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Atraída pelo Fogo By Tara Sue Me,

  • Title: Atraída pelo Fogo
  • Author: Tara Sue Me
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Paperback
  • Julie sempre gostou de brincar com o fogo Mas estar altura das fantasias de Daniel Julie Masterson sempre foi muito certinha dona de uma florista, gosta do seu trabalho, mas a cada dia que passa sente que lhe falta qualquer coisa, e atravessada por um crescente desejo de aventura, de risco de perigo Mal sabe ela que os seus desejos v o mesmo cumprir se QuandoJulie sempre gostou de brincar com o fogo Mas estar altura das fantasias de Daniel Julie Masterson sempre foi muito certinha dona de uma florista, gosta do seu trabalho, mas a cada dia que passa sente que lhe falta qualquer coisa, e atravessada por um crescente desejo de aventura, de risco de perigo Mal sabe ela que os seus desejos v o mesmo cumprir se Quando Daniel lhe entra na loja, os seus olhos azul a o deixam na quase paralisada E as m os dele, firmes, sensuais, levemente amea adoras, despertam nela incontrol veis fantasias.Julie pouco sabe sobre aquele loiro autorit rio, a n o ser que o vice presidente de um banco Est longe de imaginar que acabou de conhecer um temido dominador, para quem o amor uma palavra estranha E quando aceita o convite para o acompanhar a um jantar de gala, mal sabe que est a dar in cio a uma perturbante aventura Aos poucos deixa se atrair pelo fogo que a consome, que consome Daniel, que amea a transformar lhes a vida para sempre Vai descobrir todo um mundo de prazeres desconhecidos, e um desejo de submiss o que a surpreende e a leva ao xtase absoluto Mas vai sentir na pele que o amor de Daniel tem um pre o, e a paix o que os incendeia pode queimarEstar disposta a enfrentar as chamas At onde ir para conquistar o cora o de Daniel
    Atra da pelo Fogo Julie sempre gostou de brincar com o fogo Mas estar altura das fantasias de Daniel Julie Masterson sempre foi muito certinha dona de uma florista gosta do seu trabalho mas a cada dia que passa sente

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    1. I ve read several books in this genre And come to a couple of conclusions First, many authors who write about dominant men, men who treat women in a sexual way that society still finds somewhat offensive, try and overcompensate for the male behavior that might be labeled bad by making the man a cross between Lancelot, St Francis, Jeeves the Butler, and a college English professor They may dominate in the bedroom but everything else about them screams chivalrous, well mannered, saintly, unerringl [...]

    2. Eh BDSM can be really that much when it s, well, too much Skimmed most of the sex part which, by the way, is unusual for me coz spanking isn t really my thing Add bullwhipping and I m done.Guess I can finally say BDSM is a closed book for me I ll still read the next book s in this series just to compensate my OC for finishing series I follow.

    3. I have been lucky enough to have been given a copy of this 1st book of Partners in Play series.As one who lives this lifestyle, it is wonderful to find an author who does their research and writes about it in the correct and way I love that Tara Sue Me writes how real life gets in the way This is definitely a series you will want to read I have also been lucky enough to read book 2 of this series.Wonderfully done again, Tara Sue Me

    4. 3.5 to 4 Seducing StarsSeduce by Fire was a pleasurable light BDSM read.Julie is vanilla, but always felt like something was lacking in her sex life Julie owns a flower shop and one day Daniel comes into Julie s flower shop and order flowers They exchange some flirtatious banter, which leads to a date and some vanilla sex Daniel is a Dominate and is okay with vanilla sex, but he craves He s willing to work with Julie in her becoming his submissive and Julie is apprehensive, but interested.I enj [...]

    5. Sir, I want you to call me sir Julie is working at the flower shop when she first lays eyes on Daniel, who comes to buy his grandmother some flowers It is here that it becomes apparent that Daniel doesn t need to buy flowers to get into anyone s panties, women just drop them for him My mind took a walk with me here, picturing all kinds of funny situations.While fooling around a bit, suddenly her friend and co worker Sasha ,who sees the interest in Julie s eyes, mentions that Julie isn t compatib [...]

    6. This book started out on the usual BDSM path that I have come to not be a fan of and I was about to throw in the towel, but then, I didn t I m so glad that I finished this to completion, because I really would ve missed out on a fantastic story members are no strangers to BDSM, or the millionaire tycoon meets nice girl who he falls deeply in love with instantly so much that he has to spank her books This book, however, really touched on the emotional side of what true submission and Dominance re [...]

    7. Se pudesse daria 3,5.Quando come o um livro em que o tema principal BDSM, fico sempre com a pulga atr s da orelha Receio do que vou encontrar escrito nas p ginas que vou virando No entanto, neste livro Tara Sue Me aborda o tema de uma forma muito subtil e leve, explicando, ou tentando explicar as regras principais entre um Dominador e uma Submissa A ideia que muita gente tem na vida real que ter um tipo de rela o assim deve ser vergonhoso, assustador e doloroso e at cruel A quest o que, bem ou m [...]

