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The World of Cycling According to G By Geraint Thomas,

  • Title: The World of Cycling According to G
  • Author: Geraint Thomas
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sit back or saddle up as double Olympic gold medallist and multiple world champion Geraint Thomas gives you a warts and all insight into the life of a pro cyclist Along the way he reveals cycling s clandestine codes and secret stories, tales from the peloton, the key characters like Wiggins, Hoy and Cav, the pivotal races and essential etiquette Geraint Thomas is treasurSit back or saddle up as double Olympic gold medallist and multiple world champion Geraint Thomas gives you a warts and all insight into the life of a pro cyclist Along the way he reveals cycling s clandestine codes and secret stories, tales from the peloton, the key characters like Wiggins, Hoy and Cav, the pivotal races and essential etiquette Geraint Thomas is treasured for treating his sport just as the rest of us see it not a job but an escape and an adventure He s been with Team Sky since its inception, and is one of our most successful and gifted track and road riders, but Geraint reminds us that getting on the bike still puts a smile on your face and fire in the legs like nothing else.Funny, informative, diverting and droll, this is a joyful celebration of the world of cycling.
    The World of Cycling According to G Sit back or saddle up as double Olympic gold medallist and multiple world champion Geraint Thomas gives you a warts and all insight into the life of a pro cyclist Along the way he reveals cycling s cl

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    1. Oh gosh, how do I rate this, well as you can see I ve given it 3 stars Yes I did enjoy it, especially the last quarter, but prior to that I found it too disjointed I am a keen follower of cycling, both track and grand tours, as well as a keen cyclist, and have read a few biographies of past and present heroes I must admit I prefer the biographies that follow a timeline like Racing Through the Dark by David Millar rather than books that have topic focussed chapters.That said, it was still very in [...]

    2. Hey, Geraint, here s an easy way to earn a bit of dosh You just sit and ramble about life as a professional cyclist I record it and write it into some sort of structure Do I get to talk about bodily functions, sleep, going out for beers, and NOT going out for beers Course you do You re a Cardiff boy, aren t you What else would we expect Do you want me to talk about drugs, or anything controversial No mate Just keep it to the peeing, training, sleeping and drinking Cracking.

    3. I don t usually read biographies and definitely not from sports people, but I enjoyed reading this during the Tour de France It gives an insight into the peloton and the world of the pro cyclist.Geraint is such a good team player It feels like I ve met him now.

    4. An amusing, entertaining and fascinating book that also shows a deeper side to Geraint Thomas That side is one of a deeply dedicated, intelligent, competitive cyclist, one of the best in the world Along the way he never forgets his sense of humour, after all, it s only a cycle race My only disappointment is he makes no comment on the cheating philosophy of the likes of Lance Armstrong Thomas rode his first TDF in 2007 so he must have come across this aspect of cycling and no doubt has opinions, [...]

    5. Lighthearted, full of gentle humour, I found it fun to hear about life inside the world of professional cycling from the likeable G He joined British cycling at the exciting time of the push for olympic success, tour success, the new era of Dave Brailsford, marginal gains and clean cycling A new, exciting and joyful time His pronouncements about the various countries he trains and races in are very entertaining A great read for anyone who cycles or follows the sport.

    6. This is a typically Welsh viewpoint on the sport of professional cycling It has a good insight into the sport and explains some of the subtlties of racing in a Grand Tour with team Sky and on the track, racing in the velodrome.

    7. G is one of my fave cyclistsBeing the cycling fan I am I have been watching the tour de France, la vuelta, the tour of Britain for the last few years I have always watched the cycling at the Olympics both Rio, London and Beijing G has fast become one of my fave cyclists I follow him on Twitter and Facebook, so I thought it time to read his book It s a great in sight into the cycling world and what it takes to be a pro of road and track I admire him even now.

    8. Great insight into a fantastic character of cycling, shows that hard work and perseverance can make an Olympic Champion.Well written and humorous.

    9. Tons of info but with a few too many local Welsh British terms that never get explained A great look inside racing into his mind.

    10. Very entertaining and laugh out loud funny in places Not the usual boing from a sports star, but how G s world works, loved it.

    11. Enjoyable, light hearted, and informal book all about G s life as a pro cyclist It s almost an autobiography lite If you like cycling definitely recommend it.

