battling vodka breathed Russian hostility, Romanian landslides and a diet of dumplings, Moore and his so small bicycle are sustained by the kindness of reindeer farmers and Serbian rock gods, plus a shameful addiction to Magic Man energy drink Haunted throughout by the border detritus of watchtowers and rusted razor wire, Moore reflects on the curdling of the Communist dream, and the memories of a Cold War generation reared on the fear of apocalypse at a time of renewed East West tension After three months, twenty countries and a fifty eight degree jaunt up the thermostat, man and bike finally wobble up to a Black Sea beach in Bulgaria, older and wiser, but mainly older.
    The Cyclist Who Went Out in the Cold Adventures Along the Iron Curtain Trail Not content with tackling the Italian Alps or the route of the Tour de France Tim Moore sets out to scale a new peak of rash over ambition mile route of the old Iron Curtain on a tiny wheeled

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    1. Growing up as a teenager in the 1980 s the cold war and the Soviet threat was very real indeed The whole system imploded at the end of that decade and the Iron Curtain that separated Western Europe from Communist bloc for decades was drawn aside This physical and ideological border stretched from the Black Sea all the way up to the Barents Sea on the Finnish border with the USSR This continental wide border is now the route for Eurovelo 13 EV13 a 10,400km trail that passes through 20 different c [...]

    2. Cycling insanity through snow, ice, angry villagers, drunken drivers, award worthy pot holes, language failures, dark ruins, mad dogs, hunger and extreme physical exhaustion Insane it might have been, but it was the best non trip I ve taken The historical knowledge and visions were better than any history class I ve attended The reality of the aftermath of the communist cold war is not something I had ever even thought of before The best part, I didn t get a sore bum riding the trail.This was my [...]

    3. The eccentric British madman who s been called Bill Bryson on two wheels, cycles 10,000km along the length of the old Iron Curtain on a shopping bike two gears and 20 wheels Starting from Finland, in winter I m not kidding Following French Revolutions riding the Tour de France route in out of shape middle age and Gironimo Giro d Italia on a vintage bike with wooden wheels , Moore s publisher and wife need to intervene because it s difficult to see how he ups his game at this point Unicycling to [...]

    4. Anybody familiar with any of Tim Moore s previous travelogues such as cycling the full route of the Tour de France in French Revolutions , or walking the entire length of the Camino with a recalcitrant donkey will know that the man is quite clearly a lunatic For his latest adventure in The cyclist who went out in the cold , Moore has elected to ride the 10,000km route of the old Iron Curtain on a clapped out East German DDR era shopping bike.While Tim Moore is primarily known as a humourist, I f [...]

    5. Tim Moore sets off on his daftest adventure yet cycling along the former Iron Curtain on an old East German shopping bike He survives the 8 700km fueled by curiosity, boneheadedness and dubious energy drinks, and describes the ordeal in self depreciating prose reminiscent of the early Bill Bryson At one point he describes his decision to stop for the day as apart from vowing not to have children and buying a cordless hedge trimmer, the only sensible decision he has taken since reaching middle a [...]

    6. Cracking AgainAnother triumphant farce full of fun, historical vignettes and enough gaps in detail to irritate the cycling bores Great stuff.

    7. Interesting book and as with any journey, as you get closer to the end, you are ready for it to finish But along the way, I learned lots and lots of things about life on both sides of the Iron Curtain Most memorable Can you guess how many concentration camps were set up by the Nazis 20,000 I had no idea Not all of them death camps , though unless, as they should be, death camps include those with people worked and or starved to death Lots of statistics on all kinds of things, though Tactics used [...]

    8. Jeg er k mpefan af Tim Moores tossede rejseb ger, hvor han som regel giver sig selv urimelige udfordringer og bagefter dokumenterer sin egen h bl shed.Denne nyeste bog f lger hans tre m neder lange tur p en campingcykel fra Finland til Rum nien.Han skriver i sin helt egen kr llede, men ekstremt morsomme stil, og det er for mig perfekt feriel sning.