    8. I was excited to read Tara Sue Me s new book Seduced By Fire, and was so happy when I received an ARC for review I can t lie and say that a lot of it didn t feel familiar to me in the beginning Young, somewhat innocent young woman meets a wealthy man with a sexual secret, aka he s a Dominant in the local BDSM scene And she s harbored secret submissive feelings for quite a while This was definitely reminiscent of The Submissive, which I read when it was Twific Julie is a florist a modest job for [...]

    9. I liked Daniel Julies story, but I didn t love it I think I am so invested in Nathaniel Abby journey that other couples just don t live up to my expectations I am looking forward to Cole n Sasha s story

    10. Master Covington and the infamous red bracelet Somewhere along the lines, I skipped this one in the series Doing a re read After never really knowing their story it was great to see what made Julie and Daniel tick Love his grandmother and them.

    11. Beautiful D s story smibookclub review sedThis is a beautiful story of Dominance, submission and friendships Julie Masterson owns a floral shop with her best friend Sasha, Petal Pushers According to Sasha men only bought flowers for 2 reasons to get in your pants, or to get back in your pants Sasha has a lot to learn I will say this now because you learn this early in the story, she s a submissive She doesn t hide it from Julie and even invites her to her meetings Julie not knowing anything of t [...]

    12. 5 kinky starsI liked this book so much It is a BDSM love story so different from other I have read It has Tara Sue s style It is full of love, steamy moments inside and outside of the playroom and it has the touch of friendship that makes the story interesting.I fell in love with Daniel while reading this book, he is one helluva dominant This book has something I like so much, it is written in third person but focus on their POV, it goes from Julie s to Daniel s, and that helps understand why t [...]

    13. More Reviews Here Readers Live A Thousand LivesThis was a really quick and really fun read I can honestly say that I could not put it down It had a very addictive quality to it One where from the moment I began, I just needed to know where the story was going and where the characters would end up The characters are likable and they have great chemistry.Julie and Daniel are great together and the connection is instantaneous I really liked them together and I liked their relationship Julie is look [...]

    14. This book is so beautiful I love how thoughtful TSM s words are, like how they appear on the page matters to her It looks like art.David is so, so hot and Julie is super likable This reads so quickly and it s very sexy without seeming smutty one of the reasons I ve always loved TSM s writing The chapters go down like popcorn Fast David is wonderful and soothing and very appealing I love Julia It is a totally successful novel I love the love conveyed Not one single boring moment I love the cast o [...]

    15. Printed ARC for Honest Review from NAL TradeThis story is about the exploration of the world of BDSM and coming to terms with your true self.Julie is a quiet woman who wants out of her life One day in her florist shop Daniel comes in a changes her world.After meeting the florist Julie, Daniel can t get her out of his head He s unsure about her true nature but there is something about Julie that he is ready to throw caution to the wind.Julie and Daniel start out vanilla dating then Julie quickly [...]

    16. If you re looking for a story about BDSM but touches on issues that people may actually go through, this is the book for you Tara creates a beautiful, realistic book with characters that are easy to relate to I cannot stress enough how well the author writes about BDSM and the BDSM community without the need for over exaggeration etc Julie and her friend Sasha work in a flower shop Sasha is in an active relationship with a Dominant, which is the type of the lifestyle that Julie thinks and dreams [...]

    17. From the moment you meet Daniel, he s instantly likable He s good natured, fair, and confident in his sexuality as a Dom Julie is strong, successful, and not a push over She s genuinely curious to explore her submissive side, and she s fortunate her first Dom can be a guy like Daniel If only all new submissives could be so lucky There s some strong chemistry between these two and it s enjoyable to see their relationship grow both in and out of the playroom It s a delicious read with the point of [...]

    18. 3.5 Star worthy for this reader I ve read this authors Submissive Triology and while I enjoyed it, I also started to find it repetitive I do like this author and her style however I might just need a break from this subject matter This is no reflection on the story per say, it is just me and this was just ok.

    19. I continue to be completely taken with this series The author s writing style is has an easy flow Her character development makes me feel that the characters are real, with real life situations and experiences I look forward to following these characters through each new addition to the series.

    20. I see all these 5 star reviews I m in the middle of the book and I m getting bored I feel like I m reading a manual on how to be a sub I really hope it gets better Finished it I m sorry still don t understand the 5 star reviews It was just uneventful

    21. If you were like me I was wondering if the submissive series was a one hit wonder from the author Well let me assure you if you like the submissive you ll like this series too In fact I love it And can t wait for

    22. I really enjoyed Julie and Daniels story,but was slightly disappointed with Julie s wishy,washy behavior because of what happened to her friend and the fact that she didn t trust her self or her Dome fact that she went back I liked.overall it was a good book now I want about Dena and Jeff.

    23. I must admit, I wasn t going to read this installment in the series but I m glad I did Much interesting, exciting and intense than its predecessors.

    24. 3,5 to 4 starsI cant really decide It was sooo good specially from the middle and after and the ending aw the ending Review Soon

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