    12. This is one of those books you browse in the bookshop end up reading half the book and realise you d better buy it as a result.Unusually for this type of book its not really about the author Team Sky domestique Geraint Thomas It s certainly not a biography Instead its a series of articles grouped into chapters about life at the bleeding edge of Cycle Racing Certainly if you re a bit of a MAMIL like me it will have you hooked.It captures topics based on his experiences ranging from the pain cave [...]

    13. A genuine chap has written a genuine book Well split chapters to give different accounts of the world of cycling.

    14. A witty yarn through professional cycling from an entertaining Welshman I liked that it was ordered by topics and not a chronological list through Geraint s career.

    15. This was a xmas present of a book I have to say probably one of the best book based presents I ve ever received The image in interviews of Geraint Thomas as a witty, likable, personable every man lad, very much comes across in this book.This isn t an autobiography, it s not a book about cycling in general, what it seems to be is a book very specifically about being a British cycling olympian turned pro road rider, a fairly niche section of society Yet, Geraint Thomas sells it, he definitely come [...]

    16. It reads like an amicable question and answer session than an autobiography but it s an entertaining enough book with just enough cycling insight on top of the amusing tales and the inspirational story of a boy from Wales who had the dedication to make it to the top of the sport that he loves.As you would expect, pretty much every controversial issue in the world of cycling is ignored as are any discussions of the famous inter team rivalries within Team Sky with the focus staying firmly on work [...]

    17. Overall the book was well written and provided a great insight into what it takes, both on and off the bike, to be successful in the velodrome and on the road as a modern pro cyclist It has some nice personal anecdotes regards other members of the peloton and a good joke when he calls Froome South African you probably need to read the book to get it However the laddish nonsense where Thomas insists on detailing his nights out on the piss do get grating since they are repeated so often and end up [...]

    18. What do you do if you re a professional sports person encouraged to write a biog probs by your agent , but you re cursed by the fact you re still young and haven t finished your career What if you apparently have no skeletons in the closet to reveal to a slathering audience If you re genuinely nice bloke down the pub Geraint Thomas, you write a book that reads a bit like the nicest bloke you know, having a bit of a laugh down the pub The earth is not shattered, secrets are not dragged screaming [...]

    19. Great personal insight into the personality of the archetypal British Pro cyclist The style in a whole set of topics under broader connections keeps the book fresh The writing reflects both his endearing individuality, and how effective he has been at buying into some might say submitting to the British cycling juggernaut To be honest it s an easy and enjoyable read so there s not a huge amount of novel insight, although there are a lot of unvarnished everyday details Brailsford wouldn t have ha [...]

    20. Not a bad book The send half is better than the first The book contains some interesting info, though I wasn t keen on the format or on some of the content including the numerous drinking references which give it a laddish feel, and the humor which tends towards immaturity and quickly becomes tiring Also agree with another reviewer about the xenophobic comments maybe they were meant in jest, and perhaps they represent Geraint s true feelings either way, the book would be better without them.

    21. One of the best sporting autobiographies I ve read It s written in a nice easy style, meaning that it quickly becomes a proper page turner Geraint explains some of the nuances of the peloton and how Team Sky and Team GB became the dominant force in cycling It s also a funny book and there are some memorable lines which will you have you laughing out loud.

    22. An Olympic track cycling gold medallist and serious contender strong support role in Grand Tour road cycling racing, Mr Geraint Thomas shares anecdotes and tips as a professional cyclist Interesting and entertaining Also some insights on mindset absolute focus, persistence and hard work and a monk like existence to reach the top.

    23. Fascinating and very readable, this was a fun insight into another world It s helped me learn some essential vocab for conversation with my cycling addict husband, and has nudged me a step closer to getting back on my own bike.

    24. Geraint Thomas has delivered a funny and illuminating insight into the world beating GB track cycling team as well as his current day job for Team Sky He comes across exactly as he does in interview honest and forthright.

    25. Bedtime reading for any cyclistBite size chunks with Thomas s trademark sense of humour Just enough insights into Team Sky to feel like you re on the inside without upsetting anyone Very enjoyable bedtime reading.

    26. The world of cycling according to GAlong with Robert Millar,cav,groomed and schleckGeraint has been one of my favourite cyclists and he gives a good account of himself here and a good insight into a day in the life of a cyclist

    27. Humourous insight into the world of professional cycling from one of the most likeable members of the pro peloton.

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