    9. This dude is seriously crazy, but such an interesting look at the countries along the Iron Curtain, both with some history and how they are today Almost felt like it ended too soon, but I think the author was just tired by the end

    10. First things first Stop comparing Moore with Bill bloody Bryson who has turned into something of a bitter grumpy ol git The nearest comparison would be someone like Charlie Connelley.Second I tweeted that I d just finished The Silmarillion and had started this and TIM MOORE TWEETED ME A BOROMIR MEME BACK IN REPLY swoon That really really made my day Tim if you re reading this I m going through a bit of a shitty time at work and have a horrible commute I was grinning like a lunatic when I saw tha [...]

    11. Tim Moore does the curmudgeonly English traveller par excellance in this travelogue The premise is suitably abitious and quixotic How about riding a 2 geared East German made shopping bicycle along the borderlands of the now superfluous Iron Curtain, from the icy wastes of Finland, to the Black Sea Nearly 10,000 km of travail, on a bicycle built for short trips to the shops.Throughout, our cycling hero presents his observations of the character of the population of the 20 nations of his 2 wheele [...]

    12. I enjoyed this book It reminded me of how complex and disparate Europe really is and how precious our unity is Throughout his journey Tim Moore sees reminders of our not too distant dark history where nation was pitched against nation It made me want to read about the history of Europe, particularly Northern Europe as I know little about it Saying that this is not a depressing read and Tim Moore is an informative and funny writer and good company for the journey.

    13. Having read a considerable body of work from the author at this point 1 , I have to say that this is the finest book by the author I have read to date This volume lacks none of the hilarity of the self effacing humor of previous volumes but it also shows the author in a highly reflective state of life and in a situation that is rife with implications for contemporary Europe The blend of melancholy reflectiveness as well as wit and humor makes for an excellent read that never slacks and that allo [...]

    14. This excellent book is, on the surface, a travelogue documenting a 8558 km bicycle tour from the northern tip of Europe Norway to its southeastern extremity at the Black Sea The route follows the Iron Curtain trail, so named as it skirts the borders of twenty nations divided by the superpowers in recent history To properly ground his adventure, Moore selects a communist built shopping bicycle as his steed This aspect of the book, man vs machine vs the elements he begins his trip struggling throu [...]

    15. A really fun read Recommended to me by NPR, this book follows a Brit named Tim who gets a brilliant idea to bike the boundary of the Iron Curtain on a bike manufactured in the GDR, otherwise known as a MIFA 900 which basically is a 2 gear bike with these tiny little wheels He biked 10,000 KM aka over 6000 miles, starting in Finland in the dead of winter and freezing his butt off in negative temps and then ending in Turkey It took me a bit of time to get into this book as I found the author s voc [...]

    16. Probably Much fun to read than to actually pedal a 20 small 1990 East German shopping bike from northern Finland to Bulgaria along the former iron curtain Being about the same age as this bloke and sharing his penchant for bicycle adventures, I am grateful that Comrad Tim proves this feat is possible Comrade reminds me that half my own life was spent while that sad curtain held back the dreams of so many Comrade s writing also warns of the new Russia s thirst for empire, e.g Ukraine and Crimea [...]

    17. Truth is stranger than fiction Also, traveling on a bicycle brings you closer to finding out what you are made of, and what the world around you consists of.So Tim Moore s journal about his cycling for three months from Finland to Bulgaria cutting North to South through Eastern Europe on a route labeled EV13, or the Iron Curtain Trail, contains jaw dropping truths we are just now able to openly discuss in the twenty five years since the demise of the Iron Curtain as well as side splitting laughs [...]

    18. Moore is a travel writer in the style of Bill Bryson but sport than intellectually driven This book is his journey from northern Finland to Turkey along the former boundaries of the USSR The trip, named the Iron Curtain trail was not enough, however, as he decided to do it on a 2 speed GDR manufactured shopping bike That is the aspect of the trip that I found most incredible, having climbed the passes in Europe on the best 10 speed money can buy and suffering like a dog with the effort He inclu [...]

    19. I had high expectations for this book but unfortunately they were not met It is an entertaining read and I am glad I read it but as a cyclist I felt uncomfortable with how someone who is evidently an experienced cyclist managed to make this challenge as hard and dangerous as possible Leaving Finland in the middle of winter feels like it was done because it is so stupid and better for a book than being sensible The bits that rescue the book are the historical insights for me The cycling turns int [...]

    20. I m a long distance cyclist have ridden from Canada to Mexico along Pacific coast, across the U.S from Los Angeles to Boston, etc , but almost all my rides have been in the US Tim s journey was, to say the least, something else Much of it, though, seemed absolutely crazy riding in snow through frigid weather, often not really knowing where he was going to spend the night, spending the night in some absolutely disgusting places, crossing some absolutely uninspiring territory, and riding a weird c [...]

    21. The book was a surprisingly slog to get through, largely I think to do with the print and layout, rather as the previously well cycled Mr Moore hamstrings himself with his Communist shopper bike to undertake this very long cycle trail I d almost not call it enjoyable Oh look it s all lovely now this is not and he tells some very grim little known bits of history But perhaps there is enough humour, enough life affirmation and sheer daftness to help this book get the audience it deserves Great Wor [...]

    22. Tim Moore known to some as Digitiser s Mr Hairs cycles down the route of the iron curtain on a communist era shopping bike The premise being, that a shopping bike will always get you to the shops even if the shops happen to be 5,000 km away.This is, perhaps, an insane challenge from a man who once confessed he barely looks at a bicycle between embarking on cycling adventures It is also very funny with a seasoning of peril Did he even make it out of Finland You ll have to read the book to find ou [...]

    23. I have enjoyed Tim Moore s travel books because he does things I would love to do I found this book interesting because I have visited some of these places, but it is a long journey and some of the descriptions of the problems with the bike Cyrillic script did become tedious But it also made me want to explore some of the lesser known areas of Mittel Europe because of his descriptions of the towns and villages.

    24. I like Tim Moore, and I liked this book but I didn t finish it I managed about three quarters of the way through and, I don t know, I just drifted off track Maybe it became too samey, maybe the book should ve been shorter or maybe I just got tired of the slightly repetitive format Not Tim s fault though, he is a better narrator than a lot of travel writers and I ve enjoyed his other books, I m just not sure why I went cold on this one.

    25. Tim Moore has the somewhat mad idea of riding a 1967 shopping bike from the German Democratic Republic the length of the Iron Curtain 20 countries, 9,000km The result is a mix of travelogue and memoir of a previous trip in 1990, mixed with history Moore has a wonderfully self deprecating style often laugh out loud funny He paints a dismal picture of soviet Russia, glib at times, but also savours moments of friendly goodwill A unique trip.

    26. Tim Moore offers a very amusing and thoughtful account of his ride along the 10,000 km Eurovelo route 13, The Iron Curtain Trail, using an East German shopping bike It s all a bit crazy, and perhaps a bit entertaining in the first half than in the second half just as it was for Tim Moore when we was riding , but a worthwhile read nonetheless especially if you are a bit obsessive about cycling.

    27. I have a fondness for cycling travelogues, and this, as well as being an entertaining account of an insanely difficult journey is surprisingly well written with some really great descriptive prose at times Highly recommended.

    28. Quite amusing, a little vulgar, and fairly informative Honestly, for all that that s a very dry brusque review, I d recommend this book to anyone who likes reading humorous narratives of long distance bike rides done by madmen on tiny bicycles.

    29. Overall I enjoyed this book but I found it a little long winded at times The really enjoyed the start when Tim was in Finland and Russia The history was explained well and the imagery was fantastic As the book went on though it lost something for me.

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